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(Setting/Bar) The Hazy Moonlighter

| >The doors to the Moonlighter are open once again. Except this time the inside is a bit... merrier.
>The walls and bar are all decorated for the festive season. And with all that comes new items on the menu.
>Things such as cranberry brandtinis and peppermint sugar rushes.
>Behind the bar is Liz, who is getting everything prepared for the night.
>Upon seeing you enter, she bows and says
“Welcome to the Moonlighter”

| > A man walks in, dressed in what only can be described as ramshackle armor, with bits and pieces coming from different BDUs and PMCs operating in and around GC. His face was completely uncovered, showing off his well groomed facial hair and facial scar. His stroll is full of bravado, even giving Liz a wink as he walks up to the bar.

"Hey there, mind if I get your specialty, darling?"

> He flashes a smile and leans on the counter. A pair of dogtags and a ring gleam on his neck

| >>606973
"Alright. The house special has alcohol in it, so I'll have to see some ID first."
>Liz says adjusting her tie
"Apologies, but it's something I have to do your first time in here."

| >>606991

> The man does his best to look on top of things, reaching inside a pocket to pull out an ID and cred stick.

"It's a good thing then that I came more than prepared for this."

>> Name: Peter Stillman.
>> DoB: Dec 12, 205X

"Just call me Pistol Pete, okay? Name rolls off the tongue better that way, I think."

> He places both down on the bar and slowly slides them over to Liz

| >>606994
>She takes the ID and takes a good look at it
"Everything seems to check out, so one house special coming up."
>She turns around and pulls a blue bottle off the shelf and begins pouring it
"So what brings you to this neck of the woods, Pete?"
>She finishes up pouring the drink and slides it forward

| >>607084

> He gives a nod and takes a drink, seemingly enjoying it.

"Well, I was looking at getting my own private security firm started up. So I thought that GC would be an ideal place, even if I have to help thin out the competition a bit to do it."

> Pete dusts off his outer shell jacket, causing some medals to clink together. Someone thought highly of himself, it seems

| >Impulse walks into the bar dressed in a new tactical softshell jacket, a pair of camo pants, and a 5.11 fleece hat. He still sports the usual balaclava, active headset, and plate carrier, as well as having a rifle slinged over his shoulder and a pistol holstered by his side. He greets his men guarding the bar and then walks up to Liz.
"How it's going, Liz"

| >>607118
"Here would be a pretty good place to do it. Any idea where you're going to set up shop?"
>She pours herself a glass from the same blue bottle and takes a drink
>She sees the medals and half-nods
"Most folks I know don't wear their medals."

"Hey Impulse. It's going alright. Nothing too substantial. How're you as of late?"
>She takes another drink form her glass
"Can I get you anything?"

| >>607195
"Good, there's the cult mystery to solve, but other than that, business's running fairly fine"
>Impulse takes a look at the menu
"I will take a ragnarok"
>He looks over to the security guys
"How are my boys treating you"

| >>607195

> Pete smirks a bit and takes another sip

"Well, I guess that I'm just different is all. I earned these medals so I might as well display them proudly."

> He finally decides to sit down, shifting his weight uneasily as he does. Sounds like something metallic isn't agreeing with his decision.

"Looks like he also knows what's the proper thing to do, right?"

> He gives a motion over to Impulse, as if to say they're the same

| >>607270
"If by "proper things to do" you mean wearing medal so there can be enough noise to wake the death during a mission and wearing too many different camo BDUs, no"
>Impulse answers while he waits for the drink
"But you are an interesting lad, I'll give you that"

| >>607196
"I heard about that. No idea what it's all about though."
>Liz begins to prepare a ragnarok
"And everyone has been great. I'm just glad there's been no issues here"
>She finishes up and passes the drink forward

"I suppose. I don't really see the point to it though."
>She finishes her glass and begins cleaning it
"Let me know when you want or need another drink."

| >Impulse's new made friend Kiwami walks in. On his hand a physical red button, a relic not seen often. He turns to the counter nods his head as a hello to all. Proceeds to Impluse and says

"What's up pal, I've decided that I want to help with the cult fuckers."

>Shows him the button

"I've come to realize that those fuckers need a lesson to be taught to them. This can disable all their internal cybernetics. Say the word and I will do it"

| >>607328

> Pete is flustered slightly as he attempts to take a sip. He coughs but works through it.

“Well, got to dress to suppress right? How else is anyone supposed to know I’m to be wary of?”

> That’s one way to put it

“The name’s Pete. I like the cut of your gib. Mind if I get the next round?”

| >>607456
>Kiwami interjects

"Hey there fella! I have some matters to talk with my pal over here! Say, you don't work for the cultists do you?"

>Showing his toolgun holstered in his belt

| >>607444
"Glad to hear that"
>Impulse take the ragnarok from Liz

>Impulse hold out his hand, suggesting a handshake
"Impulse, glad to meet ya"

>Impulse's confused looks is covered by his mask, but it's there
"Mate, I don't believe I've met you before. Care to give your name first?"
(You are new, aren't you? Besides, this is before the call for help in he other thread, that come later. If you don't know, some threads here are at a different time than others)​

| >>607468

> Pete notices and frowns, squaring up his shoulders in an attempt to make himself look bigger.

"I don't know what you're talking about, but I don't really like such a visible threat either. Let's not make a mess that a lovely lady will have to clean up, yeah?"

> He gestures over to Liz and finishes off his drink.

| >>607499

> Pete reaches out to shake his hand. At least it looks like his gloves aren't mismatched. He does his best to give a firm handshake

"Nice to formally meet you, Impulse. What kind of rifle is that anyway? Some kind of old Kalash?"

> He uses his empty glass to point at the rifle that Impulse is carrying. He eyes it up, curious about it

| >>607509
"This is indeed a Kalashnikov, albeit not an old one"
>Impulse take his rifle up, it's a carbine version of an AK. The handguard and the stock has been replaced with a more modern one. A holographic sight, a tactical device, and a foregrip is on the handguard. At the end of the muzzle is a suppressor.
"This is an AK-105, a shortened modernised 5.45 Kalashnikov"

| >>607513

"A good, solid rifle. I've used its slightly larger variant in the AK-112. It's been a while since I've used that platform. I left my weapons in a secure case just outside. Better safe than sorry with these bars; I rather not find out if there are security systems here."

> He sets the glass down and stretches out, giving a big dramatic sigh to follow.

"So Impulse, where's the danger at? So far, I haven't seen what the comms say GC is like; no roving gangs? Cultists?"

| >>607515
"I believe AK-112 is not a thing as far as I'm concerned, you mean an AK-74M?"
>Impulse asked confusedly
"The danger? Culti..."

>Impulse's speech is cut off by the bar door open and a bunch of armed men walks into the bar. Red is at the front, he walks up to talk to Impulse
"Impulse, we just got a distress call from our boys in flooded. I'm pretty sure they are in trouble"

>Impulse turns to Pete
"Sorry to cut this short, but I need to handle this"

| >>607516

> Pete notices the chance to jump into valor head first and quickly stands up at the ready.

"Hey, If you need an extra gun, I can give you a hand. Every extra person to help means another chance to save your men right? We owe it to our troops to get them back safely.

> He talks as if he's been around long enough around the PMC life to understand the dangers.

"I don't need pay or anything either. Call it networking."

| >>607518
"Alright, if you insist"
>Impulse put a credstick on the table before heading out
"That's​ for the Ragnarok"
>He says to Liz, before walking out

| >>607444

"Sorry doll, but I'll be back later. Prepare a return drink for me, yeah?"

> Pete flashes another smile and throws a card at the drink he had finished. It lands perfectly inside, almost as if he'd been practicing that exact move for this very moment. He then follows Impulse out

| >the door is gently pushed open and a rather ravishing looking young woman wearing a long parka saunters in with a hypnotically swaying gait toward the counter as the doors chimes mark her arrival

"Hello there dolly~">she smiles
"Something sobering would you? Oh what was is called...~?">she slumps forward planting her chin to her palms gently caressing her cheeks, the motion unobstructed by her long midnight black hair...
"Ah! bleeding jane no?"

| >>607616
>one could momentarily see mysterious spry vixens parka betray her to teasingly reveal the rather amorous purple night gown
"I think thats what it was called right? Ohh sorry i do not often come to BTC-esque bars.."
>she momentarily brings her free hand over her mouth to hide a playful giggle

| >>607616
>Liz nods
"That's exactly what it's called."
>She starts getting the drink mixed up
"What brings you to this part of town, miss?"

| >>607766
"Oh i just saw it by the side of the road~">twirling a lock of hair as she muses the question
"I thought this might be just the place to relax after a work day~
And i must say! It is quite quaint in here i quite like it!"
>the tone of her voice is elegant and smooth, complimenting her mature way of speaking as well as her deep blue eyes
>its a shame there are bags beginning to form underneath them, this break must be well earned...

| >The roar of an engine approaches, growing louder as the car it's coming from gets closer- and then abruptly winding down as the owner parks, finally fading into silence a few moments before the new arrival- A green-eyed Lilim, bedecked in white and neon green -walks in. She takes a seat at the counter, but doesn't speak; instead, she looks around her, taking in the surroundings.

| >>607899
"I'll admit it is very cozy here."
>Liz says while wiping down the counter
"Can I get you anything?"

"Welcome. Can I get you anything?"

| >A somewhat peculiar character enters the scene, making their way towards the seat nearest to the bar entrance. A 5'5" tall male figure, clad in a tailored brown suit complete with a checkered handkerchief in the jacket's pocket...
>And a puffer fish instead of the head. Puffer fish in question was unquestionably alive, what's with it moving and breathing and whatsnot — as well as clearly connected to the neck below it.

| >>608975
>The gentle...man turned their fishhead to Liz:

"Augh eugh oeugh?" — >Pronounced the puffer fish, somehow managing to sound distinctly scottish, — "eouough uagh."
>Unholy sounds extorted by the pufferman's mouth should have been completely indecipherable — or at least foreshadowing that the abomination was about to vomit — and yet, clearly conveyed the creature's desire to get a big Zen Star on rocks.

| >>609157
"Welco- Uh hi."
>Liz scratches her head after looking at the... man?
"Yeah... I can do that..."
>She prepares a big zen star
"I'll have to see your ID before I serve you this"

| >>609203
"Eughauhl." — >the fishhead vomited in a friendly scottish manner, sliding his ID card across the counter.
>ID card reads his name as Eugh Puffer, full fledged adult male 31 year old.

| >>609207
>Liz takes a look at the ID and nods
"Alright, everything checks out. Here's your big zen star on the rocks."
>She slides the drink forward
"You know, i don't mean to be rude, but I've been all over the world and whatnot. And you know, I have never seen someone like you, Mr. Puffer"

| >>609210
"Auegh?" — >Let out mr.Puffer with polite amusement, bringing the drink up to his li-... mouth. — "Oghuoeeouh."

| >>609218
"You have a fish for a head. i have never seen someone else with a fish for a head."
>She shrugs then pours herself a drink
"I'm sure you get that a lot"

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