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Hey so im hosting a party

| Uhh some of you may not know me....
Actually *none* of you should know me.
But my name is frank and im just a humble bartender

I would like to ask if anyone would be willing to attend a party we had planned for some people

Dont need to say your coming or anything

Just that you come if you want to.

It is going to be at the hazy moonlighter bar...
Probably the last time she will open...

| Stoner frank, is that you?
When did you get a job, bro?

| Oh you KNOW me and my garagemate will be showing up to get GEEKED UP.

- Dusty

| If you'll get me drunk with Fringe Weavers, I'm in.

| I had such a nice night there, I'll definitely be going!

| I'll be there

| Oh a party.. by frank..? guess I'll be there too..

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This thread is permanently archived