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{News}Ryugujo sail path has been announced!

| The artificial island of ryugujo , a large man made island and cruise liner has just announced its tour path for this year!

Starting from its home port at harumi cruise terminal at tokyo sea port
It will sail its way to kyoto, then korea, then finally here in Glitch City!

The islands administrator the mysterious oto-hime has stated that "there will be special gusts attending and that staff are excited for new patrons to serve!"

| As such fees for its admission are slowly being announced!
However there is no news for GC just yet, so you all better keep your hopes up!

From what we hear, the island features a full hotel, dining, entertainment modules and more!

Some residents in the know are incredibly excited for its arrival! Stating
"Ooh i need to save up for that now!"
"That would be the perfect place to go with my girlfriend!"

>more news to come so stay tuned!

| >manmade island cruise
Hoes mad up in here

| Huh these seems kind of interesting, too bad we'll never be able to afford the prices most likely. -CN

| More luxurious stuff, let's destroy them

No, Ivanov, Impulse gonna fucking kill us if we do. Remember last time you try to pry something open with a crowbar?

| >update
Although ticket pricing remain unknown Ryugujo officials state that it will be temporarily posting up job positions for security and wait staff for the duration of its stay

Pay is said to range anywhere from 500-2500 nuyen an hour as well as the privilege to utilize any facility as if one was a guests when on brake as well as special treatment in other facilities

However there are very few positions that will be open so those interested must act quick!

>stay tuned

| Doesn’t seem too bad of a temporary job, when will people be able to send in applications?

| Impulse, can I go apply for security job?
-Red 9

Sure, I will have others cover for your part if you want

| >update
The mysterious administrator oto-hime has announced that she will be visiting the city ahead of the ryugujo to personally conduct interviews for the temporary personnel candidates!

It is rumored that she is already at tokyo airport for her flight to the city!
However such rumours are unconfirmed

>More news to come!

| Hmhmmm~ Sounds exciting! Wonder what kinds of things will happen~

| Hmm... -CN

| There's sure to be plenty of interesting people from distant places on board, right? I really want to see what I can find.

| I'm really looking forward those jobs

| >updates
Rumors have been confirmed to be correct and miss oto-hime has arrived in GC mere hours ago!

She has announced that interviews will be held in a cafe known as the cafe Yōroppa hito tomorrow

And that she has contacted some contacts in GC to help her with the application process.

Moreover, while she is there, she is willing to accept applications for admission tickets as well

>more update so stay tuned

| >double update?!?!
Sadly it seems that cafe Yōroppa hito was unable to host the application in the lat moment
And both the owner and oto-hime have expressed their sincerest apologies to both each other and potential applicants.

Oto-hime has stated that the application process will now be on hold until she can find a new function to use

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