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question for any lilims or t-dolls out there- hell even auggies

| Can you feel "pain,"?

And if so, do you have a choice or is it an optional setting?

If yes, why do you choose to leave it on? Or do you?

| I’m a DFC-072! I can feel pain, but it’s regulated thanks to the shock absorbers I have in many of my joints. Anything to my Chest or head does hurt a lot however.

I can only speak for me, but I can’t turn it off. All I can do is have dampeners overlaid to lessen its effects

- Unit 00

| I'll make you feel pain if you meatbags don't stop asking these stupid fucking questions

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Why don't we regulate your kind again? Oh, right. NEET's love their dolls too much.

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I'm an old test prototype that was designed without being able to feel pain. Later on after I left my former life I installed something to actually let me feel pain and emotions and whatnot. I did that because of a severe disconnect I had with everyone around me. I wanted to form a connection with people


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I bet I could make you feel pain with a pneumatic kick

- Unit pp

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((Unit 00.))

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That's so scary, coming from someone that has the same (inferior) biological features of those NEETs

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This thread is permanently archived