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I'm lesbian

| Are there any g/u/rls that are lesbians too?

| You have mistaken the websites >boy

| >>599990 I'm not a boy! I am aware that I am not beautiful but it doesn't matter. Only the inside matters

| Lesbian or not I'd still penetrate you hard. But it looks like you are looking for a girlfriend.

| >>599992 Penetration? I think you may be too fat. I prefer normal sizes. Fat ones wouldn't fit in, unless I'd be 70 years old hag that'd break my..

| I'm a boy and I like bois. Whatever swings your wings, sweetheart.
c: spare bigot pope

| Im straight but your not alone out there <3

| Hello lesbian, I'm dad

| *African accent*
Why are you gae?

| You Sir are a tranny.

| >>600155 based and redpilled

| I thought you were american

| what is it like to be a lesbian

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This thread is permanently archived