The Moon...

| So in my safehouse I have a pretty good view of the "Moon". I was working on fixing my COMP one night and I looked up to the sky and past my cigar smoke I swear I saw the moon "glitch out". Don't know if what I saw was some sort of stress induced hallucination or if there's something a bit more queer going on.
Also AZ if you're on, do you know anyone who deals with surplus COMP parts? I think mine is actually just fried at this point.


| Also don't give me any of that "Blugh blugh COMPs are old hat" shit. This thing is for more than just a wrist mounted computer with an ocular device.


| >>625403
Best bet is probably looking around Downtown. They have a lot of the hobby shops and stuff down there. -CN

| Hm. I'm not really sure where you could find parts like that. Not really my area.
- SciFox

Definitely going to be looking into this moon business. Something about this feels awfully familiar...
- BrittanYs

| Don't look up.

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Too late. You can't stop me. You're not my mom.
Already looked before seeing your post anyways. I haven't seen anything unusual so far, but assuming LT wasn't seeing things this isn't the first time I've heard of this happening.
Anyone else see the moon flicker that night? And LT, about what time did this happen.
- BrittanYs

For crying out loud, go to sleep. The moon is not an SCP.
- SciFox

| 11:32 pm. I think. It was a long night.


| Isnt the moon that place where they built the huge Gauss Canon? or was it a railgun?
I heard some big firm from the US bought that thing a few years back...

| >>626046 Great, just what we need. A private corporation owning a gun that takes up half the moon.
Not that a lot of our governments are much better, but egh.
- SciFox

Just give it to Switzerland.
- BrittanYs

| >>626046 Oh, and I'm pretty sure it's both. It's... complicated.
- BrittanYs

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