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| >Electric Princess(es?)
Rumors and sightings have shown that Jaquilen Jin, heiress of Jinterprise fame, the company supplying power to 2/3rd of the city may have finally answered the question about her marriage. And to some scandalously it is not someone well known in corporate circles. It is however an unidentified woman, of asian, likely at least half Japanese, decent. The question about Miss Jin getting a partner has been running around for some time now...
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| >Burg
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Special Soy Sauce now available.

| >Electric Princesses(es?) continued
...With questions poised before to Miss Jin on a suitable partner. She had typically replied. "This isn't really something I have a lot of interest in, I may just leave it to my father." when approached by reporters throughout the years on the topic Argyle Jin, current CEO of Jinterprise has stated, "It will happen when it happens." and when asked if he had any potential suitable candidates in mind, he typically did not give a verbal response...

| ...However, it seems that she has found an interest in the coupling of other women. An Nvitro(tm) program would allow for a daughter between the two to be made, wonders of science.
It is yet to be seen how Sumaragi Conglomorate responds to this new partner, as there is a possibility of inheritance of the manufacturing company there is a requirement of at least 1/2 Japanese genetics to be able to gain said inheritance. Though still an unlikely occurrence.

| Really? We're back to tabloid level news now. -CN

| I could really go for a burg right now

| >Rxcellence Pharmaceuticals
Rxcellence Pharmaceuticals has been one of the highest-ranked Pharma companies in the world. We're happy to be able to provide affordable, and life-saving medication to the people of Glitch City. We happily boast over 100 clinics, pharma-stores and hospitals within Glitch City alone.

| >Dynamoforce
Dynamoforce has received a perfect rating by the Glitch City Entertainment Awards Board. Style, Story, Ratings and Character all being taken into consideration on their ratings. The last piece of entertainment media to receive a perfect score was EXEbike. The clever show of hackers fighting on motorcycles in a post-apocalypse world.

| Breaking news, LCN is gay. -Big Neil

| >>608828
That's not new
-Red 9

| >Local Illegal Radio Host Harasses Legitimate News Agency
Local illegitimate, adless underground radio show leaves derogatory comments against Legitimate news organizations. Envy perhaps?

| The fucking bastards are just desparate for content at this point
-Red 9

| >Local tiny unimportant news agency tries to defame local legend
What is it with them? Are they afraid of his magnum dong? It's more likely than you think! -Big Neil

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