(Setting): NSFMed at GC, Urgent Care/Walk-in Clinic [Karte 3]

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| >>600261
>Dr. Makube picks up the soggy roll of gauze and wrings it until the solution has touched every fiber of the loosely woven cloth, then removes some cotton tipped applicators and forceps from their packaging.

"... Plug the leak."

>He begins to carefully pack the wound with the soaked gauze, pressing it into each part of the laceration with the cotton buds.

"A little diluted sodium hypochlorite... will go a long way."

>Wait... it really /is/ bleach?!

| >>600263
"Alright. Just hope that my blood's acidic nature doesn't mess with, huh... the base, to say so..."
>She coughs
>This Makube fellow really isn't the most... easy to approach fellow she's ever met

| >>600268
>The surgeon doesn't notice the uncomfortable atmosphere his interesting behavior seems to be creating...

"... That's kind of the point."

>What else are you going to do to patch a wound that's dripping battery acid all over your good hospital floors?!

"... Hmm."

>Dr. Makube stops packing the laceration for a moment, and retrieves a rather lengthy vial from the bedside table.

"I'm going to need a sample."

>Of /what/?!

| >A woman wearing heavy clothing comes into the clinic with the help of a cane. She almost stumbles in her way to the reception.

"Hmm, can anyone help me please? But-t if i'm taking someone's place i can wait."

>Upon closer inspection, she looks augmented up to where her upper lip would be, and a radio looking apparatus taking the place of her mouth allows her to speak.

>She has a scar where the flesh meets the metal that seems to have a serious infection, yet her tone is calm.

| >>600262

> Dusty bears the height joke done so eloquently and is almost moved to respond in kind. But she really wouldn’t even know how, so she defaults to her usual self. At least, S best that she can given her shape.

“Keep talking like that and I’ll have to put you in your place: underneath my rear whe–“

> She cuts herself off, feeling another wave of pain shoot across her chest. Why does it always have to hurt whenever she’s in the middle of a retort?

| >>600274
"Err right..."
>Seeiol coughs
"But huh, why? Don't think you'd need to check my blood or anything to... you know... fix my wound."

| >>600262

> Hazard takes the nurse's hands and squeezes, he strains a bit to get a firm grasp on him.

"Er, I can't remember much. The den, then I went out to eat..."

> He makes a third pause; a blank expression that seems to hide truth.

"The building was on my way back home, I'd stopped becaused I saw someone enter."

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| >>600282
>One of the secretaries not occupied with helping patients or visitors hears the weakened woman asking for assistance, and her jaw drops in shock as she lays eyes on her. Her face is incredibly red and swollen near the site of the infection-- the receptionist would wager it feels like it's burning up, too.

"A-ah, please, just wait a moment, miss--!"

>She scurries out from behind the desk and heads for the ER triage area.

| >>600393
>Alex raises an eyebrow, and is about to retort with something just as crass when Dr. Joga silences him by clearing her throat in the most menacing way she can possibly manage.

"That's enough! Alex, finish setting up, and get back in the fishbowl."

>Alex rolls his eyes, and does as he's told. Dr. Roberts steps forward, and offers a hand to Dusty with a bit of a flourish. Christ.

"Can I help you get up on the table, >>>madam?"

| >Angus twiddles her thumbs and chats with whoevr walks by while she waits for Dr. Edison to come back. She started going over a lost of things she needed to pick up from her suppliers. Which if everything goes well, will be this place soon enough.

| >>600751

> Dusty feels even her own temper get snuffed out by Joga's command. She feels strange, but doesn't really know why. Pissing her off had made Dusty's own "Do not do" list. She eyes Harold suspiciously, not sure what he's up to.

"I think I can still use my legs, but thanks."

> She lightly brushes his hand away, figuring that anything mildly more hostile would rub everyone the wrong way. She sits up on the table, eying the technicians as if asking 'what next?'

| >>600396
>Dr. Makube unscrews the top of the specimen vial to reveal a long, thin rod attached to the underside of the cap. Its end is covered in plastic bristles, making it look like a weird, miniature chimney cleaner or a bottle brush.

"You're right... I don't need to check your blood."

>The surgeon carefully puts traction on the skin just outside the borders of the laceration, exposing some tissue that hasn't been hit with the Dakin's solution, yet.

"... I need your skin."

| >>600802
>He runs the brush over her (now visible) dermis... if she even has one. The girl has acid flowing through her veins, and slits in her arms that aren't the one she sustained in her fall. It'd be unwise to assume that she's got layers to her integument like a human does. The brush is twirled a few times, and is then withdrawn as Makube inserts it back into the vial, submerging it in culture medium. He hums to himself, apparently satisfied.

"... That will suffice."

| >>600562
>As the officer loosens his grasp on Chien's hands and (somewhat unreliably) traces his steps back through the dizzying days leading up to his hospitalization, the nurse decides to forego the rest of the neuro exam in favor of solving this growing mystery. Even if it's fake-- if the guy can confabulate, and make it sound half-believable-- he's probably not all that fucked up brain-wise.

"You thought they were trespassing, and decided to investigate?"

| >>600802
"Oh... I see... err... right..."
>Seeiol shifts uncomfortably in her seat, good thing she took those painkillers, else she'd probably be bawling from the pain of having something jabbed in her wound

| >>601010
"So... we're done?"
>Seeiol asks apprehensively

| >>600807

"Y-Yes, Trespassing..."

> He holds onto that word, the haze in his eyes not giving away any answers.

"Am... How long have I been here?"

> He lets loose that sign of fatigue, he's already lost track of time, and possibly everything else fairly quickly.

| >>600755
[NSFMed at GC, Orthopedics Department]

>Dr. Edison steps out into the Ortho waiting area, sighing as he tries to clear his mind of the dumpster fire of a "consult" that just transpired in Exam Room 6. He gives Dr. Angus a half hearted wave and clears the look of defeat from his face as he reunites with the crystal-limbed clinician.

"Sorry for the wait. Didn't think it was gonna take so long... sometimes my resident tends to overthink things, unfortunately."

| >>601279
"Don't we all every now and then?"
>Angus smiles and shrugs. She's the biggest candidate for overthinking, what with Zero in her head and other particularly important things to be worried about.
"Let's pick up where we left off Doctor. Showing me around."
>She stretches a bit to be ready for walking around.


| >>600747
"Sure... thank you darling."
>She answers while sitting down in the nearest chair.
>She lays her cane in her thigh, leans back and closes her eyes letting out a relieved sigh.

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| >>600791
>Dr. Roberts' heart falls as Dusty rejects his gentlemanly advances-- despondent, he turns in place and does a pathetic looking shuffle back towards the suite's viewing area. Dr. Joga grumbles, and follows in her residents footsteps-- leaving Dusty with only Alex by her side. He grins.

"Lie down; otherwise you'll whack your head off the machine I load you in. Wouldn't want to shake those last two brain cells loose."


| *whack your head off the machine >>>when I load you in

| >>601739

> Dusty knows an insult when she hears it, and she definitely did this time. The colour rises to her cheeks and she instinctively swings her fist at Alex’s chest. The soreness leaves her unable to use her full strength, but she gives enough that the asshole will know that messing with her is a losing game. Her fist is but a blur.

“Oh, you should worry about you, not me. I’m sure a baby like you needs all the help they can get.

> She sounds as if she did nothing at all

| >>601745
>Alex recoils from the impending blow as soon as he sees Dusty winding up-- but, he's not fast enough to escape her fury. She lands a pretty good one right below his left collarbone, leaving him clutching at his chest for a second while he tries to collect the wind that was knocked out of him.

"Wh--What the fuck?!"

>He turns quickly towards the booth, hollering at the attending:

"Isobel, I think she's >>>sundowning!!"

>Will you give the grandma jokes a rest, already?!

| >>601012
>Dr. Makube responds with a nod and a mysterious sounding hum as he pockets the sample, then clicks the "call" button on the remote control plugged into the bay's wall. A soft chime begins to sound, and a light just outside the doorway begins to flash on and off in rhythm with the melody.

"... For now, yes."

>Marcille appears, summoned by the bell, and the surgeon mutters something to her before he takes his leave.

| >>601079
>Chien seems a little disappointed as good ol' reliable hospital delirium begins to affect Felix's perception of time. The man's fatigue only serves to make it worse-- what he needs right now is rest, but the RN is a little hesitant to let the officer "sleep this one off," so to speak.

"... It's been about an hour, maybe an hour and a half. You, um... you arrested basically the second we roomed you, and... we've been working on you since."

>"Arrested." Get it? Ha, ha.

| >>601287
>Dr. Edison nods solemnly, and waits for Dr. Angus to finish her twisting and turning before they set off down the hallway once more.

"... So, you specialize in cybernetics? Application of prostheses? Tell me a little bit more about your past work, Dr. Angus."

>They pass by the PT/OT lab, which is only a stone's throw away from the Orthopedics department-- a convenient place for the bone-sawing surgeons to see their work in action.

| >>601619
>The secretary returns mere seconds after she left, a short, old woman hobbling behind her as fast as her legs will allow. She's out of breath by the time she catches up to the clerk and the woman with the cane.

"Miss, this is... Ella. She's one of the nurses here; she works in our ER. Please let her take a look at you."

>Ella nods wordlessly, and smooths back several strands of gray hair that have untucked themselves from the tight bun she wears on the back of her head.

| >>601887
>She looks on as the doctor leaves the room
>Alright Seeiol, try to keep calm, look cool, you're not confused
>So... what now? Seeiol coughs and holds her arm

| [NSFMed UC, Check-In/Waiting Area]

>The MA calling David's name motions to him frantically, tucking his tablet under his arm and waving the man toward's UC's entrance with both hands.

"Come on, come on, I have to get you in a room--!"

>He looks over his shoulder a few times as he waits for David to join him where he stands... actually, "waits" is generous; he looks like the type to just scamper off if his patient takes even a fraction of a second too long to get up.

| >>601896
>Good thing David can speedwalk. I hear sometimes he runs too, but in more appropriate settings. "Uh, yeah-"
>Why the rush? He doesn't understand, but he doesn't want to turn anything he's involved in into a slogfest. In no time at all he's there.

| >>601893
"It's a pleasure to meet you Ella, you can call me Molly."

>She gets up from the chair with a bit of trouble and fixes her collar.

"Too bad we needed to meet in a situation like this... Well, lead the way."

| >>601885

> Dusty isn’t quite sure what he meant, but she tries to get her body ready for the second hit. Unfortunately, the strain of her core tensing in preparation gets her chest to feel like she just took a hit of her own. Her body seizes up. She begins to cough from the pain flooding her torso.

“You’re SO lucky I’m on a handicap or I’d make you eat your words, kisama.”

> She hisses through gritted teeth. She definitely is pissed at something right now

| >>601895
>Marcille dutifully begins to pick up the mess Dr. Makube left behind in his haste to get to Dermatology. She eyes Seeiol with concern, looking from her bloodied arm, to the young woman's face.

"Some cut you got there, miss. Don't think I've ever seen any sort of wound closure glue that's pink like that before-- one of Makube's weird experimental treatments, I'm guessing?"

>Marcille asks as if she had expected the surgeon to actually discuss treatment with his patient.

| >>602078
"Err... no, that's my blood..."
>Seeiol gives a stiff smile, showing somewhat sharper teeth than one would expect from a normal patient
"Your colleague is very... huh, he, sure keeps to himself..."

| >>601919
>Ella offers Molly an arm so she can keep herself upright as they travel to the ER-- yes, I said the ER. The charge nurse only had to make a passing glance at the woman on her way over to the circulation desk to determine where she should send her-- placement comes first, them's the rules.

"Likewise, Molly... take your time now, okay?"

>Ella's 6th sense, that well-honed "nursing intuition", is shouting to her that Molly is riding express train to Sepsis-ville.

| >>601940
>Alex rolls his eyes, and heaves an exasperated sigh. For some reason, these girls with short fuses are a /lot / less fun to light up after you learn the hard way that they have no qualms about exploding and melting your fucking face off.

"Alright, I get it... you mean business or whatever. Lie down on the table so I can thread your ass through this thing, and then kick it out the door."

>Hmmm... do I detect a note of... sour grapes in this fine wine...?

| >>602212
"I appreciate it but you don't need to help me, I'm not that-t... I'm..."

>Molly's Pace slows down as she mumbles until it reaches a halt, she loses a bit of footing and leans on Ella. It takes a moment for her to regain composure.

"Okay... There goes my blood pressure, maybe I do need some help after all. Sorry for that darling."

| >>602214

> This Guy really just wanted to push Dusty’s buttons. And rather than take the smart option and just let it go, she keeps up pressure on her end. She coughs a bit, trying her best to project her voice further

“Gods, you really know how to make a girl want to hate you right? I would be impressed if it didn’t mean I admired it.”

> Dusty, was that a sneak insult or a compliment? Her tone was definitely insulting and she was trying to get others to hear but...


| >>601891
>Angus' grinds to a halt. Past work? Her notable past work was tearing Lilim's apart in the name of homicidal bigotry. But...
"Well I've completely rebuilt almost 12 Lilim from mere scraps. My girlfriend got one of her arms and legs blown off, so I made her these super slick prosthetics that I regularly maintain. I also maintain the Fox unit you may have seen around here. He's pretty much my adopted son at this point."
>She pulls a picture from her wallet for each point.

| ((Bump))

| >>601888

>Ah... Haha.. ha.

"O-oh... I see... Erhm... Okay."

>The officer seems to become uncomfortable. Upset with himself in his failure of time keep, he remains quiet for a good second. He takes a gaze and locks it to the nurse.

"Is... Is it noticeable?"


| >>602262
>Ella ducks to the side and kind of guide's Molly's fall as the woman stumbles and her feet threaten to go out from under her. It's not an easy catch-- Ella's still recovering from a badly broken hip she'd sustained during the blackout-- only recently did she stop needing a third leg for support like Molly does. Good golly--

"No need to feel bad, Miss Molly. You need me to grab a wheelchair? There's no shame in taking a load off when you really need to."

| >>602665
"Even if I could bring myself to accept that, this body isn't exactly light. I'm the only one that can and should carry my own weight... In more ways than one..."

>The frustration in that comment is diluted a bit as she speeds up ahead, looks back and says in a way unfitting for someone who is sick and probably in pain.

"Come on, the longer we take the worse, don't let age dictate everything darling."

| >>602317
>The tech grumbles and laces his fingers together, locking knuckles as he fights the impulse to shove her into the scanner and hope she doesn't shoot right out the other side.

"Can you save the part where you fight with yourself over whether or not you wanna get my digits until after the CT?"

>Alex wiggles his fingers as he says this, training a keen eye on Dusty. Was he just talking about his phone number? Making a joke about how Dusty's gonna catch these hands? Or...

| >>602671

> Dusty can't see what he's doing, mostly because just looking at him might set her off. But she /knows/ that he's got to mean something else judging by how said it. She momentarily wonders if this thing could tell her blood pressure was spiking from being unable to let off steam.

"You fucker, I just want to get this over and out. I will be back to break /your/ ribs if you keep this up."

> She keeps her voice loud, hoping he gets scared and runs off like the other guy

| >Suddenly, the man who barged in the reception shouting that his head ached wakes up from his trance.
>I mean, his brain seems pretty fucked up. Let him have it.
>He looks up, and gives a crazed look to the furthest person.
"MY NAME! My name is... GUMBY! Prof. R.J. Gumby!"
>He points at his gumboots, as if it was somewhat ordinary to have your surname deriving from some kind of footwear.

| >>602079
>Marcille doesn't miss the overly toothy grin, but she seems unphased-- there's plenty she's seen in this ER that she could consider more threatening. John pulling a gun on her is high up there on this list; a couple of extra canines doesn't really come close to touching that.

"... Dr. Makube's kind of... on his own little planet, sometimes, yeah."

>Welcome to Earth, where the inhabitants are often less human than the... visiting aliens.

| >>602510
>Chien blinks, confused.

"Is... Is >>>what noticeable, Mr. Hazard?"

>The fact that earlier, his heart failed to do its job for a solid 7 minutes? Well... yeah, that's noticeable, considering the guy's hooked up to an array of monitors that would rival the number mounted on a hacker's wall. The nurse assumes initially that this is what the officer is referring to-- his fatigue and weariness-- but something's... off.

| >>602386
>Dr. Edison studies the photos carefully, gazing at the image of Angus' girlfriend and her new limbs noticeably longer than the others.

"... You >>>made these? Did you install them, also?"

>His eyes trace the shape of each, examining closely. After a few more moments, he speaks-- still very interested, but with his enthusiasm cooled slightly.

"... Do you have any sort of familiarity with non-custom prosthetics? Those we might use in a hospital like this?"

| >>602670
>Ella raises her eyebrows in surprise, but doesn't argue with her patient. Were she completely recovered, she'd probably zipping along at a similar pace. She catches up to Molly, and guides her into the ER, stopping only to glance at the assignment board. People are constantly being transferred onto and out of the unit, so there must be something open...


>Bay 1 is closest. Let's not make the poor woman schlep any further. Ella turns right.

| >>602890
>Molly continues to walk along with Ella with a pensive look, she sucks her teeth... Or at least simulates the noise she would make if she could do that...

"I hope I can get out of here soon... I don't feel all too comfortable in hospitals, or even near them honestly. Plus there is someone who is probably quite worried for me by now..."

| >>602878
>Angus looks proud.
"Of course I made them! Anything for my Dahk!"
>She beams.
"I had to install them too, yes. It was my first time actually doing it. But Dahk trusted me. I went to a ton of different medical schools for around 9 years? I'm always studying and applying stuff."
>She tucks the pictures back into her wallet.
"I don't have experience working with non customs, but I have no doubt I'd be able to work on them."
>Angus punches her palm, determined.

| >>602876
"It sure seemed that way, so... how long until they can plug my wound? I fear that my painkillers might run out..."
>Seeiol looks at her watch

| >>602877

> Immediately the officer points to his eyes, a quick reveal that he himself knows his appearance is off already.

"I, well. I can tell you're not understanding well. They can, I mean."

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