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[QUEST] The /burg/ular Job

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Participants, meanwhile, will often receive direct narrative responses/actions to keep the plot moving. Keep in mind because the thread is "open," other players and their treatment of NPC's can radically alter or obstruct your own goals, even though they're just "passing through." That's presuming you can tell who's a player and who's the GM, however...

>It feels like weeks since the job posting, but you finally find yourself at the rendezvous for the "/burg/er" job posted anonymously on danger/u/. It's mid morning, 1000 sharp, and the street corner and associated alleyway you're at is pretty empty save for the occasional car or screeching police spinner above.

>Roughly three blocks away from here is your target- a mostly non descript /burg/ branded /burg/er joint nestled within a middle class suburb whose typical clientele include sportsball moms and the horny teens they chaperone. If you used public transportation to get here, you probably got enough stares as it is, this far north in Uptown. Hopefully your teammates make it here soon.

| >The man in the blue trenchcoat gets off the public transport and makes his way to the rendezvous, not too bothered by the stairs given that this isn't his first trip up to Uptown. He calmly walks and makes his way to the alley as he looks around
"I... really wasn't expecting to be the first one here but I guess this is how it is."

| "Here for something?"

> A male voice comes through from behind the man. The source is a man with a brief scarf covering his neck, with the rest of his torso and legs clothed with a cargo jacket and a trouser, respectively.

> He stands a proper six foot, not counting the faux leather boots he wore. His brunette hair is moderately short, freely set in a nondescript style — save for the bangs that is tied to the right with a pin.

> He seems to have come early, too.

| >>617326
"Perhaps, maybe even the same reason as you."
>He states as he takes off the large black and blue deck hanging from his back.

| >>617327
"Guess so."

> He eyes the deck, now ready to be used. A smirk of interest comes from him, but it doesn't show clearly from his blank stare.

"Fancy one you have there."

| >>617329
"Thanks, it's custom made. Though I feel all good decks should be honestly."
>He looks around
"How many should be joining us?"

| >>617330
"In total, five if no one decides to be a wuss; four if one swipes the reward by reporting us."

> The man oversees the empty street. He adjusts his flowing scarf, rewrapping it around his neck.

| >>617332
"Well let's hope the other runners had more sense to call the GCPD over a *burg* of all things."

>He sighs, fiddling with his deck while he waits, looking for access for the nearby traffic camera thanks to his short range wireless module.

| > a few minutes will pass before more public transport arrives down the road. It brings along a female to the alley with a leather bomber and jeans. She isn't aware of the two until she walks almost right up on them.

"O-Oh? I seem to be late?"

| >Another figure follows behind the man clad in blue trenchcoat to the rendervous point. The person is wearing a softshell jacket and a pair of jeans under a small rig. The face is concealed by a half mask and a headset. The guy also have a backpack and a pistol holstered by his side.

| >>617335
"Nah... we were just early."
>The first trenchcoat man says, likely the chubbier of the two.
"Looks like we have someone with similar clothes tastes though."

| >>617335 >>617336
"Makes us four now."

> The man spots the newcomers immediately. He squints at the girl, then the jacketed man.

| >>617338
"We are getting ourselves​ some b/u/rger, let's just be cozy while eating it, eh?"
>The man replies, checking the content of his tactical rig, then taking the pistol out to check its chamber and magazine.

| >>617321 >>617326 >>617335 >>617336

>You don't have to wait long- a scant two minutes after you all arrive, a station wagon which looks like it would have fit right at home in the late 20th century rolls up, in remarkably good repair, if anachronistic. The design of the vehicle distracts from the heavy, nearly impenetrably black tinting on every window. One of the back doors of the four door car opens on its own.

"Get in razorkids. We got /burg/ to burglarize."

| >>617342
"Let's see if we have similar tastes in burg too."
>He grins and quips back.

| >>617343
"Razorkid... right."
>The chubby trenchcoat man sighs and heads into the car.
"Isn't this car a little too... vintage? It might attract attention."

| >>617344
>The jacketed man say, before putting the pistol back in its holster and walking over to the wagon

| >>617345
"Like attention from shouting " burglarize" in public isn't enough"
>The masked man replies

| >>617347
"I suppose you never know what to expect on smash and grabs..."
>The decker mumbles

| >>617345

>Whomever's in the drivers seat seems unfazed by the question.

"Whattya mean?"


"That's what we in the bizness call 'reverse psychology.'"

>The driver responds.

| >>617348
"You signed up for this, so did I"
>The man open his backpack and take out a few flashbangs and put it in a utility pouch on his rig

| >>617349
"...Nevermind. So when are we getting introductions out of the way?"
>The decker shakes his head, deciding it's just better to go with the flow for now than argue more.

| >>617352
"Redford Bell"
>The jacketed man said
"Ex-PMC, signed up for shit and giggles"

| >>617353
"Thank you, I'm Tower by the way. I'm sure you can guess what my skills are."
>He holds his deck up before resting it on his lap.

| >>617343
> Entering the vehicle, the scarfed man was amazed, as it is clear from the slow, drawn-out joyed expression he puts on when stepping in.

"Great taste for someone planning to… take a few burgs, eh?"

> He murmurs before he was able to answer the decker's question.

>>617352 >>617354
"R386. Short it to R-3. I'll be doing all your Charisma checks. Pleasure to meet you, Tower."

| >>617354
>Red eyes the deck
"Yep, I can sure guess"

"Pleased to meet you"

| >>617355
"Good to meet you R-3. Glad someone he can handle the talking. I'm decent at it myself but it's hard to hack and do that at the same time without appearing inconspicuous."

| >>617356
"Back at you, Red."

> R-3 takes off his scarf, pocketing it. This reveals a slight feminity with the lack of an Adam's apple protruding on his throat.

"Methinks we're a good set of team! Got the intel, the combat guy already. For a burgrun, this isn't half bad."

| >>617358
"Well let's not get too ahead of ourselves now either."
>Tower interjects
"Never know what to expect. Something I learned early on is that theres no such thing as a milk run."
>This 20 something year old hacker suddenly sounds like an old man

| "Ah, Elliott Ruemmond! The important roles seem to be covered..."

> She establishes herself a late seat in the vehicle.

"I'll stay keen on lookout, if that pleases anyone."

| >>617358 >>617359
"Well, atleast he's being optimistic about it"
>Red swap out a flashbang in his utility pouch for a smoke grenade, the rest goes back into his backpack, and his backpack back on his back

| >>617367
"Just saying, though based off the faces here, it's probably our Mr. Johnson here who needs to hear it the most."
>Tower points his chin at the driver
"Nice to meet you Elliot. Depending where I can get a connection to the store we'll probably be sharing seats in a way."

| >>617362
"Well met."

> R-3 says as he brushes his hair, moving his pin slightly to straighten more of his bangs. He readjusts his gaze to look at Elliott, again, squinting at the girl before checking the rest of the team.

"Hey, I'm not the all-talk for nothing."

> He played off his brimming optimism, chuckling at the barest sense of the word.

| >>617381
"True, apparently this is the third attempt. Wonder who screwed up the first two attempt at stealing... a bunch of b/u/rgs..."
>Red sighs
"Can't believe I'm actually saying this"

| >>617394
"Theres weirder jobs to take."
>Tower muses
"In this city there always is."

| >>617401
>Red agrees
"As I said, I joined for shits and giggles"

| >>617394
(Just realized​ this is the second attempt, sorry
-Impulse/Red 9)

| >The station wagon shudders into mobility as you close the doors, heading down the street toward the target /burg/ joint. A police car rolls by, seemingly unnerved by how ancient your vehicle is, much less the tinting.

"Name's Smithy Weston- and if y'all are done with the kumbayas, I'll share my piece *after* we get the job done- assuming we can get the job done."

"I'ma level with all you chummers- the last attempt to get this done failed in a spectacular fashion- embarrassingly so. But on the bright side, my last team's fuckup gave us a second chance-"

>As the car nears its destination, you notice an exponential increase in traffic. There are people parking on the street corners, both legally and illegally- one anomalously crazed sarariman actually jumps the curb and parks in front of someone's apartment, blocking the door, such is their haste to leave and head toward... dear god...

"-the /burg/er company rescheduled the event. They're revealing a whole new line of Gourmet /burgs/-"

>A swarming, teeming mass- there must be hundreds, no, thousands, of sweaty nerds of every stripe, every color, and every race- a plethora of "fox girls" dressed from head to toe in /burg/branded paraphernalia clash with catboomers as they fight to keep position of a very, very thin handicapped entrance ramp which is absolutely bloated with people.

>Neckbeards rub chins and bump heads with clothes stretched to their limits depicting some kind of cartoon mascot, a familiar girl carrying a plate of a half eaten /burg/, with a little bit of ketchup on her chin.

"...and it's being presented by /burg/er-chan herself."

"WE WANT /BURG/!" >Comes the angry chant, as your vehicle is finally brought to a stand still, a block out. The driver tries to back up and nearly slams into another /burg/er fanatic, who gestures angrily. The driver shrugs, backs onto the curb, and then smoothly parallel parks the vehicle into an alleyway.

>He opens the door.

"Y'all ready?"

>Inspired by:


| >>618281
>Tower sighs, knowing that the crowd would be a bonus yes, it also can bring unforeseen problems.
"I guess, it will make it harder to keep an eye of all the moving pieces with this big of a crowd. I have to ask though, in what way did the last group fucked up exactly?"

| >>618281
>A pale girl wearing track pants, a tank top and an open jacket catches up with the group's car coming fast from afar on a bicycle. The closer she got the more evident it was she had been following from the start, this woman is *exhausted*

>She gets off her bike on a stumbling mess and slaps on the car's roof repeatedly as she approaches the driver's window

"I'm here! You're the guy! You definitely are!"

| >>618560
"U-Um... who are you...?"
>Tower jumps in surprise at the newcomer, clearly bewildered by this mysterious person that biked after them

| >>618281
"By the lords, what the hell is that crowd"
>Red says as he looks out of the car
"If someone calls in a CAS right here, this might result in higher collateral​ damages than the damn December Riots"

"Who's that?"
>Red asks after he sees the girl knocking on the roof

| >>618565
"I-I'm your last h--"
>She took a few more seconds to take breath, now using the car's roof to keep herself on balance
"You-You're here for the burg job right? I'm the fifth poster.."

| >>618281
"I knew mascots are a troublesome thing."

> R-3 pales as he sees the crowd. Not from fear, but from the mere thought of being in the cesspool of sweating, heavy breathing fanatics.

"It's like a cult. Except I have seen cultists less mindwashed."

> Startled by the newcomer, R-3 lets himself be distracted from the crowd. He scans the newcomer — nothing aside from the exhaustion had helped him pay attention.

"You don't look so good, miss!"

| >>618572
"The convention-Oh God I'm--"
>She coughed
"-I'm fine, I promise.. The convention thing was further than I though.."

| >>618578
"Well... glad you made it then. We were just about to talk specifics. I'm Tower, and you are?"

| >>618578
"Well then, the name's R-3!"

> R-3 jumps out, trying to mind where he lands. He stretches his hands out, making a few pops after.

"What's the plan, team? I'll go charge ahead those mumbling idiots, but that might not be the bestest idea."

| >>618578
"The name's Redford Bell, pleased to meet you"
>Red says

"Chaos is something we definitely don't need right now"
>Red suggests
"A panicked crowd trying to run away, most likely walking over eachother is worse than the current situation"

| >>618581
"The name is hope, nice to reach you all"
>She gave a little thumbs up, completely stable now
"Has anyone figured how to bypass the fleshwall of fanatics?"

| >>618584 >>618585

> R-3 takes a long, hard stare at the crowd. He grimaces at something, perhaps something in his mind, then draws back to the team.

"Do we know what that mascot looks like? Can anyone give me a complete 360° of her?"

| >>618585
"If someone can bait the crowd away, that would be good"
>Red says
"I have smoke grenades, but that would create chaos"

| "..Do you know how to make them colored? I bet that could diverse small groups without alerting big groups, you know, party smokes"

| >>618585
"Nice to meet you Hope, and were not sure yet, we just found out about the event itself."
"Besides didnt the job post say they got beefed security? We definitely want to see what we got to deal with beforehand."

| >>618587
"I have two red and two normal smokes, a few flashbangs, and a few frags. Not enough for a smoke show, that's for sure"
>Red searches through his backpack

"That's what's the flashbangs and frags are intended for. But seeing this, I don't think frags are the best idea"

| >>618602
"I feel like that would just panic the crowd and put the guards on high alert anyways..."
>Tower muses

| >>618607
"… Sort of ironic that they would have 'guards' in this mess, eh."

> R-3 comments, wringing a smile from this sight alone.

"I'll try to go in and check, but I don't want my epitaph to be 'Death to asphyxiation from overcrowding' either. Got any clues how to push me in?"

| >>618609
"Is there any place we can reach that overlook this place, I feel that might be a better option thn getting squashed by the crowd"
>Red suggests as he jumps out of the car and look around

| (*than*)​

| >>618609
"I personally think the more guards the highest the prize of what they're guarding. And if we could move such a high mass of people.."
>Hope looks at the crowd analyzing

| >>618609 >>618615
"Well let me see if I can get some views from the cameras. A lot of the event crowd is probably near the front but it might be quieter near the back."
>Tower focuses on his deck screen and starts typing.

| >>618630
"While you're meddling the systems there, know any way we may.. you know, use a PA system here?"

> R-3 says, looking at Tower with an unending curiosity he refuses to openly show.

"Just in case. I know hacking isn't magic."

| >>618639
"Depends on how much I can access wirelessly. I got a module that gives me access but it's pretty limited in range, I'll be able to do a lot more with a wired connection somewhere."

| >>618630
"You do that, anyone see somewhere high that I can reach?"
>Red asks

| >>618649

> R-3 shifts his attention to the outside again, trying to focus to any high points that isn't a skyscraper.

"Not too sure what you define as 'high'. Lemme' see... I don't have the best vision without my glasses."

> He tries to scan the area for anything tall or high, ignoring any point of interest too tall for a normal person to reach.

| >>618833
"Somewhere high enough​ that I can get an overview of the area, spot the securities without attracting too much attention, second or third floor of some buildings I can access, or something..."
>Red told R3


| >>618287

"Let's just say that it's not just the shields or suburbanites that are pissed about their favorite takeaway joint getting turned into an animal lard-smelling hunk of deep fried prefab."


"God, it's about time."


"Let's not and say we didn't, because the last thing this run needs is being splattered over the telly like some kind of goddamn terrorist attack."


"Hell, that's easy-"

>Weston pulls out a small commlink and flips through some trideos. Finally, he settles onto one familiar looking advertisement which erupts with color-

"In the name of the /BURG/, I, BUNNY, last of the /burg/er BRIGADE, will finally defeat you and avenge my fellow best friends, Lord HUNGERMUNCH!"

>"Bunny" appears to be the unholy amalgamation of a Justice Wardrober merged with a generic magical girl, complete with creatively manipulated /burg/er brand logos. It's pretty easy to see why she's also known as "/burg/er -chan;" she even has a "halo" on her head which appears to be an onion ring.

>In spite of what she represents, Bunny also appears to look quite thin and quite... short.

>Weston pauses the trideo on a scene where the girl's outfit isn't obscured by action lines or special effects.

"There ya go."


>No such luck- none of the cameras here seem to have much in the way of security, but this place is PACKED. The swarming fans seem to thoroughly encircle the dining establishment, although you do see attempts by suited individuals to try and create order and force people into queues. There's a number of /burg/er vans set up to block roads, including a few black colored vehicles with unrelated logos discreetly etched into their sides.

>>618671 >>618833 >>618869

>This place is mostly pretty open, and since you're in the suburbs, there aren't much in the way of highrises, not even apartment complexes- but you DO find a cellphone tower. It's surrounded by a barbed wire fence, but there's a ladder within the tower itself.

| >>620850
>Tower starts researching the logos on the third party black vans.
"Looks like they don't have any cameras in the back, so I have no eyes there. Seems like they have third party corps helping with security and calming the crowds. Trying to put them in lines right now."

| >>620852

>The logo appears to be that of a bald eagle's profile printed against a black square arranged as a triangle. It doesn't take you long to discover who they are- refreshingly, the company acts like it has nothing to hide.

>The vans belong to SHARP EDGE, Inc, a security consulting and contracting firm.

| >>620872
"Looks like the security is from Sharp Edge, a security consulting place. Why the hell do they need to protect burgs so much..."
>Tower sighs
"Well this definitely makes things much more complicated. We definitely want to go in quiet with them around. Going through the back might be our best bet but we would need someone to scout ahead to see what is going on back there."

| >>620876
"Oh, of course the burg place hired a fucking PMC..."
>Red quietly swear
"Now, I might need better armor if they have armor, my suppressed pistol isn't going to cut it if they have armor. Maybe if I can takr down one and take his kit. Or if I can call in supply drones, that can be good."

| >>620972
"Either way, killing probably isn't the best way anyways. If the crowd gets a whiff of a body there would mass panic and that won't help anything."
>Tower adds

| >>620850
"A bit hard on the height, but… let's save this plan for last. It's ridiculous enough in my head."

> R-3 says after meeting with burg's own mascot through the trideo. His eyes were briefly entrapped by the blinding burst of colours.

>>620852 >>620872 >>620876
"So, no dice on the surveillance breakdown? Should we do it the archaic way?"

| >>620977
"Wait wait, what do we know about the burgcorp themselves? I know for a fact that private security agencies don't know crap about the people they guard, so with a few forged IDs and the right voice change.."
>Hope trails off as her hand reaches behind her own back and, with a small click under her shirt, the skin on her forearm displays a humble screen where she now taps to browse about /burg/ Incorporated associates

| >>620981
"Now you're speaking something I understand! Good ol' impersonation."

> R-3 smiles at the idea. He didn't keep his eyes off of the ongoing crowd, only once in a while checking in on the idle team.

"I have everything you need for that too."

> He adds.

| >>620982
"I'm good with that plan as well. A good disguise should get us pretty far hopefully."
>Tower says in agreement.

| >>620981
"I'm down with that, let's hope these PMCs are really just an independent one and not a private army"
>Red say, eyeing the vans

| >>620982
"I can change my voice alright, now we should look and pick someone important enough to pass through but not important enough to be easily called out I-"

>Hope looks out of her screen and back at the group

"Sorry, not used to work with competent ones.. y'all know; impersonation!"

| >>620998
"Out of habit, I would pick an average Joe or Jill. Not quiet ones, not audible ones. Just ones that are a constant background."

> R-3 comments, trying to peer at the screen Hope is holding, before he looks at her.

"Not that I know these right now!"

> He laughs, already dismising his own thought.

| >>620998
"Just pretend to be a staff coming late to work, overslept, traffic, whatever"
>Red suggests
"If we can make it pass these crowd maybe I can strike up a conversation with one of those securities, maybe get more info"

| >>621010
"Maybe you can also get info from the regular employees, just say you're from another branch that came to help with the event."
>Tower says as he starts looking up nearby burg chains.

| >>621010
"I'll handle the crowds if that's a plan you're sure with, Red."

> R-3 says while he sees his two party members. He doesn't offer much in this case, but he seems peppy enough to accept just ahout anything.

| >>621012
"Well, with my outfit right now, I probably looks more like regular security staff from nearby branch than a normal employee"
>He said, looking down at himself

| >>621016
"We could get you an ID easily for that, at least to have eyes on the inside that is.."

>She looks at him from bottom to top

"We could all or most infiltrate in a different area, or do we have a basic idea of where our prize is?"

| >>621030
"No idea"
>Red answers
"I figured it's probably in the kitchen area or something"

| >>620981

>Looks like your instincts were right on the money. One of the issues with being such a massive food based corporation is that turnover is always at an all time high- enough that, even if you hadn't forged an identity, you could probably scoop one up just before it was decommissioned- if the manager even remembered to do that.

>You have a few choices here- you can pretend to be a humble cashier, doomed forever to playing with more loose change than they'll ever get to use in their own lives.

>You could straight up impersonate a district level manager, one that would oversee not just one /burg/ joint, but several! That sounds important enough, right?

>Or maybe you're neither of these things, and are just in charge of transporting the goods from /burg/'s many heavily armed and defended /burg/er warehouses. Surely no one would give you a second look?

>Or perhaps you have another idea?


>Bingo, you immediately receive several (13) hits on nearby /burg/ locations, some of which are crammed smack dab next to each other.

| >>646655
"Alright I found plenty of nearby branch names, so regardless of who we choose to play as, we got a decent cover story if anyone starts asking questions."
>Tower says, looking up from his deck.

| "Do we have any b/u/rg uniform we can change into so we can sell the story better?"
>Red asks.

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