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Gift idea help

| So since it’s started snowing again, I decided that I should do something nice for my roommate after accidentally dropping her new motorcycle from the catwalk.

That’s a story for another day though! Where’s some places to find a winter coat or something? I don’t have to worry about the cold really so I wouldn’t even know where to start

- unit 00

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Do you just want it to protect from the cold or do you want it to have some "added protection". -CN

| >>606484
I offer tactical softshell jacket if she likes tactical military stuff.

| You dropped her bike from the catwalk?!? Jesus you're clumsy...

Dusty'll probably like something with some fur around the collar. But not overly fancy. JC Elton's probably has some nice coats for cheap. If you want to get her something really nice, try one of the fancy places in a higher brow district.

Give me a call and I can drive you, bud~

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Added protection??


I don't know if she even likes that sort of stuff. But she was talking to someone in official looking clothing. I'll think about it.

- Unit 00

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She had it hanging with duct tape! I guess there was some glass still on my shoes from earlier that shredded a piece I walked on and it all just fell...

You might be the best help, 母. I'll see what I have free and I'll let you know!

- Unit 00

| I will provide 40% discount if you let me install your induction LAR-81 series blood heater. I promise I won't put anything suspicious there

Note: I also can trick your Nerv-gear to think it's not cold or something

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I don't have any blood? If I did, there would be a giant mix-up with my usual coolant flush and I'd be incredibly concerned.

- Unit 00

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Could make it work for coolants but that might cost you a bit more

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I've already given Fox a very high end blast cooling unit during the late summer. He can freeze himself if he *wants* but I'd kick his frozen ass if he did.

I like your interest in augs and such though. I haven't seen you post on here much... Are you new or just a lurker? Either way, I'm Angus!

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You... could say that. I'm new 'round here. I was working in the capital as a black market cybernetics dealer and installer. I also do Hardware Hacks. I would be happy to be your friend Angus, seeing that our interests coinside and a friendship could be beneficial.

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Well... I'm not huge into Augs. I've got quite a few medical degrees, and I build/rebuild lilims.

I've also successfully transferred a human into a Lilim shell. Among other things... I'm also Fox's adoptive mother. Despite him calling me his best friend.

That's me. If you aren't shady or lethal you're welcome to come shopping with Fox and I!

| Nope, I'm just your average Joe. I was elected the development manager of SERN in 2031 and served some 10 years there, and uncovered the truth behind. I got fed up and moved to Tokyo in order to seek shelter from SERN and start up a particle physics lab. I discovered the cybernetics model #KGR-67gml while experimenting and got into cybernetics.Since then I am considered a pioneer in the black market for effective installations.
Nothing more. Friendships are hard to come by.

| "Pioneer in the black market" kinda contradicts the "Not Shady" part, not gonna lie
-Red 9

| :) it's nothing shady :)
Get me a private broadcast I will tell you what I really do ;)

| Winky face, check. Overuse of text faces, check. Asks to reveal real profession in secret, check. Yep, he's shady.
-Red 9

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It's a part of the biz. Have to do shady soykaf. SERN and the Govt know about it but they can't do jack shit. I provide them as well. I provide everyone!

| If the bike is damaged you could get them a gift card for Gray’s Cab Service

| -AG

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