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Who is CN?

| Who is CN?

| He's some decker guy, got arrested a while back and caused up a fuss in town several times, that's about it really tbhq

| (Might not be the right place to ask this but what exactly do decker and deck mean in cyberpunk? Asking OOC cause my characters probably would know.)

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(Hey hey g/u/rl! Here's some Shadowrun pages for reference: https://shadowrun.fandom.com/wiki/Decker


| He's the star of the number one rated trideo show, obvs. What rock you live under? Never heard of the DYNAMOFORCE?


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I have, but I sure wish that wasn't the case. -Janeiro

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I have, but I sure wish that wasn't the case. -Janeiro

| >>626381 (Thank you!)

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Long time no see Jan. Turn off draw bar in app settings/userscript to fix double posting.

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(No prob bob. ;D)

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^ that. That's a succinct enough explanation I suppose without making myself out like an entitled asshole. -CN

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(I was wondering what was causing that... thanks! Also, I've completely forgotten how to do spoilers so if this looks weird, pin it on that.)

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