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(Setting/Bar)The Hazy Moonlighter

| >it open mic night and the moonlighter is open for business once again!
>the bar is mostly quiet tonight as it only opened up a few hours ago the only remarkable sounds to be heard are the idle chatter of some of the regulars and the squeaking sound of ol frank cleaning some glasses under the counter like always
>above him is a chalk board acting as a menu
>various drinks both traditional and BTC are listed down in pink chalk
>alongside some interesting house mixes and food items

| >it seems to be a normal nigt with not much going on
>old reggie is still there for now, talking with frank about some island or maybe some old urban legends

>cassie and gem are on full blast tonight as orders are coming in for food at a quicker pace then usual
>at least for a moment as it dies down quickly as you walk in ,prompting the staff to perform the customary bow
"Hello there and welcome to the moonlighter!"

| > A loud metallic thud can be heard outside. The door opens as Fox walks in, dusting himself off of the soot and grime from the outside air. His usual messenger bag is replaced with one that looks like it's at least triple the thickness, yet the same size. He walks in, waving happily

"Tadaimasu! I'm here to run a job? I brought by big bag even, since i was told to. Who sent the message??"

> He looks around, not sure who even commissioned him

| >>593172
"Whaddup foxy boi"
>the bartender in the blue vest waves him over

"Hiii fox!"
>gem waves hello while serving tables

| >>593173
> Fox waves hi enthusiastically at Gem. She’s always so adorable. He then turns and sits at the counter in front of Cass. His bag rustles and sounds of metallic clinks can be heard within. What other jobs might he have today?

“Hi Cass! Were you the one who needed a courier? Let’s talk my pricing!”

> Fox pulls out a list from a pocket in his bag. It looks official. Pricing options are listed on it, with a “high risk” option included, even

| >>593226
"Honestly whatever you prefer
I just need you to get these papers to the farmers market administrator."
>he hands over a folder containing some papers
"Nothing illegal or dangerous unless you are allergic to dairy or something"
>he chuckles

"The other thing is equally as simply.
remember that one person that sent me the over elaborate flower insult?
Well i feel as if they are still mad at me for whatever reason so i was hoping you would send some food i cooked to them"

| >Liz walks through the door and waves. She looks more scuffed up than usual and has on an eyepatch
"Hey I'm not late for once."

| >>593242
>as always gem runs over to give liz a hug!
"Hiii miss liz!"
>warn and soft as ever

"Hey there liz"
>frank waves

"Hello there lizzy"
>cass to, before looking quite concerned
"Uhh everything ok with your eye?"

| >>593247
"Hi Gem. It's nice to see you."
>She hugs back
"Hey Frank. How are you?"
>She looks over to Cass and lifts the eyepatch. Every few seconds some sparks can be seen in the socket where her eye once was. There is smoke coming from the slot on her arm and you can see some blood spots under her waistcoat.
"Everything is fine. I just encountered an issue while I was out and about."

| >>593249
I hope your ok! That looks painful
>as always gem hugs tight before letting go and returning to serving tables

"In fine but uh-"
>he stutters while cleaning some glasses

>cass just whinces
"Should i fix that for you?
You know i wont take no for an answer"
>he half worriedly chuckles before sighing just a little bit under his breath
"I get worried you know."

| >>593251
"I don't really feel anything. It's how it's always been."
>She puts her bag on the counter and it makes a heavy thud. She opens it and inside are a multitude of tools, a spare set of eyes, a change of clothes, and a drum magazine. Along with the usual stockpile of energy drinks
"You can help if you'd like. I have a lot to do before I can get to work though"

| >>593252
"Well get better soon!"
>gem kisses her on the forehead *then* returns to work

"Whoa drum mag, err yeah lets get you fixed up"
>he walks over to liz and takes her hand, leading her to the medical bench in the backroom

"Oh thank god"
>frank exhales after they leave, had not knowing what to say
>he quite frankly (ba dum tiss) isnt the confrontational type..

| >>593254
"Thank you Gem."
>She places a red rose in Gem's hair as she goes back to work.
"Yeah there's still a lot you don't know about me"
>She goes or the back with Cass.
>She then rolls up her sleeve and twists a knob and the depleted drum mag drops to the floor. She loads the new one in the slot and closes it.
"It's always a pain to load these things up"
>She then non-chalantly begins to change clothes in front of Cass

| >>593256
"Then all the more reason to get to know eachother no?"
>he chuckles
>then liz begins stripping
>not expecting that at all he immediately averts his gaze from liz, maayyybeee his cheeks are red

| >>593235

“The documents would be no problem. Just a basic 850z charge. I think I’ve been there before too, so getting there will be easy.”

> he thinks about the second job, unsure of how to break the news to Cass

“So about the other job... the client immediately torched the flower delivery. And then sped off somewhere and didn’t return for two days. So I might have to charge extra just because they might react that poorly again. 2500z, to be exact

| >>593260
"Ill give you ten thousand and well call it good?"
>he hands over a black credstick while putting some fud in various plastic containers
>wait did he just say ten thousand?!?!?

| >>593261

“T-t-ten th-h-thousand? I’m sorry. There’s no way I could accept such a sum. That’s way too much for a routine job, even with the risk tripled! J-j-just 3350z is enough for the job.”

> such a sum wasn’t anything insignificant to Fox. That money would be good for vanity things, but his humility had to take precedent. Would Ayanami-sensei proud of Fox if he took the money without a second though? Absolutely not.

| >>593266
>he just laughs at foxes flustered-ness
"Haha! Oh im sorry the money is already transferred"
>he knocks his head while closing an eye and sticking is tongue out
>waow, how animu of him
>the knowledge of this causes him to laughs just a bit more

| >>593268

> Fox blushes a deep grey, but shakes his head intensely, forcing his skin tone to reset itself. He adjusts his bag and simply sighs. He digs for his tablet and readies the invoices

“Just fill these out then please. And no more extra money, onegai.”

> poor lilim; he doesn’t know how to not be humble

| >>593271
"Yes yes of course"
>he signs
"Hmmm but if you cant accept...then how about as a credit?
In case of unexpected events during delivery?

And if nothing happens then just keep it and use it as my payment for any commissions in the future!
How does that sound?"
>he albeit slightly smugly, presents a little solution to Fox's conundrum

| >>593272

> Such a suggestion sends a refreshing blast of coolant through his body: a great suggestion to make him feel more legitimate as a business

“Oh! Yes! Then it’ll be a retainer for your business. I think that can work just fine. I’ll be able to give your deliveries priority as well, provided other clients arent offering more.”

| >>593273
"Alright then!
So you staying for a drink or just going to head off?"

"Where do you even get all that money man?">frank asked with

"Ohhh frank sweet summer child you.
Thats what happens when someone works 3 different jobs and never spends any of money he gets from them.

It adds up"
>cass chuckles

"Rich kid cant even be bothered to get a phone though?"

"Hey you cant judge, dont you use a flip?
I know jusg hos good the moonlighter pays so i know you aint broke"

| >>593257
"What does it look like? I'm changing"
>She finishes changing and she puts the expended drum mag into her bag

| >>593315
>Impulse walks into the bar... then he sees Liz changing clothes
"Whoops, sorry for interrupting"
>Then he leaves

| >>593315
"I-in front of me?!?"
>cassie is Completely flustered by this, now knowing at all hoe to react
"I-i am happy your comfortable enough around me to do this but i mean...i-its a bit much!"

(Lol they in the backroom, cant see em dum dum)
"Hello there and welcome to the moonlighter!"
>frank bows
"What can i get for you today pulse?"

| >>593347
(Then he heard the "What are you doing" part)
>Nope, he's gone

| >>593347
"Eh. You'll get used to it."
>She adjusts what looks like some electronic components in a panel in her am and closes it.
"Alright, I'm ready to get this eye fixed"

| >>593478
>he turns back to liz and inhales for a moment and shakes it off via light face slap
"Is that an offer or are you just teasing~"
>he chuckles, then walks over to her and gets out the tools from the med bay
"Lets see what the problem is"
>he raises the eyepatch and inspects the damage

| >>593481
"More of a tease and a bit of a warning"
>There seems to be quite a bit more damage to the inside of the socket than she led you to believe. Some components are melted together and wires seem to be either missing or entirely destroyed

| >>593489
"...ohhh boy this may take a moment.
Thats a lot of damage"
>sadly flex seal wont cut it this tims
"Forgive me if this tickles or stings"
>he first gets started on the melted parts, looking and analyzing each one to see if its safe for him to replace. Asking liz as necessary, then actually replacing them if possible
"Mind if i ask how it even got this bad?"

| >>593491
"Uhhh. Long story."
>She adjusts her tie
"It'll be more suitable to tell another time"

| >>593275

> Fox checks his tablet for any appointments he might have on that day. Surprisingly, all of his meetings are in the Motor District and weren't until later at night

"Looks like I can stay! Can I please get an.... umm..... how about a sunshine cloud?"

> He gives a big grin, as if he was really looking forward to his drink

| >>593492
"Alrighty i wont push"
>then he gets to work re welding and replacing all the wiring
>using any wires provided by liz and those in stockpile at the medical bed
>being sure to be as careful as possible as to not hurt her,
"You ok so far?"

"Sunshine clouds for mister fox"
>frank mixes the drink and slides it over
"Please enjoy"

| >>593498
"Yes. I'm doing fine"
>Her head jerks involuntarily
"I've had worse"

| >>593501
"Well just remember that we're always here for you"
>he finishes the last of the welding
"So if anyone in particular did this just say and ill teach em a lesson!"
>he proudly exclaims
"Now then, for the eyeball"
>he attemps to attach the eyeball to the socket

| >>593503
"Thanks. I can manage though. Remember I was built for this kind of nonsense. You can die. I can't"
>She buttons up her waistcoat
"My eyes are due for an upgrade anyway"

| >>593506
>hopefully in it goes!
"Yeah heheh"
>he chuckles
"I wasn't joking"
>his eyes glow blue and a pink fog begins to trail behind him...reminiscent of a foxes tail
>then it all abruptly fades away
"Anyway, all better now?"
>he smiles

| >>593508
"I have to run a check on it to see if everything is running smoothly"
>The new eye begins to glow a bright red and starts fluctuating in brightness.
"I always hate running diagnostics on new bits"

| >>593511
"Somehow i can relate"
>he sits there somewhat worried while waiting for the all good
"Feels are weird and some of the bigger stuff gives me a headache.."
>he shivers

| >>593513
"Everything tends to be a headache nowadays"
>Her eye begins to shift colors and fluctuates in brightness
"Seems like the red detection in this is a bit off. Oh well."

| >>593516
"Mmmm if you want i can get you one that does.
Probably by tomorrow"
>he says while donning a apron
"..keep forgetting to wear these.."
>he straps it on
"So you ready to get to work?
If not take all the time you need."
>he says while walking to the door

| >The door opens and in walks a tall Lilim with white hair done up in a bun. She walks across to the counter and sits down, eyeing the color-shifting eye.
"Can I get something sweet please?"
>She looks and sounds a bit tired maybe.

| >>593670
"Right away"
>frank begins mixing a drink
"Sorry i know you look tired, but can i ask for an ID?
Regulations and all..sorry"

| >>593520
"I'm not too worried about it. I'll adjust."
>She pulls a small bag from her usual bag
"I'm not quite ready yet. Go on without me for a bit. There's something I've been meaning to try out"

| >>593672
>The Lilim reaches into her long coat and produces an ID card.
"Here you go"
>She hands the card to Frank. It reads "Aurum, mental age: 28, deployment age: 6".
"You know, I've heard a lot of good things about this place. I haven't really had much of a chance to get out and find myself in a bar."
>She takes a passing look at the other patrons and workers, resting her eyes on the boy with the blue vest. Her eyes seem soft, or maybe just weary.

| >>593734
"Alrighty then, just call of you need us"
>he heads back to work

"is miss liz ok?"
>gem asks

"She should be fine gem.
I hope"


"Yeah that checks out.
Here you go"
>he pours the mix in a cosmopolitan glass and slides it over
"One sugar rush, please enjoy"

>cassie notices her gaze
"You need something miss?"

| >A man in a suit walks in, falls over, drags himself to the bar and turns his head up to see the bartender.
"Can I uhh... get a cup of coffee please..? I don't trust vending machines.. and the coffee machine at my place broke.."
>He drags himself up to a seat and sits up.

| >>593806
"Welcome sir to the moonlighter"
>frank bows as you enter
"Right away.
Not a cafe but we can make some coffee yeah"
>frank gets started grinding some beans
"Take a seat!

| >>593805
>Aurum sips the Sugar Rush, savoring the sweet flavor. She perks up a bit at Cass's voice.
"Oh, I'm sorry. I think we've met before. Where was that... I was someplace white..."
>She stares into her glass, thinking hard. The drink woke her up a bit, but her memory isn't running as fast as it could.
"Oh! The truck! You visited our vendor truck a while back, didn't you? I never forget a face. Or a vest, in your case."
>She's smiling at the picture-like memory snapshot.

| >>593811
"The magic truck with that one guy you were eloping with?"
>he chuckles
"You must Forgive me if i am incorrect, i tend to find myself in a lot of places."
>he looks down at his vest
"Vest? I was wearing a jacket there though...this is just a vest i wear to work"

| >>593812
>Her forehead scrunches up.
"You were behind someone, right? A girl... Am I blending my memories again? I'm sorry if I misremember. This was a big problem a few years ago."
>She takes another sip, this time bigger.
"Eloping? I guess it's a bit like that. It's strange how fast acquaintances become friends, and friends become lovers."
>She says, still smiling.
"It doesn't feel that long ago that we met in that blacked-out alley."

| >>593813
"Oh thats cute"
>he chuckles
"Oh and the girl.
Yeah shes over there"
>there is infact there, However she seems busy serving tables
"The guy finds you terrifying if i recall.
Something about a gorilla lady."
>he thinks
"Might have been something else though.."

| >>593815
"He does say stuff like that, like I'm some sort of strict old housekeeper. Really, we were both scared of each other to a degree. He was, and still is, very loud. I think he just wants to be tough."
>She gulps down the rest of her Sugar Rush.
"Do have someone like that? Someone you are terrified of, but can't seem to get enough of?"
>She looks over with a smile at the girl serving tables.

| >>593819
"Nope. Not really."
>he sighs, then thinks for a moment, genuinely trying to find someone that would fit those conditions
"...yeah...not a single person."
>he looks..empty for a second..before returning to his normal facade
"Can i get you anything else?"

| >>593821
>Aurum shrugs off her initial surprise.
"Oh, uh, yes! I'd like another something. Maybe a something that's fresh? Like morning, not like flowers...
>She's having a hard time putting thoughts to words.
"Sorry if that doesn't make sense. I'm just looking for something to wake me up a bit. Get me out of this tiredness..."
>Her weary face has lifted somewhat, but you can tell she is still not all here.

| >A young girl with white hair and green eyes enters and walks over to the counter. She seems familiar.
"I'll take a ginger ale with rum"
>she taps on the counter as she says this

| >>593823
"Of course.
Wait actually frank was serving you.
>without a word frank mixes up a drink
>and pours the mix in a champagne flute
"One mimosa, im not as good as cass with these though but im confident im still pretty good"

"Hello there ma'am and welcome to the moonlighter"
>the staff bow
"Right away"
>cass begins mixing
"Mind if i ask for an id?"

| >>594017
>Taking a long sip of the drink, her eyes lighten.
"I've had quite a few Sugar Rushes and whatnot, but I've never had a... Mimosa? I think I like it."
>She is smiling again now, but this time it seems more genuine.
"My friend is off doing some work for..."
>She pauses thinking twice about what to say.
"Forget him, actually. I'm here to have fun for once, and I can do without even thinking about him tonight. I just want to have a good time."

| >>594022
"Some type of French drink they have with breakfast.
Champagne and orange juice, so i dunno man champagne for breakfast sounds nuts"

"Cheers to a good time!"

>some of the random patrons in the tables in stalls call for a cheers upon hearing that

>frank joins them!
"Cheers! Haha! Dont mind them they cheer literally everything"

| >>594017
"No problem"
>She slides her ID over the counter. From the looks of the ID, it's obviously not her. It belongs to Liz.
"It's been quite some time since someone asked me for ID"

| >>594061
"Checks out.
Wait wha-"
>cass takes a moment to process
"How did you change your look so fast?!?"
>he just sighs, then begins laughing and giving her applause
"Thats a good trick.
You got me hah!"

| >>594065
>Her hair turns back to her actual color and she takes out her contacts
"It's something I've been wanting to try out for a while now. What gave me away? Was it the clothing?"

| >>594072
>he hands over the id and slides liz the drink
"Two things really.
The first is that i actually have a similar trick.
The second wellll....~"
>he keeps second silent, teasing liz as to whawhat

| >>594076
"Oh really. I'd be interested in seeing that sometime."
>She takes a sip
"I figured since I have the whole PI license I might as well start to use it"

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