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any tips for staying in shape?

| inb4 muscle replacements, not augged, not interested.

inb4 #2: not a refugee, and i'm using a tablet to connect to the Matrix

inb4 #3: fuck off I like my tablet.

anyway anyone have any tips?? preferably ones I can do at home without having to go out. i work late and not interested in getting murdered and raped kthx.

been looking into getting some of those exercise vids from the guy with the big hair.


| Yes, I have tips. Math class will teach you geometry.

| Can probably buy some weights or something online and use those. Maybe like a mat as well. -CN

| Pick up a hobby that means lots of heavy lifting. Building and maintaining motorcycles has kept me in shape for years

- Dusty

| >>601306 LMAO 2019 called. They want their lameness back.

| Pickin' up fights wit clowns is guid fur yer shape, I'll tell ye. First-hand experience, mate.

| Just get some augs, augs are good as long as you get them modded to remove all trackers and invasive shit corporations put on them

| >>601298

no u


Does the Stuffer Shack have any?


What about working on rollercoasters?


Tell me more.




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This thread is permanently archived