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[Radio] Radio Wire 14

>"545-xxxxxxxx '545' LINE RAN BY XII"
>"535-xxxxxxx '535' LINE RAN BY CALIFORNIA"
>"515-xxxxxxx 'PRVT' BUSINESS LINE"

| "That's right people, Radio is still alive even after all we've done with it" -X

| "I don't like the new presentation, my line used to be the "Main line" and you all were side hosts" -N
"Sharin' Is carin' Neil" -X
"I'm all for sharing as long as I'm the one taking a biggest share" -N

| "Alright so, on latest news, it's been discovered that, if you make a lot of pauses, between everything you say, people will think, that you, eventually, will come up with something, something interesting" -N

"What" -X

| "So, we--" -N
"Make another pause and I'm cuttin' your microphone ah' swear to god" -X
"Ok jesus calm down, aren't we gonna address the elephant in the room?" -N

| "Whatcha mean by that?" -X
"There is NO NEWS! No big corporation burning down orphanages, no self-proclaimed hero with a god complex and no ghost lilim haunting an extremly handsome radio host. THERE. IS. NO. NEWS!" -N

| "Biggest story I could come up with was this bar closing down, and is not even closing down now!"
"I went out for a drink and you know what I came back with? Dissapointment!" -N

"Huh, that's pretty much how my sister described datin' you" -X

| "But seriously we-we should be happy that the city is quiet Neil, ya' don't wanna sound like a psycopath who wants chaos just to have somethin' to talk about" -X

"Aw don't do that, you know I don't mean it like that.. Aren't you even a little afraid that this mess of a place is so quiet?" -N

"Man I'm actually relieved the city is so quiet now, in fact, anyone listenin' please go outside, it's a beautiful day so please don't waste it inside listenin' to Radio" -X

| "What if they're listening to radio outside" -N
"What kinda weirdo listens to radio while outside?" -X
"...People with cars???" -N

>"As always, our lines are open and your calls are appreciated"

| People who love sex listen to radio as well

| >Call on line 555



| "Would you look at that Neil Michaels still gets the first calls!" -N
"Keep sayin' yer full name like that, nothin' wrong can come from it, right?" -X

| >>598180
>Neil picks up line '555'
"Hello hello and welcome welcome to the best and probably only radio show in all town, you're talking with big Neil who is pleased to have you here.. Who am I pleased to have here? I think I skipped that part.. Your name, pal?" -N

| >>598232
"Redford Bell, you may know me as Red, since we've already met"
>Red says, his voice was that of a man, quite young. Slight hint of canadian accent, but not really apparent.
"Ha, this is indeed the best radio in town"

| >>598243
"We thank you and we agree on being the best radio in town, makes me tear up to picture how many people must have made sweet love with our voices in the background" -N


"I know you from that french party right? Eh?" -N

| >call on line 545

| >>598341
"Hello there and welcome there to Radio Wire here, ya' called up on Xii's line and this is the part where I ask, who's being so nice to call us?" -X

| >>598353
>A thick Scottish accent explodes at the other end of the line. The Scotsman is back, louder than ever.
"Hey thaur, old chum, it's me, th' scottish bloke frae lest time! So, how's ye doin' mate? An' tae rest of yous? Ye're all alrecht, I hope, eh?"

| >>598296
>You can hear doubt in Red's voice
"I doubt about that last part, but anyways. Yes, we've met at Cassius's party"
>He clear his throat
"Now, the reason I call you today, is because I've overheard you talking about city being quiet, because Impulse was listening to you. So here I am, on my way to set up an ambush on some cultists, just to let you know that city is not that quiet after all..."
>He pause for a second

| "and what's more is I have with me a Knight and a Ranger, to make this job a little more interesting, isn't that right, Sir Anbor, is it"
>Red continues
>A voice in the background startd
>"Yes! We will show those heretics what becomes of them. Deus vult, friend"

| >>598354
"Hey there man we're doin' as fine as a prize and as fresh as a lettuce, good to hear ya' again cause ah' swear the city's Lottery of accents ain't full without a bit of you. How has life been treating ya' man?" -X

| >>598358
"See? I KNEW I should have been afraid of things being so quiet! Does any of you have some sort of god complex? I'm getting some god vibes from that knight guy and I really want to say I called this..." - N

>Some light typing can be heard on a small device

"I'm making a bingo out of this situation, one of the squares will say 'They assault civilians dressed as cultists by mistake' so you guys should reaaaaally watch your fire out there since I want this one unchecked" -N

| >>598367
"God complex? No, I don't. The knight's not really religious, but he does call everyone here a wizard because he thinks technogy is magic"
>Red laugh
"Anyways I gotta keep quiet now. We are in place to ambush the cultists
>Few minutes pass by silently, finally, there are some shuffle sounds in the background. Another voice whispers in the background, possibly to Red. You can barely make out the words
>"I see them"

| >>598377
"Man I can't believe this is happening on live, you guys better not die since we have a body count of people calling here, I'm so glad we don't have a radio license we could loose from this" -N

| >>598395
>Red doesn't answer. There was more shuffling for a few more seconds before a loud explosion, followed by a shout, probably by the knight guy:"PERĪ!"
>The shout is follow by gunfire and scream. There are more shouting, you can make out some of it. "KILL THE OPPOSER OF THE SAVIOR"
>The gunfire ends within a few minutes.
>Red comes back
"That was brutal. Anbor headshoted one with a spear. He got shot a few times, he's fine though, his brother Arnir is healing him"

| >>598365
>He laughs loudly
"Och, thenk ye mate, and aye, ah'm alreicht. Say, whit dae ye think abit thes revolution stuff, eh? Ah'm tempted tae join, y'knaw? Ah miss th' chaos oan th' streets, if ye get whit ah'm sayin, y'knaw all th' riots we had back in Scotland when we wanted tae git out th' fookin UK? Or is ye tay young fur that?"

| >>598417
"Honestly, who brings a spear to a gunfight? I admire that guy's guts but Jesus you all remind me how everyone in town has a deathwish, that aside, what's the body count cap? That sounded so badass and it's my first time hearing an assault to those culpricks!" -N

| "Oh and I almost forgot!" -N
>Neil spoke fast as he followed with more messy typing
"I put in here that one of you gets shot!" -N

| >>598580
"I think ah' remember my pa' Ramblin' about that when I was little.. And C'mon, everyone loves chaos but man I'm really diggin' this recent calm mood" -X

>"There is a literal gunfight on the other line"

"Did ya' beat many cops in those scotland revolts? Sounds like ya' had a good time" -X

| >>598585
"Uh, yeah, about that... Remember when I said he's a Knight? He's literally a knight, he took an oath and everything. He's carrying a longsword and a fucking spear."
>Red chuckles
"Anyways, I think the bodycount is around 15, this is a medium-sized group. 3 of them died to the claymore mine at the start though, plus 4 more of them dies before they even get to put their weapon up. The rest actually got into cover and starts actually fighting"

| >>598589
"I mean I think that's cultism 101 according to movies and videogames, they learn to shoot before they learn to pray, do you see any weird cultist relics or something like that? I don't wanna ask about the lunatic carrying a sword and a spear" -N

| >>598591
""A Guide To Being a Good Savior's Follower", does that count? Oh, hold on, I think I found something"
>Red dissappear for a little while
"One of them has a silver necklace with "He will set us free" on one side and "Savior is the one and the only" on the other"

| >>598593
"You should write a name on top of every 'He' or 'savior' just to piss off whoever finds the bodies, at least that's how blasphemy works, right?" -N

| >>598595
"Uh, sure..."
>Mild scratching sounds
"Done, "The boys will set us free", "The boys is the one and the only""

| >>598597
"Pffft god man that will do, if this was a streaming I'd donate to you guys" -N

"You shouldn't support this" -R
"I shouldn't support the cultists either, let me have this one man" -N

| >>598760
"Anyways, I've got to go now. Just remember, there's always chaos in GC"
>Line 555 cuts

| "Ladies and gentlemen those were the boys slashing cultists for you" -N

>"Radio Wire reminds you that the opinions of each individual host do not represent those of the entire station"

| "Big Neil reminds you that his opinions are better than those of the entire station and anyone stating otherwise has the big gay" -N

| >>598588
"Ya' still there Mr. Scotland? Either the line is flickin' off or you're fuckin' off there" -X

| >>598927
"Ah'm here mate, ah'm here, sorry. Abit th' riots, weel, the funny thin's that ah was a cop back in th' day. Can ye imagine th' face of th' English cops when they foond out we 'ad refused to arrest th' protesters, and that some of us 'ad even joined them? Och mate, those were damn guid times."
>He pauses
"Until they roond us up an' started usin' live ammo oan th' fuckin' crowd, that is."

| >>599031
"That's beyond fucked man ah' was expectin' a fun story, not knowin' the brits too had no fuckin' chill" -X

>The background music is volumed down, wich ironically makes it noticeable again now

"if it's worth anythin' it seems like ya' were always on the right side despite everythin'"-X

| "Ladies, gentleman who dress up like ladies, and others who don't matter"
>Neil spoke close to the microphone, giving an ASMR vibe only at first

"Big Neil is happy to announce that spooky month has officially started! Stay tuned as Radio Wire will be filled with events, prizes and what everyone has been expecting.. The Halloween party at the end of the month!"

| (Gentlemen* oops)

| "Didn't we have sound effects? I really would have appreciated some explosion or scary laugh after that" -N

| >"Father says we aren't encouraging that party"

"And?" -N

| >WitchLaugh.mp3

"That's my girl, stick it to the man!" -N
>"Shut up Neil"
"Wrong man!" -N

| >>599127
"Och, isnae that wee Cali oan th' other line? How's ye doin', lass?"

| Call on line 555.

| >>599659
>"Hello again sir, I'm doing as good as I can in this wonderful place"

"Good ol' sarcasm, I always forget she's capable of that" -X

| >>599685
"Hello hello hello hello hello hiya welcome aloha and hallo dear caller, this is Big Neil at Radio Wire wondering who do I have the pleasure to be talking with?" -N

| >>599815
Hi, my name is Lory. Some time ago, I encountered on the street a man named Ido, he was with a robot, I guess. He looked for a woman with a prosthetic arm named Morgan. I saw a similar one, she went to the Moonlighter. Sorry, I'm not calling about this. Ido-man said he is from the UPCP. He showed the ID and it looked real. So, do you know what the UPCP means? Never heard of such a company or what it is.

| >>599832
"Man and I though I was an expert on side-tracking a story, this takes me back to my days of side-tracking back at Neo San Francisco, man I wish I could come back, but I know they're still searching for me.." -N

"..Dude?" -X

"--Anyway this is the first time I hear about this UPCP man, if I were you I would bribe some bartender to tell me given they are better than the companies at gathering information" -N

| >>599814
>The scotsman cracks up in a loud laughter.
"Och, she's finally gettin' in 'er rebel phase, eh? Watch it, ye three, apparently yoong Cali's isnae takin' shite frae anyone! An' nae need fur that 'sir' thin', lass, please. Nae need fur aw that fancy politeness"

| >>600048
>"..Sir, I wouldn't qualify being able to think by myself for once a 'phase'"

"Oh man-that's, she's literally sayin' "this is not a phase sir" I can't believe it our girl is growin' up" -X

| >A. Rene begins playing

| >>599853
"You there man? Did the UPCP get you or did u pcp'd too hard? Blink once if an evil Corp is holding you at gunpoint “ -N

| >>600538
(Sorry, I was stuck in a place with no Internet the whole weekend)

| >>600538
>You hear the man laughing in an incredibly loud way.
"S-sorry, lads, it's just that ye crease me up every damn time, ye knaw? An', Cali, Ah was jist messin' wi' ye, alrecht? It's only quality that ye're finally takin' over yer life, jist dornt tak' it tay serioosly, eh?. It's bad fur yer health. Ne'er tak' life tay serioosly, am Ah reit, lads?"

| >>600582
(Ey it's ok, it's mostly to keep the thread from dying but no real hurry)

| >>600584
"Not takin' life seriously is pretty much what ya'd expect from a group of morons runnin' an illegal radio so ah'll say you're right" -X
"--Watcha think Cali" -X
>"..I like the idea of taking life in a more relaxed way, but isn't it risky to overdo that sometimes? Specially when you're in a group where no one seems to take things seriously"

| "I think the lines got mixed up again, I also think I'm scaroused of serious Cali" -N
"Enough" -R

| >>600618
"Ye're a canny lass, ain't ye? And Ah'll tell ye, in yer case bein' th' canny one in th' crew is meir a burden than anythin', but that means that ye're th' one that gets whit's worth bein' serious abit better than th' othars. Aye, ye're smart 'nuff, Ah'm sure abit that"

"Fur feck's sake, Neil, ye didnae jist said that, did ye? Ah mean, not takin' it tay seriously dinnae mean bein' a dobberhead, ye knaw?"

"An' guid evenin' to ye, mister R! How's ye doin', chief?"

| >>600628
>"Thank you sir, it feels like a responsability more than a burden to try and be the mature one around for once"
"Somethin' definetly changed what happened to yer' happy tone?" -X
>"Still there! But what's the point of being so cheerful all the time when there's no need to?"

"Guys guys I saw rise of the machines once and this is how it all started" -N

| >>600799 (responsibility* oops)

"Look man first of all that girl doesn't look her age" -N
"Neil, Neil stop talkin'" -X
"No shut up second-Second of all!!"

>Some struggling can be heard for the possession of the microphone

"I'd nev--Knock it off I'm just messing around dude! she's like a niece to me for fuck's sake you all know I don't mean it!" -N

"As you can guess, I'm doing great" -R
>The sarcasm is stRong in this one

| >>600800
"Aye, soonds like yer havin' a blast in thaur, eh?
Mate, lemme ask ye somethin'. Whit th' feck are ye an' wee Cali doin' in thes madhouse? Ah mean, soonds more loch a place fur a dobber loch me, than fur ye twos"

| >>601061
"..Radio is easy business, I make sure everything is working and in order and money comes in" -R

"nah son we're just his spacegoats, nothing is ever in order" -N
"..scapegoats" -X

>"Father means tech-wise, the equipment is always on point.
I was made originally to help around the station, ever since I have a body to go with I too get a share of the earnings"

| >>601080 (ffs)
"..Radio is easy business, I make sure everything is working and in order and money comes in" -R

"nah son we're just his spacegoats, nothing is ever in order" -N
"..scapegoats" -X

>"Father means tech-wise, the equipment is always on point. I was made originally to help around the station, ever since I have a body to go with I too get a share of the earnings"

| >>601082
"Weel, mister R, these days th' only thin' tae dae once ye fin' a job is sinkin' yet nails deep in it an' nae lettin' go, and in th' name of feck I jist sounded loch mah goddamn granda sayin' that mince... Anyway, Ah jist hope workin' wit those two winna make ye end up jumpin' out th' windae.

By th' way, mister Neil, ye knaw, Ah just realized ye remind me of a bloke Ah knew back in Embra. Ol' Ned, if Ah recall 'is name correctly"

| >>601379
"Man I don't know what's embra and I definetly don't know any bed, was he also extremely handsome and with a charismatic personality?" -N

| >>601600 (Ned) *

| >>601600
"Nay, let's that he was... Mister R, will ye please plug wee Cali ears?
Let's day that he was a feckin' madman an' a sexual maniac, but we loved 'in no matter whit. Ye knaw, he got 'imself banned frae three pubs fur tryin' to poke, err, whit's th' American word fur that? Aye, finger. Fur trying to finger th' waitresses. An' once they caught 'im havin' a chug on the bus, ye knaw whit Ah mean? But he was one of th' best drinkin' mates Ah ever had"

| >>601726
>Neil bursts out in laughter
"Man holy shit do you still talk with him? Tell him he's my fucking idol, that really brings me back to when I was younger and spent all my time in nightclubs and college dorms" -N

" 'When I was younger' Neil you're 24" -X


| >>601816
"Nay mate, Ah havnae spoke tae 'im since he passed. Died loch he lived, stickin' 'is knob where he should nae have 'ad"

| >>602052
"Damn man, 'least he lives in your memories and thankfully in mine too, gotta say I respect that he died doing what he loved, not everyone gets to afford that pleasure.. Well, maybe heroin addicts but still" -N

| >>602110

"Alright let's wrap this up people I've got places to be, Lilims to do and a party to throw. What are your thoughs on seasonal parties Mr. Scotman?" -N

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