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(Setting/Bar) The Hazy Moonlighter

| >After a small hiatus the Moonlighter is open for business again!
>The bar is a bit busier than usual due to the hiatus but things seem to be in full swing
>The drinks list is the same with the addition of a “House Special” and nothing has changed about the bar save for a few signs reading “Under New Management” and “Help Wanted”

| >All of the usual staff are gone and it's just Liz behind the counter
>She's currently juggling between mixing drinks for patrons and making food in the back
>Upon seeing you she stops what she's doing and bows
“Hello. And welcome to the Moonlighter.”

| >Impulse walks into the bar, whistling as he do so. He sits down at one of the stool
"Oh, good day"

| >>598622
"Hey Impulse. What can I get you?"
>She begins to wipe down the counter
"I was a bit worried that folks would think this place was gone for good, so honestly it's nice to see a familiar face."

| >>598624
"A gut punch, please"
>Impulse replies
"To be honest, I thought this place was gone, but I decided to check just in case"

| >>598654
"Of course. One gut punch coming right up"
>She begins mixing the drink
"I figured I would keep it open since a lot of folks come in. It would be a shame to have it closed down. Not to mention this was the first place I enjoyed being in this city."
>She finishes up mixing and slides it forward
"Here you are."

| >The door opens and in walks a short figure in a long baggy coat and jocky cap. His eyes are hidden behind locks of grey hair. He slowly walks to the counter and sits, setting his guitar-like case next to him.
"I'd like something non-alcoholic, but punchy, please."

| >>598664
>Impulse says, taking off his headset and half-mask
"Doing what you love eh? That's great"
>He drinks from the glass

| >>598710
"No problem"
>She pops the cap on a cola and slides it forward
"Will this do?"

"I suppose so. It really wont be the same without everyone."
>She says while looking at the framed photo of Gem, Frank, Cass, Reggie, and herself

| >A young woman with dark brown bob haircut in black cargo pants, black long t-shirt and short leather jacket with strange symbol on the back enters the bar. Instead of left hand she has a bionic prothesis. She examines the bar and then walks to the counter and sits far from other patrons.
"Hello, bartender. May I have something sweet and cold?"

| >>598836
"Sure thing, but if you want anything alcoholic, I'll need to see some ID first."
>Liz grabs a bottle of soda from under the counter
"Unless you want like a soda or a Sugar Rush or something"

| >>598842
"I consider this as a compliment."
>The woman takes out of her pocket ID and shows to the bartender. It says: "Morgan Ortega, 27 years old".
"And yes, I need something with alcohol, but a little amount."

| >>598805
>He wraps his hands around the can and takes a sip.
"Yeah, this will do. I just hope it isn't too much more expensive than if I were to get it at Elton's"
>He seems to enjoy it regardless.
"To be honest, I was surprised to find out that this place *wasn't* closing down. I've been a few times a long while ago, but I guess it's just you now, huh?"
>He asks Liz
>(still op, just changing ips)

| >>598805
"That's true, but hey. This might be an opportunity to meet new people"
>Impulse finishes his glass
"Can I have another gut punch?"

| >>598843
"Everything checks out. I think I have just the thing for you."
>She turns and prepares a Moonblast and slides it over the counter
"Here you are. Try this."

"I'm trying to keep costs down for patrons so it should be roughly the same, if not less. And yeah it's just me now. I'm half tempted to whip up something to clean dishes. But we'll see I guess."

| >>598846
"That's absolutely true. I wasn't thinking of that when I bought the place."
>She says while preparing another gut punch
"And hell, maybe someone I meet will want to help me out around here."
>She finishes up mixing and slides the gut punch over to him

| >>598847
>Morgan takes a little sip of the drink.
"Yes, it's what I wanted. Thank you."
>Morgan drinks the whole glass in a second, then looks at the two patrons sitting at the counter and turns to the bartender.
"One more, please. And make it double."

| >>598847
>Morgan looks at the patrons again, but a little longer than the first time. Then she turnes back to the bartender and takes out of pocket a photo of a bald man with beard and big scar near left ear, and shows it to the bartender.
"Do you ever saw that man? In this bar, maybe somewhere nearby?"

| >>598848
"If you need security, tell me"
>Impulse sips the new glass of gut punch

| > A series of thuds can be heard just outside. Following them, the door opens up, revealing a soot-covered Fox. He’s desperately patting himself down, leaving a cloud behind him. He manages to do so to the best of his abilities and takes a seat at the bar. The lilim looks extra happy today

“Hi Liz! Can I please get a sunshine cloud and a few minutes of your time. I have business to with you today.”

> he reaches into his bag for a tablet. What could he be on about?

| >>598847
"Are you looking for any hires currently? I'm sometimes off doing bounty board requests, but I really don't have much going on in the job department"
>He carefully sips his can of cola

| >>598859
>She takes a close look at the photo
"I don't really get out much so I can't say that I have, sorry."
>She slides forward a large moonblast
"I'll keep my eyes out for them though"

"Will do. Do you have a card or something so I could get in contact with you?"
>She hands him her own card
"Here's mine if you ever need me for something."

"Good evening Fox."
>She begins making a sunshine cloud
"Alright. What can I help you with?"
>She slides it to him

| >>598894
"I am. Right now I only really need someone in the back making food so I can stay up here."
>She pulls an energy drink from her bag and opens it
"Would you be interested in that.?"

| >>598912
>Impulse take the card from Liz and hand her his own

| >>598912
"It's okay. If he'll enter your bar, find an excuse to close the bar. I see that you don't have any security, I mean, muscle power. So, if he'll be here, close the bar and stay away from him. Call the cops or whatever."
>Morgan finishes the Moonblast, then pays for two drinks with a small tip.
"Keep the photo, just in case."
>Morgan gets up from the chair, nods to bartender and leaves the bar.

| >>598914
>He nods
"Making food is something I do every day, except Saturdays. Those are Footlong Sub days. But, yes, I am interested"

| >>598922
"I mean I cant say that Im without security, as Im a military prototype lilim."
>She squeezes her hands into tight fists and a plate on her arms rise revealing twin barrels on both arms. She relaxes her grip and they retract
"Ill keep the photo behind the counter so Ill know. Thanks for the warning."

>She looks over to Impulse
"I guess timing was perfect then. How about an immediate offer so Im not the only one protecting this place. 200 an hour and free drinks."

| >>598923
"Alright would you like to start immediately then? I could really use a hand right now. Starting pay would be 150 an hour plus free drinks?"

| >>598929
>Morgan stops and looks back at the bartender.
"Then no problem. If you'll see him and he'll be aggressive - you can hurt him, but it's better if you stay away. He is very dangerous."
>Morgan nods again and leaves the bar (Morgan is not in the bar at this point).

| >>598930
>He's a tad startled at the suddenness, but he perks right up at the offer.
"Yeah, can do! The name's Liam Saxon, but most know me as Patches, cause of these"
>He takes off his cap, revealing silvery cat ears. Behind his bangs are two eyepatches or blindfolds covering his eyes. He's not looking in your specific direction, but it's clear he knows what's around.
"I hear your name is Liz"

| >>598929
"Woah there, I still needs to go back to shopkeeping my workshop, but I can call up some of my crew if you want, Red and his squad should finish his job by now"
>Impulse says, finishing his drink
"I will watch the bar for a while before my guys show up. I won't charge anything, maybe free drinks for those guys"
>Impulse put his mask and headset back on, grab his rifle and stand up

| >>598934
"That it is. Nice to meet you. Would you prefer me to call you Liam or Patches?"
>She grabs some forms from under the counter and a pen from her pocket and hands them to him
"I'll need you to sign these before you get started."

"That works for me. No rush."

>She takes a drink and starts cleaning glasses

| >A man in a suit walks in, it's Sulphur, he seems to be holding his right arm in his left hand.
>He waves his arm turning to Impulse
"Hey.. where are you headed?

| (Sulfur* autocorrect doesn't like this spelling I guess..)

| >>598939
"Not really anywhere, I'm watching here for a while, then I'm going back to my workshop"

>He takes out his phone and call someone
"Hey Red, you done with the skirmish? Good, meet me at the moonlighter, bring your crew. It's a job, I'll explain once you get here."

| >>598938
>He smiles brightly
"You can call me either, I really don't mind"
>He puts the papers and pen on the countertop, moving the pen down until it hovers over the signature line. He scribbles out his name and slides then back to Liz
"Is there anything I should know about the cooking?"

| >>598980
>She picks up the paper and pen and puts them under the counter
"It's actually all pretty standard stuff. The food menu is still pretty new. If you can think of anything else to put on the board, let me know."
>She walks over to the door leading to the back room
"Here's the backroom door. There are some uniforms in various sizes back there. Head on back and try one on. When you're ready come back out and I'll show you around."

| >>598912

> Fox takes a sip of the sunshine cloud, perking up a little bit. Bitter flavours still might not be his favourite, but this was nice.

“Oh! It’s regarding the account that Cassius left before having to leave for a while. We need to get that sorted out. I’m in no rush however; all my deliveries for today are done. Do what you need to. Daijoubuyo”

| >>599007
"I'm not really up to much. Everything has slowed down a bit."
>She walks back over to her spot behind the counter.
"Does he owe money or something?"

| >>599012

“Oh, actually it’s the complete opposite. I think.”

> Fox fiddles with his tablet and pulls up the contract Cass had signed. The form looks official and all, save for the fact it looked like 100k zenny was given to Fox!

“I’m still on-board to be your dedicated courier should the need arise. He’s already paid for deliveries for the rest of the year at minimum. But it’s your decision now, since this is now your bar”

| > A young man probably no older than 18 entered the bar. His clothes didn't quite fit with Glitch City's obsessive futurism, but perhaps more notable were his eyes: one amber, one red. He looked visibly stressed as he sat down at the bar, but at the same time possibly a bit relieved.
"Can I have a sunshine cloud, please? No karmotrine." he said once the bartender was available.

| >>598997
>Liam stands up and heads to the back, taking his large case with him. He then tried on a size or two before slipping a uniform on. He puts his cap back on, tucking his cat ears away.
"How does this look?"
>He says as he arrives back at the counter

| >A few minutes pass, Red and his crew, two other men, arrived. They are still in combat gear
"Hey Impulse"

>Impulse turns around to greet Red and his crew
"Hey Red. Hey Krinkov. Hey Ziv"

>Red looks around and asks
"What's going on here"

"Nothing much, we've got a job to be a security force for this bar, the pay's coming out of my pocket, plus you get free drinks. Just don't drink your asses off before the shift's over."
>Impulse answers

| "Yeah, sounds good, when do we start"

"Now, I will send someone else to replace you later"

"Yeah, that's fine"
>Red tells Krinkov and Ziv to start watching the bar.
>He walks over to the counter and greets Liz
"Hello there, Liz. Krinkov, Ziv, and I will be your security for the night"

>Impulse walks back to the counter and pay for the drinks, then leaves the bar.

| >>599015
"Interesting. If you don't mine me asking, what did he need a courier for? I'm not sure if I'll need one at all."
>She leans against the counter looking like she's lost in thought
"It wasn't anything illegal or whatever, was it?"

"Sure thing."
>She begins getting everything mixed
"Are you okay? You look like something is bothering you."
>She finishes up and slides the finished sunshine cloud to him

| >>599081
"It looks good. Let me just adjust some things for you."
>Liz walks over to him and straightens up his tie and pulls some of the wrinkles out of his shoulders
"I'm assuming it's because of how long these may have been sitting back there. I'm sure you noticed how some of the shirts were all wrinkly and whatnot."
>She takes a step back
"There. Perfect. Before I show you anything, I want you to know that I may have you work behind the counter when we get busy."

| >>599081 (cont)
"Don't worry about memorizing how to make every drink. There are tablets or whatever they are under the counter that will tell you everything you need to know."
>She pulls one out and dusts it off and turns it on
"I don't use one because I prefer not to, but don't follow my example."
>She walks over another door
"Back here is the kitchen. Everything youll need is back there. Theres a shelf in the back with a book on it that tells you exactly how to make everything."

| >>599081 (cont again)
"I think that wrap about everything up."
>She walks back over to her spot behind the counter
"Any questions, comments or concerns?"

"Welcome guys. Make yourselves at home and let me know if you need anything."

| >>599106

> Fox scans through the only deliveries he had to run for Cass. His eyes go momentarily blank before lighting up green once more

"Nope. As far as I can tell, he didn't run anything illegal. Just paperwork and things to Dusty. I never exactly ask what I'm running, since it never crossed my mind if it was important to do so."

> He laughs a little.

"You'll get full use of the Ō-kistune courier services, so long as you sign these files so I can unfreeze the account"

| >>599111
>He follows Liz to the kitchen and takes a walk around. Finding the cookbook, he opens to the table of contents and traces his finger down the entries.
"That's a lot of different kinds of foods. Well, I'm sure I won't have much trouble cooking these kinds of things, so don't worry. I'll be ready to cook up anything or mix some drinks when you need it"
>He grins as he takes the tablet and starts scanning through it as well.

| >>599113
"Alright. Where do I sign?"
>She finishes her energy drink and grabs a pen form under the counter

"Yeah it may seem overwhelming at first but it's really not. It's the same with the drinks menu. the only thing that isn't on the tablet is the House Special. That's in the blue bottle back there."
>She points to where the various drink bottles are
"Anyway, since it's your first night I'll let you choose where you want to work tonight."

| >>599118

> Fox readies up the documents on his tablet. Most of the files seem to be written in Japanese, but the most important parts are at least highlighted to indicate where to sign.

"If you need a translated version of this, I'm sure I can get you a version at some point. Ano... souka! I also informed your suppliers too. So there shouldn't be anything new happening on that end."

> Fox took another drink from his sunshine cloud and hands the tablet over

| >>599118
"Sounds good! I guess I'll work the kitchen, and do drinks if need be. I have a feeling there's going to be some shenanigans..."
>He's now poking through the cupboards, taking inventory

| >>599106 "Worried about rent, mostly. The job I got when I moved here this summer didn't last long, and I've been gone helping family these past months, so I don't really have much saved up. Grandpa's helping with the rent due for next month but beyond that I'm in trouble."
> He took a sip of the drink.
"Egh, sorry for bothering you with that. Though I did see a help wanted sign outside... I don't suppose that's still current?"

| >>599124
"I can't say that I speak much Japanese, so an English copy would be really helpful."
>She signs her name in the highlighted areas
"Is there anything else that needs to be done?"

"No need to worry about anything. We have security tonight and I have some tricks of my own up my sleeve."
>She says this with a smile and a shrug

"Well, I am definitely still looking for help around here. Do you know anything about mixing drinks or cooking food?"

| >>599111
"Well, if you need me, call me"
>Red retreats into one of the corner,hands on his rifle. Although his finger isn't inside the trigger guard, and the rifle's on safe

| >>599161 "Well... not a lot. I'd be willing to learn. I have wanted to get better at cooking."
> He drank more of the sunshine cloud.
"I bet I could figure out making one of these pretty quick. It's just about remembering how much of each ingredient to use, right? I could do that.
I don't know if anyone would want food delivered from here, but if that was ever the case I have a car, so I could do that sort of thing too."

| >>599232
"Will do."

"Alright. Well first let's start with names before we get to anything. I'm Liz. I just bought the place about a week ago. Before that I worked here for a little while."

>She leans against the counter

| >>599268
> He nodded.
"My name's Miro. I'm from Florida. There aren't that many opportunities there since the Great Earthquake wrecked the southern half of the state, so I came here."

| >>599161

> Fox takes his tablet back and immediately closes all the tabs. Looks like some idol group is his background. He simply flips it upside down, not really caring if others saw.

"That should be everything! I'll be here if you need me!"

> Fox sips his drink once more and begins to do... something on his tablet. He looks very interested in whatever he's doing

| >>599287
"Well I think you came to the right place. Also it's nice to meet you. Which job would you like to do and when would you want to start?"

"Great. If there's anything else you need me to sign, just let me know."

| >>599402 "I think I'd do best starting with the drinks. If I ever get decent at cooking I can move on to that if you can't find anyone for that position."
> He drank some more of his drink.
"And I can start as soon as you want, really. I don't have much else going on right now."

| >>6038d2
>Sulfur puts his arm on the counter
"Uhmm.. Liz, right? can I get a glass of.. something colorful..?"
>He smiles awkardly

| >A middle-aged man enters the bar, along with a tall android, looking more like a humanoid robot with a small rounded screen instead of head (very similar to Pathfinder from Apex Legends). He (android) stays near the exit, the man walks up to the counter.
"Hello. My name is Ido Nye. I'm from UPCP or Unit of Protection of Consciousness and Personality."
>Ido shows ID.

| "I am looking for Morgan Ortega, Morgan Arterton or Morgan Sutton. These are the names of one Lilim, and she's from this city. She has a prosthesis of left hand, but her appearance always changes, so I can't provide a photo. A passerby on the street said she saw a woman with a prosthesis walked into this bar some time ago. Was it Morgan? If it was her, did she said something?"

| >>599515
"We can have you start tonight then if you'd like."
>She pulls some forms out from under the counter and places a pen on them
"I'll need you to sign down here."

"Colorful... Hmmmm..."
>She turns and looks at the bottles on the back counter. She thinks for a moment and grabs the blue bottle and pours some in a glass with ice and slides it forward
"The House Special is pretty colorful I think?"

| >>599625
>Liz leans back on the counter behind her and takes a good look at the man and the photo she was given earlier that night
(OOC: Is he the guy in the photo?)

"Yeah she was in here earlier tonight. She gave me this photo..."
>She turns it over so its visible to him

| >>599636
(OOC: he's not the guy in the photo)
>Ido looks at the photo and sighs with relief.
"Yes, it was her. Did she say anything strange? For example, about some danger or something like that? And the person from the photo, has he ever been in your bar?"

| >>599637
"The only thing she said to me was if this guy shows up to call the cops or something. She didn't say why."
>She stands back up at the counter and holds her hand out
>A hologram recording of what she said plays
"Is it something I should be concerned about?"

| >>599638
"Well, well. So, she acts blindly."
>Ido looks at the photo again. He rubs his chin.
"You have nothing to worry about. But I need to worry about the person from the photo. He's a doctor who's trying to save one person from coma. But Lilim wants to kill the doctor because of that."

| >>599639
"alright so if she wants to kill him, then why did she tell me to call the police if he came in here?"

| >>599643
"I don’t think I can tell you anything else. Everything I could tell has already been told. And I need to hurry. Thank you for your cooperation."
>Ido turns and looks at the android.
"Well, maybe Muto, the android at the exit, will answer your questions."
>Ido walks up to Muto.
"Hey, if you want to talk, go to the bartender".
>Ido waves his hand and leaves the bar (Ido is not in the bar at the moment).

| >>599646
"Alright take care."
>She looks at the android
"Do you drink stuff or..."

| >>599647
>A tall android comes up to the counter. His screen is green.
"Hello, nice to see you, sister. I'm not really your brother, but yes. Do not pay attention to Ido, he simply does not trust anyone, well, but mostly his hands are tied with a non-disclosure agreement... unlike me."
>Android abruptly shuts up, his screen seems to have gone black.
(OOC: I need to disappear for a couple of hours)

| >>599648
"Interesting. So what should i know abou- Oh. Well then."
>She pours herself a drink
"I guess the saying around here holds true."

| >>599651
(OOC:That was fast)
>The screen of android suddenly turns red, but after a second turns green.
"I apologize. This shell is badly damaged and it negatively affects my thinking, I can even shut down."
>Android pretends to laugh, without any noises.
"I do not drink or eat anything, but thank you for your attention."

| >>599651
"By the way, my name is Ysbryn (the) Rogue. Ido calls me Muto because I always silent with him. But you can call be b..."
>The screen starts flashing red, but soon turns yellow.
"You can call me Ysbryn. Or Rogue. But I prefer..."
>The screen turns red.
"Mysterious goliath of northern mountains, drinker of blood of unwoken paladins".
>The screen turns green.

| >>599651
"I am so sorry. So, about your question: the doctor, name is Dmitry, not quite clean in terms of law. Many are looking for him, but among the mercenaries, like my friend and I, he is considered the best of the best."
>Ysbryn claps his hands. He looks at Liz for a several seconds, his screen for a millisecond lights up pink, but immediately changes to light blue.
"I need to stay in your bar for a while. I really want to catch the fake Morgan."

| >>599651
>The screen turns white.
"If I need to buy something to stay..."
>Ysbryn buys to all patrons and staff in the bar a Sugar Rush.

| >>599657
"I have a friend that may be able to fix you up if you'd like."
>She takes a drink from her glass and her eyes turn a pale blue
"Well, Mysterious goliath of northern mountains, drinker of blood of unwoken paladins, you don't need to buy a drink to stick around here. But while you are I can pay you if you'd like to wipe down tables and whatnot for me."
>She begins to make all the Sugar Rushes
"If she comes back will there be a fight?"

| >>599657
>Ziv overheard the ordering, walks over to whisper to Krinkov
>"Ha, I like this guy"

>Krinkov whispers back to Ziv
>"You remember that our pay is literally free drinks, right?"

>"Oh, right", Ziv goes back to his corner

>They go back to watching the bar

| >>599664
"It makes no sense to repair. Most systems burned out, all that remains is... death, pain, despair."
>Despite what Ysbryn says, he's screen lightened with the saddest shade of blue.
"I think yes, there will be a fight. Maybe two. The fake Morgan does not know me, although the real one can start a fight. The fake one become the real one in some way."

| >>599664
"I'm confused. Do you offer me a job after I paid for drinks? But..."
>The screen turns red.
"I have a sea of ​​bones and gallons of blood in the universe of a lost consciousness."
>The screen turns green.
"I have money. I don't need job, sorry."

| >>599671
"Well if you guys think there's going to be a fight, you could always lead them into here or something. Between the security guys, me and some other tricks, it could make it much easier on you."
>She finishes her drink and starts cleaning the glass
"The job offer was a bit off an informal thing. Everyone left so when i opened the place up tonight it was only me here. May as well ask, you know?"

| >>599674
"Oh, it was an informal... I guess I can do something here. Don't need money though. Fake Morgan is pretty fast. It was hard to find her. We are still not found her. At least we're on right path. Ido will do the job. He's a good..."
>The screen turns red.
"A little lamb in hell."

| >>599674
>The screen turns grey. Ysbryn starts to shake a little. All this time Ysbryn spoke like a robot, but now his voice becomes more human.
"I am really sorry, bartender. Damages is pretty rough on my mind. Don't mind me. I can do something here for you, to be distracted and silent."
>The screen turns green.
"Sister, give me rag or something..."
>The screen turns pink.
"And I will get your love".
Ysbryn covers his screen with hands.

| >>599677
"It's totally fine."
>She says with a small chuckle
"It's something you can't help."
>She tosses him a small blue rag. It smells of soap
"Don't worry about getting them too clean. A once over will be fine. I'll take care of the real cleaning at the end of the night."

| >>599678
>Ysbryn begins to clean the tables.
"I love it! Maybe it's worth giving up killing bad guys and start a table washing career?"
>Ysbryn starts wisper.
"Washing bloody corpses and choping 'em to pieces."
>Ysbryn laughs. The screen is green (Ysbryn is so absorbed in new "job" that he does not notices anything around. From time to time he laughs).

| >>599681
"I mean. I don't think washing tables could lead to a career at all."
>She finishes making all the Sugar Rushes and starts passing them out
"But who knows. I certainly didn't expect to own this place."

| >>599682
>Absorption on new "job" was not that thick. Ysbryn looks at bartender.
"Miss bartender, what is your name? I guess I know it, but I feel that I never asked about it."
>Ysbryn still cleaning the tables.
"Whose bar was it?"

| >>599687
"Call me Liz. The Moonlighter used to belong to a man named Reggie. Frank was usually the guy manning the counter here and Cassius and Gemini would help him out."
>She looks over to the group photo on the wall and sighs

| >A slick motorbike pulls up to bar, the driver hops over the handle bars to dismount and spins the keys around their finger.
>In comes Angus. Always looking like she's in a rush to get nowhere fast. She takes her motorcycle helmet off, and holds it under one arm.
>She's being a little mysterious, but her demeanor changes when she spots Fox. She sneaks behind him and peeks over his shoulder at his tablet.
"Angle it this way, lemme see if they're cute or not!"
>She's smiling warmly.

| >>599717
"Nice to...'
>The screen turns red.
"Meat you."
>The screen turns yellow.
"What happened to them?"

| (OOC: My ID keeps changing. Confused)

| >>599735

> Fox, at first, jumps at the sudden callout from his looking at an Idol website. Then he realises it’s Angus! He turns full around and waves hi, leaving his tablet on the counter.

“よう Angus!! Sit down over here! It’s to nice to see you”

> His wave might seem over enthusiastic, but he didn’t care. He was always happy to see friends anywhere, especially one who helped keep him in perfect shape

| >Liam pauses his tablet reading to return to the counter.
"What's this about an evil scientist? And a rogue android? I'd like to not have this bar turn into a warzone, but I am intrigued"
>He leans behind the counter, listening to all the chatter (and creepy whispering from the robot).

| >>599750
"Oh hello there, stranger. Evil scientist? Not at all. Just doctor, like in hospital. By the way, my name is..."
>Ysbryn suddenly stops. His screen becomes black. The back of the screen starts to sparkle. After a couple of seconds, the self-repair sign appears on the screen.

| >>599755
"Uhh... are you there?"
>He leans a little farther across.
"I didn't catch your name"

| >>599742
(That's normal. ID changes when you swap network, or sometimes if you wait long enough)

>Krinkov walks over to Ziv
>"That android guy is kinda creeping me out"
>Krinkov whispers to Ziv

>"He's just damaged, don't worry too much and keep watching the bar"
>And keep watching the bar they did

| >>599634 (OOC: Sorry if I took to long to respond, looks like this thread went into overdrive.)
> He read over the forms quickly and signed them.
"Sounds good then. Though I guess at first I'll mostly be figuring out the recipies..."
(Also, about what time of day is it ICly. Whether Miro starts now obviously depends on that...)

| >>6038d2
>He looks at the glass of house special
"huh, noted. Most colorful drink : house special"
>he takes a sip

| >>599740
"They all decided to leave and do other things. I'm still hoping they return someday."

"Yeah it'll take time, but that's not an issue."
(A fair estimate is around 6 or 7 pm)
"That reminds me."
>She beckons for Miro and Liam to join her at the counter
"Here are your keys to get in just in case I can't make it."
>She puts 2 keys on the shelf behind teh counter

>It tastes of cinnamon. The aftertaste is that of cotton candy

| >>599894 "Alright."
He comes behind the counter and takes his key.
"So... is there a drink recipe book or something? I don't know if you want me to start serving people or not but either way that would be helpful..."

| >>600045
"You're going to be mixing drinks, right?"
>Liam sets the tablet on the counter and taps it.
"This will show you the recipes and stuff"
>He turns in the direction of Miro and smiles.
"I'm Liam, by the way, or Patches if you prefer. Liz here put me on kitchen duty, which is nice. I love cooking"

| >>600075
"Something else I forgot to mention. We have open mic nights here, so if you have a particular skill or talent, feel free to show it off."
>Liz picks up one of the tablets and begins messing with it
"Don't worry about not covering your position if you want to participate. We can over it."
>She puts the tablet back under the counter

| >>600075 "Nice to meet you! I'm Miro, if you didn't hear that already."
> He offered to shake his hand.
>>600179 "Ah... I'm not sure if I'd have any real talent to show, so it's fine."

| >>600271
"Miro, got it"
>He doesn't go to shake hands, but instead slides the tablet towards him
"You might want to read through this"
"I don't think I have anything good for an open mic, but I'll be on the lookout for folks who might enjoy doing that sort of thing. Is there a sign or something around for that?"

| >>600290
> He picked up the tablet and started swiping through the recipes. On paper they seemed simple enough, but he'd yet to actually try to make one

| >>599747
>Idols? She maintained him well.
"Even if you didn't offer, I was going to sit beside you anyway."
>She states matter-of-factly
"So my Lilim son, what have you been up to."
>She does a passing glance to the tablet.
"Besides idol browsing."
>Smirking, she crosses one leg over the other and stares intently at Fox.

| >>600748

> Fox pauses and thinks for a second, tapping his face along the vents that look suspiciously like whiskers on his face. His face lights up once he figures out what's he has actually been up to.

"Well, other than just working, I've gotten a roommate since my landlord realized there's an extra room in the garage I live in. She's weird but nice! Her name's Dusty and also an American. Or at least, I think she is. There's not much I know about her."

> He takes another sip

| >>600811
>Angus' eyes widen a bit. She had her Dahk riddled thoughts. Then her pseudo maternal thoughts.
"Is she cute?"
>She leans in.
"Is she *straight*?"
>She raises an eyebrow and grins.
"Aside from all that, What's she like? Into tech I assume?"
>Angus sits back to where she was before.
"Bartender! A nice tall Zen Star if you would be so kind~"

| >>600818

> Fox blushes slightly, not sure how to really answer her questions, but he knew that he could anyway.

"Ano.... She's short! And i think she's straight?? She smokes a lot andp shot my leg once, but swears it was an accident... She also builds stuff. I had to handle the delivery of a small fusion engine to our place the other day. Sometimes she comes here, so maybe you'll see her soon."

> He takes his final sip and sighs contently

| >Sulfur takes a drink of the house special
>He takes his right arm from the table and tries to connect it back

| >Suddenly, the screen of so-called Ysbryn turns green, then yellow and stops on orange. With his left hand, he reaches for the back of his neck and tries to get something. With an effort, Ysbryn tears off the protective shell and takes out a small chip. The screen turns light blue.
"At last."
>Ysbryn looks around.
"Where I am?"
>Ysbryn begins to review what he has recorded over the past few hours.

| >Ysbryn tries to do something with his right hand, but nothing comes of it.
"Well, of course, she couldn't just put the chip in and do nothing else."
>His voice is constantly changing. But among all, the voices of a little girl, an adult woman, an adult man and a robotic one stands out.

| "Hello Liz. Apparently, you know me, in some way. But my memory was corrupted and I don’t know much about what happened the last few hours. Fortunately, I found out what was needed."
>Suddenly, Ysbryn's right hand makes noise.
"Hey robot, are you still in that bar? It's Ido. I found Dmitry. I had to shoot, but I found out about Morgan. I'll be in the bar soon."

| >Ysbryn hits the right hand so hard that it falls off.
"Piece of scrap... Okay, plans are changing. Liz, I need your help. Maybe somebody in the bar may help too. Forget what this shell said before. It wasn't me. But what important: Ido must be stopped. I can’t do anything with this shell, but as soon as Ido comes in, he needs to be neutralized."
>The robot picks up his right hand from the floor and puts it on the table.

| "If you need an explanation about what’s going on, I won’t be able to say a lot. Now, I need to think and fix the communicator."
>The Robot sits at the table.
"And yes. I'm not Ysbryn, it's not my name. But you can call me Ghost. And, there is no point to think. When Ido will enter the bar, just stun him."
>Ghost dismantles his right hand and begins to repair the communicator.

| >>601017
"This whole mess is getting a bit confusing. i don't exactly want to do anything to anyone without a proper explanation first."
>Liz pours herself a drink
"You never know who may be lying."

| >Sulfur looks at Ghost
>he chuckles to himself
".. You can't be armed in a bar can you now..?"
>Goes back to his attempts of reconnecting his right arm to where it belongs.

| >>601102
"I am not very good at doing several things at the same time, but okay. One way or another, all this is really confused.
Ido is Morgan. Why am I so sure? Because Ido was my... colleague who died three years ago. And about Morgan... She disappeared immediately after the death of Ido."
>Ghost looks at Sulfur, but immediately returns to repair the communicator.

| >>601102
"And, in fact, I believe that Morgan is not Morgan. But why would she do all of that? She needs Dmitry. And Dmitry knew real Morgan.
What does she need from Dmitry? I do not know. But since she damaged this shell, took form/appearance of Morgan and Ido, then this is something personal. And perhaps personal with me."

| >>601102
"The only thing I don't understand: why did she need to come here twice... maybe she thought that Dmitry was here.
But that's all I can say."

| >Liam stands by listening to Ghost and the others.
"So why is this Ido person on her way here?"
>He scratches under his cap, thinking.
"Is she friendly?"

| >>600831
"She shot *my* Fox's leg?"
>She raises an eyebrow and crosses her arms.
"As long as she swears it was an accident..."
>Angus sighs, drumming her fingers on the bar top while she waits for her drink.
"Any babe that knows how to use a fusion engine, has to be cute. Or just lucky. Regardless, I hope she does show up! I'd love to meet her! Hopefully, she'll like me."
>Angus smiles warmly at Fox. Feeling a little pride in him.

| >>601140
"She calls herself Morgan, who disappeared, she impersonates (and disguises herself) as Ido, who died. Plus, she shot Dmitry, and I think he's dead. So, no matter who she is, or maybe he or it, there is no friendliness in her/his/its actions."

| >>601140
"But what's more important: she damaged this shell while trying to find out about me. I don’t think that she knows that I am who she is looking for. But she thinks that I connected with me. Jeez, like I said, I'm not good at doing several things at the same time. Now I'm a little confused about what I explained."

| >>601153
"So it's a bit of a problem then. Well, we have protection in case things get hairy"
>He leans up against the counter to get closer to Ghost.
"Can you go dark or something to avoid tracking? Actually, this Morgan probably already has this location. Maybe we'll have a chat then"

| >>601144

> Fox’s face lights up upon seeing Angus smile at him

“She’s really something else! Except try not to umm... compliment her too much? Last time I saw someone try, she knocked him out. And before that, she burned the gifts and food someone else had me deliver to her. But if you don’t do that, you’ll be fine!”

> He seems to be oblivious as to why Dusty would do those things in the first place. He then raises his arm slightly, calling a bartender over

“すみません! いいですか?”

| >>601350
"This shell can't do anything. But I can mimic my previous behaviour that was triggered by the chip in my neck. Moreover, she doesn't know that I freed myself from it. And you'll have a chat only after we catch her. I don't want to risk people, and I don't want her to run away."

| >>601432
>He chuckles and heads back towards the kitchen.
"Alrighty then. I suppose we'll know when she gets here."

| >Sulfur snaps his right arm back in place
>He finishes his glass of house special

| >>600818
(I totally missed this)
"A large zen star coming right up."

"Sounds like a mess to me. And what exactly do you want me to do about all this?"

>She finishes mixing the drinks and slides it forward
"Here you are. Enjoy"

| >>601588
"I will stand next to you. We will distract her. And we need someone to neutralize her from behind. Since she doesn't realize that I know who she is (she will look like Ido), there will be nothing complicated."

| >>601588
>Sulfur asks for another drink
"..can I get something.. hmm.. random?"

| >>601636
"I mean, I don't want to kill someone here if it's not absolutely necessary so. Maybe tie her up and take her out?"

"I can do random."
>She mixes up a drink and slides it forward.
"Here you go. A Zen Star."

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