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Arcadia Shopping Center (setting)

| > Winter hasn’t fully arrived yet but the cold had made its home once again in GC. An early snowfall had gotten everyone in a winter mindset. Add in the freezing of the flooded district, and many were starting to wonder how harsh this winter was going to be once it finally did hit.

> Many shopping areas, at least, were able to be justified in getting the scene set for MegaChristmas just a littler earlier than normal. It was never too early for the spirit, right?

| > This was especially true in Arcadia, one of the more open shopping centers in the Glitz, with the richer folk brushing shoulders with those they wouldn’t normally ever be around. The shops had anything that one would be looking for, set up in such a way that only made sense in such a divided society like Glitch’s: The nicest and most expensive stores were on the fifth floor, and the seedier and more affordable areas on the first two

| > A food court of sorts was smack dab in the middle, which seemed like the most crowded area of them all. Mascots and maids and criers stood around, trying to funnel people into their establishments, sometimes even getting into heated arguments between one another.

> Five floors for anything to happen. A whole district unto itself in microcosm. Open for anyone who wandered in to find something for them, even if entirely by accident

| > A certain green-eyed Lilim sits on one of the guard rails meant to not be sat on, as they're for ensuring people don't fall off. He's tapping on a tablet and looks around every now and again, as if he was waiting for someone. Fox, in effect, was, and he wondered if the person he was waiting for knew.

> He could look down on the other three floors below him, wondering what could be happening down there.

| >>608237
"Um, excuse me sir--"

>A voice calls out to the lilim on the railing, muddled with growing concern and a touch of apprehension, as if they're scared they'll startle him into falling to his death if they speak too loudly.

"That's, ah... that's quite a precarious perch you've found yourself."

>Despite the anxiety twisting their tone, they're heard clearly over the mild din of the mall-- speech distinct from the idle chatter of the shopping center's patrons.

| >>608533

> Fox perks up upon hearing someone talk to him. He forgot entirely that maybe his seat of choice might not look safe at all. He stows his tablet quickly and spins around, still perched firmly on the railing.

"Maji gomen! I like sitting where I get to have a nice view and I forgot it can make others nervous."

> He seems to have an almost gyroscopic balance, as he's only using his torso to stay steady.

"Ayanami Fox desu. Yoroshukune!"

| >>608537
"Oh, um... don't... >>>apologize?"

>Behind Fox now stands the owner of the voice-- a very tall, rather slim appearing man dressed in a woolen overcoat that looks a touch too short for him. He tugs a few times at the scarf hanging around his neck, and steps a little closer, peering down at the lilim.

"I-I'm being overly cautious-- I've just... seen enough bad falls to know that this is how some of them begin."

>He rubs the back of his head, uneasy.

"I beg your pardon?"

| >>608547

> Fox notices the worry in the man and hops off the rail, landing with barely an impact. He gives a short bow out of feeling bad for making the man worry.

"Sorry sorry! I don't like making others feel worried. Mom's upgrades to my legs at least would mean i don't take too hard an impact. Oh! And umm... I'm Fox, Ayanami Fox! Nice to meet you"

> He gives a smiles and waves. His green eyes shimmer upon meeting someone new

| >>608554
>The man straightens his back, and shifts his weight onto his heels as Fox rights himself and stops teetering on the edge of the guard rail. From feet to knees, there's something about him that stands out-- his legs (spindly compared to the rest of him) are encased in what look like a couple of braces. Upon closer inspection, Fox can see that the outer frame of the devices locked around his shins extends up further, running beneath his coat.


>He returns the wave.

| >>608639
"It's nice to meet you, as well!"

>He brightens a little.

"My name is R--"

>Long, tall, and socially awkward starts to introduce himself, but cuts himself off before he can even really begin. He looks as though he's just remembered something-- something important-- and is experiencing a moment of panic. Evidently, he's able to resolve this in a matter of seconds, as soon he continues:

"... I'm Alexander-- m-my name is Alexander."

>Why doesn't he sound sure of that?

| >>608640
"Ah, Mister... Ayanami, you wouldn't happen to be familiar with the layout of this shopping center, would you?"

>Alexander takes a few cursory glances at their surroundings before letting his gaze refocus on Fox. He runs a hand through his hair, absentmindedly finger- combing the charmingly messy brown mop while he waits for an answer.

| >>608646

> Fox does his best to get a good read on Alexander. He seems nice, yet confused. Maybe that’s why he’s asking about the layout.

“Well, I’ve had to make some runs around here, but that means using different entrances. I can do my best though. I’m expecting someone but I don’t know if they’re coming any more”

> He gives a shrug and scans around, looking for nothing in particular. The Lilim seems cheerful, in any event

“Where to?”

| >To camera's she's hard to see, simply some white noise appearing momentarily as she passed by non-chalantly messing on her cyber deck. To those present to witness her, she was covered head to toe, hood up, medical mask attached only her ice blue eyes and Lilim skin were apparent. W1sp powerwalked her way towards her objective, a well to do family runned coffee shop.

| >>608653
>Angus looks a little hurried, and already has a bag from some random store, probably full of stuff for Dahk.
>She passes Fox, stops, pivots on her heels, then hurrues over to hug him.
"There you are!"
>She sounds oddly relieved, no reason to be worried really. She looks up.
"Who's your friend?"
>She asks while motioning to the tall man.

| >>608653
"Oh, well... if you're waiting for someone, I don't want to keep you-- nor do I want to interfere with your work, Mr. Ayanami. I guess I'll just... wander around until I bump into whatever I'm looking for-- though, I'll have to figure out what >>>that is, first."

>He gives Fox a good natured shrug, and flashes a rueful grin.

"Maybe you could point me towards the closest directory?"

| >>608691
>Alexander steps backwards, giving Angus and Fox a little more breathing room. He'd rather not make either of them feel as though he's looming over them: though he's been nicknamed "gentle giant" by a few of his friends, he's aware his height can make him seem intimidating to some.

"Ah, hello."

>Maybe this is the person Fox was waiting for?

| >>608795 >>608691

> Fox looks like he's about to point Alexander to a directory until he sees Angus, which makes him jump slightly and he picks her up in a hug and sets her down easily.


> He then looks back to his new friend and his "mom" and wonders what to do, and then he figures it out.

"Oh! Alexander, this is Angus. She's like my mom; she keeps me running better than an atomic clock. Want to join us in shopping? It'll be fun!"

> He seems very excited for this

| >>608801
>Alexander looks on in amusement as Fox greets Angus-- strong kid! If he had any doubts regarding the lilim's earlier claim that he could easily survive a tumble from the 3rd floor guardrail, they're long gone now.

"Nice to meet you, Ms. Angus."

>He extends a hand with a friendly grin, warming up to them both a little more.

"Your... son and I have only really just met. I was, um... scolding him for sitting on the railing here, before you arrived."

| >>608662

> The local security force in the mall saw their cameras acting up, but thought nothing of it. There was enough to worry about with the mascots trying to actively start their own take on a gang war. Given that everyone was trying to stay out of the way of mascots, the way to where she needed to go would be mostly unnoticed

| >>608801 >>608805
>Angus wasn't expecting to be picked up today. Anyone else would have been punched. Except maybe Dahk.
"Oh. Alexander? Reminds me of an old game."
>She extends her crystalline hand and grabs Alexander's, giving a firm but strange feeling handshake.
"Hm? This railing?"
>Angus shoots a look at Fox.
"He's not known for being careful. But he's cute which is why I haven't killed him~"
>Angus pulls Fox in for a half hug.

| >>608812
>A voice is heard only to Angus, a low baritone, Zero's voice
>[This place is quite large, surprised you found who you were looking for so quick...]
>The voice chuckles


| >>608812
>Alexander squints as Angus' hands sparkle and shine like diamonds in the mall's fluorescent lighting. There's a prism-like effect that's observed as her fingers wrap around his-- one beam's split into many, and a dazzling collection of colors dot the man's skin and sleeve before he pulls away.

"... A game?"

>He looks at his palm like he expects to find it changed, for some reason.

"A-ah, well... I-I'm glad you two get along...?"

>He's hoping Fox'll confirm.

| >A particularly standing out pair of lovebirds — a young blond teenager in a bright yellow business and a redhead woman in early twenties with what looks like an alien facehugger sitting on her head — passed the group gathered and went into one of the shops, both of them failing Perception check.

| >>609125

> Fox gives a big smile. The kind only a goofy kid would give.

"Oh yeah! She helped me put my arms back on after some guy yanked them off. We've been close ever since, which is why she calls me her son sometimes. Dahk does sometimes too, but i don't know why."

> He ponders on that for a second before getting back onto the task at hand.

"So do you want to come with us? It'll be interesting, at least!"


| >>608887
>Angus has finally figured out a way to communicate with Zero without looking crazy... She just... Uses her mind.
>[I'm kind of surprised too. I almost walked right past him! I often think I should put a tracking chip on him or something... I'm just worried about where he goes and what he does...]
"Yeah! Alexander! Like from that ancient game Last Fantasy!"
>Angus smiles and feels a little nostalgic talking about that game.

| >A tiny girl wearing a GCPD overcoat and a cap walks into the shopping center, her long blonde hair fluttering as she does, calm and collected for a second she immediately starts to shiver and hugs herself
>She screams out, to no one in particular, she then takes off her cap, revealing two horns growing on her forehead. Much like what an Oni from stories would possess.
>Oh, that's just Chanka

| >>609450
>Her scream attracts attention of another figure in GCPD uniform, who was slowly strolling through the first floor of the shopping center. 5'7" tall fragile-looking lady, her light red eyes contrasting with her ankle-long tail of flowing cyan hair — Officer Leone Kennedy was just in the middle of picking up her mega-chirstmas set of BL doujins when she noticed her direct superior officer screaming at the top of said officer's rather compact lungs.

| >Leone quickly shifted her eyes from Chanka to her package, then back to Chanka. Then promptly made a 360° turn on the spot and began hasty retreat.

| >>609471
>But it was too late, Major Chanka spots the woman easily and makes her way to her side with a raised hand and a slight smile
"Oh! Didnt expect running into another Officer tonight! You here for some errand?"
>She puffs her chest, it is the duty of a superior to make other officers at ease!

| >>609478
"..Ahah hahah hah~" — >Cyan-haired woman laughs nervously, sweating rivers and desperately shifting her bag to put it between herself and the tiny Major,
— "N-no, I'm f-for personal matters haha, just some present for my family, t-totally boring stuff!"
>Leone's eyes start running erratically, her brains struggling to find a way out of her predicament:
"D-Didn't expect to see you there, Major. You are quite popular in c-certain circl—"

| >Suddenly miss Kennedy realised that she's digging her own grave.

| >>609488
>Chanka seems curious as to why the officer before her is acting oddly... Is she feeling ill?
"Familly huh? I'm also here on the hunt for presents! Truly its great to see my officers share the holiday joy!"
>She says, beaming like a child, before putting a finger to her chin.
"Me, Popular? Gah, I wish I really was... All my superiors keep lecturing me all the time..."
>She slumps

| >>609345
"Oh, I... can't say I've ever played?"

>Alexander kind of shuffles his feet, and looks around awkwardly. There's a soft clicking that's heard as his knees bend and he shifts his weight from side to side.


>He runs a finger around the edge of his scarf again. The guy looks to be overheating now that he's indoors, but seems reluctant to remove layers: Alexander uncoils the muffler from around his neck, and leaves it at that. The overcoat stays on.

| >>609150
"W-well... I suppose I could..."

>He turns his gaze upward as he reviews his plans for the afternoon-- can he afford to take a detour...? Will his housemates be expecting him home anytime soon? He makes though he's about to scratch his head in thought, but instead presses a few fingers to his temple and is silent for a few moments longer. He then nods, somehow more sure of himself.

"Y-yes, it should be fine. I could use help finding my way around, anyway."

>He smiles.

| >>609345
>[How would he react to that, I wonder...]
>Zero muses
>[Still, this Alexander fellow seems quite... I don't know how to put it, strange, mayhaps?]


| >>609674


> Fox bounces slightly as if he was on springs from sheer excitement. Technically, he was, but they weren't engaged.

"Well, I know that I have to find something for Dusty as an apology for the "Albatross" incident and for MegaChristmas. Are you looking for anything, Alexander-san?"

> Fox looks over at Alexander, looking at him intently. His eyes look as glittery as the nearby MegaChristmas decorations even




| >>609914
"Ah, well..."

>Alexander slips his hands into his pockets, tapping his toes slowly against the floor as he mulls this query over. Maybe he should have come with gift ideas in mind... probably would have been the smart thing to do.

"... I guess I haven't thought about >>>what I'd be shopping for-- I've really only been thinking of>>>who."

>He sighs. This time of year is so stressful.



| >>610579

“Well, that’s okay! I think as long as it’s something then it shows you care. And it’ll make it nice they get you something in return which...”

> Fox trails off slightly, as if it dawns on him that Dusty might /not/ have gotten anything for him. Knowing her, there was a pretty big chance this was the case

“何でもないだ! Anno... lets work our way from the bottom floor and go up!”

> He moves to the edge once more, before remembering something else.

“Let’s use the elevators”



| >>609510
"Ahaha~ I-I really don't think they dislike you a-all that much... That bunch of sleazy lolicons." — >Leone muttered the last sentence under her breath. Cyan-haired woman actually had no right to belittle said higher-ups, given her extensive shota yaoi collection, but that was something Chanka seldom needed to know, —
"A-anyway, what are you doing here, Major?"
>Kennedy changed her approach, trying to get Chanka to look up at her, instead of down her bag.

| >>612355
>Chanka doesn't really get it, but she guesses thats a compliment... Right?
"Oh me? Just looking for trouble, huh I mean work!"
>She nods once, twice, to herself as she speaks, tonight had been a bore, no action no fighting and no high speed chases. If anyone could read her mind they'd probably say 'isnt that a good thing...'

| >>612447
"H-huh, but isn't it your day off as well, Major?" — >Leone asks, too distressed to notice Chanka's slip of the tongue.


| >>611025
>Go off the edge and I weld your face to yo-
>Oh good he didn't jump off.
"Yes, let's!"
>Angus says rather cheery, and runs to Fox to grab his hand. She motions to Alexander to come along as well.
"So how are things with you and Dusty? Besides the bike ordeal."
>She questions Fox, not knowing much about Dusty despite them living with her... Son.

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