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The Icy Princess?!?

| So i was over at chapel before all this fucking snow hit for a friend something or whatever and coming back home i stopped at one of those vending machines without the AI in it to get a drink, right?

So i lean in and take a sip and all is dandy with the world right?

Then i take another sip and the fucking soda freezes while its on my tongue!
I nearly fucking choked

So i look around and all of a sudden the entire street is all hazy and snowing but the sun was still mad bright

| Like i'm talking it was scorching earlier and all of a sudden the air is all white and its snowing so fucking cold i nearly got deep throated by a god damn soda!

So then this chick walks past, pale as the snow!
i'm saying white hair, white skin, tacky fucking white clothes! The whole shebang!
And it kept getting colder as she got closer to me

I couldn't see her face right but the moment she left everything thaws

What the fuck even was that?

Some kinda omen or some shit?!?

| Either that, or some group of idiots was performing a weather experiment while you walked by. Wouldn't really explain the girl, though, unless she was part of it and it was just a big prank. Egh, might have even been my friend walking by. Tacky white clothes fits the bill, she isn't really bothered by cold weather, and she acts too aloof for you to tell if she was. Her hair isn't white, though I guess a sudden snowstorm could have done that.
- SciFox

| Surprised no one asked about the feeling of getting deep throated by a soda yet...

| What the hell... -DOPPO

| Well if I was the superstitious sort I would say it was a ghost, but I'm gonna go with some sort of new aug or something. -CN

| >>625180 The same friend I mentioned also claims to be able to see ghosts, but I think that's just a side effect of her only sleeping every few days.
- SciFox

| >>625267

I do the same, and I don't see any ghosts... -DOPPO

| Yo i think i saw her too.
Like you know how its snowing god's ass out at the moment?

But its not too bad right? WRONG!
I was at work then all of a sudden this freak fucking blizzard rolls in and all my motor oil FROZE. So i look outside and there she was it was almost impossible to see her and everything but yeah it fit the description.
White fucking everything

So i ask her if she can leave and she nods ok and when she left the blizzard passes

I don't think I'm sleeping tonight

| Can either of you who saw her tell me what part of the city this was in?
- SciFox

| >>625293 Never mind, just saw that the first post said where.
- SciFox

I'm the 'friend' SF was mentioning, and I can confirm it wasn't me. I'm definitely going to look into this.
@SciFox Tacky? Yeah, like you're one to talk.
- BrittanYs

| >>625272
Well at least shes nice about it. -CN

| >>625330
You can say that seems... >Chill
-Red 9

| (*that she seems)‚Äč

| I just have a feeling shes related to that HAARP accident a few decades back

| >>625500
What accident? -CN

| >>625500
What's HAARP, exactly?
- BrittanYs

| I was a Ghost once, so i guess its not too far fetched to me.

| >>625500 Wait, were you referring to the ionospheric heating facility in Alaska? I've heard some things about that place. Wouldn't blame every localized weather incident on it, but it could still be a lead.
>>625731 Really? Would you care to elaborate on that? I have a particular interest in the paranormal. If I'm being pushy I apologize.
- BrittanYs

| >>625822
No problem. If you listen to Radiowire you could hear my presence in a few broadcasts, if you got them recced.
So I had died from rioters back in the December riots, lilim. Torched my pa+ma's home. So like for some reason i couldn't contact lilith, i was walking around without my bod, no joke. No one could hear me and just brushed off when things happened that i did. Messed with hair. So, eventually I found that sweetheart Neill. He helped me unghost with CN.

| This sounds pretty cool to me to be honest

Haha get it? Cool

| >>625868
At least you weren't causing snowstorms. -CN

| >>625923
HA, I get it!
Yeah, too bad unfortunately.

| I think i saw her too!
I was outside for a morning jog when it happened.
Like i was sweating and stuff from it so I was like "whooh i wish it was colder!"
Then my sweat froze and it started snowing like crazy!

So i see this girl there walking by!
she looked exactly like that too!
White hair, white skin, yadda yadda

when she left everything was back to normal but i was significantly cooler!

I yelled thank you and i think she nodded your welcome?

Crazy huh?

| >>625868 Wow. I'm really sorry that happened, but I'm glad things are better for you now. Sounds like the people you mentioned might know more about this phenomenon if they were able to help you.
- BrittanYs

Do you seriously believe every story people online come up with?
- SciFox

Of course not. But you'll never learn anything if you dismiss them all from the start.
- BrittanYs

| >>625940
It's true, chalked it up to so weird electromagnetic interference. She was fine once her body was all in one place. -CN

| >>625868
Gotta love that free advertisement from my favorite showgirl. I would have preferred if you did change the weather around you though; at some point I though all the partying I had done was coming back to me in the form of a mocking angel.
-Big Neil

| >>625940
Yeah I'm fine now, and anti-lilim stuff has died down.
I think high emotional stress was a part of it.
HEY! No problem Neill ^^. Yeah changing the weather would be nice, maybe separate the snowstorms to its milder instead of BOOM SNOW. Like the planet is throwing giant fluffy snowballs.
Heheh, no you still probably have that haunting coming for you though. OooOOOooo (/ovo)/*.*.

| >>625983
That too. -CN

| Great, now my friend is wandering around the city looking for an 'ice princess'.
In this weather.
With no car and and fairly little experience with the layout of the city.
- SciFox

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