britbong land full of pedos

| what do you gurls think of this?

tbh still having a monarchy is kinda assbackwards. isnt it like 207X?

not surprised theyre child peddling either but then who isnt.

literally have superheros in Glitch revolving around child fucking.


| What's up with that country again? I could swear one day can't pass without me seeing their name. -r386

| >>674288

Something about a deal going down between the Geekboy and a bunch of ex british SAS. Apparently the richfags over in poundland haven't been keeping their noses clean and joined the child soldier arms race.

Figures. -Crum

| >>674313
Can't believe CN was actually buying those kids just to make the market more competitive....

| >>674313
Child soldiers? Any sources I can dig through? This feels like a lot of claims for that guy. -r386

| >>674357

Ask around. You know how things work in the shadows, or *should*. There's always lips that can be loosed with enough nuyen.


| >>674446
Heh. 'Course. Figured I would ask the public domain first though. -r386

| >>674313 >>674341
I buy them so they're *off* the market. -CN

| >>674472
Aren't you making it worse by replying? How much did you get anyway? -r386

| >>674475
For their safety I won't give specifically here.-CN

| >>674481
I guess I'll eventually have to play dirty to know. Too bad you will see me with an empty wallet this week. -r386

| >>674486
Why dont you have money? -CN

| >>674503
Try and guess, Geekboy. -r386

| >>674510
Not happy with your work benefits? -CN

| >>674523
Apparently chasing out a bunch of weeded out muscleheads take a lot of resources. Time and resources. Particularly money.

You save keep those units save BTW. You never know when they want to bring them back. They weren't meant for sale. -r386

| >>674528
I imagine, but as long as there safe that's what matters to me. -CN

| >>674590
Isn't that risky? I take you're one of those people that has the selfless dial toned down, but to do that to a bunch of kids tied to a country's own problem? -r386

| >>675101
Well if I could I'd solved the country issue but I'm already tied trying to fix the problems here. -CN

| >>675325
Do what you want with your time. I'm only warning you from here on out. -r386

| >>675334

dun worry.

There will be a Reckoning.

er i mean wut lol.


| >>675456
With how you are saying it, I'm getting a bad vibe. -r386

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