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The (demo) game is out for the GC region. I'm a veteran in this game (I've been playing the UK region for 4 years). Here are things you should learn as a newbie.

1. Don't overestimate your 3-4 star. It's likely you have a trash-tier waifu.
2. Whale. This game loves your money. 1k is the minimum.
3. Use IRL catalysts when summoning. Make sure your IP ends with .64 to summon a 5 star. Make sure it's exactly 11:11 PM.
4. The demo game ends at Phase 1.12.

| Is Heathcote any good in the game? I got her for my first roll. She is R-732 btw

| *742

| Heathcote is rated as a situational C rank (SB-2). She gets better if you have units that heals (for example Myne) or units that can carry her w/support skills (Ifae, Socrates).

- for quick battle you need to use Silhouette (2 turn Perfect Eva), then regular attack
- for longer battles (bosses, dailies, challenges) you need to rely on her passive to build % Eva chance, and Parry (Crits when damaged). This is where you want heals or supports.

| >>668526
Thnx (I'm >>08ea73 ). What mod should I attach to her? I bought the Starter Pack and got Fragment of Freedom and Fragment of Power (one each) and they are compatible with Heathcote

| >>668528
Wow already? I know I said whale but that's fast.

Fragment of Freedom gives her Alt. You get Alter Ego (best passive for her) but lower HP stats. You can proc her HP in late game if you insist using her.

Fragment of Power gives her Mod. Changes Parry to Deflect, which has 75% Guard in first attack, and same 100% Crit in second attack. Not really ideal in my opinion but it does give her survivability.

| >>668530
I attached Alt. I'll have to test in the next Phase though.

I rolled my Hud and got three trashy 3* and one 5* which is Manaka. Any idea how to use her?

| >>668550
What's the "trashy 3*"? Some 3 stars are situational A. You shouldn't burn them for more Huds if you don't know anything about them (I don't recommend this anyway).

Manaka is hard to play. Most vet players use her to completely drain bosses (Investigate then just guard with Nuada-Mod3). If you get Semiramis, you can make her get 3 Perfect Eva. without build up or carry.

Petal Oath is a beast. Link her with monsters like Jeanne or Eve and Manaka will survive everything.

| >>668554
tl;dr Manaka is a late game whale character? Nuada is 5*, Semiramis 5*, Jeanne is 5*, Eve is 5*. I'm not getting any of them soon lmao

The three stars I get is Arden and Aulis. Are they any good? Aulis I can use as a support for Heathcote but what about Arden? Confused why she needs to have AR too when she is a 3*.

(Thanks foe the help btw)

| >>668561
Prooobably? I don't use a stall like Manaka. I use Nuada-Mod3 to stall Lugh lategame and not Mana/Nua combo (Nuada is enough).

Arden is a GC exclusive three star. She has Precognition (boosted by AR) which is the best mixed support skill in my opinion (you can't say no to Absolute Strike OR Perfect Aim in one skill). There isn't a meta for her yet so she is unranked. I'm sure she will be a situational B/A.

| This is a lot... uh how is Arleen? -CN

| >>668585
Arleen is weak because of garbage HP stat (D or situational C/SD+1). She is bottom rank in survivability in my opinion.

If you have Ifae or Eve they can help with raising Crit in early turns. Just like any Assassin, Arleen gets high base Crit chance and Momentum, so once her Crit chance is stacked, she can work alone.

Serenity and Tempest makes her a good pick. Tempest makes Flurry a 4d6+4 WITH Crit bonus, and Serenity gives it guaranteed first-turn Crit.

| >>668585
Hey a fellow new commander! If you want my support I can send you Aulis or Arden (still have no idea how to use them both lmao) just do a social link with me

I'm listening to >>78d8b1. I think you need a support for Crit? Or heal, maybe? Aulis has the Paramedic Passive which apparently heals a random unit.

| >>668595 >>668597
I'll uh keep that in mind @[email protected] I'm still pretty early and only have the one unit still. -CN

| >>668605
Are you still in Phase 0? If your first Unit is an Assassin you should be encountering Chiron (9X5) and Myne (228-P). Try getting to their good side. Good luck.

>>668597 She can't social link yet. It's unlocked after there is a second active unit (after Phase 0).

| Took me 5,000z for the gift cards but I got another 5* at last.

> A photo of an terminal is taken, it shows:

> V-8XX-Mod Morgana
Class: Vanguard
>>>ID:0 Energy Beam: 2d20 Elem. Attack [Charge]
>>>ID:1 Avalon: 8d10 Elem. Attack. Has high chance of missing. Activates the Avalon Tower [Single Use]
> Metaphysics: If Avalon Tower is active, all Phys. Attack becomes Elemental Attack

| (I'm >>741d9f btw)

| >>668878
Holy f*** 5k AND Morgana? Now I need your social link. I never played Morgana, but I have seen players completely crushing lategame bosses with her and just one reliable physical (mostly Ilfyanara).

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