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(Setting) GCPD TF-008 Recruitment Office

| >Established after a recent push in Anti-Corruption and Organized Crime laws, GCPD TaskForce 008 has been given the mandate and means to investigate not only notorious criminals, but also many corporate elements...
>Although established more as a means of propaganda than anything else, it's employees are more than ready to prove their worth and skills
>The recruitment office had barely been made public, situated in some dilapidated building within Neon's countless alleys

| >>593414
>a boy with brown hair wearing a strange headset walks on scene
>his eyes are a hazy amber and he walks remarkably silently
>if he didn't approach in clear view it might have been difficult to notice him

| >>593415
>The building is in obvious disrepair, but the door is open, and the lights are on
>Inside is a small, cramped staircase leading downwards and upwards, the tiles on the floor are dusty and cracked in spots

| >>593416
>his eyes glow blue for a moment as he scans around the area
"Not a lot of places for you you to hide felicia.
I know your behind me"
>he says with a sigh

>following that a redhead catboomer steps into his line of sight
>she is wearing a GCPD SWAT uniform with some extra leather bits, must be another cop
"Hmph! Certainly i had you this time!"

"Cant out stealth the one teaching you...yet...
This the building of that squad you wanted to join right?"

"Yes this should be it"
>she smugly agreed

"Good then ill be off.
Call me if you need me"
>the boy walks away, leaving the girl to scale the stairwell

| >>593418
>Up the stairs takes you to a small corridor, a simple wooden door lies across the stairwell, a plate on it reads: 'Task Force 008, GCPD Office'
>There is noise inside, along with voices
"Where does this thing go again?"
>The voice of a women asks
"With the other stuff, in the backroom."
>A man answers

| >>593419
>she simply knocks on the door maintaining absolute silence while finding something to hide behind

| "Come in."
>The man says through the door

| >>593422
"Coming in now"
>she enters the room
"Hello my name is felicia nairn
I am here to apply for TD-008?
I come from SWAT squad 57 and was trained in police sniping"
>she salutes standing full attention

| >>593423
>The room is a large office space, filled with boxes and dust, large windows adorn the wall, giving the place plenty of light
"At ease. So you're here for the interview then?"
>Behind one of the desk sits a tall man in his fifties, with grey hair and a mustache, sporting glasses and a trench-coat
"Hiya there."
>A women with shortish green hair and a suit is also here, sorting boxes, she looks quite unprofessional

| >>593427
"Hello ma'am"
>she then turns to the man
"Yes sir i would like to apply "
>at ease she goes However its clear she is still somewhat tense
"Am i to list my skillsets or go through some type of trial?"

| >>593429
"Well, that'll be for the chief to decide."
>Another women enters from stage left, seemingly coming from a secluded office
>With long cream-colored hair and blue eyes, she seems to be in her late 20's, and heavily augmented, with a complete robotic right arm
"Talking about the chief. This here is Akiba Isuoe."
>The women looks you over and extends a hand
"Akiba Isuoe, I'm the chief for Task Force Eight."

| "Is this it?"
>A man mutters to himself as he approach the site. He is wearing a full combat gear, with mostly Russian equipment. His rifle he has slinged over his shoulder however, is a "C" variant of ths Polish FB Beryl Assault rifle with an EOTech hybrid holo sight on it.

| >>593433
>The building's door is open, and you can hear noise upstairs

| >>593432
>she quickly salutes before taking her hand and shaking it
>the grip is good but its obvious under her calm demeanor she is somewhat nervous..yet also eager

| >>593439
"Alright, why don't you follow me into my office so we can get the boring stuff out the way? I'm looking forward to working with you."
>She begins walking towards the office
"And Alec, I want that budget report in the hour. Illya is gonna be swinging by for it. Hazama... you keep doing your job."
"Aye Aye Ma'am!"
>The women salutes exaggeratedly

| >>593441
"Yes ma'am"
>she joins her

| >>593442
>Akiba takes you to her office, unlike the rest of the place, it seems quite clean and presentable
"Take a seat."
>She points the chair opposite her own
>On the walls are various pictures of Akiba and other members of the force, along with a lot of pictures of herself, a shorter blond women and an older man, probably family
"So, mind if I ask you why you wanted to join our force? Let's just say that our work is... unconventional."

| >>593445
"Yes ma'am"
>she takes a seat while looking around for a moment, then snapping back to topic
"Why do i wish to join this..?"
>she ponders on the topic
"A few reasons honestly.
The first is that i feel like i can actually be of use here.
In my old squad we were never deployed, and when we were it was always to some white whale or some ridiculous threat that would Probably be more fitting for the national guard rather then the police."

| >she sighs
"And if i may run my mouth a bit ma'am.
It feels like something is off.
You ever notice in times, the entire police force is grossly incompetent?
But also inconsistent in its incompetence?
Im pretty sure channels were even hacked once and some runner started giving patrol cars orders.

Yet then other times it takes charge and gets everything important done?

I was hoping this squad would be one of the actually useful ones."

| >>593448
"So people have noticed. Glad I'm not the only one. Yeah, the force is too inconsistent and useless."
>Akiba leans back
"That's why I formed this Task Force. To get things actually done. And to stop runners and corps from walking all over us. We need to serve and protect the people, not vested corp interests..."
>She sighs
"Well, you told me you were trained in sniping? Mind telling me any details? Training school, and the like."

| >>593450
"I got training at [XXXXX] marksmanship academy. For law enforcement type defensive marksmanship.
Standard course, all the everything drilled to me in 50 hours like everyone else.

However as of late i have been taking private training from a former GIGN operator for military marksmanship and fieldcraft."
>GIGN huh?
>isnt that one of the most renowned counter terrorism groups.
>based in paris France

| "His methods are...markedly different from police standard, and his training his absolutely hellish.

Yet i feel like i am learning and improving way more then with the basics"

>she then puts her hand on her shoulders
"Just...everything hurts after a training session..."

| >>593453
"GIGN, huh? I'm more the investigative type, but Alec is former White Knight CTU. Might want to consult him later."
>She nods
"Well then, got your ID and papers, I presume? I'd like you to hand them over. Honestly, I got no reason to refuse anyone from the Force. Doubly so if they are of actual use in the field."

| >>593454
"Ah yes ma'am here you are"
>she scurrys around her satchel for a moment then pulls out a folder containing all necessary information
"Im pretty sure information of this recruitment and formation was leaked by a runner with contacts in the police force.."
>she sighs

| >>593455
"Oh yeah, that was me."
>She takes the files and checks them
"I'd rather take the good runners than the bad cops. And plus, we need expertise like that. Hell, our Tech Provider is openly a Shadowrunner, and a pretty notorious one."
>She puts the files away in her desk
"Alright, let me finish up by doing a small background check."
>She takes out a cord from her augmented arm and cleans it thoroughly
"Any data ports or augments?"

| >>593458
"No ma'am just a cat boomer"
>she wiggles her "cat" ears
>first left then right, then both at the same time
>oddly cute
"No modifications or augmentation to speak of"
>she shakes her head
"Wait does that mean you are openly contacting tech providers?"

| >>593459
"Just one. Illya Steins, she'll be passing by soon. Owns a Tech Clinic as a front in Neon."
>She finishes cleaning whatever the cord is
"Well, that'll make this complicated... can you lift your hair and show me your nape? This might sting, but don't worry, it won't be more than that."
>At the tip of the cord is a long needle-like thing
"You might of heard about what my augs are for."

| >>593461
>she shivers at the thought
"One moment"
>she retrieves a mouthpiece from her satchel and puts it in her mouth
>she raises her red hair and prepares to bite into the mouthpiece to cope with the oncoming pain
"Ohkwah goh"

| >>593462
>You feel a prick as Akiba jams the needle into the back of your nape
>She then taps something on her hands and goes silent
>Her eyes are rapidly moving wildly, as if she were in deep sleep... it goes on for about 30 seconds before she snaps back to attention and unplugs
"Alright, seems clear enough. Thanks. Don't worry about the wound, needle has a compound to stop the bleeding and close up the wound."

| >>593463
>she shiver again
>shes ok with pain...but something about it being in the neck is...scary to her
"Its fine">she says as she takes out the mouthpiece
"So where do i start?"

| >>593464
"Well, cleaning is the first order of priority. But you should introduce yourself properly to the other two, and ask them to do the same."
>She stands up and puts her cord away
"Well then, consider yourself a member of our force, Felicia."
>She takes out a box from a shelf and opens it
>Inside are badges and insignia
>She hands you one of each
"I'll get us proper badges later. For now this'll do."

| >>593468
"Yes ma'am, thank you"
>she snaps them unto her uniform
>then she salutes
"Please excuse me"
>and leaves the room

>when outside she looks for ways to make herself useful

| >>593470
>Outside the office, Hazama has vanished somewhere and Alec is now sorting through the Force's gear
"Oh? I'm guessing it went well by how quick it was."
>He chuckles
"Welcome to the team, Felicia. I'll introduce myself properly. I'm Alec Green, Lieutenant in this Task Force, and the pencil pusher. If you ever have any questions about anything, ask me or the Chief."
>Hazama comes back in, yawning
"Tossed the boxes in storage, what next?"
"Check the other rooms, then."

| >>593473
"Hello ma'am"
>she almost salutes, but fights the urge as she already saluted her earlier
>she moves in to help arrange all the boxes
"Where can i help?"

| >>593475
>Hazama seems to notice you
"Oh, guess you passed. I'm Hazama Ino, nice to meet'cha. I'm the intel officer here."
>Alec turns to Felicia
"How about you help Hazama check the other rooms on the third floor and basement? We could have a use for them."

| >>593476
"Likewise sir. I hope we all get along"
>then heads to the basement
"Right away"
>pulling a small dust mask from her satchel while doing so
>juuusst Incase its really dusty in there

| >>593477
"Well then, get to it."
>Hazama exits the room and begins scaling the stairs
"You take care of the basement, shouldn't be too bad down there."

| >>593480
"Already there!"
>she yells from down the stairwell
>then dons the dust mask and opens the door, feeling for a light switch of the lights are off

| >>593482
>Down the stairs is a large store room, filled to the brim with boxes and other messy things, seems like all this was left over by the previous tenants, best be rid of it
>Whether you throw all the boxes away or search them for curios is up to you, but time is finite

| >>593436
>The man walks into the building and up the stairs

| >>593559
>Taking the stairs up leads you into a cramped corridor where a wide open door leads you into the office space proper
"Hm? Someone else?"
>A tall older man with a mustache looks at you
"Chief, someone else is here."
>He speaks loudly

| >>593564
"Is this the recruitment office for the new task force?"
>The man asks the "Chief"

| >>593565
>A women in her late 20's walks up to you
"Yes it is. The name's Akiba Isuoe, you are?"
>She extends a hand

| >>593567
"Kuba Wojciechowski, well met, miss Akiba"
>He shakes Akiba's hand

| >>593533
>on one hand shes curious, on the other she wants to get work done
>soshe hauls the boxes out, but not before peeking into any of the more interesting ones to see whats inside
>she most likely wont find much with this unless its immediately apparent

| >A short woman arrives on the scene, rapidly surveying the building before going in with a decisive strut, she wears a large coat over a plain white shirt and a short skirt coupled with several belts and a... A sword hanging from her waist.
"Is this the right place? Excuse me!"
>She says as she arrives at the top of the stairwell

| >>593568
"Yeah, likewise. How about we move to my office and I'll ask a few questions."
>She sends a glance to the man, Alec, and heads for her office
>The boxes you sift through mostly contain papers and other baubles of unsure worth... but in the midst of it all, you can also see pieces of old tech, mostly terminal pieces
>Alec turns to face the newcomer through the door
"Hm? You here for the recruitment?"

| >>593630
>The girl standing in the entrance twitches and turns to face the man, looking up at him from her venerable 140 centimeters
"Yeah, I did, I'm the Ex-white knight Weisswind, pleased to meet you"
>She salutes in an orderly fashion, her blonde fluffy twintails moving along as she does.
>For someone so short she has quite a good voice her figure also betrays the traits of a grown woman, she's clearly not just a child wearing a costume.

| >>593634
"...Reminds me of that Oni."
>The man nods
"Well, the Chief is busy right now, so how about I handle you? We got time on our hands, and we need more hands fast."
>He sets all the papers on his desk away
"Take a seat."

| >>593630
"Of course"
>Kuba follow Akiba to the office

| >>593637
>Akiba takes a seat in her office
"Well, take a seat. Care to tell me why you wanted to join the Force? You don't look like GCPD to me."
>She leans back, her eyes glowing while she fiddles with a bunch of papers

| >>593638
"I'm just concerned about the state of the city"
>The man starts
"I spent 5 years in Polish military and 7 years in NDSec Foreign Unit, fighting all over Russia and Europe, yet I have never seen a city as taken over by corpos and infested with runners as this. And if I may, the police force here seems a bit... backwards in performance"

| "I see, so you have a lot of combat experience. Any experience in law enforcement or peace-keeping? Our work might involve dealing with crowds."
>She scratches her neck
"Thankfully, we have Alec to deal with the Press. So no need to worry about journalists."

| >>593641
"I was deployed in the NDSec Foreign Unit but I was trained in security, counter-terrorism, and peacekeeping to a certain degree, as well as some first hand experience on the field, as any other NDSec Operatives. I'm more specialized in assaulting strong points and acting as the QRF, however"
>Kuba answered

| >>593630
"Hey so who owned all this anyway?"
>she yells up the stairwell while rearranging as necessary
"Mostly just junk"
>she says to anyone in particular

| >>593636
>Weisswind smirks
"I'm not quite like her, I actually have restraint."
>She sits down on the cleanest chair around and looks at Alec
"Ready when you are"

| >>593642
"Well that's a relief. You got your papers to finalize employement? I'll also need to run a background check with my augs."
>She pulls out her chord
"Alright, so you're a former White Knight like me right? Which unit?"
>Alec takes a pen and paper
"Also need your full name for legal stuff."
>No answer comes, seeme Hazama is busy on the third floor... that or slacking off

| >>593652
"Hey you busy?"
>she just shrugs it off and continues moving.
>However curiosity drives her to take out the terminal peices!
>maybe someone can reassemble it! Free computer for the task force sounds like a nice idea

| >>593655
>The basement is empty besides you and honestly, speaking to yourself isn't good
>The pieces still seem operational, albeit a bit dusty, using them should be a piece of cake

| >>593664
>she takes out a phone and calls someone
>they pick up in a matter of seconds
"Hey instructor? Do you know how to reassemble a terminal"

"Wasnt i ju-nevermind.
Lets see, send me some pictures"

>felicia sends takes some pictures and sends them too her contact
>after a bit of back and fourth she attempts to reconstruct it

>this is all assuming that she can actually call him

| >>593665
>Cell Reception is poor, but present, as it should
>You put the pieces into place... but it seems like a bit of delicate rewiring will have to be done, which nessitates tools, time and finesse. None of which are convientely lying around the cramped basement

| >>593652
"The full name is Monika Weisswind, I was apart of the fourth squadron of the Enforcer division in the White Knights"
>She flashes an ID and a WK badge as if to prove her identity

| >>593668
"Yeah i cant do this alone and i dont know if you are allowed in here...
Mind if i take it to you later so you can fix it?"

Is that all? Gems asking for lunch"

"Whos gem? Anyway yes, that is all"

>they hang up

>pocketing her phone she places the terminal components aside and continues moving.
>then she looks to see if there is an empty box or something to put the parts in

| >>593669
"The 4th? Damn, I was in the Fourth before I left the WK for the force."
>He seems to reminisce for a second
"Alright, so I'm guessing you got the basics down. Crowd Control, Peacekeeping and the like, Police stuff."
>He checks the IDs and hands them back

| >>593676
>Monika smiles and takes her IDs back
"Aa, mostly peacekeeping and riot control as well as capturing targets and all those other things, I got a bit too old and left before the whole Eve fiasco but I always felt like something was missing since then, so here I am"
>She says with an earnest expression

| >>593671
>Well, there are boxes everywhere, cardboard galore, Storage-palooza
>There's gotta be empty boxes somewhere... or you coukd empty a box of it's junk to carry your slightly less junk

| >>593677
"I get that."
>Alec nods
"Well, the Chief will check you once she's done and then we can get to work."

| >>593678
>she looks around,gotta be something empty..
>aha! Theres one!
"Who fills a box with another box?!?"
>she takes a box, with a box in it and removes the inner box
>then puts the computer parts in it and heads upstairs carrying her haul
"Hey im back"

| >>593652
"Of course, here you are"
>Kuba take some papers from his assault backpack and hand it to Akiba

| "This is it, it seems."
>A gray-haired young man tilts his head up towards the staircase as he pockets a phone.
"Anybody around?"
>He shouts, listening for a reply. A massive rifle is slung over his shoulder, pointing up towards the sky.

| >>593680
"Sure thing"
>Weisswind simply gets up from the chair and starts looking around


| >>593775
"Hmm... everything seems in order. Thanks."
>She cleans her cable's needle with a soft cloth
"I'll need you to show me your neck, or any dataport you have please. It might prick."
"Hmm? You finished cleaning that fast?"
>Alec seems surprised
"Wish Hazama had even half that drive..."
>Alec hears the shout and sighs
"Well, here comes another one."
>He inhales sharply before replying to the boy with a loud voice
"Just come on up."

| >>593884
>Kuba take back his papers and show the back of his neck to Akiba

| >>593884
"More or less. Only so much you can do without somewhere to properly dump it all."
>felicia shrugs

"So who owns all that anyway
Found some old terminal parts i think we can use"

| >>593884
>The young man starts up the stairs at the shout. He enters, ducking to keep his rifle from catching on the doorframe. His eyes are hidden behind silvery bangs.
"I'm here to apply for the new task force. Who should I talk to for that?"

| >>593885
>Akiba prods you with the needle, before shutting her eyes
>After a second, she pulls it out
"All right, seems fine. Welcome Aboard."
>She extends a hand
"Right place, but the Chief is kinda busy right now. Although she's gotta be done soon."
>Alec signs another paper and puts it on a pile

| >>593902
"Sure thing."
>He sits down on the floor, leaning against the wall to wait for the Chief.

| >>593902
>During the memory probe(If it works like I think it does) you probably have noticed that some of his old squadmates called him "Erik", his nickname maybe?
>Erik turn around and shake your hand
"Thank you"
>After the handshake he asks
"What should I do now, ma'am?"

| >>593902
>Weisswind looks up at the new arrival and then back at Alec with a smile
"Seems like that AD did the trick, not many units can just have people come in to ask to be apart of them you know?"
>She chuckles

| >>593980
"Go ask Alec if anything needs doing. He'll direct you."
>She cleans her needle again
"Alec, bring in the next one."
"Well that's true. You can go see the Chief now, Weiss."
"After she's done, I'll send you in."
>He picks up his pen and resumes work

| >>594109
"Of course"
>Erik then walks out the door and over to Alec
"Any work needed to be done?"

| >>594112
"Hmm... you know how to do basic paperwork?"
>He asks while adjusting his glasses

| >>594114
"Not really"
>He reples

| >>594115
"Alright, then could you head upstairs abd check on Hazama?"
>He moves his papers
"She ought to have been working."
>He sighs

| >>594116
>He heads upstairs

| >>594109
>Weisswind moves up to the office, knocking on the door frame a few times
"I was told I could meet you now, The name's Monika Weisswind"

| >>594119
"Yeah, come in."
>Akiba invites the girl inside

| >>594117
>Upstairs is another corridor, in the same fashion as the one on the second floor, but more dusty and drab
>A bathroom is to the left, lodged in a tiny corner of the building. To the right is a set of two rooms, mostly filled with old furniture and more boxes
>A green haired young women is sorting through said boxes, grumbling to herself

| >>594419
"Hazama, I presume?"
>Eriks says as he walks up to the woman

| >>594431
"That would be me, yes?"
>She turns to you
"What do you want?"

| >>594723
"Alec told me to check on you, I'm Kuba Wojciechowski, new recruit here. Pleasure to meet you"
>He holds his hand out

| >>594331
>Weisswind does so

| >>594735
"Now that's one heck of a name."
>She shakes your hand
"Well, since you're here, mind helping me sort all this stuff?"

| >>594870
"Well, nobody really calls me by my full name anyways, just call me Erik"
>Erik explain
"Yeah, sure. I will help"
>He looks at the boxes and furniture

| >>594785
>Akiba looks at the new arrival and extends a hand
"So Alec interviewed you? Guess that just leaves the background check."



| >>595057
>Weisswind shakes the extended hand
"I'm eager to see how you do it, and how much you can see"
>She says with a somewhat giddy voice

| >>594959
"Hell yeah. If a box is filled with boring shit like paper, it's prob ours, if it's filled with cool shit, it isn't. Put any boxes that ain't ours in the closet over there."
>She points to a closet near the back
"Gonna call the garbage collectors to get rid of them."
>She takes out her needle and cleans it
"Well, I hope you aren't scared of needles. Gonna need to jam it into your neck."

| >>595497
>Erik walks over to the first pile and starts opening the boxes

| >>595497
"I'm fine, I've received plenty of shots before"
>Weisswind says plainly, taking off her large coat and flicking her hair out of her nape

| >>595718
"Alright then."
>Akiba jams the needle into Weiss' neck and remains still for a minute
>She then unplugs it and cleans it once more
"Seems clear. Welcome aboard, Weisswind."


| >Erik pick a box with paper in it up
"Where do I put the boring shit again?"

| >>596352
"Huh? Leave em' in a corner or something..."
>Hazama sighs
"Man I love spring cleaning."

| >>596360
>Erik does so, and back to opening and check boxes, rinse and repeat until some interesting stuff show up

| >>595954
"It's a pleasure I guess. I hope you didnt see anything too embarrassing, got a lot of things I'd rather not be made fun of for"
>Weisswind says with a chuckle




| >>596419
"Don't worry about it, it's just a very basic check. Barely see anything."
>Akiba chuckles
"Alright Alec, call everyone back, we'll take care of cleaning afterwards, time for the first meeting!"
>Alec gives a thumbs up and shouts
"Everybody get over here, time for a meeting!"
>His loud voice is easily heard throughout the building

| >Erik heard that, and rush downstairs

| >>596852
"Man, finally some action. Well, a meeting at least."
>Hazama follows closely behind Erik

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