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[Aggregator Thread] Weird Murder in Downtown

| Well, it's been a while my fellow Matrix-Dredgers and other forms of shadowscum! So, I don't know if any of you guys remember the strings of weird murders that I covered last year, but another incident has cropped up!

Yup, GCPD isn't reporting on it, but I have my sources!

At 12:56 AM, neighbors heard weird noise from the apartment next to theirs and went to investigate... what they found was a dead body stuffed with electronic equipment like speakers and cameras...

| The victim is an executive of the GCPD's central division apparently. Cause of death was hypothermia. So that means that after death, the perp gutted him, took out the bones and organs and replaced them with electronic systems. The speakers put into the dude were apparently streaming an old song from Russia.

Man, isn't that fucked? The perp is believed to be the one behind the earlier incidents; Anri Germain, age unknown, dull pink hair, blue eyes, short. There's a warrent out.

| But who cares about that? What I want to know is what you guys think about it! Why did the murders resume all of a sudden?

If you ask me, it's that the perp could've been busy planning... that or they somehow couldn't kill their target yet. But hey, what do I know?

As usual, I'll keep all you guys updated!


| Someone has a fetish for electronics, or this is an example of the most botched attempt to turn someone into a lilim, period.

| >streaming an old song from Russia
Is it known wich exact song was streamed? You know, i'm Russian myself and our modern media is complete garbage so we just watch/listen to the old stuff again and again. And i mean soviet era 1970-1990 stuff.
So, yea. I might have to say something if you give me more details on that regard.
- Volp

| >>608760
According to my source, it was an old nursery rhyme, or something. Then again, the assumed perp isn't Russian or has any russian ties.

By the way, new info, seems like some new GCPD unit will be invewtigating the scene today, some sort of outside squad or something... which means I got the address if anyone wants to snoop around!

>A map link is attached

| Another one... -CN

| >>608880
Welp, it's too broad to make any assumptions then. But i actually believe this can give some leads.
Bites the dust?
- Volp

| >>608880
It wouldnt happen to be Tachanka wouldn't it? Thatd be a sick one even for a killer like this lol

| >>608880
I think I'll check it out. -CN

| >>608880
>If anyone goes, make sure to take a lot of pics and send them back to me! The article I could write up would make tons of ad revenue! Of course, I'd pay you guys for the sneak mission!

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