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(Setting): NSFMed at GC, Urgent Care/Walk-in Clinic [Karte 2]

| here we go again, folks! those playing, glad to have you-- those watching, hope you're enjoying![/ spoiler]

>Marcille's hands fly to her mouth as Cass starts spewing a purple haze that'd make Jimi Hendrix proud. She hadn't seen it herself-- only heard tell of it-- so she's perturbed when her coworker's reports of the incident in UC are confirmed in front of her eyes.

"... Mister, you gotta tell us what the deal is, otherwise you ain't leaving any time soon."

| >>593366

>Janne's lips twist in what could just barely pass as a smirk.

"At least you're being honest. That's something I appreciate."

>A couple flights of stairs, and they arrive at one of the stairwell's exits; peering through the window of the heavy door reveals a long, sterile looking corridor.

"Here. Down this hallway."

>She holds the door open for Lt. Kamijou. Janne may have a bad case of resting bitch face, but at least she's got /some/ manners.

| >>593371

>Someone from the access team elbows the offending paramedic out of the way and gets to work putting a line with a wide-bore cannula into the officer's elbow.

"Sorry, buddy, big pinch now--"

>As soon as they're in, they attach a vacutainer to the line.

"-- If this vial fills with sand, I'm gonna scream. Can we get a CBC and a CMP?"

>Staff work quickly to unhook the man from the ambulance's monitoring equipment, switching it out for the hospital's more advanced tech.

| >>593355

>Ava cocks her head to the side as she swivels around to look at Dusty. Turning like this gives her some trouble-- she has to some odd scuttling with her feet in order to situate herself exactly where she wants. It'll be nice to be able to walk and sit like a normal person again, in a couple of months.

"Who is 'Pete'?"

| >>593536

> Dusty's eyes light up and she sits up a little more, holding out her hands to act out what she's saying

"Oh! Pete was my partner back in the day! Dusty and Pistol Pete; the respected and feared bounty hunting duo of the West! We were the perfect duo for any job, no matter the danger. He was like 6 feet tall and half as wide. I saw him take a shot from a gun the size of my head and he just shook it off. His bike was also badass, even if it was louder than mine."

| >>593541

"... My, he sounds like an impressive fellow!"

>Ava giggles, but her expression is one of gentle worry.

"Just because Pete can let bullets roll off him like water off a duck's back doesn't mean you can though, Dusty. I'm sure you're made of tough stuff, but..."

>She attempts to get up from her stool in order to step over to the exam table and examine Dusty's chest. Ava hovers over her seat for a second... then plops right back down.

"... Rats. I seem to be stuck."

| >>593544

> Dusty notices this and gets off the table, walking closer to Ava. She doesn't seem to mind either.

"Yeah. He usually wore heavier body armor than me. I'm pret- no, I'm sure there's armor piercing cores around my body, somewhere. And other stuff. My gear can usually handle PDW stuff and knives. Getting slammed into concrete though?"

> She shrugs. Her body has scar tissue all around, almost all being bullet entries and few exit holes. A few thin scars are there too.

| >>593545

>Ava leans forward as much as her stomach will allow to inspect the old scars that sprawl over Dusty's skin, as well as the recent bruises that have faded into existence post her curb-stomping.

"My, my..."

>She reaches out and puts pressure on a few parts of Dusty's ribcage, feeling for abnormalities that would signify fracture. There's certainly a lot of soft tissue swelling over the chest wall.

"How long have you had these injuries, Dusty?"

| >>593546

> Dusty feels the added pressure and inhales sharply. Her whole body tenses up from the sheer pain. She exhales slowly, trying to maintain her composure.

"My ribs have taken lots of hits. The last time I got hit /there/ was a year back when some augged guy swatted me out of the air with a piece of steel beam. Completely shattered the trauma plate underneath. Then the Gorilla-man slammed me and did a heavy number."

> She shudders, as if experiencing the hits once more

| >>593547

>Oh, yeah. There's some breaks, no doubt about it. This man tried to crack this poor ex-bounty hunter like a walnut. Ava frowns, and places her hands back in her lap.

"How long has it been since your fight with this guy?"

>She's at high risk for pneumonia with multiple fractures. Ava toys with what imaging studies would be best to obtain to rule out or confirm the presence of either of these.

| >>593549

> Dusty does the mental math to figure out the time it's been since her fight with the Holdout man. Had to be ten days or so? That seems good.

"Give it like, ten days or so. It didn't start hurting again until I tried reaching for a toolbox above my head while fixing some stuff. If you're gonna take a better look at my ribs, please don't use magnets. The make my insides ache."

> A very... odd way to phrase just how many times she's been shot at

| >>593528
"Well a lot of my coworkers arent very honest, I try and pick up the slack when I can"
>Kamijou enters the office with a small 'Thank you'

| >>593527
"I-i dont know!
W-what else happened to me!?"
>he reels back hyperventilating in a panic
>this mouthpiece isnt in hid mouth, t-that shouldn't be possible!
>his reaction is way more tame compared to earlier now that hes actually lucid..but the confusion in his eyes is plain to see
>at the very least the purple haze isnt taking for of a humanoid and giving him some lethal feedback

| >A smallish women enters the Clinic, holding her right arm as she walks up to the reception
"Excuse me, Miss Receptionist, do you have anyone versed in Xenobiology capable of treating me? I kinda... tripped."
>A thick pinkish liquid is dripping from her arm, and she seems in quite some pain

| >>593551

>Ava pulls Dusty's tank top back down for her, and scoots back towards the computer, where she brings up a list of frequently used orders. The documentation software the hospital uses tracks the preferences of each user and adjusts accordingly, preventing them from having to go sifting through a bunch of codes every time they want to put in for a simple blood test.

"Let's get you down to Imaging, honey. We'll do a CT scan to see just how bad the damage is."

| >>593569

>Janne closes the door behind her and takes a seat behind her desk, motioning for Kamijou to sit across from her for this impromptu interrogation.

"Now, Lt. Kamijou... what is it you want to know? I don't have all the details of what happened those few nights, but we've pieced together most of them."

>She leans her elbows on her desk, and laces her fingers together in front of her.

| >>593667
"Well first of all I'd like to hear about the events in general and then stand out happenings within the night as seen from your perspective. We ourselves have data and a pretty good idea of what happened but its necessary to hear what direct witnesses and authorative figures here have to say"
>Kamijou flips a page on his notebook and writes down the date in clean handwriting

| >>593575

>Chien re-enters the bay as Cass clambers towards the backboard of his gurney, eyes wild like those of an animal cornered by whatever's higher than it on the food chain.

"Marcille, what did you say to him?!"

>He sets a bunch of vials down on the counter, along with a plastic cup sporting an odd blue lid.

"Nothing, Chien!! I was just telling him 'bout what happened in the office!"

>The aide seems hesitant to keep filling him in on what led to his being held in the ER.

| >>593684
>immediately he falls horribly sick again, pressing his hand on his mouth holding back sometimes
"B-bucket, please"
>the veins on his neck begin glowing purple, yet they fluctuate, almost as if his body is partially immune

| >>593639

>The free secretary looks down at the petite woman, and puts her hand to the side of her face as she racks her brain over what specialties the hospital does and doesn't have. They can't turn her away without stabilizing her first, but is simply doing that going to be enough?

"I'm terribly sorry, but... could you tell me a little more about what happened? I'm not trying to pry-- just trying to find the best clinician that could help you with what you need."

| >>593673

"Are you telling me you're going to want to talk to >>>other staff in this hospital besides myself?"

>Janne's eyes narrow. Perhaps she's gotten more than she bargained for with this officer.

"... I'd like to get a statement from your supervisor confirming the GCPD's need to investigate what happened at NSFMed during the blackout."

>Such a thing can be easily faked, though, making its worth questionable...

| >>593666

> Dusty nods and puts her jacket back on as best she can. That pressure really left a lasting impression on her. It hurted.

"Yeah, let's go. It'll be cool to see what I look like underneath all this skin anyway. I might have to even get pictures for later.

> Joking was the only way she knew how to properly deal with the pain and anxiety of seeing just how injured she was

| >>593685

>The basin is in Marcille's hand before Cass can finish his sentence, and hastily she sets it on his lap, grabbing a couple of washcloths out of a nearby linen cart in anticipation of what's to come.

"Hey, take it easy, mister. Spit. Just keep spitting into the bucket."

>Chien's heard Marcille give this advice many times-- keep the saliva from welling up in your mouth while you're retching, and maybe you won't end up laughing at the ground.

| >>593692
>he turns away as to not look disgusting, then hurls his guts out
>something i would go into more detail of, but also no
>just no

"Hah guh...sorry.."
>then cleans his mouth sliding it away
"..what the hell?!?"

>th-the vomit in the bucket...i-its a deep shade of purple...but thats not it
>the liquid..i-it forms into strange tendrils...writhing..and reaching for ...something...but are unable to as its stuck in a bucket

| >>593691

>Ava nods, and gives Dusty a warm, reassuring smile, her tone gentle and understanding. Although she's concerned for the woman, nothing in her body language or manner of speech gives her patient the cue that this is something to freak out about.

"We can absolutely send you home with a copy, Dusty. That way, you can show it off to your friend, Pete."

>She flicks a switch on the wall adjacent to the computer, and a soft chiming is heard coming from outside the room.

| >>593694

>Chien takes one look at the contents of Cass's stomach and immediately grabs the biggest bio bag the room has available, snatching the basin away from Cass and wrapping it up in a tight little package.


>Marcille, in the interest of finding out what the fresh fuck is wrong with this guy, decides to keep explaining to him what happened in the exam room.

"Sigvaris said you were in shock. On your way over, some lady in white appeared over your stretcher."

| >>593698
>the liquid emits a purple haze but is otherwise...safe to handle?

"Lady..?what did she look like?"
>cassie seems just as puzzled by everything thats going on
>and the glowing in his veins seems to have stopped

| >>593701

"She had pink hair. Y'didn't look all that happy to see her, mister, but who would with her hands 'round your neck?"

>Marcille holds her hands over her throat in the universal sign for "choking".

"Definitely not the kind of guests our patients usually get here at NSFMed."

>Chien returns to the bedside, grabs the cup from the table, and offers it to Cass.

"I need you to pee in this."

">>>'Scuse me Chien, but the patient and I were kinda havin' a conversation, here."

| >>593695

> Dusty's stomach flips inside out when she hears showing it to her "friend" Pete. She gives herself a small jab to her ribs, hoping the jolt of pain will get her mind off him.

"Maybe, yeah."

> Her response is cold, distant. She simply follows Ava, feeling weird. Getting in and out was now feeling like her only priority

| >>593705
"Pink ha-"
>the color visibly drains from his face as the words seem to have shocked him
"..so she finally comes for me eh..?"
>he lies down, covering his eyes with his arm...from the angle, the light above reflects clearly, making the slow streak of tears apparent
>yet there is a small smile on his face
>almost as if he was resigned to death..prepared for this for a eternity...
"Heh...hell..its about time.."

| >>593688
"I was climbing a fence and fell... sliced into my arm, around 10cm, I guess. I took some painkillers, but it still hurts as fuck, and I don't want the wound to get infected..."
>She seems quite calm despite this
"Well, doesn't really hurt now, just numb."

| >>593534

> The officer feels the prick, and sounds become a jumbled mess in his head.

"Seehh, beeh...?"

> The pain doesn't drown out his own thoughts, however as he begins to settle down, and the staff change equipment, his consciousness starts to wear off due time.

| >>593689
>Kamijou sighs loudly
"I'd rather not call my boss at this hour, but if you want I can. As for why you may think thisbis relevant we know for a fact several dangerous criminals came around to the hospital that night, including the famous John Doe and the Shadowrunner CN... All while a vigilente killed three men right outside the doors. If that was normal I'd simply make a deposition but surely you can also see why those events stand out"
>He waves his pen around

| >>593706
>The chiming stops, and there's a soft knock on the door. Ava continues to happily click away with her mouse, but pauses to invite their visitor inside.

"Come in!"

>The door opens enough for someone to stick their head through the crack-- it's the MA from earlier.

"Missy, could you walk this young woman over to imaging? She needs a CT scan of her chest."

>Ava rubs a hand over her belly, and gives Dusty an apologetic look.

"Sorry, but I can't come with you."

| >>593708
>Marcille and Chien exchange a suspicious sideways glance as Cassius starts to tear up. The nurse mumbles to the aide:

"I >>>wanted a tox screen. Can you see>>>why, now?"

>Marcille remains silent, but purposefully directs her gaze to the collection of vials on the table.

"Do those first?"

"Ugh, alright... I need your arm, Mr. Vanderbilt."

>Chien grabs an IV start kit from one of the room's supply closets while Marcille plays detective.

"What d'you mean, mister?"

| >>593750
>Whew. That's a big cut. The secretary squirms as she hurries to make a decision: the algorithm they use says she needs to go to the ER, but with that "xenobiology" thing she mentioned...

"Ah, um--"

>No, that doesn't matter. A laceration is a laceration, and numbness after something like this could be a bad sign. ER it is.

"... I'm going to send you next door to the emergency room, miss. Can I have your name and date of birth? I'll get you registered while you're here."

| >>593754
"... Got it."

>The access RN collects a few blood samples to send to the lab for STAT testing. As they're finishing, one of the ER docs staggers into the room, wiping sleep from her eyes. She's in the last 12 hours of her 36 hour shift, and all she wants is to get through them and get the fuck home.

"What happened to this guy?"

>One of the paramedics leaves the bedside to give her what little report they have.

"Ah, Dr. Tannas! You're still here?"

| >>593862
>his arm is free and he makes the gesture to take it, However he dosen't look up
"Do you want the short true story or the long fake one that im supposed to tell people?"

| >>593868
>Dr. Tannas yawns loudly, and plucks the chart from a nearby nurse's hands without warning. Yoink! The RN utters something in protest before they're silenced by a growl from the cranky MD.

"Would I be >>>standing here if the answer was>>>'no'? History.>>>Now."

>She flips through the collection of documents like she's shuffling a deck of cards in preparation for magic trick she's done thousands of times-- and thus, lost its magic.

| >>593865
"Oh yeah, slipped my mind; I'm Seeiol, I was born on October 31st, I'm nineteen now."
>She massages her injures arm, wincing a little
"So... is someone coming to get me or do I walk... oh and sorry about your floor... kinda dripping."

| >>593870
>The paramedic is barely able to stop themself from rolling their eyes. Christ. With an attitude like that, they can't help but feel sorry for /anyone/ in the immediate vicinity of this ice queen... and, as much as it pains him to admit it, "anyone" includes the nurses. Even /they/ don't deserve this kind of treatment.

"Found down in a flat without a roof, absolutely drenched. Probably hypothermic, almost >>>definitely severely volume depleted."

| >>593802
>Janne digests statement this slowly, purposely taking her time in weighing the risks and benefits of getting Patient Relations embroiled in this matter.

"... You and I can speak. If you want to talk to anyone else, I need to have you meet with with the chief physician first."

>She leans back in her seat, looking down her glasses at the officer in front of her.

"Now, you want my account of this specifically, Lt. Kamijou?"

| >>593869
>Chien fastens a tourniquet around Cassie's free arm and begins feeling around for a decent vein. Marcille watches for a moment with thinly veiled interest before returning her attention to their patient's story.

"Whatever'll help you sleep at night, mister. Whatever's gonna make you feel better... or, at least, less bad."

>She'd reach out and pat his hand, but that's kind of difficult with his arm slung over his face.

| >>593904
>the blood..dosen't siphon..?!?
>blood flow seems to have stopped
>and the closer you inspect..he..he isnt breathing?!?!
>t-there is no pulse! Not even a heartbeat!

>i-is he dead?!?

>then gem wanders inside
"Uhh miss doctor...is Cassius ok?
We still have all that volunteer work.."
>oh no

>ohhhh noooo

| >>593883
"No, someone's coming to get you, now. Please don't worry about the spill-- I'll page Environmental."

>She removes the handset of her phone from its cradle and murmurs quietly into the mouthpiece for a minute before hanging up. At the same time, one of the staff in the area behind the lounge step out to wall off Seeoil's blood (?) with some cones and wet floor signs.


>A woman in scrubs has appeared by the end of the circulation desk.

| >>593909
>Seeiol turns to the women and goes on over
"Seeiol, actually. So... I should follow you?"
>She keeps dripping that pink fluid from her arm, good thing her sweater is red, else it'd probably be ruined

| >>593908
"Oh for fuck's sake... someone get her out of here--!!"

>The moment Chien confirms lack of a pulse, he drops the head of the gurney with a loud "SLAM" and whips the pillow out from beneath Cass's head. Gotta get him as flat as possible. Marcille moves to usher Gem out of the room.

"Ma'am, I do believe you're supposed to be out with Oliver in the waiting room--"

>At the same time, the nurse rips the call bell's cord from the wall. An alarm sounds in the hall.

| >>593859

> Dusty just nods, slowly coming back into reality. She cracks her knuckles too, as if trying to intimidate her lingering emotions into hiding once more

“Yeah, no worries. I’ll definitely be needing a big drink after all this though.”

> her laugh is somewhat hollow, more serious than an actual joke. Getting to the bottom of her chest pain was still why she was there. Because Fox cared enough to be worried for her sake. She had to see it through

| >>593914

>Chien bellows out into the hall as he turns the dial on the defibrillator and begins compressing Cass's chest. Then comes the overhead page:

"Code Blue-- ER, Wing 1-A, Bay 3; I repeat..."

>Marcille practically drags Gem through the double doors and off the unit. Room's about to get crowded anyway.


>Chien lets up and waits with bated breath.

| >>593916
>by the power of rolling a 19 he regains his pulse!
>but something is off...
>only 10 bpm?
>never mind that...the needle's opening starts flowing blood..but its purple..?
>then...slowly...*way*, too slowly..the vial fills,no less then 5 minutes have passed by the time it gets Completely filled
>all that time he stays unconscious

>then the purple haze returns and tskes form of the mysterious girl once again
"Sorry cassie.."
>she...pats him on the head?

| >>593916


>Chien springs onto Cass with renewed vigour, fueled by anger and frustration over what the AED just told him. Soon, he's shoulder to shoulder with a bunch of other staff-- Respiratory is at the head of the gurney giving breaths via ambu, Access is busy getting another line in...

"Switch out!"

>Chien is tapped on the shoulder by an aide who quickly trades places with him.

"What happened in here?!"

| >>593976
>Another one of the ER docs comes flying into the open bay, shrugging into his lab coat as he skitters through the entrance. As he surveys the scene, he tugs on his lapels to settle the coat on his shoulders.

"Dr. Lahey!"

>Chien hops his way over to the MD, who's calling out orders while he waits for someone to give him the lowdown.

>10 BPM isn't ROSC. It isn't anything.

"He's in an agonal rhythm-- push 1 mg of cardiac epi!!"

"1 mg cardiac epinephrine, in."

| >>593982
"I-I don't really know what happened. There were no signs of decompensation... I looked away for a minute to get a line in him, and then--"

>Chien holds up his hand and snaps his fingers in front of the doctor's face.

"L-like that."

>They both turn to look at the man on the gurney. Respiratory is shooing Casper the Unfriendly Ghost away while everyone else works frantically on Cass.

"... You know we treat this like asystole, right?"

"... Yeah."

| >>593913
"O-oh, excuse me... >>>'Seeee-yooool'..."

>The staff member quietly repeats many incorrect iterations of Seeiol's name to herself as she tries to lodge the correct pronunciation in her memory. She gestures to a wheelchair at her side, which has a couple of towels on the seat-- presumably, in which the woman can wrap her injured arm.

"... You seem to have sprouted wheels! I'll be taking you over to the ER in this."

>She laughs at her own shitty joke.

| >>593915
>Speaking of a drink... Missy holds in her hand the one Dusty had requested earlier, and that the MA had promised to fetch for her.

"Ah, s-sorry this took so long..."

>... She hands Dusty a /juice box/.

"Pediatrics was running low, so I had to go into the store room to find some... All they had was apple. I hope you aren't allergic."

>The box is a simple yellow color, labeled "APPLE BEVERAGE" in bold letters. Somehow, its appearance is almost laughable.

| >>593894
"Yes, anything you can think about"
>Kamijou says simply

| >>593985

> Dusty takes the juice box and looks it over. She blushes, as she never even thought they were really going to get it for her. She giggles slightly and gets the straw ready.

"I wasn't really expecting this. Thank you so much. Luckily for you, apple is one of my favorites."

> She takes a small sip, letting its sweetness remind her that it was going to end on a better note this time.

| >>593986
>Janne drums her fingers on her desk as she mulls over the Blackout's events... the most prominent thing in her memory is...

"... We imposed a restriction on visitors immediately after our first Code Grey had ended. This earned a lot of ire from our patients' friends and loved ones, and I had to smooth a lot of ruffled feathers that evening. One of these visitors... was looking for the patient who went missing alongside our two staff members."

| >>593988
"A missing patient?"
>Kamijou jolts a few things down and scratches his head
"What did that person look like? and why was he looking for that patient in particular?"

| >>593987
>Missy rocks back and forth on her heels shyly and parrots something she's heard other staff say many times before:

"At NSFMed, we aim to please."

>Is that in their mission statement, or something? You'd think it might be a little more wellness-focused and a little less customer service-centric... Ava covers her mouth, and giggles as well.

"Once you finish your juice, we'll head over to Imaging. They'd be mad if I told you you could bring it into the scanner."

| >>593889

>The thought of the doctors bickering each other as is, is the last one as the officer is now eyes-closed. Almost as a reaction, however, his breathing draws short, and the monitor spits out full alert to a problem- pulses begin to act erratic; it's certain the Officer begins to undergo arrest!

| >>594002

> Dusty enjoys it as best she can. She remembers always drinking this kind of justice when she was a kid, so at least she really does like it. It doesn’t take her all that long to finish it, but she does flash a grin when it’s done.

“Let’s not keep them waiting. I’m a little nervous for the scan but I rather get it over with.”

> Dusty tries to think: just how many times has she been shot?? Had to be at least a few dozen times?

| >>593989
"Yes, we had a 'Strawberry' go missing that evening. Or, well-- her >>>body went missing. She arrested in the SICU and couldn't be resuscitated, per the clinicians in the room at the time. Her death happened a little while after I met with this gentleman."

>Janne closes her eyes for a moment.

"... He was wearing a fedora, with some... big, pink thing tucked into the band of the hat. He had come to apologize to her about something."

| >>594003
>The staff in the room watch with growing horror as the officer's ECG tracing starts to devolve into the awful, unmistakable shape that constitutes monomorphic ventricular tachycardia.

"H-hey, he's going into a rhythm--!!"

>Dr. Tannas-- who has absolutely zero time for this bullshit-- whips around, marches up to the side of the patient's gurney... and slams her fist into his sternum in an attempt to normalize the rhythm.


>... It doesn't work, of course.

| >>594009
>The team assigned to the officer gawks at Dr. Tannas as the patient plunges rapidly into ventricular fibrillation. Isn't that what she was trying to avoid?! Perhaps her technique could use some reworking...

"... No pulse, no respirations--!!"

"Get whoever >>>else is on the code team in here,>>>NOW!"

>Tannas takes the same hand she smacked the officer's chest and uses it to hit the "emergency" call button on the wall next to her. Two codes, one ER. Great.

| >>594010
"Code Blue-- ER, Wing 1-A, Bay 4..."

>Surplus staff come running over from Bay 3 to lend their hands in the effort to unscramble the circuits within this officer's heart. Although humiliated over her failed attempt at a precordial thump, Dr. Tannas is able to take comfort in the fact that she witnessed the man arrest-- making early defibrillation /very/ doable.

"Administer shock, 200 J!"

"Charging... everybody clear?!"


"Administering shock!!"


| >>594008
>Kamijou's eyebrow twitches
"You mean the say the patient died? and that it's corpse dissapeared alongside two of your staff..."
>His face goes serious, or well as serious as a person who hadn't slept for several days in a row can be
"And that man, did he stay long or did he leave after being turned away?"

| >>593982
"Do hurry, i can only keep him alive for so long~"
>the ghost requests?
>perhaps thats why he isnt dead with 10 bpm? Still shouldn't be possible though...

>slowly it raises
>after no shortage of effort it gets to a barely passing rate
>leaving him unconscious
"Oh goody you did it.
Thank you"
>the ghost girl thanks, while floating in the air
>didn't she try to...kill him?...why is she thankful for keeping him alive?

| >>594012
>Tannas' eyes are glued to the Zoll's monitor, and her heart soars as the officers /appears/ to regain a normal waveform...

"Check for pulse!!"

>A couple of fingers on the officer's carotid... whoever's checking shakes their head. Dr. Tannas steels herself for what is bound to be a long, grueling code.

"Resume CPR!! Give him 40 units of vasopressin IV push, and drown him in warm saline!"

>Pulseless electrical activity. We're entering a downward spiral.

| >>593984
>Seeiol seems confused by the joke but nonetheless sits down in the chair
>She raises her sleeve and bandages the mean cut on her arm
>Opposite the cut on her arm is some sort of viscuous membrane that extands on her limb, along with one on her palms. Whatever this girl is, it isn't human, if the pink thick blood wasn't enough of a giveaway
"Well, huh... I'm in your care Geriolop, doctor, I mean."

| >>594019
"He's bradycardic-- I want him paced at 50 BPM. Push atropine 0.5 mg; give a 1L saline bolus. Start cooling him down."

>Dr. Lahey points to different members of the code team as he assigns each of them tasks to perform. Post-arrest care begins to gradually fall into place.

"Initiating therapeutic hypothermia... current core temp 36.5 C."

"-- atropine is in--"

>Respiratory's roped in, as well.

"Get an ET in him with waveform capnography. He needs an airway."

| >>594218
>There's murmuring between the MD and other assisting clinical staff as they decide what to do with Cass.

"Can we manage him here? We can turf him to the MICU, but..."

"I get the feeling he's got anatomy that's not quite like yours or mine in terms of functioning. Our Cybernetics and Genetic Modification specialists are out..."

>Dr. Lahey taps his foot against the linoleum as he thinks.

"What about a transfer? Can we get him stable enough while we bed search?"

| >>594219
"There's a specialty hospital not too far from here with a CCU. Have the unit secretary call over and arrange transportation if appropriate-- I'll take care of the page 1."

>Lahey is handed a tablet, which begins to slowly pull data from the various monitors Cass has been attached to since he landed himself in the ER. Chatter is heard at the nurse’s station as the secretary fishes around for an open bed.

“H-hello? Can you put me through to admitting-- oh, thank you--”

| >>594220
>Chien looks from Cass to the MD who had been leading the code, his expression becoming sullen. He’s seen his fair share of patients take a nosedive without warning, but they weren’t usually… this young. This… healthy.

“Dr. Lahey… I know you’ve only just met him, but… do you think he’s going to pull through? I-I mean--”

“Chien, you know I can’t answer that.”

>He doesn’t look up as he taps away at the touch screen, but even still, it’s clear this is eating at him.

| >>594221
“We have a bed! Transport is on their way.”

>The next 15 minutes are a surreal blur as Cass is prepped for transfer to the neighboring specialty hospital for further stabilization and (hopefully) eventual rehabilitation. Chien feels a little empty as he watches it all happen. After what feels like an eternity, the EMTs pick their cargo up, load him into their ambulance, and make haste for their destination.



| >'Quick' is a reassuring word in this circumstance. Exactly how fitting it will end up being, is the thing.
"David Foster. September 8th.."
>He finishes with the year, just as one should. It sounds like this will wrap up positively for the both of them.


| >>594005
"Follow me, then."

>Missy collects the empty box and disposes of it.

"You still feel okay to walk, right? I know Ava has a tendency to accidentally make people hurt more than they did when they came here..."

>Emotionally and physically, apparently. Ava gives herself a little knock on the head with the side of her first, as if trying to tap something back into place.

"Missy thinks I have a few screws loose..."

>... You don't use a hammer on screws, Ava.

| >>594018
"Her chart shows her as deceased. We have the data on her clinical decline prior to her expiration, as well as documentation of time of death. There are also reports of her code written by multiple staff that are all consistent with one another."

>Janne rubs at one of her temples, and sighs. Reading through all of that had been far from enjoyable.

"After I had very firmly asked him to leave, he turned and left. I did not see him again after that."

| >>594108
>The woman holds a hand to her mouth and titters to herself, finding Seeiol's statement to be quite amusing, for some reason. She chatters away as she pushes the woman in her wheelchair towards the ER at a leisurely pace.

"'Doctor', huh? I'll have to tell my boss that I've been promoted, then! Though, never mind the credentials-- it's the >>>paycheck I>>>really want..."

>She sighs rather dramatically and puts a hand to her cheek.

| >>594564

> Dusty snickers at the lame jokes. She has a hand at her ribs, but that’s more precaution than from pure pain

“She made me realise I should have come her sooner. I’m not delicate at least. I’ve had to walk five miles after taking a .50 to the back so this isn’t anything new to me.”

> She wishes she was kidding. Sometimes, dusty swore she could still feel the slug if she slept wrong.

| >>594607
"Eh? You aren't a Ger- oh, right, you must be a Gerioluo, a Nurse."
>She nods a few times
"So, huh... who's gonna be tending my wound?"

| >>594604
"Can I ask you what the name of the patient he was looking for was? And who did the surgery on them? If that's info you'd much rather not divulge I'll take no as an answer of course"
>Kamijou asks plainly

| sorry for inactivity-- will be returning shortly!

| ((safety bump))


| [Emergency Ward, Trauma Bay 4]
>"Drowning" anyone who's been stuck out in the rain for two days on end seems cruel and unusual at first glance-- however, these are extenuating circumstances. If he lives to do so, the poor GCPD officer who's landed himself in the ER will be singing their praises for this. One of the paramedics loads a bag of saline into a plastic case mounted on an IV pole, spikes the bag, and clicks the door shut.

"1 litre bolus infusing..."

| >>595533
>What little air remains in the bag of fluid is rapidly removed with a dramatic "whoosh" as soon as the clear casing is closed securely. The unit below the case, through which some of the IV tubing runs, beeps as if counting down before a loud whirring sounds... and the bags of saline start emptying at a dizzying pace. It's warm-- very warm-- within the housing that holds the fluids lies a mechanism that heats whatever's being infused before it hits the patient.

| >>594614
>Missy grins widely, and invites Dusty to follow her over to Imaging, holding the door open for the woman as she waits to proceed. Ava also gives a pleasant smile as she edits the notes she's taken regarding Dusty's exam so far, then picks up the phone on the exam room's desk, dialing an extension into the handset.

"Hi, Radiol--? Oh, >>>hello Dr. Roberts!"

>She covers the phone's mouthpiece as she turns to Missy and Dusty, mouthing something.

>"He's so precious..."

| >>595539
"I have a patient here in Urgent Care who's going to need a chest CT. Who's the radiologist on-call for UC today? O-oh-- oh,it's >>>you? >>>Ahaha, oh yes, that's-- ohhh, oh, Dr. Joga is on, too. Oookayyy~ Bye!"

>Ava hangs up, and breathes a deep sigh of relief. She gently rubs and pats the front of her stomach, murmuring and cooing to it:

"Awww, you can tell Mama got a little nervous just then, huh? It's alright now..."

| >>594646
"Ah, now I've earned >>>another set of letters after my name! Who knew it was possible to rack up honorary degrees like this?"

>She laughs shrilly, stopping for a minute to blot (fake) tears from her eyes with her sleeve. Don't quit your day job, lady.

"I work in patient transportation, miss, uh... Miss 'Seal'."

>That was definitely how she said it... right?

"A surgeon's gonna be tending to your arm. I'm not sure who, but it's probably gonna be Dr. Makube."

| >>594786
>Janne makes a clicking noise with her tongue, loathe to repeat herself.

"Tch. As I'd said earlier, her name was listed as 'Strawberry'. We weren't given any other name."

>She thinks back to the patient's long "hospital course" document... Who was it that worked on her? There had been a few names mentioned, but in the OR specifically, it had been...

"... Dr. Roy Walker, his first assist, and... some other surgeon who is not currently employed at this hospital."

| >>594229
"... Alright, Mr. Foster, you're all checked in."

>The secretary grabs a tablet from its dock on the desk, and hands it to David.

"Please make yourself comfortable in the waiting area over there--"

>She points towards where many other patients loiter and mill about in anticipation of being called to one of the exam rooms.

"-- and fill out this document to help us get a better idea of what brings you here today."

| >>595541
"No, actually Gerioliop is closer in meaning to skin sewer... it's kind of a loan word, derived from body sewer, Geriolop..."
>She fidgets in the chair
"It's huh... Seeiol, actually. Has this Dr.Makubo ever worked on someone like me? An alien, I mean..?"

| >>595547
>The woman's untrained (or perhaps just uncaring) ear isn't able to make a distinction between the two words, despite Seeiol's careful enunciation and patient explanation of each. It's all gibberish to /her/-- especially when coming from the mouth of a refugee-- or, who she thinks is /probably/ a refugee.

"Not sure, but he's >>>definitely done a lot of 'skin sewing' in his time."

>She throws an exaggerated pair of air quotes around "skin sewing".

| >>595551
"Oh... huh, alright..?"
>She doesn't seem terribly reassured... and is wondering how this women has kept her job so far
>Shouldn't medical types be more... calm and soothing? Seeiol remembers her local Geriolop was way more... elegant

| >>595556
>Good. Looks like question time's over, now. Perfect timing, too-- they're just about to pass through the ward doors and onto the unit. As they enter the ER, the woman carting Seeiol around calls out:

"Anyone wanna sign for this package?"

>One of the free nurses at the unit's central station steps over to assist in this changing of hands. She takes the wheelchair, and begins wheeling Seeiol to Bay 2.

"... She give you trouble?"

| >>595559
"Huh? Oh, no, no!"
>Seeiol, suddenly broken out of her daydream, shakes her head
"So, you'll take me to the Doctor?"

| >>595561
>The nurse nods as they enter the bay and she parks the wheelchair in its center, patting the gurney within the room as if welcoming Seeiol to have a seat.

"I take you >>>here..."

>She gestures around the room.

">>>Doctor comes to>>>you."

>She points to someone out in the hall-- a short man in a scrub cap and lab coat.

"Few minutes. Anything you need? I get... bandage--"

>She seems easily flustered. Her accent and anxiety make it hard for her to get things across.

| >>595566
"Oh, okay..."
>She sits down
"I'll huh... wait?"

| >>595573
"Not long-- not long. Here, I... go speak with him."

>She scurries out of the room, and approaches Dr. Makube. Seeiol can see some rather animated conversation between the two of them-- frequently the RN gestures to her arm, then points back at Bay 2. Makube shoos her away in the direction of the supply closet, then walks over to where Seeiol has been roomed. Stepping into the bay, he pulls the privacy curtain shut around him.

"Good afternoon..."

| >>595578
"Uh, yeah, hi."
>She seems a bit uncomfortable
"I'm huh... bleeding, and it won't stop..."

| >>595540

> Dusty notices the little moment that Ava has with her unborn baby and smiles a bit. It's not something she's ever gotten to see, much less be in the same room as. A soothing sight, in such turbulent times.

"So then I'm just gonna go there or are they coming to me? I'm still sort of new to all of this... cleanness and real procedure stuff"

> Dusty gives a small shrug, giving a nervous sort of smile that just asked to be patient with her

| >>595542
>Kamijou takes a few notes
"So she didnt have any last name huh... that's weird, and the surgeon was Roy Walker you say?"
>He lifts up his head and cocks an eyebrow
"As well as another doctor who wasn't employed here? I heard the chaos and strain caused by the blackout was big but you had to call in other specialists as well?"
>He lowers his pencil

| >>595580

"I see."

>Dr. Makube takes a few steps towards the gurney upon which Seeiol sits, her arm still draining pink fluid into the towel that's quickly becoming saturated with the stuff. He eyes the laceration cautiously... then nods to himself, changing direction and heading for one of the room's cabinets. He rummages through its contents, casually tossing supplies onto the stretcher.

| >>595585
>Missy waves Dusty towards her, ready to get going. She pauses in her haste to explain the process a bit to Dusty, trying to help familiarize her with how things are done at NSFMed... and in hospitals, in general.

"We're going to go there to get the scan. Then, we'll have you come back up here to wait for the radiologist to read the results. Once we have those... we plan out your treatment, and send you home."

>Hurry up, and wait. The true healthcare experience.

| >>595806
"Huh... so, can you close the wound? I mean, permanently?"
>Her 'blood' is awfully thick, despite being a light, almost translucent pink

| >>595810

> Dusty follows along, keeping in pace as best she can. She nods along, doing her best to figure out the way that medical issues SHOULD be dealt with. Such a strange world; she assumed GC would be nearly identical to the seedy parts of all the cities in the Southwest.

"Wow, there sure is a lot to this place. I think I prefer this over what I've had in my time. Hopefully nothing is too damaged."

> Her ribs continue to throb, so she rubs them a bit, hoping for comfort

| >>595719
"If she had a last name, Lt. Kamijou, I would have disclosed it. It's not my intention to withhold information from you-- if something is omitted, it's because my knowledge of that particular subject is lacking."

>Janne crosses and uncrosses her legs, starting to become self conscious. The more he asks, the worse they sound...

"Yes, Dr. Walker, and... a Dr. Salasia, I believe. The latter... eagerly >>>volunteered her help, I was told."

| >>595842
>Kamijou stops and looks surprised for a moment
"Salasia, as in Xiria Salasia? The world is really small isn't it. That little miss helped me recover from a mangled leg 8 years ago"
>He makes a grimace
"Just remembering it hurts, but don't mind my ramblings"
>He focuses back along with a cough
"They simply performed surgery on her but it was too late and she died... What happened after-wards?"

| >>595535
[Emergency Room, Wing 1-A, Bay 4]

>Cycle after cycle of compressions continue, spurred on by the phrases the defibrillator periodically utters in an oddly commanding tone:


>On occasion, it'll remark that it's not impressed by the performance it's witnessing:


>Prompting a switch in staff, and a break for tired hands.

"Epinephrine, 1 mg IV push! We're about to hit 5 cycles--"

| >>596015
"-- 30!! Everyone step back!"

>The paramedic on top of the officer quickly brings their hands up and away from his sternum, and respiratory freezes in the midst of their ambu-ing. Slowly, the paramedic's index and middle fingers trace their way from the patient's trachea to his carotid... There's a gasp, and then--

"We have >>>ROSC!!"

>Dr. Tannas breathes a sigh of relief, even though the show's far from over, yet.

| >>596020
>Post-arrest care is initiated immediately-- the more rapid the intervention, the greater the chance of this man's recovery.

"Another liter of NS-- cycle BPs every 15-20 minutes-- I want him on continuous telemetry and oximetry. If his systolic doesn't come up over 90 after this, call me and we'll start him on a Levophed drip."

>A murmur circulates within the room, and staff elbow one another as they whisper:

"Y'know what they say... 'Levophed, leave 'em dead'..."

| >>596021
>Dr. Tannas scowls at whomever made that particularly callous remark, and folds her arms across her chest, beginning to wish she was back in bed again.

"Stop screwing around! Sure, he might not >>>look conscious to you guys, but his ears are probably still working!! I want neuro checks on him, too..."

>She yawns through the last words of her order, and rubs at the bridge of her nose.

"We need to see if we can wake him up."

>What about /you/?

| >>595827
[Radiology Department, CT Suite 1]

>Missy chats politely with Dusty about the hospital's various policies and procedures on their stroll over to Imaging. The MA, who's used to walking at a hurried clip, intentionally slows herself down a bit so that Dusty doesn't strain herself trying to catch up.

"... and, here we are."

>They arrive outside of one of the rooms housing a part of the hospital's scanning equipment.

"Have you ever had one of these before?"

| >>596272

> Dusty does her best to follow along, both with her mind and legs. So clean and oddly nice, she thought. The question about scans did get her thinking about what she has been in.

“Well, there was someone who had an MRI he stole. He tried figuring out if there was any internal damage after I got launched off my bike. It hurt; felt like things were moving around inside of me and heating up. I don’t know if that makes sense? Other than that, nothing.”

| >>596301
>Missy, who has begun to open the door to the suite in the midst of Dusty recounting her tale, gives her patient a troubled look. So that's what that little note in the chart about magnetic machinery was referring to...

"That makes perfect sense. Not to worry, though, Dusty-- the machine we're going to use to better view your ribs won't shift anything out of place."

>The MA nods reassuringly, and pulls the door open the rest of the way to admit Dusty into the room.

| >>596344
>As they step inside, Dusty and Missy are greeted by the sight of the CT scanner sitting smack in the middle of the suite, droning quietly to itself as it awaits its next task. To its left is a small room, partitioned off from the main area by a few large panes of glass. Within this "fishbowl" is a row of desks decked out in high def monitors, behind which... sit three familiar faces. The person in the middle waves excitedly at their new guests. Missy groans.

"Oh, no..."

| >>596345

> Dusty follows close behind. The whole room looks like something out of the old blu-rays she watched as a kid. It was insane. She also sees the person waving rather excitedly. It reminded her of Fox's usual way of saying hi and she hides a laugh while waving back.

"What's the oh no for? This guy a total loser or something?"

> Maybe it wasn't nice to say, but it wasn't like she would be guessing wrong, right?

| >>596159
>Chien, who wandered over from the code in Bay 3 to assist with the one in Bay 4, begins sorting through the patient's belongings-- which have been placed in a bag at the foot of his gurney. All of them will be later accounted for on a list; right now, they're about to be ransacked in hope of finding some form of ID.

"Wallet, wallet... Come on, who doesn't carry their wallet on them?"

>The nurse digs through the bag, turning every pocket he can find inside-out.

| >>596351

> Ammunition, radio, gun... His wallet finds itself among the list, as a rectangular item, quite too long to fit in an ordinary pocket. The black leather item falls out almost peacefully, except for the hefty 'thunk'.

| >>596353

"Oh man, he was packing heat... I'm gonna have to have Lonnie lock this one up-- >>>Marcille!!"

>Marcille, who has actually been standing next to Chien this entire time as if glued to his hip, clears her throat very loudly.

"Y'don't have to yell, Chien. I'll take care of it-- just say 'please' next time, y'hear?"

>She gingerly takes the gun and its ammo in her hands, and after sealing them carefully in a tamper-evident bag, saunters off towards security.

| >>596357
>Chien opens the wallet and thumbs through the cards within, looking for a name he can shout at this guy that'll hopefully get him to groan or open his eyes or /something/ in response. He's done this quite a few times before, but even with that experience under his belt, it still feels invasive and downright disrespectful.

"Ah, here we are! Officer..."

>Officer what?

| >>595814
>Seeiol is still waiting for an answer, and seems kinda stressed out

| >>595814 >>596363

>Seeiol has not been forgotten-- anything but-- rather, Dr. Makube has been setting up his supplies in a manner that will allow him to cleanse her wound. Once prepared, he begins to do so meticulously: carefully examining the wound border, the tissue within... He irrigates with normal saline, washing away any debris present. Seeiol's question does not go unheard... but at this time, however, Dr. Makube feels it's too soon to answer. He continues his work.

| >>596359


> Under the bold printed letters, lie softly the full name, 'Felix Ina Hazard'.

| >>596375
>Makube dabs at the laceration carefully with a wad of sterile gauze, trying to figure out just the right amount of force to use to wipe away the clotted blood. This /is/ thick...

"... Tell me about your biology."

>The request almost sounds evasive, but Seeiol may be able to discern from his tone that Dr. Makube intends to use this information to help her heal.

"I need to know what you are."

>He retrieves a pre-filled syringe from the bedside table-- xylocaine.

| >>595544
>David handles the tablet carefully regardles of how much use it's seen. You can break something new and you can break something old. Simple.
>Speaking of breaks, he also breaks from the line and winds around to the waiting area to get himself situated. If he's lucky enough to have a place to sit for the moment, then he takes it and does a once over of what exactly he's supposed to fill out.

| >>596377

>Yes. Yes!! We have a name. "Felix." Let's hope you have nine lives, like your countless feline counterparts. Hopefully, by bringing you back, we'll learn what it is what killed you-- drawn like a moth to a flame... Chien places a hand on the officer's shoulder, and gives him a good shake.

"Felix. Felix!! Can you hear me?"

>He moves his fingers inward, and grips the man's trapezius between his thumb and forefinger... then, gives it a good twist.


| >>596347

>Unfortunately... in the process of "calling 'em as she sees them," Dusty's guessed right. The person at the desk grins like a fool when they see her wave back in response, and turns to gush to the person beside them about what's just transpired.

"... Yes, but I'm not allowed to use those exact words. That's... Dr. Roberts, one of our Radiology residents. He's been acting all high and mighty since the Blackout. It's driving us all insane."

| >>596385

> Dusty feels the blood rush from her head downwards. Great, she though. Another kitty that she’ll have to play nice around, which was never her strong suit. She decides to half whisper, half shout, her thoughts

“well, if he’s like my roommate, I might have this guy recognise, Make and model included.”

> was that an easy reference? She hoped it was. Her next words were loud and clear.

“So!! You’re who’s going to give me a hand, right??”

| >>596382


> The officer comes to life as he is shook, eyes opening, but not widening in nature.

"Wheh... Where...What...!?"

> He begins to recoil, attempt, weakly, to sit up and back away from the officer in his current state.

| >>596375
"Huh... alright..."
>Seeiol's wound does not seem too deep, and the thick blood makes the bleeding slow, the biggest concern should be infection
>On her arm is a set of viscous membrane opposite the wound, clearly she isn't human, if the pink blood wasn't enough to go by

| >>595938
>Janne opens one of the smaller drawers of her desk, and sifts through the collection of documents piled inside. Being the head of Patient Relations, most are write-in components of the Press-Ganey surveys they have people complete during or after their stay. Nestled among them is a worn-looking business card-- Xiria's. She slips it out from beneath the mess of paper, and holds it in front of her nose.

"Yes, I believe that's the doctor in question. Small world, isn't it?"

| >>596461
>Janne resists the urge to give Lt. Kamijou a stupid answer to what /she/ feels is a stupid question.

"After the time of death was called, she was taken off all life-sustaining equipment, wrapped in a shroud, and was transported to the morgue by Dr. Walker and a member of his team... or, well, she was supposed to be. Her body was never found down there."

>They all disappeared at around the same time, almost as if they'd vanished into the air... Janne sighs.

| >>596386
>Dr. Roberts leans forward and taps something on the desk with... a little more force than necessary. There's an awful shrieking sound, followed by an ear piercing ringing-- microphone feedback. This is all immediately overshadowed by the amateur radiologist's voice blaring through the suite's speaker system:

"Y-yes, yes!! That would be me! Dr. Harold Roberts, at your service~"

>He adjusts his position relative to the mic several times, trying to control the volume.

| >>596388
>Chien backpedals in shock as Felix responds much more vigorously to his name and painful stimuli than he'd expected when he'd first began trying to wake him.

"A-ah-- hey, >>>hey-- lay down, lay>>>down--!!"

>The nurse puts his hands on the officer's shoulders and taps them both, trying to get him to settle down lest his heart rate begin to spike from stress.

"Y-you're okay, Mr. Hazard-- you're in a hospital, you're okay--!!"

| >>596489

> It doesn't take him long, hardly a moment to freeze upon his interaction. Felix remains a little more calm as he analyzes the situation the best he can.

"Hospital... Y-Yeah, okay. Okay."

> He tries his hardest to remain alert, as the rush falls and he begins to shake. He does as told quite simply-

"How'd... When did I get here?"

> His breath remains short, keeping him from being excessively clear.

| >>596470

> Dusty's largely used to loud noises out of nowhere, so the feedback doesn't bother her. Seeing the guy fumble has Dusty laughing. He was a dork too. But he at least looked like a well-meaning dork.

"Well, I'm glad you don't handle ear stuff then. Someone else could go deaf from that, Fallout Boy."

> Did she even listen to herself as she talked? Probably not. Even less now that she had to deal with her injuries.

| ((Safety bump))

| >>596462
>Kamijou nods
"At about which hour was the death confirmed?"
>He jolts a few things down in his notepad

| >>596490
>Chien quickly motions to one of the few nurses who remain in the room post-code, waving them over to him and Felix.

"Can I get some blankets from the warmer over here?!"

>As he waits for his coworker to grab some clean linen, Chien slips a nasal cannula over Felix's face, and titrates the O2 flow via the valve on the wall to 2L per minute. Not too much, but not too little. Staff arrive with the bedsheets, and Chien tucks the officer in... A pig, in a blanket. Ha, ha.

| >>596835
"T-try to take some deep breaths through your nose, Mr. Hazard..."

>Chien tries to coach Felix through his air hunger-- some of which is undoubtably due to panic and anxiety induced by his unexpected and unfamiliar surroundings.

"Y-you... you got here a little less than an hour ago. You were f-found... unresponsive, in a building with no roof..."

>Giving report to your fellow RNs is easy. Doing the same sort of thing, but to a patient is... not. Chien sighs.

| >>596836
"Um... a-are you... are you having any pain, Mr. Hazard?"

>Chien does not do well with patients who have just been resuscitated-- he's not a particularly welcoming "welcome party" for those just returning to this plane of existence from beyond the grave. He's too distracted by the thought that they'll suddenly get cold feet on him and slip between his fingers.

"... Wish 'Kawa was still here..."

>She had a knack for this kind of thing.

| >>596838

"P-Pains? I mean... My head, but..."

> He hesitates to continue after hearing everything said by Chien. He clears what's not sore of his throat and speaks up more.

"N-No pains. Just a bit of shock, sir."

| >>596492
>Dr. Roberts immediately releases his hold on the mic's input button as soon as Dusty calls him on his glaringly obvious incompetence with audio equipment. The shorter young man sitting next to him clicks on his own, and side-eyeing Dr. Roberts, says dryly:

"Check one-two, check one-two, testing..."

>He switches his mic off, then glances at Dusty, smirking as he raises an eyebrow at her. The third person in the booth rolls her eyes, and folds her arms across her chest.

| >>596845

> Dusty begins to burst out laughing, her ribs stopping her and causing her to cough instead. Still, it's funny to see everyone reactions so she doesn't mind in the slightest... nor hid her laughter either.

"Gods, please tell me they're not a comedy trio"

> She directs it towards Missy, but doesn't consider how sound-proofed everyone else is.

"At least one of them knows what they're doing."

| >>596842
>Chien notices Felix's hesitancy and decides to push him a little further for answers-- the more information, the better-- it'll allow him to intervene quickly in the event things go downhill.

"Y-your head hurts? Mr. Hazard, I don't want you to minimize anything you're experiencing right now-- what's going on with your head?"

>The nurse pulls out his pen light and begins checking Felix's pupils for a response as he shines its beam in each eye.

| >>596853
>Missy looks skyward and shrugs with a sigh, a rueful grin on her face. Answering "yes, they're a stand up group" is dishonest, but saying they aren't is also untruthful...

"I haven't figured that out yet-- you'll have to report your findings to me when you come back upstairs!"

>She giggles as she brings Dusty further inside the suite-- they come to stand by the table of the CT scanner, and one by one those in the room of glass file out its door to meet their patient.

| >>596993
>First out of the room is a lithe, serious looking woman with long, thick dark hair, and darker eyes. She pushes her glasses up on the bridge of her nose as she walks over to Dusty and the MA, and straightens her labcoat so that it almost "flows" around her as she moves. It's uncertain as to whether or not her stern expression is intentional, or is simply a serious case of resting bitch face.

"Dusty, this is Dr. Joga. She's the attending radiologist who's on today."

| >>596993
>Next is Dr. Roberts, who seems as though he's going to trip over his own shoes several times as he follows Dr. Joga around like a lost puppy on their trip over to meet Dusty. As he draws closer, it's apparent that he's... overdressed for this job, and in the worst way possible. The resident sports a rather loud, patterned bowtie and some garish oxfords that clash with his rather plain shirt and slacks.

"You've met Dr. Roberts--"

"Please, call me Harold!"

| >>596993
>Last to exit is the young man who dunked on Dr. Roberts after his blunder with the in-suite sound system. He stands much shorter than his two coworkers, and is noticeably more stout. A shock of unkempt red hair covers his head, and freckles dot his face.

"And this is Alex, one of Radiology's technicians. He'll also be assisting with your scan today."

>Alex gives a very casual wave as he plants himself next to his officemates.


| >>596817
"... I believe her time of death was around 2 or 3 AM."

>It had happened around the time one of her secretaries was shot point blank in front of everyone else at registration... a nightmare they're all still recovering from. It's bad enough that some staff were injured in the midst of the Blackout-- but even worse is the fact that there were a small few that were totally lost to it.

| >>596991

> With no sensory response to the light, it's would be impossible to tell if he noticed it without wincing to the sudden contact, as the pupils are non existent; glass like, foggy grey eyes reflect the light back with clear vision of the nurse's self.

"I mean, it's a mild head ache..."
> The officer sighs, balancing his neutral mood.

| >>596380
"I'm from the People of Ko, Manoko. I suggest you don't touch my blood directely... it's pH is -1."
>Seeiol gulps as you dab at the wound, strangely enough, there is no clotting in the blood
"Our blood and internal fluids can kill any bacteria... but the big problem is that our wounds don't heal by themselves... and I don't enjoy the sensation of dripping blood everywhere..."

| >>596996

> Dusty eyes up the doctors, almost as if she was trying to size up who would be the biggest catch among the three of them.

>Immediately, Dusty see Joga as the one who keeps them in line. Have respect for any woman who's always serious but also, be wary because they know something one doesn't.

>Harold seemed like the total opposite. He'd be worth a fee to even process; someone so low down Dusty wouldn't even bother. He even made Fox look smooth and charming. Yikes.

| >>597001

> Dusty keeps sizing them all up. Alex looks like someone that would give her issue. The kind of guy to pretend he's all smooth and slick while really just making it all up along the way. Why else would he act all cool after seeing his coworker get ripped on? If Joga is the known danger, Alex is the ambush.

"It's nice to meet y'all or whatever. I guess you're gonna get a good look at whatever the hell is wrong with me, right?"

> She gives her ribs a tap to show it.


| >>597013
>Chien pulls a face once he gets a better look at Felix's eyes-- what's going on here? His corneas are like sea glass-- there's no way someone could see through that haze! To test this theory, he holds up his index finger.

"Mr. Hazard... I need you to touch your nose, then touch my finger, please. I know it sounds odd, but this is important."

>He nods. While he tries to get an idea of the officer's capacity for depth perception, he continues his little interview.

| >>597567
"Before waking up here... what... do you remember, if anything? Do you know how you got to where you were found?"

>Chien tries his best to keep it simple, but he finds it a little difficult given there's so much mystery surrounding this man's admission. A cop, found unconscious in an abandoned building with no evidence of trauma... Was he left there by someone, led there by someone? Chien chews on the inside of his cheek as he ruminates on this.

| >>597567

"Er, okay..."

> Hazard easily puts his forefinger to his nose, however only barely missing the finger of the nurse. He hardly overshoots, and touches fingers precisely on the second attempt.

"Before I woke up here... I-I-yeah, I remember ending shift, I..."

> He stops to think, an intense gaze held to the floor through the ominous haze.

"I took my squad car to the den, I-"

| >>597109
>Dr. Makube makes a low humming sound as Seeiol warns him about how caustic her bodily fluids are, and nods sternly before donning a second pair of gloves. If it's good enough for chemo...

"... I don't suppose you would."

>What's with this guy? He's kind of an oddball. The surgeon pauses as he turns over the information she's provided him with in his head.

"... What do >>>your doctors normally do to help repair wounds like this?"

| >>597574
"Usually they graft skin from people that can heal their wounds without using their lifespan... Err, don't worry about the second part. They just do skin grafts."
>She coughs to hide her awkwardness
"But I doubt you'd have skin like mine just lying around..."

| >>597202 >>597205
>All three members of the Radiology team in CT Suite 1 nod with varying degrees of enthusiasm. Dr. Joga decides to speak for everyone, as she's long proven herself the least likely to say something stupid or regrettable to a patient.

"That's correct. I was told we were doing a scan of your chest today? Broken ribs?"

>While Joga makes sure they've got the right gal, Alex steps over towards a panel on the scanner and starts tapping something onto its screen.

| >>597580

> Dusty mentally fistpumps, happy she nailed down their leader instantly. She cracks a small smile though, forgetting that other people are still around.

"Sounds about right. I really hope they aren't broken though. That would make s- umm...my usual job difficult, as it already has. Radical. I'm excited to get this over and out."

> She figures keeping her guard up would be best. There's no telling what could happen here

| [NSFMed UC, Check-In/Waiting Area]
>Medical assistants continue to step from UC into the waiting area to call the names of those waiting both patiently and... impatiently to be seen. Everyone there always looks up simultaneously, like a bunch of prairie dogs-- which is amusing to watch, but not so much to be a part of.

"David? Is David here?"

>Hopefully, he still is. There /are/ patients that get so fed up with waiting that they leave before they're seen, after all.

| [Orthopedics Department, Exam Room 6]

>Dr. Rose has left Ryan to his own devices as she's exited the exam room to search her office for the photo he's requested. Good thing he's her last patient today, because this con of a consult definitely would have butted into her other appointments if he'd scheduled any earlier... Ugh. Can she even actually call him a patient, at this point?

| >>597587
>CN crosses his legs, shaking it in irritation as he waits, hoping that he isn't being duped and security is on it's way over.

| >>597588
>There's a knock at the exam room door.

| >>597589
"Come in."

| >>597590
>The door opens partway, however the person entering isn't visible-- the room's privacy curtain is still drawn since the exam remains in progress. From where he sits, Ryan can see shoes beneath the hem of the curtain-- did Dr. Rose trade her heels for loafers? Loafers... four sizes too big for her?

"Val? You in here?"

>A voice, gruff, low. She must have taken up smoking, and-- wait a sec... they asked for "Val".

| >>597592
>He opens the curtain to look at whoever this newcomer is. Keeping his bag close in hand... just in case.

| >>597594
>Ryan pulls back the curtain to reveal a gentleman with his hand outstretched, having been about to do the same.

"... Not in here, I guess."

>A man with average stature and impeccable posture stands in front of him, clad in collared shirt and slacks, a labcoat on top of it all. He has that kind of "just tidy enough for work" look to him-- his salt and pepper hair is styled, but looks like it could use a trim-- and he could probably stand to shave, too.

| >>597596
"Sadly no, I'm just here for a consult with Dr. Rose."

| >>597597
>The man stares at Ryan for a moment, then speaks again, slightly slower and with just a tiny bit more enunciation of his words than before.

"... Yes. That's... who I'm looking for. Dr. Valerie Rose."

>He looks at Ryan questioningly, then throws a quick glance about the room. He raises an eyebrow as he happens to read the room's computer's screen-- "SESSION SECURED: VALERIE ROSE, MD."

"... Have you seen her already?"

| >>597599
"Um... yes, though she said she should be back soon."

| >>597603
>The man pulls something small and rectangular from the pocket of his labcoat, and holds it up to his face, squinting at it. His gaze quickly shifts back to Ryan.

"Did she say >>>she was calling someone for a consult?"

>He looks at Ryan expectantly.

| >>597605
>The man shrugs, neither confirming or denying whether she did or not.

| >>597607
>The fellow in the lab coat grunts at Ryan's non-committal response to what is really a very simple question. Did this kid forget the words for "yes" and "no"? Is he going to have to have him start blinking to answer him instead? As he contemplates this-- somewhat seriously-- there's another knock at the door.

"Ryan? Are you still there?"

>The man sharing the exam room with Ryan utters a simple "Ah." He moves aside so the door can open unimpeded.

| >>597719
"Dr. Rose?"
>He asks towards the voice as he peeks over the open doorway

| >>597722
>It is, indeed, Dr. Rose. There's a soft "tick" as she sets foot on the tiled floor of the exam room, and the door creaks slightly as she begins to shut it... revealing the man who had partially obscured himself behind it. She exclaims in surprise--

"D-Dr. Edison! I-it's a surprise to see you here..."

>Dr. Edison is quiet for a beat, before matter-of-factly reminding Dr. Rose that...

"... You paged me for a consult. I'm supposed to be here."

| >>597735
>He glances towards Dr. Rose, and shrugs towards her not unlike he did with the man earlier. Deciding him trying to come up with an excuse for her would just make things more confusing.

| >>597737
>Dr. Rose shoots Ryan a glare, peeved over the fact that her "patient" has chosen to play dumb and put her on the spot, rather than fess up to this all being some convoluted act. She quickly wipes her sour expression from her face as she scrambles to correct her previous statement.

"A-ah, I just... didn't know you held the on-call pager today, that's all."

>Dr. Edison's gaze shifts to Ryan, and remains there, unwavering.

| >>597742
"... Alright. Is this the case you wanted me for?"

>Dr. Edison steps forward to stand beside the exam table, next to Ryan. Dr. Rose has two sets of eyes on her, now, which is not helping her spin her tale any faster than it's unraveling.

"Y-yes... Ryan fell down a flight of stairs during the Blackout, and since then he's been having generalized chest pain. I'd suspected broken ribs, and thought I noted inflammation in some areas, but..."

>She trails off.

| >>597743
"Yes but its thankfully mostly healed now. Hence her confusion up to now. I was lying and didnt confess until after she paged you, apologies for what may seem to be a waste of time."


| >>597744
>Dr. Rose wrestles with the urge to spring forth from where she stands and cram Ryan's words back into his mouth, because he's now just made this so, so much worse. Dr. Edison, having moved to sit at the computer, folds his arms across his chest and fires away, having no qualms about playing hardball with his patients.

"So, you lied about the chest pain, fine. How did you know for a fact that your ribs were ever broken, though?"

>He scrolls through Val's incomplete note.

| >>597970
"I already had a consult for it awhile ago at another clinic. Simply put I was just a private detective investigating a lead. Admittedly this has gotten a little out of hand, but I found most people arent open to questions out in the streets."

| >Dr. Rose looks at Dr. Edison, nonplussed by this turn of events.

"Dr. Edison... what... do we do about this, legally? He's stable, and we can only take his word for things-- but--"

>Max sighs, and gives his resident a knowing look. He's about to have a conversation with her that he's had several times already.

"But, you want to do your due diligence, right, Valerie...?"

>She nods. Rose proceeds to voice her other thoughts, and asks Ryan:

"Can we get an x-ray of your chest?"

| >>597973
"If you want."
>He simply replies

| >>597975
>Dr. Rose is clearly relieved--grateful, even-- while Dr. Edison is beginning to look impatient. With a sliver of sincerity, he mutters:

"Great. Thank you for cooperating."

>He takes a moment to enter the order, and looks about ready to take his leave.

"Did you say you were investigating a lead on something?"

>Dr. Edison locks the computer and turns to face Ryan, his hands in his lap. If the PI chooses to speak, Max is going to keep this off the books out of respect.

| >>597977
"Yes I'm searching for someone in the community, Dr. Rose knew him so I came to talk to her about him."


| >>597986
"The 'community'?"

>It's not immediately apparent to Dr. Edison what "community" Ryan is referring to.

"You're... looking for some no-faced schmuck living in GC?"

>Why would he go through all the trouble of faking a few broken ribs for that?

"Listen, I know you said most people on the streets aren't open to being asked questions, but... If you want information on some everyman, that'd be the best place to find it."

| >>598181
"No, no. I meant someone in the *healthcare* community. Another doctor in fact. He goes, or at least went, by the name of Dr. Shears."

| >>598186
>Dr. Edison strokes his chin thoughtfully as he gazes at Ryan, blinking slowly. There is what looks to be the tiniest hint of recognition on his face as he toys with this possibility that entered his head-- this is too much to be a coincidence.

"... I remember answering a post about this on /u/ a few months ago. You... wouldn't happen to be the OP, would you?"

>There was someone who had mentioned a 'Dr. Shears', and Max had offered to direct them to Valerie, at the time.

| >>598189
"Most likely, I frequent the site and have asked about him there as well."

| >>598190

>Dr. Edison hums to himself, and scoots his seat back so he can lean comfortably against the wall of the exam room.

"I would've been happy to set up an interview with Dr. Rose for you, had you asked-- I guess it's not your style to do things the straightforward way?"

>He shrugs.

"As a PI, I guess that's in your nature, though... It's too bad you didn't come sooner. There used to be another doc here who seemed like he knew something about this. He posted, also."

| >>598193
"You wouldnt happen to know where they went do you? I can always just find them on my own."

| >>598194
>Dr. Edison sighs, and shakes his head.

"No idea. He disappeared the night of the Blackout. If I'm being completely candid... I wasn't his biggest fan, so I can't say I'm broken up about him not being around anymore."

>He taps the toe of his shoe against the floor a few times.

"He didn't seem like the kind to ghost. If anything, he would have clung to this place for dear life-- that's straying from the topic at hand, though."

| >>598197
"Do you at least know his name?"

| >>598198
"Oh, sure. Dr. Roy Walker. He seemed somewhat close to... whatever it is you're investigating with this guy. He'd asked about it several times."

>Max turns his gaze upward, as if reaching into the recesses of his memory for something.

"... Now that I think about it... I thought he said he was going to talk to Ken about the whole thing?"

>Dr. Rose looks at Max quizzically.


"Dr. Makube-- Kenta Makube? From downstairs?"

">>>Oh, Dr. Makube..."

| >>598200
"Is there something up with this... Dr. Makube?"

| >>598204
>Dr. Edison squeezes his eyes shut and rubs the bridge of his nose, grimacing.

"... I generally tried to tune Roy out when he talked, so..."

>He tucks his chin to his chest, and scoffs. He looks like he's getting irritated... or like he's getting a migraine... or both.

"Roy was the only person who could get Ken to open up, and... I think he came over from the same place as this Shears guy?"

| >>598207
"Mmm... do you know what department he works in?"

| >>598209
"Downstairs. He works downstairs, in the ER. He has some experience with Plastics, as well, and handles a lot of our patients with extensive or severe burns."

>Max points an index finger towards the floor.

"... He's kind of an odd duck... Birds of a feather, right?"

>He snickers to himself. Valerie seems a little confused over the entire exchange.

"Dr. Makube worked at NCGen before coming to NSFMed?"

| >>598214
"I think I'll talk to him next chance I get then. Thank you for the information."

| "... 'The next chance you get'? If faking complaints for consults is how you go about conducting your investigations, are you planning on ending up with 3rd degree burns sometime soon?"

>Dr. Edison gives Ryan a rather dubious look, then addresses Dr. Rose's question.

"And, so I've heard, Val."

>She nods, then hands Ryan a folded piece of paper. Max looks on, eager for this to be over so he can get back to showing Dr. Angus around.

"... Here. I circled him for you."

| >>598218
"Well no, but given the info provided I should have another means to get his attention."
>He replies to Dr. Edison
"Thank you Dr. Rose."
>He states as he opens the picture

| >>598219
>Dr. Edison shrugs. Might as well take his word for it and wash his hands of the whole ordeal-- guy's a PI, he's probably got connections.

>The picture shows a small group of young professionals in white coats gathered in a semicircle around a man in a well-tailored suit. Ryan can see a young Valerie standing to his side, and she's beaming proudly, as are her colleagues. The clinician in the center looks vaguely pleased.

| >>598227
>The quality of the image and the print makes him look a little fuzzy-- he's a little shorter than Valerie, or appears to be. Shears has unkempt dark hair, and a rather worn-looking face: tired half-moons fill the area under his eyes; you could cut paper with those cheekbones... A prominent scar is worn on his upper lip. He stares at the viewer. The background appears to be a hallway in the administration area of the hospital.

| >>598231
"Mmm... how long ago did you say this picture was taken?"
>He says, eyeing the features of the man in the picture, searching for some sinister intent that's not there.

| >>598233
"... A year and a few months ago? Maybe a year and a half?"

>Valerie muses to herself, while Dr. Edison raises an eyebrow, having previously assumed Ryan was being handed some literature Shears had been cited in.


"... Yes. Ryan wanted to know if I had any pictures of my research group back at NCGen that included W--... included Dr. Shears."

>Dr. Rose looks troubled, and puts a hand to her mouth after she stutters.

| >>598246
>He gives her a look, but decides not to inquire further, taking a picture of the... picture, before handing it back to Dr. Rose.

| >>598247
>Dr. Edison also notices her misspeak, and then falter. As Ryan hands her back the picture, Max can see the gears in Dr. Rose's head starting to mesh as she stares at the image on the paper.

"... Everything okay, Val?"

>Her eyes narrow into a slight squint. She's concentrating on something.

"... Yes, I just... his first name... I'm having some trouble remembering it."

| >>598249
"Did you always have trouble remembering it?"

| >>598253
"Well, to be honest it's... not exactly something I have to remember often, and... it was something I only heard dropped a couple of times-- and not from him."

>Dr. Rose scratches the side of her face as she thinks to herself.

"I... really haven't thought about my time at NCGen since I arrived in GC. I've been so busy getting acclimated..."

>Dr. Edison rises to his feet, and pats Valerie on the back.

"Not for nothing, but... you're doing a good job, Val."

| >>598307
"Hmm... excuse my forwardness but, do you have any augmentations Dr. Rose?"

| >>598310
>Dr. Rose's face colors slightly as Ryan proceeds to ask her what could be considered a rather invasive question. Dr. Edison, having grown weary of this conversation and not wanting to cause his resident further distress, slips past her towards the door.

"N-nothing is off limits for you, is it..."

>She touches her fingertips to her forehead, and gives a shaky sigh. It's his job to be persistent, though.

"... A minute, Dr. Edison?"

| >>598320
>Dr. Edison places his hand on the doorknob, and nods as Dr. Rose asks that he excuse himself.

"You can have >>>several, as many minutes as you want, Val-- social hour's over-- I have to get back to work."

>He throws a quick glance over his shoulder before vanishing behind the curtain, and stepping out.

"Don't forget the x-ray. Your plan for treatment is fine regardless, though."

>Having given his 2 cents as a parting gift, Dr. Edison exits the exam room.

| >>598321
"Just want to be thorough, I'm sure someone in your position understands. Although given that response it seems like the answer is a yes..."

| >>597585
>David's no exception to the rule, though it's a given he's been more focused on the tablet in front of him.

"Uh, yes?"

>He lurches forward, caught in between the act of sitting down and standing up. He's gripping the arm of his chair.

| >>598330
>"Understands"? "Understands" /what/?! Understands wanting to be thorough? Sure. Understands how to be a cooperative participant in an investigation-- not really. Dr. Rose inhales deeply, then gestures emphatically towards her long, shapely legs.

"Look, these are >>>real, okay?! I saw you eyeing them-- they're>>>natural!! Don't use your 'position' to creep on your leads, you scummer!!"

>Hoo, boy. He's done it now.

| >>598471
>He frowns
"I wasn't implying your legs. I was mainly asking about internal cybernetics like brain implants or something."
>He rubs his hand on his forehead, wondering how he always ends up in this situation.
"Is your legs a sore spot or something? I mean you did seem uncomfortable in that low chair earlier but geez..."

| >>598476
"They just..."

>Dr. Rose sighs, and wraps an arm around her midsection, rubbing the side of her other arm bashfully.

"... They attract attention, and because of that there rumors and jokes that float around the hospital."

>Uncomfortable, she decides to backtrack to Ryan's original query.

"I-I have a cyberbrain, and a very small augmentation that helps to boost my memory. That was implanted when I returned to GC."

| >>598477
"Well fuck 'em then. They can say what they want, you should be proud of your body."
>He clears his throat
"Anyways, is it possible that someone could had tampered with it since you returned? Particularly with your memory?"

| >>598477
>Dr. Rose flushes a deep scarlet, and stops hugging herself, absentmindedly beginning to wind a lock of hair around her index finger. She's not one to divulge personal details, especially insecurities, so this has got her all out of sorts. Her heels click against the tile as she shuffles her feet, before gathering her thoughts.

"H-how would they do that?"

| >>598483
"Well do your augs have matrix connectivity? Wireless or wired? If only wired, where have you connected directly to?"

| >>598484
"Oh... they're only wired, wireless seems dangerous to me. I heard there was a woman in the ER a few months ago who was almost fried through her implanted commlink. I don't take any chances like that."

>She shakes her head and holds up a hand as if swearing to Ryan that she's above participating in such risky and reckless behavior.

"At the end of the day, there's a little device I sync with. Think of it like an external hard drive."

| >>598489
"Is it like a work drive? Or something you got yourself? Can I see it?"


| >>598491
"Hmm? Oh, it was something I got myself, though I have one for work, too. They look almost identical, so every once in a while I bring the wrong one home, and have to wait until the next day to sync..."

>She rubs the back of her ankle with the toe of her shoe, embarrassed.

"I can't let you see the work one, unfortunately. That contains patient information that needs to remain confidential."

| >>598778
"That's fine, is it okay if I can the personal one?"

| >>598779
>Dr. Rose's expression hardens, and her lips pull together in a tight frown. Her foot returns to the floor in front of her, and she widens her stance slightly. That's enough. Even /if/ she's being paid in the midst of this interrogation, it can only go so far.


>Wait ... hadn't Dr. Edison implied that he'd given this guy her name? She might have to perform an interrogation of her own...

"... No. Not now, anyway."

| >>598874
"While I'm willing to help your client, I'm still working right now, and you're still technically my patient-- so, I've >>>still got a job to finish. This has also gone a>>>lot further than simply discussing Will's whereabouts. I don't see where tampered memories could play into this-- nothing was ever mentioned about that-- nor do I appreciate the suggestion that my memories have been compromised."

| >>598875
"I meant no offense, its just... my clients attempted hit was through a hacking of her augs that are similar in nature, so I just wanted to be thorough. I suppose we'll get that x-ray now then doctor?"

| ((Hump))

| >>599049
(george takei voice) oh, >>>my...[/spoiler]

>Dr. Rose remains still-- it's unclear as to whether or not she's contemplating something, or just letting the seconds tick by in an attempt to make her phony patient uncomfortable.

"... We can meet again to discuss this further-- when I'm off the clock, and you have some kind of proof that you are who you say you are. I'll have Etta bring you to Radiology."

| >>599114
"That is... understandable."
>He sighs, annoyed that he is being road blocked but there is nothing else he can do for now, simply going along with what the x-ray for now.

| ((bump))


| [Radiology Department, CT Suite 1]
>Alex snorts loudly at Dusty's choice of slang, hastily covering his mouth to muffle whatever snickering is to follow.

"Is something the matter, Alex?"

>Dr. Joga pauses in her efforts to confirm she's scanning the right person to glance over her shoulder and glower at her assistant.

"Oh, no, it's-- a-are you sure you got the right girl there, Isobel? B-better... check her date of birth twice..."

>"She talks like my grandma..."

| [Emergency Room, Wing 1-A, Trauma Bay 4]
"You took your squad car to the den, and...?"

>Chien leads him on, prompting Felix to finish his sentence and continue his account of what transpired /before/ he was found laying like a piece of human jerky in the middle of an abandoned building. The nurse then offers Hazard his hands.

"Squeeze my fingers? Do it as hard as you possibly can, Mr. Hazard."

| >>599597

> Dusty hears Alex and sees him try and stifle his laugh. Dusty silently cursed her being right, yet again, with her sizing up of the docs. She frowns slightly and shoots an icy look at him.

“Oi, you got a problem with what I’m saying? Maybe I could clear your ears real quick with a punch after my checkup.”

> She hopes that the guy won’t actually respond to that threat. She was less serious than usual. Something about potentially broken ribs just damped her usual self


| ((bump, will be back tonight))

| >>599757
>Alex raises his eyebrows, and bites the inside of his cheek as he tries to keep himself from grinning-- his lower lip wobbles for a split second, but he regains control. He's delighted. You got the right one, Alex.

"Careful you don't break another rib over there, g/u/rl. Looks like you've already lost a few vertebrae..."

>He continues to calibrate the scanner, and Dusty can see the machine's table adjust its height and depth a few times while the tech works his magic.

| >>597575
[Emergency Room, Wing 1-A, Bay 2]

>Dr. Makube opens a package of roll gauze into the sterile basin he's just unwrapped, then unscrews the cap from a bottle of a mysterious solution he'd placed on Seeiol's bedside table earlier. As soon as the bottle is open, the room begins to smell of bleach. He pours the liquid over the gauze, not enough to totally saturate it, but just enough to get it all damp.

"... No... not right now, we don't."

| >>598369
[NSFMed UC, Check-In/Waiting Area]

>The MA calling David's name motions to him frantically, tucking his tablet under his arm and waving the man toward's UC's entrance with both hands.

"Come on, come on, I have to get you in a room--!"

>He looks over his shoulder a few times as he waits for David to join him where he stands... actually, "waits" is generous; he looks like the type to just scamper off if his patient takes even a fraction of a second too long to get up.

| >>600259
>Seeiol scratches the back of her neck with her uninjured arm
"So... huh... what are you going to do?"

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