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(Setting/Bar)The Hazy Moonlighter farewell Party

| >it open mic night and the moonlighter is open for business once again!
>yet..its quite somber..
>as if nothing has changed, dangling over the old wooden counter with a million and one stories to tell, the mixes, the drinks, and the once upon a time new food items have been lovingly listed down in that same old pink chalk

>a large banner hangs over the counter, carefully placed not to obscure the sacred menu, it reads
"Goodbye to the moonlighter!"

| >frank is behind the counter as always..a heavy look in his eyes, yet one can see he is trying his best to be positive
>boss reggie is right next to him in a old uniform

>cassius isnt behind with them ,instead resting at the counter with a plate of chiken fingers in front of him

>and gem is at the stage thinking hard about what to sing

>the door chimes ring as frank turns to you
"Oh, thanks for coming..!"

| >Liz walks in. With a big box
"What's all this about a farewell party?"
>She puts the box down on the counter. It makes a heavy 'thunk' noise
"Did we go under?"

| >>594856
"Oh hey liz.."

"Hello there dear lizzy"

"Hii miss liz!"

>they all great you as they always do

"Not really.."
>frank speaks up
"We're all just leaving glitch,
Every single one of us"

| >>594860
"Hey everyone."
>She tilts her head in confusion
"All of you? Where are you going?"

| >>594861
>they all exchange glances for a moment, then Cassius sighs
"Really you two?
Don't have the heart to tell her huh...?
I understand."

>he turns to face liz
"Gems finally got a chance at her dream.
So shes going back to Germany.
Got hired for the 8th generation of platinu♡moon.

Franks headed to Boston.
Wants to have another go at his studies.

And me?
Im headed back home
My contract with st miriam is expired so im heading of to teach a new set of kids."

| >>594862
"I see..."
>She turns away looks to the side and sighs
>She turns back to them
"So what's happening to this place? is Reggie selling it?"

| >>594863
"More or less lass."
>reggie scratches his chin
"Its still under my name.
But my age is getting to me and none of my descendants are able to keep the place.
So soon it will be under some lass named noir"

>frank speaks up again
"You up for a drink?"

| >>594865
"Did she buy it outright or is it an heir based thing"
>She looks lost in thought and yet still there

| >>594866
"No it just that she offered.
Honestly i would rather pass it on too someone that worked here.."
>reggie seems quite glum..but still plenty hearty

| >>594868
"How much did she pay?"
>She pulls an energy drink out and then throws it to Cass, then repeats the process until everyone in the room has one

| >>594869
"Nothing decided yet. Just about everything is up for negotiations.."
>reggie scratchs his reggie beard of plus 5 to grandpa and plus 3 to hearty

>frank sets the drinks aside and gem tosses hers to Cassius for later
>cass himself just cracks it open and takes a sip

| >>594871
>She holds her hand out an a holo-display appears. After a few seconds it navigates to a bank account. The balance is in the billions
"Okay so how about ten million zenny. I'll buy the Moonlighter right here and now"

| >>594873
>they all fall silent for a moment in suprise
"Well isnt that a shock!"
>reggie gives a hearty reggie laugh!
"Alright then just sign here"
>he places down a paper

| >>594875
"There's a lot I haven't talked about. I thought there would be more time."
>She pulls a pen from her pocket and signs
"I don't suppose there's any way to get anyone to stay is there?"

| > The door is kicked open with a loud crash. Dusty, not measuring her strength, may have over done it. Or maybe just wanted to show off, as she seems to be carrying Fox fireman-style. The lilim definitely does NOT look all too happy to be carried, yet dusty looks pleased with herself.

“I believe you! Let me down please!” Fox whines

“Hey! I wanted to establish that I could beat you even without my guns” replies Dusty

> she sets him down, and they both head to the nearest seats.

| >>594876
>they all just silently shake their heads no

>the door opens automatically before she can kick it! Probably causing her to loose her balance? Maybe
"Oh thanks for coming"
>frank waves

| >>594878
"I see. Well."
>She puts the pen back into her pocket
"If you ever come back, you have somewhere to go. The door will always be open to you guys"
>She pulls a blue bottle from her bag
"This cocktail is my own recipe. I'd like to share it with you all"

| >>594878

> Dusty jumps on her seat and cracks her neck. Fox takes a second to recalibrate his equilibrium before sitting down. Dusty immediately slams a credstick down. Someone is definitely excited.

“Hey Guy. Of course we’d come! This is only other bar I’ve found that I like. And Fox’s crush on the idol-girl is fun to tease him over. It’ll be hard to find something like it again.” Dusty says.

> Fox blushes a brilliant grey. Looks like a cat caught his tongue

| >>594881
>frank reels slightly
"...Probably a bad time to say that we might be closing and also that almost everyone who works here is leaving GC"

>frank just silently nods with a solemn smile
>and cass takes a sip of the cocktail...
"Its almost time for my flight..."
>he looks to be thinking about something..

| >>594882

“We saw. I took the day for myself so Dusty and I could have at least one more night here without anything bad happening, unlike last time...”

> Fox looks embarrassed, remembering how badly the last time they were here ended.

“But enough of that! Two big bad touches! Why bother dealing with future dad when there’s fun to be had now.” Said dusty

> She’d heard Cass’s voice. A flight? Wasn’t that just what she did too? Ignore it, Dusty, it’s not worth it anymore.

| >She takes a sip
>The cocktail tastes of cinnamon and the aftertaste is that of cotton candy
>She looks up at Frank as he says that and exhales sharply
"Well as I see it right now, it's not going to close. I'll keep it open. If you ever decide to come back, she'll be right where you left her"
>She sighs and looks to Cass
"Hey Cass. I really enjoyed my time with you. Is there something on your mind?"

| >>594883
>Liz looks over to Fox and Dusty
"Two large Bad Touch's coming right up
>She mixes up the drinks and slides them across the counter
"And I wanted to let you know that all drinks are on the house tonight. So feel free to go wild"
>She says with a somber smile

| >>594884
"Take care of the place for me lass eh?"
>reggie smiles and downs a shot

>cass just hands her something, a small box of something in elegant wrapping and tied with a silver ribbon
>but he does so while looking away, his face is...kinda red?!?
"...J'avais l'intention de donner ceci plus tôt ..
à cette île magique.
et je ne suis pas du genre à me mentir si mal, je vous le dis en face.
je t'aime liz"
>he starts mega blushing at that last part
>wonder what he is saying...

| >>594885

> Dusty quickly pockets the credstick once more. Her and Fox then clink glasses, each cheering in their own languages. Fox takes a decent gulp down while Dusty finishes hers in a single go.

“I think I could go for another over here,” she says, with a slight burp

> Fox just laughs. He feels at least more at ease this time around. Hopefully nobody heard what Dusty said. And if so, well, who knows.

| >>594887
"Will do, Reggie. It'll be like nobody ever left."
>She takes the box from Cass and looks up at him. her face is red and she looks upset
"Je t'aime aussi, Cassius. I will be here if you ever return. And if you ever do, I look forward to that day"
>She mixes up another and slides it to Dusty
"Here you are. Enjoy"

| >>594889

> Dusty drinks this one a bit slower. She only has a small sip and sets it down, letting out a long sigh. Fox, meanwhile, sips his drink happily. He’s usually not one for sour things, but the drink seems to make him happy.

“So what’s the next thing after this bar? For you, I mean?” Fox asks Liz, curious. “Are you leaving GC also??”

> Dusty meanwhile glances Cass, wishing she could be like he was in that moment. Dammit, Dusty, stop it. Keep your eyes to yourself.

| >>594904
>Liz pours herself a shot and downs it with a wince
>She looks over to Fox. It seems like she's lost in thought and yet still there
"Well, I just got here not long ago. As soon as I was out of my military contract I ran as far away as I could from there, so I'm staying put I think. The Moonlighter was the first place I felt welcome in this city. So I suppose I'll run it and keep the doors open in case someone wants to come back."

| >>594911

> Fox looks at her, doing his best to empathise with her

“Thats a good idea! I’m sure someone will come along and help out. That’s the right thing to do after all!”

> his optimism is genuine and he gives a big smile with it, raising his glass to her and drinking some more.

> Dusty goes back to her drink, drinking it til she’s down to only half full. She turns to her roommate

“Man Fox, at least you have enough happiness for the two of us. I think. You lilim are odd.”

| >>594917
"We'll see what happens. If I can't find anyone to help, Ill have to call in some favors. And honestly I don't think I could let this place go. It's more like home to me than my own place."
>She pours a shot and raises it along with Fox and drinks it
>She looks over to Dusty and laughs
"Not all of us are odd. And besides. An attitude of gloom and doom only leads to more of the same"
>She pours two glasses of the blue bottle cocktail and slides them forward to Fox and Dusty

| >Someone can be heard approaching the door, talking.
"Here it is!"
>The door opens and Aurum walks in with a lanky, yellow-haired young man in tow. The former waves at Frank, Liz, and the others. The later looks around, looking at all the send-off decorations.
"I want to introduce you to the Hazy Moonlighter! See, that's Gem over on the stage, and that's Frank and Cassius"
>She points to them energetically. She's in a much different mood since she was last here, more upbeat.

| >>594923

> Fox laughs and drinks some more. He's too polite to say it to Dusty so directly, but he felt the way Liz did. Dusty just shrugged and finished off her drink.

"Well, doom and gloom helped me end up here, so I guess it's not all bad," Dusty says, sticking out her tongue.

> She takes the new drink, and gives it a smell, liking its scent. She takes a sip and enjoys it. Her cheeks seem to be taking a darker tone.

"Just lighten up Dusty! It's supposed to be a good night"

| >Impulse and Red drop by, in combat gear, again. Guess you will never see them in anything else after all
>Anyways, they are wearing multicam fatigue, a plate carrier, and they have their weapons holstered and slinged. Impulse seems to be carrying a... Light blue SPECTRA helmet with Baguette painted in the place of where the white UN markings should be?
"Hello there"

| (Picture for reference: https://images.app.goo.gl/AdYjYJJ19oFjbfn48 )

| (Also, replace the white UN with white Baguette)

| >>594936
"Welcome. And thanks for coming. All drinks tonight are on the house. That being said, can I get you anything?"
"Yeah. Sometimes the gloom and doom can result in something positive, but in my experience that's few and far between."
>The drink tastes of cinnamon and something else. When the aftertaste gets to you, it's that of cotton candy

| >>594986
"I will take a gut punch, and Red's probably gonna take a Ragnarok"
>Impulse replies as Red and him walks to sit at the counter next to Cassius. He set the helmet on the counter.
"Your second present, did you get the last one?"
>Impulse says as he turns his eyes towards Red

"I did give him the pistol"
>Red says defensively

| >its at this point that gem finally figures out what she wants to sing
>and so the somber yet hauntingly beautiful melody begins to echo throughout the bar
"owaranai hibi~
ibasho o nakushite~
bokura wa samayo~tteta~"

"...!">Cassius's face goes flush and he doesn't know what to say!
"...i hope you like it..
I have to go now.."
>he takes one last gulp and then walks away
"Call me sometime yeah?"
>with a final word he walks out the door

| >>594963 >>594936
>the bar is almost depressingly somber, However much those still remaining try to stay upbeat

>cass is gone and gem is singing one tearjerker of a song
"Oh thanks for coming"
>frank waves

| >>594986

> Dusty feels the drink warm her up entirely. She gets a giant smile plaster on her face, which seems almost strange, given her attitude.

"Foxy! Finish up because this drink hits good! Anyway! You gotta just let it happen. I like being here, I think!! Pete would always to just let it all happen"

> Fox laughs and finishes off his drink, his cheeks a darker grey than the rest of him.

"ara ara! I think letting go tonight is ii sensu da!

| >>594988
"Well shit, where am I gonna send this thing now"
>Impulse says as Cassius depressingly walks out the door

| >>594989
>Aurum smiles and listens to the song, and her friend sits by quietly looking at the chalkboard menu.
"Can I get a Mars Blast, and a big Sugar Rush for Aurum?"
>Aurum seems entranced by the song, swaying slowly to it.

| >>594987
"One Gut Punch and one Ragnarok. Coming right up."
>Liz gets all the ingredients in a row and mixes them up and pours them
"Here you are. Enjoy."
"Of course I'll call you."
>She says with a sad smile
"Here. Take this with you."
>She hands Cass a small box with a letter attached to it
"I'll be here in case you ever need me. Please be safe out there."
>When Cass leaves her eyes follow him until he is out of sight
>Her eyes dim the second she can no longer see him

| >Liz looks down at the box and tugs on the ribbon. She then opens the box
"Of course. One Mars Blast and one large Sugar Rush. Coming right up."
>She gets everything together and gets the drinks mixed up. While doing so she drops a glass and it shatters on the floor behind the counter. She finishes mixing and passes the drinks over the counter
"Sorry about that. I'm not really feeling like myself tonight. "
>She grabs a broom and begins cleaning up the mess

| >>594993 >>594994
>the ribbon unravels
>inside is a note and an beautiful ornate music box,, the words
>"for my dearest liz" are engraved on the top black wooden in a silver color and a fancy font

>in the midst of her song gem gives a saddened wave

"No liz i got it."
>frank begins sweeping it

>she sings and sings and sings her heart out
>for what...?
>perhaps it was the adventure she had or those that could have been
>before this, it was just the stars and them..

| >>595000
>Upon opening the box and seeing the contents, Liz's eyes dim even further.
>She closes the lid and looks to Frank
"Frank can you do me a favor and take care of anyone who comes in for a little while?"
>She takes the box and goes into the backroom

| >>595001
"Huh? Oh yeah sure"
>already finished cleaning up frank mans the counter

>gem sings on
"kako no kakera...~
tsunaide mite mo!

dore dake sukutte mo
yubi no aida kara
suna no yō..~~!"
>pouring her heart into the song

| >>594993
>Red and Impulse reply in unison, before taking a sip from their glass

| >>594994
>He takes the drinks and starts sipping his. He then hands the Sugar Rush to Aurum who just holds it for the time being. His eyes light up as he remembers something, and quickly walks out the door. He comes back is a few moments later with a package, and sets it down in front of Aurum.
"Oh, that's right! Thanks for carrying that in Zeph."
>The package has a note in top that reads "for everyone's favorite fortune-maker" and has a little chibi drawing of Gem singing

| >Liz returns from the back room. As she walks back over behind the counter she straightens up her tie. A small amount of clinking can be heard while she does so
"So that big box I brought in with me has some gifts for you and Gem in it. You can open it if you'd like to"

| >>595054
"Whoa! A-are you sure?!"
>frank looks startled, certainly wasn't expecting gifts today

>a quick look of fear comes through hs eyes while she is singing, Probably ptsd from all the gifts given on her birthday
>it all seems so long ago now...

>halfway from his walk to the bus stop, cassie breaks into a sprint back to the moonlighter
>wonder what came over him, not that its relevant yet

| >>595055
"I'm positive. Open it up."
>She turns to the drinks board and writes down "House Special" at the bottom
>She then turns back to the counter and pours herself a glass from the blue bottle

| >>595058
>as gem is too busy singing frank opens his first
"Really nice of you liz"
>he really wasn't expecting that

>as this happens, slightly tired from mad dashing it from the bus stop, Cassius stands at the doorway
>there is something on his mind but he seems to be busy *panting his lungs out* to say it

| >>595059
"I just wanted a way to express how much this place means to me. And this is the best way i can think of"
>She takes a drink and looks up and sees Cass standing in the doorway
"Cass? What are you doing here?"

| >>595060
"Pffft thats so mushy of you! Haha!"
>it seems to have cheered frank up
"Still, your not alone. Maybe in Another life, we would have stayed
>he looks down at the old wooden counter...man..just how much drinks did he serve on this..? Mow much people let loose their woes..?

>cass sits down, still panting slightly
"I was...hahh..i was Probably going to..huff...going to do something dramatic...but i got tired from running to much!"
>he laughs

| >>595061
"It's not that mushy to express how I feel about you guys"
>She looks at Frank and her eyes seem to go straight through him
"It's never too late to change your mind"

>She looks to Cass and pours a glass from the blue bottle and slides it over to him
"You're French, so dramatic entrances are in your DNA"
>Some of the light has returned to her eyes

| >>595062
"No liz, i want to do this. My mind was made up a long time ago.."
>he looks away, distant..
>it seems frank had his own set of business. Its a shame you never got to find out...

"I suppose yeah...although its called entrée dramatique.">he laughs playing along with the joke
"And for the record, its kissing thats hardcoded in~"
>ah yes...there it is...that damn teasing...
"Shame i only got to show you once~"

| >>595062

> Fox becomes entranced by Gem's singing, getting locked on her and silently finishing his new drink as well. Dusty's never seen him like this. Dusty meanwhile slings back her new drink as well and gets a massive smile plastered on her face. She shoots a look at Liz

"Hey, girly, can i have some more of this? This is good and wow I feel good. Why do boys suck??"

> Dusty says this slightly slurred. Is she getting drunk??

| >>595066
"Well Frank, no matter what, the Moonlighter will be here for you if you ever need a place"
>She takes a drink and sighs
"You know Cass, you can always stay here..."
"Of course."
>She walks over to her bag and pulls a fresh bottle out and tosses it Dusty
"How about a whole bottle to yourself? And as for boys... They can't help that they suck. But most do their best not to. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't"

| >>595068
>frank gazes off

"No....its important that i leave.
This isnt a normal school ill be teaching at"
>he takes a set of dogtags from under his shirt
>between the two if them is a jade ring
"Its a military academy.
I didn't even know those still exist"
>he slams back his drink
"But of Course because airlines.
My flight is delayed until tomorrow morning...
So i think i can stay the night."
>he smiles and slams back the drink
"Remember that drink i served you?"

| >>595070
"Thanks for giving me a chance, Frank"
>She hugs him

"Like I said to Frank, you're always welcome back Cass."
>She finishes her drink off
"Well you can stay at my place with me tonight if you'd like."
>Her eyes brighten even more
"And yes I do remember the drink you served me. What about it?"

| >>595071
>it snaps him back
"What?oh thanks.
Id be careful though. Might make the French guy jealous"

"N-no im not.."
>cass looks away blushing
"W-well i mean if your ok with me and gamma then i would be under your care.."
>the owl poofs up from his hood
"A-anyway! Mind serving me one? I kinda feel like chocolate right now"
>he might mean that in more ways then one...

>it seems gem will soon finish her song

| >>595068

> Dusty takes the bottle and quickly opens it, refilling her own glass and Fox's empty bad touch glass. Gross. She then motions over to Cass, who has now gotten back into her focus, knocking Fox's head, but he's still too locked onto Gem

"Like, Cassanova there! Look at him! He's a 10! And happy as can be, but he flirts with everyone and I can't do that here! Ugh i wish i could just punch his dumb face but i can't."

> The karmotine is really doing its thing, it seems.

| >>595073
"Eh. He'll live. A hug is just a hug"

"I'm totally ok with you two staying at my place. I just hope you dont mind how small it is"
>She grabs a glass
"Of course I'll make it for you"
>She does so and passes it over the counter.
"I hope this is the exact thing"
"It seems like he's been flirting with fewer people as of late. i wonder if I'm the reason why"

| >>595079

"It's still not okay! Dammit, I wanted to steal a piece of his heart but now I just get to be here and get drunk without someone to play with"

> Dusty drinks some more, her face now a few shades darker. She slouches slightly in her seat and sighs, tossing her phone onto the counter.

> Fox relaxes the tension in his body with a soft hiss. His face is back to a more normal shade of grey.

"Dusty, you call me the weird one, but you don't hear yourself?"

> She doesn't.

| >>595086
"Well, unfortunately for you, i think I've already taken his heart."
>Liz shrugs and starts cleaning glasses
"Why not flirt with Fox. He's right there."

| >>595087

> Fox practically spits out his drink at the concept. Dusty begins laughing at the same time. The lilim quickly drinks his new glass to act like he's not even there.

"Me?? With Fox?? The kid I carried in here? I'm practically his big sister!!!"

> Fox blushes because even he knows there's some truth to that statement. Dusty just shoots him a shit-eating grin and laughs some more

| >>595090
"I mean sure, why not. I've seen weirder things happen than two friends get together."
>She finishes cleaning all the glasses and throws the towel over he shoulder
"You never know. You two could have feelings for each other that you're hiding or something"

| >>595092

> Dusty face darkens a bit and she takes another drink. Fox’s eyes look like green whirlpools with how confused and embarrassed he feels.

“Well, I’ve never slept with a roommate and I don’t plan to get. Sucks for you kitty-boy.”

> Dusty sounds scornful, as if she had that response planned out and ready. At least it put Fox somewhat at ease. His eyes calmed down as he fell back into his normal routines.

“Well, that’s a reassuring thought,” Fox replies with relief

| >>595095
>Liz chuckles at hearing her call Fox 'kitty-boy'
"Hey, at least I tried. Would you two like another drink?"
>Liz looks to Red and Impulse.
"You two have been awfully quiet. Do you need a refill?"

| >>595099
"Uh sure"
>Red says

"Anyway, what's this party about anyway, Frank's Birthday"
>Impulse starts

| >Sulfur enters the bar
"oh.. I'm late.."

| >>595189
>Liz mixes up another Gut Punch and Ragnarok and slides them forward
"Well, the party is because Frank, Gem, and Cass are all heading out of Glitch City. It's a going away party."

"Welcome. You're not late, you're right on time. Can I get you anything? All drinks are on the house tonight."

| >>595079
"No its fine. Im certain it will be fine, you made it after all"
>he takes a sip
"Ahhhh chocolate.">and that sweet sweet chocolatey relief kicks in
>man he needed that

>nigh on Completely lost in thought and chocolate liqueur cocktail Cassius is Completely oblivious to dusty's conversation

>gem being gem gives fox a wink while singing
>...gotta wonder who taught her that...

| >>595253
"I'm assuming the satisfied look on your face means I pulled it off."
>Liz begins to wipe down the counter
"Anything on your mind while I have you for the night?"

| >>595267
"Liz my dear, Chocolate is the best kind of sweet."
>he takes another sip
>ahhhh sweet sweet chocolate liqueur
"Mmmm..nothing that i can think of?
Why? Do you want me to go outside and shout out my feelings fpr you for the world to hear~?"
>he jokes

| >>595059
"Well well well, look who's back"
>Impulse says
"Here to claim your present?"
>He take the bright blue helmet up for Cassius to see
"Where are they going to"
>Red asks

| >>595274
>She leans over the counter
"Is that what you want to do. Do you want to go out and wake everyone in the neighborhood up?"
"Well Frank is going back to school. Gem is following her dream. And Cass is going back home to teach."

| >>595278
>he boops her nose as she leans in
"I was just curious to see your reaction"
>even when leaving he still teases.
Yup nothing really changed...that or hes drunk
>one of the two

| >>595278
"Ah, cool, good for them, guess. Meanwhile I will still be stuck here with Impulse"
>Red says before he chuckles

"Hey, what's bad about me"

| >>595253

> Fox blushes, HARD. His whole face goes dark grey. He meekly sips his refilled glass and just waves back, not really sure how to flirt. Dusty, still drunk, has shifted her eyes around to the two military looking guys.

"Gods, I need Sayuri here or Jen or P- actually, not him. I just need someone that can drink me under the table!!"

> Dusty is clearly not having the best internal time right now, but Fox doesn't even notice.

| >>595318
>gem eventually finishes and sits down next to cass, across from frank and liz
>heh...just like always..

"Pfffttt gem lay of him.
We're splitting up soon, i won't be around if those antics of yours get you in trouble"
>cass laughs

"Hey your the one who taught me that!">she puffs her cheeks

"...yeah thats fair.
the wink always gets em
Speaking, is that fox and dusty i see?
How are you two doing?"

| >>595281
"But what if I decide to do it, hmm?"
>Liz leans over the counter and gets in Cass's face
"What would you do about it?"
"Yeah. it sucks though. I'm really going to miss them."
>She leans back sighs
"I guess on the bright side, the Moonlighter is staying around so not all is lost"

| >>595327
>he leans over the counter
>and leans even closer so the point where liz could smell that scent of blueberries and cinnamon that he always smells like for some reason
"I would Probably quiet you down with a kiss~"
>he whispers

| >>595322

> Fox's vents open up a bit of steam shoots out, letting his face return back to its normal color. Dusty, shoots a look at Cass less of frustration and more of empathy? Dusty didn't even know.

"Hey you two! This is a great party, I think!" Fox says, as he drinks some more.

"Hi. I was hoping to run into you here Cassanova." Says Dusty coldly, drinking straight from the bottle in her hands.

| >>595329
>Liz gets even closer
"Now I don't think you would."

| >>595330
>he smiles
"Thats nice"

>then a wild gem appears

"Well then, we wont know unless it happens now will we~?"
>he chuckles
"Then again i already had my peace.
How about i just kiss you"
>and he does exactly that

| >>595332
>As the song ends, Aurum sighs. Zeph leans over to the group behind the counter.
"Hey, I think we've met before, yeah?"
>He says to Cassius and Gem. Aurum nods.
"That's right. They stopped by our vendor, remember?"
>She hands out the package to Gem.
"Here you go. You're named Gem right? It's a very nice name."
>Zeph looks to Aurum's Sugar Rush, still full.
"You gonna finish that?"
>He says with a grin.

| >>595332

> Dusty sees all of this go down and she slams the bottle on the countertop, the only thing keeping it from shattering being pure luck. She has tears in her eyss. She points an accusatory finger at Cassius.

"YOU COCKY COCK. Ugh! You think you're so fucking cool because you're hot and talented! You flirt with so many people and never think about how th-

> She cuts herself off, tears now streaming. She bites her tongue through gritted teeth. Is she talking about Cass or?

| >>595333
"Well then. Aren't you in a mood tonight"
>She laughs
>Upon hearing the slam, Liz looks over to Dusty
"Hey. Um. Are you alright?"

| >>595327
"Yeah, me too"
>Red replies

>As Cassius stops kissing Impulse put the bright blue UN Baguette helmet thing on his head

| >>595381

> Fox sees all this going down. He jumps at the sudden thud and his eyes immediately dart towards Dusty to see how angry she is. Only, she isn't. Or at least, he's not seeing her usual anger responses. He ditches his usual tactic of avoiding her and stays put, wondering what could happen next.

| >>595387
>Liz comes from behind the counter and sits next to Dusty
"Hey. Is something bothering you?"

| >>595463

> Dusty held onto the bottle for dear life. Her eyeliner was now smudged. She kept her head low, trying to make it less obvious, all of it. With her free hand, she went for her cigarettes... which were in her other jacket. Fuck. She goes to make a response

“ Look I-“

> Her voice catches in her throat, cutting off a sob, only just. She’s never had this happen, but she can’t stop it. Her reply is low and sad.

“I just don’t get it. Why does he get to be happy.”

| >>595345 >>595381 >>595384
"Heh heh...thanks..pursee...issa nice...helmut...urp"
>and he falls flat on his face unconscious, thankfully protected by the helmet

>frank inspects cass's drink
>he takes a sniff and a sip
"Holy crap no wonder hes so bold!
This stuff is strong!
You made it *exactly* as he does?"

>gem just kinda pokes him in the face

>then she hugs dusty

| >>595503

> Dusty initially tries to resist, but cannot. She’s too inside her own head to act out for once. She lets herself slump down as Gem hugs her, tears still streaming as she mouths “why” over and over again.

> Fox takes the pause to take the bottle out of Dusty’s hands, pouring himself a little more and putting it out of his roommates range.

“I think Dusty just needs this moment. I’ve never seen her like this.” Fox says softly, putting his hand on her shoulder

| >Upon the banter, the busy life of the returning bar, the doors open once again, this time to an officer of law. Stepping in... Rather, wincing and limping, the blond man enters and immediately attempts to head to the bar. The large caliber automatic upon his back doesn't seem to weigh him down, only matching his uniform and the path on his shoulder,


"Suppose I should stop here..."

| >>595502
"You could be happy too. Sometimes it takes a lot of work but it's achievable."
>Liz puts her hand on Dusty's shoulder in a reassuring manner
>She watches Cass pass out
"Well then. Whoops."
>She looks over to Frank
"I made it how I thought he made it."
>Upon seeing the blonde man enter, Liz gets up and goes back behind the counter. She waves.

| >>595601

"Hello, mind I have a Sugar rush? Or anything sweet, at least.."

>The officer is a tad pale in complexion, and upon sitting at the bar, takes his time as not to hurt any sore muscles. He keeps his head up in a manor most deem different-

"What's happening to this place, might I ask?"

| >>595601

> Dusty hears the words of Liz and just stays slumped down. She's still crying, but it's quiet. She just takes solace in having people near by doing their best to comfort her, which is what she sorely needs. She doesn't say anything, instead just taking a new drink from her glass and putting her hand on Gem's back. An attempt at returning the hug.

> Fox, takes some comfort in seeing Dusty not lash out. He takes his hand off her and gives a sigh of relief

| >>595602
"Sure thing. If you want some karmotrine in it, I'll need to see some ID though. Also all drinks are on the house tonight."
>She gathers the ingredients and sits them to the side with a glass
"Oh, and everyone but me is leaving Glitch City. So it's a farewell party."
>She walks out from behind the counter with a dark orange bottle in her hand and sits it down next to Dusty
>She whispers into Dusty's ear
"This has actual alcohol in it and not the synthetic stuff."

| >>595611

> Dusty's tears finally stop. She sniffles some and cracks a shy smile. Her voice is still marked with some sobs, but she's at least sounding better than before.

"thank you. I'm sorry if I made a scene. Can you point me to the closest bathroom."

> She picks her head up, clear trails of what was once eyeliner running down her face. Her eyes are red, but she looks into Liz's anyway. It's as if she really means her apology in more ways than one.

| >>595611

> The officer gives a blank stare, almost as if it takes his head a moment to process before beginning to grab an older fashioned Billfold.

"Yes, of course, of course... Sorry to hear that. I do wish best of luck to those going."

> From his inventory, he produces his badge, ID and credstick.

> Felix Hazard, 26 | GCPD SGT.

| >>595613
"Of course. Folks get emotional. It's a very normal thing."
>Liz puts her hand on Dusty's shoulder and smiles.
"And yeah, the bathroom is over there."
>She points to a door in on the back wall
>She then gets close to Dusty's eatlr again
"If you want to touch up your make-up, I keep a bag of things in the bathroom. There's a false bottom in the garbage can, you'll find it there."

| >>595614
>Liz returns to her place behind the counter
>She takes a look at the ID and nods and turns to mix the drink
"How much karmotrine would you like, Officer?"

| >>595615 >>595503

> Dusty nods and actually hugs back Gem, whispering thank you in her ear. She hugs Fox as well, not having to say a thing. She leaves the bottle behind and goes off to the bathroom, pulling a few bottles from a jacket pocket.

> Fox, still at the bar, perks up, knowing that his friend will be okay. He takes the bottle he nabbed from her and holds it high

"Who wants some more! it's supposed to be good times here! Kampai!!"

> He punctuates by downing his glass.

| >>595597
>The opening of the door snaps Aurum out of a daydream.
"Where's the gift?"
>She says, almost frantically to her friend.
"Um, on your lap maybe"
>duh. She lifts it and sets in on the counter with the note on top.
>>a24d49 >>ebb407
"This is for you and Liz, Gem"
>The note on top reads "to everyone's favorite fortune-maker" and has a little chibi drawing of Gem. The package itself is two parcels held together with blue ribbon.

| >>595616

"Fill the glass, please. I don't want to feel yesterday, or tomorrow."

| >>595617
>some of the less-vocal patrons from around the inside of the bar raise their glasses

>Upon seeing the chibi drawing of Gem, Liz gestures for her to come over to the counter

"No problem."
>She fills the rest of the glass with karmotrine then turns around and slides it over the counter
"Something on your mind? Last person who wanted that much in their drink was taken to a funeral home and almost embalmed."

| >>595621

"I'd say no, but it'd be a little too obvious."

> Felix picks the glass as it stops, giving a sip before taking a whole.

"I've lost a lot. Not as much as most, but... Enough. It's been awhile since I've been me."

> He sets the glass back down and sighs, looking towards the doorway.

"Sorry if I bore you, I don't want to come in and take your time story-telling."

| >>595601
>frank just laughs
"Liz, the cocoa liqueur he uses is 50% alcohol.

Add that with the other alcoholic bits and you just one shot cass."

>>595604 >>595613
>she gives one more hug then turns her attention elsewhere

>gem peeks her head up, the little cat ω on her face

>after a few moments ie 5 minutes cass finally wakes up, taking off the helmet in a confused haze

| >>595623 >>595619
>Aurum undoes the ribbon and hands Liz the top parcel, and Gem the bottom one and the envelope.
"Since you are going away, I thought I'd get you something you might like."
>Gem's envelope contains a strange playing card with a Lily on it. The words "Inspiris - Musea" are written below the flower in gold.
"It's the card for the Muses from Zeph's fortune deck, since it fits you so well, always inspiring others through song."
>She looks expectantly at Liz and Gem.

| >>595622
"You won't bore me at all."
>Liz grabs an energy drink from her bag, opens it and takes a sip
"The thing that always helps me is that we're always moving forward. And oftentimes the current you is a lot stronger than the previous you. So you're better off having had those experiences."
"I suppose I can call it a new version of a drink then?"
>She sees Cass waking up.
"Welcome to the world sleepy head."
"Oh. Well thanks."
>She opens the parcel carefully

| >>595632
>Inside is a patterned blue coat, made of what looks like wool.
"I know you aren't leaving, but I saw this and thought you might like it. The nights are getting colder in this city it seems."
>She's got a wide grin.
"See, it even has pockets on the inside for gloves and stuff."
>Aurum notices her glass is now sitting empty on the counter (presumably from her friend helping himself).
"Oh, I'm sorry. Can I get another Sugar Rush please? When you're ready though."

| >>595632

> Felix has started gazing into his drink. It's plausible he's going to remember what she said with or without the karmotrine. Nevertheless, he nods with an acceptance and downs the rest of the glass almost too easily.

"I suppose I am, thanks... Mind a round two?"

> He pushes the glass back towards Liz's side, tapping his free hand peacefully on the counter.

| >>595632
"...i vaguely recall kissing you and someone started throwing a shitfit..
Why is it that everytime our lips meet i get knocked unconscious..?"
>he chuckles, wishing he could lean back, However that would be difficult given its a stool hes sitting on
"Let me guess, our kids are now filthy rich and you had to raise them single handedly"

"Whhhoaaa....a card!"
>nigh on immediately the area around gem begins...sprouting flowers?

| >>ebb407
>Sulfur turns to Liz
"Can I get something special.. uh, just surprise me anything will do!"

| >>595641
"Welcome back, sleepy head. How do you like your new gift"
>Impulse finishes his drink

| >>595641
>Aurum giggles
"See what I mean? There's something clearly magical about you."

"Or it'sa buncha hologram stuff"
>Zeph grunts

"You hush. Whatever it is, it's special. You just need to appreciate it."
>She playfully punches her friend's arm, maybe not *completely* playfully, as it looked like it hurt a little.

| >A decaying man with a robotic arm enters the bar wearing a brightly coloured T-shirt featuring nude anime girls posing seductively and a pair of blue jeans.

"Damn. My first time coming here and you're closing down? I should have come here sooner."

>He stops and stares at the flowers that are sprouting inside of the bar, probably confused, though his facial expression reveals no emotion.

"A big Sugar Rush please."

| >>595634
"This is so nice. Thank you!"
>Liz says while trying it on
"When I moved here I had no idea if it got cold or not, but now that's covered. And of course. Another sugar rush coming right up"
>She gets everything mixed up and slides it across the counter
"Here you go."

"Of course. Another sugar rush coming up"
>After she's done making it she slides it to him across the counter
"Here you are"

| >>595641
"Unfortunately, three of our children died in the Great Shoelace War."
>She shrugs

"Sure thing. One House Special coming right up."
>She retrieves a blue bottle from her bag and pours it in a glass then slides it over

"Of course. But I'll have to see some ID first."

| >>595767
"Thank you."

>He sits down with his Sugar Rush and starts reading something that appears to be a manga that he pulled out from, under his T-shirt?

"So, why are you closing down? It seems like you have a decent amount of customers."

>He asks the bartender, not looking up but staring intensely at the manga while flipping through it at an unusually fast pace.

| >>595731
>the flowers grow around her, she then...picks one and hands it to them!?
"You two are a nice Couple!"
>n-never mind her shipping them, t-the flowers are real?!?!?

"Its a good helmet so far. Actually reminds me of the ones i used during deployments.
Im going to assume you made it yourself?"

"Is it too late to tell you i have an adopted daughter?"
>wait wat

| >>595776
>Aurum goes to stick the flower in Zeph's hair, but he dodges.
"Fine then. And see? They *are* real, mr. magician."
>She instead sticks it in her front coat pocket like it's a pin.
"Go ahead and open your package, Gem! We got that all the way in France."
>She starts to drink her Sugar Rush, finally.

| >Liz looks down at her watch and hops the counter
"Frank would you mind helping out while I go out and take care of something?"

| >>595775
(OOC: My post was a mess of a post so it's understandable, but I think you missed when she asked for ID. Everyone is having sugar rushes tonight so it makes total sense)

| >>595781
(Oh, shit, sorry. I'm not used to so much text. Just ignore my last reply then.)

"Sure. Here you go."

>He pulls out a his job ID. It has the Jinterprise logo on it and shows a picture of his face, along with his height, weight, occupation etc. His first name is filled in as Garret, his surname is left blank.

"Is that good enough?"

| >>595621

> Fox continues to wave the bottle, only pausing to fill his glass. Dusty returns from the bathroom as well, her eyeliner fixed and face back on, more than it was prior. She sits down and laughs at Fox having a good time. Dusty whips an engraved zippo and holds it up, as a sign.

“Does anyone have a cigarette for this girl? I’ll share my bottle” she asks, her fingers drumming in her freshly filled glass of premium liquor

| >>595782
(It's totally fine it happens. I'll just treat it as a bit of a rewind since Liz is leaving for a bit)

"Mmhmm. One large sugar rush coming right up"
>She turns and gets the drink made and slides it over the counter to him
"Here you are. Enjoy."

| (Insert >>595775)

| >>595775
"Well, the future of this place was shaky due to everyone but me leaving. But I bought it and I'm going to keep it open. I couldn't stand seeing it go"

| >>595801
"So it's a goodbye to the staff, and not the actual bar. That's nice. The atmosphere here seems alright, and the Sugar Rush is how it should be. I could see myself coming back here."

>In the middle of talking he finishes the first manga, pulls out a new one and starts reading it. Someone with a trained eye would recognise it as the third volume of the manga adaptation of the infamous Shoujo Ramune.

| >>595784

> A hand raises from the bar- Felix himself draws a box from one of the pouches among his vest, labelled in a very familiar set of colors.

"Over here."

| >>595815

> Dusty almost bolts straight out of her chair at seeing the box. She strolls over and sits down next to the kind stranger.

"I will owe you a drink then, once you finish yours. I accidentally left my pack in the other jacket, you see."

> Incredible; she had a whole emotional moment and then cycles back into her tried-and-true habits.

>Meanwhile, Fox sits down and drinks some more, his face now a steely grey. He looks very happy! And also very drunk

| >>595776
"Yes, it's actually just a spectra helmet painted in UN's light blue and white color. How do you like the baguette?"
>Impulse chuckles as he say out the last words

| >>595828

> Felix only just notices the girls mood change since he's walked in, opening the pack and sliding out the first stick for her to take.

"Other jacket, huh?"

| >>595836

> Dusty takes the cigarette and spins it deftly, tucking it between her lips just as easily. She taps a jacket pocket as if to make a point.

"Well, I have more than one riding jacket. This current jacket is my 'I didn't bring my motorcycle but it's okay' one. My actual one is probably on my floor."

> She then takes the lighter and uses it. It looks incredibly old and worn. The engraving is also rough, as if it was done by hand over a long time.

| >>595838

> His eyes flicker to the lighter and inspects the engravings where he's at, taking another sip of his drink and setting the box down in front of Dusty.

"Sounds about right. Take the box, then. You can have one for each jacket."

| >>595839

> Dusty scans him up and down, doing her best to size him up. A cop, but probably not the crooked ones that she used to love to deal with. The weapon on his back looked familiar. Decisions, decisions. She settles for lighting the cigarette and takes a drag, feeling more like herself once more.

"Thanks officer. Shouldn't you ID a girl before hand though? Or even offer up a name?"

> The smoke exits her nose, as if she's done this more times than anyone could count.

| >>595843

"ID'ng girls buying >>>me drinks and riding motorcycles usually don't need either... Usually."

> He chuckles on the thought, fiddling with his glass.

"Felix Hazard. Names on my shoulder, but you weren't interested in checking, were you?"

| >>595845

> Dusty quickly hides her face, hoping a gulp of booze will help her getting called out so accurately. She takes a sly puff and faces him once more.

"Just keeping you on your toes there, Officer Hazard. I almost figured that was a codename or something"

> Smooth, Dusty. Smooth.

> Meanwhile at the bar, Fox is now showing off his cool laser light hand, putting on a small show for any onlookers using the bottle as a guide. He's not the best, but he's having fun

| >>595847

"Codename, huh? I appreciate it."

> He takes a glance back at the light show going on, finding amusement in his attempts, and results.

"A gal' like you's gotta have a name to match, too. How about it?"

| >>595850

> Dusty also, glances at her roommate and laughs, enjoying that the closest thing she has to a friend is having fun. She then fixes back at the officer, her cheeks a little more red than before. She takes another sip from her drink.

"Everyone calls me Dusty. Usually because that's what I was back in the day. I'm much cleaner these days. But my baby always needs some cleaning."

> Even when drunk, she can't help but be overprotective of her bike

| >>595777
"Oh wow! The folks back home in Strasbourg will love this!"
>ah yes the cookies and cream girl is of German chocolatiering
"thank you!
B-but why give me a gift?"

"Oh yeah sure"
>frank begins to man the counter

"No words huh?"
>cassie remains silent after not getting a response

| >>595859
"Because, silly. You are so talented that I wanted to give you something that would remind you of this place."
>Aurum's silver cheeks are already a shade towards red.
"Besides, anyone can see that you guys do so much for the people of this city. The world could use more people like you. That parcel should help you spread your magic in whatever you end up doing after this."
>The parcel is sorta floppy, like a pillow.

| >>595859
(My bad)
"It's definitely not too late. It actually makes me like you even more."
>Liz pokes Cass's nose and smiles
"What's her name?"

| >>595873
"Oh, her name is soleil. The dear thing."
>he looks off into space smiling for just a moment, then snapping back to reality
"Ah one moment i have a picture..
>he scans his pockets looking for something then he bops himself in the dead
"Oh wait its digital"
>then forms his fingers into a rectangle and
"Aurora if you would"
>a holo-capture appears
>he hands it over to liz
"I try to visit as much as possible"

| >>595862
>gem looks at the card for a moment
"Hmmmmm...maybe if i"
>she intensely stares at the card! And it does absolutely nothing
"Awww i thought it was actually magic..."
>then they praise her
"Whawhawhat?!?! Hold on im not all that great! I-i still have a long way to go..."
>she blushes looking away

>then a...flower forms in the air
>then another
>and another
>but not normal flower.
.they are made entirely out of sound somehow
>oh my god cookies and cream girl is magical!

| >>595957
"She's beautiful."
>Liz says after finishing off her drink
"She takes that from her dad."

| >>595961
"Thats nice of you to say.
Shame my flight got delayed, she was really excited to see me again"
>he chuckes
"Oh well its not like she would just fly here all the way from Japan to-"
>and he is suddenly cut of as a feminine voice calls out from the doorway

"Oh [BLEEP]!"
>wait what? D-did he just get censored? H-how?!?
>that headset of his is glowing...mist be that maybe?

>he doesn't turn around

| >sulfur takes a look at the liquid in the glass
>he takes a sip
>downs the whole glass
>looks at people socializing

| >>595852

"Very unique, Dusty. I doubt you'd let it get too dirty, though- You're bike."

> Felix has at his second drink, not making anything too obvious off the start.

"I suppose there's more to a Dusty than a bike, smoke, and pretty face. Where'd you come from, mind I ask?"

| >>596003
>Impulse notices Sulfur
"Hey! Sulfur, nice to see ya! You've never told me you have a sister?"

>"Sulfur? Who's he?"
>Red whispers into Impulse's ear

| >>596006

> Dusty takes another drag, blowing the smoke to the sky. She has another finishes her glass and pours herself a little more. Whatever was in the bottle tasted great, she thought.

"Well, I know that I'm from somewhere in the borders of the Southwest US, but that's it. No ties anywhere, at least not legally. I might still have a US passport somewhere."

> She gives a shrug, as if there was nothing that could be done about her weird situation. That shouldn't be an issue?

| >>596011

> A small nod escapes as his response, nonchalant to the descriptions, along with a chuckle.

"Not... Exactly was I was asking, but you've given me a better clue."

> He slides his now empty glass to the side, his intention suddenly clouded by the comment.

| >>595968
"Speak of the devil"
>She pours herself a drink
"Unless someone else gets called Papa here."

| >>596012

> Dusty is taken aback by the comment, coughing on her cigarette some. What was she, 15 again?? Wait, was the room always so wavy? Whatever; focus, girl.

"I'm guessing you're the hero-type then, mister good cop? Born and raised here in the city, looking to do some good? That's why you carry the big guns, right?"

> Meanwhile, back where Fox is, it looks like the combination of karmotine and lasers didn't mix. His body shorts out, causing him to go out like a light. Oops.

| >>596018

"I like you're report, but I'm afraid it's a little off."

> Warmth creeps into him as he catches the pass.

"Born and raised out of country, bred in Neo-Chicago, 'troit, SanFran, and of course, our favorite..."

"As for good... I suppose, but everyone's got to have fun sometimes."

> Quite blunt on his ending; He Intends more than he's projecting.

| >>596023

> Dusty's stomach does a screeching halt with that last sentence. IS this dude crooked? No, totally impossible. Dusty, stop thinking weird things. She stretches out, double-checking that her jacket is zipped up.

"Well, here I thought you'd be the kind of cop I'd have to pay to keep quiet about me. Or try and chase me down if that didn't work. At least you're good Company, Felix."

> She finishes off her cigarette, ashing it on her own jacket?! Oh well, it's fireproof.

| >>596025

"You as well, Dusty."

> He makes a motion for his ticket pad, tearing off and handing her a blank paper and pen.

> There's a hesitation, as his eyes watch the ashes half fall, half slither and slide on her jacket. His gaze goes straight to meet her eyes once the cigerette's out.

"I can surely chase you, too. But it's your decision if you want to be caught."

> Two drinks in, Felix. The conversation has taken it's turn, and he doesn't dare turn back on it.

| >>596028

> Dusty eyes the pad suspiciously. She didn't like the cut of its gib. She takes the pen and scribbles down what look like numbers. She drinks some more, feeling like it being the right thing, while eyeing her shorted-out roommate. Poor guy.

"Well, you most assuredly won't be able to catch up to me or Amíee. At least not with that current attitude."

> She giggles, her laughing being much higher than her voice. She even covers her face some. The alcohol soothed well~

| >>596030

> Felix takes no immediate notice in the paper, taking it back only when she's ready. He taps the counter twice before looking back to find who would serve them a drink.

"I suppose you're friend there needs a bit of help? Their light show stopped, and it was pretty interesting, too."

| >>596032

> Dusty shakes her head earnestly, as if showing pride in Fox. Or something resembling it. Hearing him described as her 'friend' makes her blush slightly, however, and she quickly goes on the attack.

"W-w-we're not friends. He's my roommates. Sort of. I have to help take care of him. His cannon-thing must have fried with all that karmotine. I might have to carry him back."

> She crosses her arms and puffs up, as if trying to show off her strength feat. Less booze, Dusty

| >Zeph bolts upright at the sound of Fox short-circuiting. He stands up and stretches before heading towards the door.
"I'ma go take a walk real quick"
>Aurum finishes her drink and silently stares at the flowers around the counter, maybe lost in thought.

| >>596033

"Sounds like friendship to me."

> He immediately counters, not having to look back to her on the comment.

"I wouldn't doubt that you couldn't do it. Strong girl you are, by the looks of it."

> Is he... playing with her, now?

| >A tall man enters the bar, wearing a gray coat and what appears to be some kind of smooth mask, on it's surface a triangle is drawn along with a symbol not unlike that of mars
>His step is light as he approaches the bar counter, letting out a small grunt, he sits down and flags the bartender

"I'll have whatever you recommend, tender"

>He says in a smooth voice as he takes off his coat and lays it on his knees

| >>596035

> Dusty giggles some more and relaxes her muscles. She readies another cigarette, keeping it between her lips as she talks.

"Maybe you'll get to see my strength lawman. Except maybe not; who knows, because I don't think either of us do."

> She speaks with no effort, as if it's second nature to talk and smoke. She lights it and takes a nice drag. Her smoky eyes look like they're piercing through Felix. Are they?

| >Liz walks back in the door with a large metal case
"Hey Frank, I'm back. I'll take over again."
>She goes back behind the counter
"Welcome. My recommendation is an alcoholic drink, so could I see some ID first?"
>She puts the case on the floor behind the counter

| >>596017
>just as in the picture there is a young woman with long flowing pink hair
>with a cuteness to rival gem!

"And she shall appear.."
>cass finishes with a chuckle
"I thought she was in japan...how interesting...oh do play along please, she loves this gag"

>the girl creeps up slowly and covers Cassius's eyes with her hands
"Guess who?"

"Uwah! Uhh w-who is it?!?"
>he plays along with the girls games although he seems to be waiting for liz's intervention

| >>6727d3
>Sulfur turns to Impulse
"well.. it's complicated.. she's more of a co-worker... she keeps the test subject's sanity in check.."
>he grabs his drink
>forgot he already drank it all
>drinks from an empty glass

| >>596215
"Ah, I see"
>Impulse also drinks from his glass

"Hello there, I'm Red"
>Red greets Sulfur

| >>596177
>The man nods and hands you an ID, the name seems to be Aru Grant... it's a US ID, year of birth seems to be 1994.

"I'll take something alcoholic then, double"

>He says simply

| >>596203
"I'm not sure how you want me to play along but alright."

"Alright. Everything checks out."
>She turns opens the large case and brings out a blue bottle
"I'm testing out this new drink, so it's my recommendation for now."
>She pours some in a glass and slides it forward.
"Here you are. Enjoy."

| >The front door barely opens as a young, blonde man in a blazer walked in quietly, he's wearing big sunglasses and quickly approached the counter once inside the place

| >>596157


> He begs to differ, tapping the counter to get the bartenders attention, and holding up four fingers, for four drinks.


"Fringe Weavers, plus two, split for her, please."

> He returns to lock eyes with Dusty, returning the same look to her as she to him. His lean puts them much closer, and the stare down occurs with the upmost intensity.

"We can agree to disagree."

| >>596343

> Dusty cannot keep a straight face and starts laughing, punctuating through having a drag of her cigarette. She hears the call for more drinks and perks up some. After all, what was the worst that could happen?

"Looks like we're going to have to for now, Mister Danger. Or see who can drink who under the table faster."

> Over where Fox is at, his eyes glow faintly green, as if he's starting to reboot? He still /looks/ happy at least. Poor guy

| >>596321
>"i honestly don't know either, just try anything"
>he mouths out before shrugging
>somehow the girl does not notice

"Nono! You have to guess!"

>clearly he is stalling for time

| >>596334
"Welcome. What can I get you?"

"Sure thing. Coming right up."
>She mixes the drinks up and slides them across the counter one by one
"Here you are. Enjoy."

"Hmm. I'm guessing you're someone who knows Cass here?"
>Liz says while leaning against the counter
"Let me guess... Long lost cousin?"

| >>596349

>With the drinks now in their possession, Felix already begins on his first one, a light sip to start the match.

"So, Dusty. I'm assuming you're in some serious occupation yourself, yeah?"

| >>596356
"yes I'd like--"
>The young man stops to adjust something behind his neck, then spoke in a different voice
"forgive me, I'd like a gut punch, you guys know how to make those, right?"

| >>596358

> Dusty starts on her new drink but does a surprised cough into it. Wow, this dude really went there?? Harsh. She tries to play it off as if nothing.

“O-oh, uh, y-y-yeah! I was doing... private security stuff back in The US. Yep. I only just came here, but the um... 403c is keeping me with money right now. Gotta find something new here!”

> she sounded confident enough in what she said. Hopefully her initial shock didn’t give it away.

| >>596361
"Alright. We do serve those but efore I can serve you one, i need to see some ID please."
>Liz puts the blue bottle away and leans against the counter again

"Winner of the contest gets 1000 Zenny by the way. My money is on Dusty."

| >>596366
"Fair enough, can't say I'm not flattered by that"
>He didn't hesitate in taking out his ID with a smirk similar to the one in the picture

| >>596349

> Felix halves the first and stops, visibly not buying in so easily.

"Something new... Right."

> He pauses, and then-

"Okay, something new as in...?"

| >>596376

> Dusty quickly chugs down her fringe weaver, only interrupted by taking a drag of her cigarette to try and mitigate damage, which might not have worked too well. She can feel her own cheeks burning, as if she’d been caught in her lie.

“Well, um... just something that’s more of the same! I can’t simply live without some kind of action! There’s no satisfaction quite like cashing in on someone worth major Zenny”

> That fringe weaver might have caused her ship to sink.

| >>596373
"Okay. Everything checks out. I'll have your Gut Punch in just a second."
>She begins making it
"I assume you want karmotrine in it, yeah?"

"Also I changed my mind. Make it ten-thousand."

| >>596379

"Like... A bounty, huh?"

| >>596383
"100 on dusty "
>frank bets

>cass on the otherhand signals for 1000 on felix

>they would Probably do a rivalry gaze if Cassius's face wasn't covered

"I could have made a stronger drink.."
>cass mouths out

| >>596356
"...cousin? No miss im his daughter!"
>she giggles, perhaps you pick up a slightly Japanese accent, although not bad enough to make her speach incomprehensible
>its just really really cute

"Daughter...?ah Soleil dearest"
>he immediately spins around and picks her up

"Uwahh! Papa!"
>she of Course hugs him while he does it

"I thought you were in japan"

"I was, but i wanted to surprise you so i came here!..but then your flight was moved..!"

| >>596383
"God yes, as much as to feel a second punch right on my liver"
>He spoke as fast as he sounded desperate
"In fact.. Make it double, I deserve a double"

| >>596387
"Yeah. Something like that."

"Oh I see. How's Cass as a dad. I'm curious."

"Alright. No problem"
>She turns and gets everything mixed up and serves it
"Here you are."

"Oh and for anyone who hasn't heard, all drinks are on the house tonight."

| >>596396
>soleil gets off of her father lap and sits down
"Hmmm hows he like as a dad..?"
>then? She regales liz in a bunch of stories, much to the embarrassment of the man in question
>about all sorts of things, how he would teach her anything she asked to learn, only for it to horribly backfire on him in one way or the other
>the good times going to some park ot eating some food or other, However small a thing it was
>and such more
>by the time its over, Cassius is bright red

| >Hey, check it out- It's the twins.
>They clearly have no idea about the farewell party, though; both of them pause to read the banner, then one- it's hard to tell whether it's Chisa or Yukiko, since they're wearing identical outfits featuring a hat and winged backpack that make it hard to see their hairstyles -quickly leaves.
>The other twin decides to mingle with the party, as best as her peculiar outfit allows her.

| >>596321
>The masked man nods and looks through the glass before taking a short gulp of the alcohol Seemingly through his mask.

"Hmm, interesting"

| >>596396
"Thanks girl, and thank the owner of the house for me as I intend to abuse this kind gesture"
>He sort of raised his glass like in a toast before taking a sip
"Why are you guys closing though? You're obviously not bankrupting"

| >>596387

> Dusty finishes off her cigarette, desperately wishing it could double as a real smoke screen. Fuck. Did cops here not like Bounty hunters? Even ones that are effectively retired? Might as well start on that second drink before it's too late.

"If the pay is good, I could! But I'm an old girl and don't have my par- um. My CO to back me up any more."

> She tries to shrug nonchalantly, but ends up tilting into Felix instead! She giggles, trying to regain her senses

| >>596400
"Ah, so he's exactly how I thought he was as a father."
>Liz pours out a ginger ale for Soleil
"I have no idea how old you are, but here's something for you to drink"

"Welcome to the party. Can I get you anything?"

>The drink tastes of cinnamon and the aftertaste of it is that of cotton candy

"Of course. And I'm the owner now so you're welcome. I pretty much expected the free booze to be exploited so its fine

| >>596435
"Initially the bar was going to be sold to someone because everyone who works here is leaving. I had no idea what the new buyer was going to do with it, so instead of risk it, i bought it on the spot."
>Liz pours herself a drink and takes a sip
"I intend on keeping the place open for as long as I can."

| >>596438

> Felix returns to his drink and chuckles as she laughs, nodding with slight enthusiasm!

"Ah, old? You look nowhere near."

| >>596443
"Still a wise choice sir, not everyone can go out with such a blast and I'll be sure to remember that when you're gone man"
>He took another sip longer than the last one, staring now at the menu before respoindg to Liz
"No time for second thoughs there, I like that, if you ever need personal I know a guy in advertisement; given you're buyiing this place with no personal"

| >>596451

> Dusty regains herself and gives her head a shake, trying to get the drunkenness out. It didn't work, but having a small breeze against her undercut was nice. She runs her free hand through it and sighs

"Well, as far as you know, I'm old. And if you knew how old I really was, I'd have to take you out so my secrets don't get spilled."

> She feigns spilling her drink, and actually does get some on Felix. Wasn't her aim, but it /was/ funny. She giggles some more.

| >>596455

> He looks down to where her drink matched his shirt and vest, not losing his previous smile. Upon doing so he looks back to her and begins to laugh!

"Why'd a gal like you need secrets, then?"

> Felix picks up his second drink... And hammers it down! Don't be on the defense quite so early, Hazard, you're not off yet... Are you?

| >>596443

"Surprise me." >Ah, it's Yukiko. She tips her hat, the colored jewels that adorn it flashing as she glances around, looking for a certain monochrome girl...

| >>596443
>cassie has his face practically implanted in his hands, obviously flush red

"Oh no thank you.
Uhhh maybe some tea or something if you have.

Oh yes, can i get your name miss?"
>she tilts her head

>yep gems there
>unlike everyone else she dosen't seem to have someone to talk to, so without a chisa or otherwise to talk with she is just sitting there with a drink and nothing to do..poor girl

| >>596456

> Dusty gives a weird look at him, raising her eyebrow suspiciously. She takes a sip of her own drink. Why was it lighter again?? Oh, right. Spill. She cocks her head to the side and sticks her tongue out at him.

"Who doesn't have secrets? You probably have as much as I do, if not more. But you don't see me making a deal of it, do you?"

> She decides to go on the offensive now. If this was a touchy subject, then she could get the upper hand

| >>596496

> Upon her response, he nearly gags and sets his glass down! Felix puts his forearm to his face to keep him from spewing out Fringe weaver, and finishes what he has held before bringing himself back into the conversation.

"I er-"

>'She got you, admit it.'

"-Didn't know I was making a deal of it. Sorry, maybe I owe you a truth."

| >>596494

>Yukiko considers something, shutting her eyes for a second. She opens them again, heading for the door.
>Now Chisa walks in, trading places with her sister so she can keep Gem company. The android makes a beeline to her friend, pulling the brim of her hat over her eyes to hide her identity- she wants this to be a surprise!

| >>596504

> Dusty feels a surge of pride as her words clearly hit her target. She takes a sip of her fringe weaver and gives a sly smile back.

"Maybe you do. Maybe I'll just take your rifle and call it even. It's been a while since I've gotten to shoot one. I bet I could beat you even at that, Felix"

> She takes another sip and takes some greentip .223s from her jacket.

"I bet you couldn't even use these to split an apple in two."

> Dusty, what are you even talking about?

| >>596453
"I'll keep that in mind. I think what I'll do is man the fort by myself for a bit and if it becomes unmanageable I'll hire more staff"

"Alright. house special it is then."
>Liz pours a drink from the blue bottle into a glass then slides it forward. here you are."

"My name is Liz. And of course. I can get you some tea."
>Liz pours some boiling water into a cup and drops a tea bag in. She then slides it forward
"Might want to wait a minute or two"

| >>596682

> A sound of whirring and electric heat can be heard. Fox's eyes light up once more and blinks rapidly. He regains his normal seat and looks around.

"Nani sore?? Watash- Did I just power down? Did i accidentally explode anything??"

> He looks incredibly confused, as if his memory before his short circuiting got wiped out... which it probably did, as a safety precaution

| >>596689
"You and dusty had sex in the bathroom."
>cass tells him while patting him on the back

>soleils eyes light up!
"Ah so *you* are miss liz!"
>she jerks up leaning close with an excited smile on her face!
"Papa would tell me all about you!"
>she then hugs her? Awwww
"Thank you for always taking care of him"

>and thus we gather here today to mourn the death of Cassius robuchon Vanderbilt
>for he died of embarrassment

| >>596700

> Fox just looks confused and scans around for Dusty, seeing her with... with... a cop!! He decides that maybe it would be best to avoid her. Fox does some scanning of just before his blackout and remembers Dusty's... incident.

"Wait a second, no. I think I made my arm short out? Cass, don't be mean! That's not a funny joke!"

> He nudges Cass's shoulder, completely oblivious to the situation at hand. Looks like even lilim can't read situations sometimes

| >>596682
"Your call m'am of the house, gotta say this place at least has potential"
>He finishes up his drink in a last gulp, clearing his throat right after
"Please please me with another one and I'll leave you guys on your own, I'm sure I'm good to get back to work"

| >>596632


> He laughs again! This time quite a bit louder, challenging her wit whilst turning to his third drink! Who knew a challenge could get one going...

"Not even a dream, cutie."

> Did he slip? Or maybe it was intentional...

| >>596822

> Dusty tracks a wider smile upon the compliment. Even with her emotions in a whirl from earlier, she liked when people saw her how she wanted to be seen. Another drink sounded good, so she fills up her glass with some more of the booze Liz gifted her.

"Well then, it looks like you will have to give me a call after all of this settles down then, just so I can put you in your place."

> She takes a drink and locks eyes with Felix once more, her fire reignited

| >>596846

> In sight of her response, Felix nods, finding himself in comfort once more. He sets down his drink and nods.

"I suppose so, I did get your number, didn't I?"

> He references the paper, taking a mental note of the drinks had-

| >>596855

> Dusty takes some more of the alcohol and wow... it's never this potent with karmotine, is it?

"Well, yeah you have it, boy. You better give me a call or I'll have to track you down too."

> She gives another wink and giggles a bit. She settles down comfortably in her chair and sets her head down on the counter itself.

"Isn't this place the weirdest? I mean, my roommate is an AI! That's so weird!"

> She stretches back up for emphasis... and crashes back down. Oops

| >>596859

"I'm never far."

> At once, Felix feels what hasn't- hit.

"That's not the weirdest thing out there, be happy."

| >>596866

> Dusty takes another sip from her drink, thinking on that phrase again. 'be happy.' Just something about this doesn't sit right with her. It made her stomach turn some more. Time to actually do something about it, she figured

"Hey! Maybe it's not the weirdest but at least it's mine. That counts for something, right? Like, look at that dumbass"

> She motions to Fox, who's shoving Cass around still.

"It's just good enough. That's all I need right now."

| >>596987

"Good enough, huh?"

> Felix's smile is almost dropped, and no longer represents the happiness of the previous! Where is she going with this?

"Well now, that's alright. Isn't it?"


| >>597005

> Where /is/ she going with this? Maybe the whole emotional outburst was finally making sense in her head. She feels herself getting misty-eyed again and points her head up, sighing

“Yeah. Sorry. It’s been a strange night for me. I did like this time with you though, but don’t let it go to your head.”

> She can feel her cheeks burn slightly and points a finger at him.

> She takes her own leave, bottle in hand. Fox notices and waves goodbye, following behind

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