Runner group aprehended in downtown midnight

| Following a recent boost in GCPD activity and crackdowns coming after the incident caused last April by private security firm NDSEC, A particularly infamous runner group called the "Red Dawn" was aprehended after a Run turned sour; leading to the death of an hostage and an elongated police siege.

The crackdown resulted in 7 casualities, 5 of which were affiliated with the GCPD.

The other 2 victims were one shadowrunner and the mentionned hostage.

| The GCPD has used this arrest to call out shadowrunners and private contractors within the city, and to make a bold stand against the actions of criminal-minded individuals.

As to wether or not this initiative will work, only time can tell.

| Red Dawn? -CN

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Yep, they're some old school runner group, cream of the crop or well so the rumor used to go.

You can only guess but id say their stock is looking worse than an episode of DYNAMOFORCE right about now chummer.

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Isnt it suspicious when an *old* runner group gets got? -CN

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The fact that they even made a news blurb is a cause for concern.


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