Is my roommate going to be okay?

| So I just got home from deliveries and this is what I came home to

> 倉庫入口.trivid
> A fairly in-focus view of a warehouse. Bright lights can be seen pulsing from the windows. Muffled music can be heard playing. A cut happens and a view of the inside is shown. The lights look like an Idol show and a figure is seen laying on the floor, motionless as the music plays loudly

Is she going to be okay? She hasn't moved for at least ten minutes now.

- Unit 00

| >>670949
!!! Please tell your roommate! Idols should be watched together! -Vee

| im gonna rape your roommate

| >>671244

They should be! But it's just music and lights. I didn't even know we had these installed. I'm scared something bad is going to happen

- Unit 00

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Tell her it's okay! Idols exist and they can be in handholding events. They are real!! Don't let her dreams be dreams! -Vee

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