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(Setting) Cittamotore

| >Khan's Scar Raceway. Though it was officially decommissioned in the wake of whatever event caused the Flooded District to claim it and its vicinity, a curious visitor will more often than not find that is not the case.

>Something has settled in here, taking the old building in both form and spirit and merging them with its own. That something is Cittamotore, and right now there seems to be some kind of party going on.

| >Banners hang from the walls, sharing space with license plates, antique steering wheels and other racing paraphernalia as they watch over Cittamotore's many tables. Stairs at the back lead upward in either direction, but they're cordoned off.
>The centerpiece of this location, however, is the car in the middle. A Giulia Sprint-certifiably ancient! -done up in its native Italy's tricolore, with license plates reading 'HELL2U'.

| >Around this car gathers a small crowd of people, killing time while waiting for visitors. A towering figure, more akin to a tank than a human, makes small talk with a blonde wearing a peculiar scarf. Three women sit talking at a nearby table: One wearing a bright red longcoat, one with a pair of pistols slung across her chest, and one with pink hair done up into hornlike curls- It's Maria Cadenzavna Eve!

| >a girl with black and white hair walks in
>she is...oh dear...she seems to be wearing one of those ahegao hoodies with matching skirt and garterbelt thigh highs
"Dododo dee dum~"

>following close after is a boy with blue hair wearing a blue jacket and a interesting headset
>and a guitar strappied on his back
"Huh? Whats over there..?"

>they go over to see what the commotion is about

| >There's not much going on- It's just an ordinary car, though there's more than enough clues in the way the group is acting for an observer to conclude that they're protecting it.

>Maria spots Gemini, and watches her for a bit- it's been a while, so she doesn't quite remember her. Only that she's seen her before. The red-coated woman next to Maria gets up, approaching the two visitors with a soft smile.
"...hi there. Welcome to Cittamotore.

| >>591457
Hello there!"
>gem waves
>cass follows suit silently
>then she sees maria
"Hii miss maria!
How are chisa and yukiko!"
>she rushes in and hugs maria?!?

>this leads cass to simply sigh

| >>591459

>Maria returns the hug, realization dawning on her face.
"...oh, hello! The twins are helping out behind the scenes. Admittedly I should be doing so too, but I'm not needed right now-"

>Right as she says this, two girls barge out of a nearby door.
"Maria, Maria!" >The girl in the front, a small blonde with a cross-shaped hairclip, cries out.
"Come to the kitchen, death! It's your turn, death!"

| >>591459

>The girl in the back- Wearing an oil-stained mechanic's outfit, with welding goggles and bright red hair done up in a fluffy ponytail -gives Gem and Cassius an apologetic grin... Which turns into a cheery one once she realizes who she's looking at.

>With the hand Kirika isn't using to drag her along, Chisa raises her goggles to wink at Gem, casting her a little wave.

| >>591467
>as far as gem is convinced, maria is a friend
>yey fren!

>double friends! Even better!
"Hiii chisa!"
>gems attention then shifts to chisa, who she attempts to hug

>cassie is just left chucking l
"Ohh dear, im sorry if she is a handful"
>he says to maria while taking something from his jaket
>its a case full of macarons!
>the smell of vanilla and mocha fill the air slightly
"Want one?"
>he offers

| >>591469

"...sure. It's been a while since the last time I ate." >Maria nods, holding out her left arm.

"Hello~!" >Chisa laughs, carefully returning the hug so as not to stain her friend's clothes.
"It's been a while!"

>Kirika lets go of Chisa's hand, opting to go find someone else to harry about the kitchen for the time being.

| >>591470
>gem squeezes tight!
>However its not uncomfortable or painful, if anything, gem being the cookies and cream girl that she is
>the hug is quite sofr and comfortable, one can feel the warmth of her heart beating should they be held close

>cass extends the case revealing a set of milk macarons
"Please do enjoy, i made them myself"
>he smiles
>the macarons beckon...the look incredibly delicious! One can only imagine the taste

| >>591472

>Maria takes one of the macarons, and tosses it into her mouth- she's starving.

>With both her hands free, Chisa tightens her own hug, bringing her face close to Gem's.

| >>591474
>t-this flavor! T-this mouthfeel!
>i-its delicious!!
>its creamy and light, with hints of vanilla mixed into the milk, but the milks creaminess cannot be ignored either! Its so light and fluffy and the texture is soft yet with a nice crunch to bite in!
>the macaron is delicious!
"Wow you really look hungry.
If there is a kitchen or something nearby i could easily cook something for you.
I assure you it would be delicious!"
>he confidently exclaimed

| >gem leans in close
>so increasingly close, one can feel hear breath, in and out, tickling their skin, the softness of her entirety
>wha-whats going on..?!?
>she goes in, and kisses her on the forehead
"Im always happy to see you!"
>she looks at her with stars in her eyes, ever hypnotic in her cute little ways

| >>591475

"Yes, there is!" >The macaroon seems to have given Maria a confidence boost.
"It's in use, though- As you could probably tell." >She gestures to Kirika, who is tugging at someone's sleeve.

>Chisa smiles. Deep inside, she wishes the kiss had landed a little lower, but this is fine too. The android raises her head just long enough to peck Gem's forehead in return, then returns to gazing into her friend's eyes.
"Being around you makes me pretty happy, too~!"

| >>591533
"Hmmm...lets see...yeah no shame in trying.">he ponders on something
"Just a moment~
Until then feel free to have this."
>he hands over the macarons and approaches kirika
"Bonjour mon petit.
Is there any chance i can use the kitchen?
If not is there any way i can help out instead?"
>he asks

>gem enjoys the hug juuussst for a second longer then peeks her head up and asks
"So whats this big event?"
>that angle...too..cute..*dies*

| >>591543

"De-de-death!" >Kirika is startled, and jumps a full meter into the air. Once she lands, she frantically nods at Cassius.
"Yeah! We need all the help we can get, death!"

"...Oh, it's just the grand reopening, they've been overhauling this place and it's finally finished." >Chisa can't resist the urge to start petting Gem.

| >>591854
"Hmmm perfect...i would be glad to help, but i have one request.i made a little promise you see~"
While helping out, i would like to prepare a meal for miss maria
Is that acceptable?"
>he gives kirika a paitent smile

>gem accepts the headpats excitedly!
>ah yes, the cute gem giggling noises
>someone might get a nose bleed
"Ohh thate nice! Is there any way i could help?"

| >>591898

"Sure, death!" >Kirika nods, bouncing in place. Quite the energetic one, huh?

"Well, we're all done now- but the offer is appreciated regardless." >Chisa moves to hold Gemini's hand.

| >>592037
"Perfect! Just a moment"
>he looks back to maria
"Any particular taste?
If not may i ask where you are from?
And are you willing to follow?"

>{bond rank reached!}
>gem takes her hand without any qualms!
>huh, soft and smooth like the rest of her..
"Soooo what would you like to do?
Should i be wearing something else?"

| >>592051

"Well, it >>>is my turn to help.">Maria shrugs. Looks like she's failed to notice the other two questions.

"..." >Chisa pauses.
"I... don't really know. I didn't anticipate you showing up this early... Though it might be a good idea to change into something a little less..." >She gestures to Gemini's ahegao clothing.

| >>592409
"Alright then, lead the way you two"
>he follows them to the kitchen...
>what the heck?¿?
>a single iris grows with each step he takes, However they only seem yo last for 5 steps...

>gem claps her hands
"Ohh, Alright!"
>she takes off her hoodie..and..skirt?!?
>sh-she begins stripping?!?


| "... Sure this is right?"

"I'm positive. It... took me a while to get the name, but once we figured out what it was, he was able to give me directions."

>An odd pair appears in the doorway, lingering for a moment as they talk to each other in hushed tones. They seem unsure as to whether or not they want to enter, and the shorter one's foot hovers over the threshold while they try to decide what to do.

"... swear, if we're lost..."

"We >>>aren't! I'm telling you, we aren't!"

| >>592412

"G-Gem-- What are you doing?!" >Chisa turns as red as her hair, moving to take Gemini somewhere where she's not so visible.

>The kitchen is... surprisingly quiet, for the amount of food being made here! Four incredibly pale women are running the different appliances... Well, three of them are. One of them has giant claws for hands so she hangs back and occasionally nips out at the request of the person running the show, a short young woman with a massive chef's hat.

| >>593380
"Mmm? Im just taking off my hoodie"
>she takes it off, revealing a cute skintight white turtleneck sweater
>her skirt and thigh highs color shift to black and white
>ah must have been your imagination...shame...
>she throws her hoodie into the air and as it is immediately swiped by an owl
>said owl also drops her a set of glasses
"..so how do i look?"
>holy biscuits she looks adorable
>...and the tight sweater...oh my..curved..

| "Alright where do i start?"
>cassie looks around for what needs tending to the most while also looking for an apron and hair net

| >>593388
>The taller figure of the two in the doorway shrieks and stumbles backwards as the snowy-white owl soars overhead, causing the shorter one to whirl around in alarm.

"The hell's your problem--?!"

>The gentle giant almost cowers behind the little stick of TNT, who eyes the bird of prey with an intense stare that'd rival a hawk's. Get it? Ha, ha.

"T-there's an owl in here!! >>>Why is there an>>>owl in here?! I-I thought--"

"You >>>SAID we were in the right place!!"

| >>593531

>Long, tall and fearful is shoved into the establishment by their irate partner, who mutters darkly to themself as they shut the door behind them.

"... Gonna be a fuckin' long night..."

>Once inside and under the light, it's easier to get a better look at the two-- a svelte man clad in an exoskeleton from the waist down, and a rather androgynous appearing woman in a well-worn jacket. A glimpse of their appearances doesn't make them any less of a strange pair.

| >>593703

>Someone's informed the red-coated woman that trouble's brewing in the chop shop, so she's gone to get that sorted. This leaves the woman with the twin pistols- Oenone -to greet them.

"Welcome, welcome--"
>She stops.
"...oh, Aikawa! Hi!"

| >>593388


>Chisa tries to look elsewhere, but it's impossible. She stammers, entire sentences tripping over each other in a hurry to leave her mouth, then just settles for sign language.

>'You look gorgeous!'

>The girl in the chef hat turns to Cassius.
"Ah, an extra pair of hands is always welcome. We're workin' on dessert, now- How good are ya with tiramisu?"

| >>593714
>of course gem dosen't know sign language so she just kinda stares at chisa in confusion as she signs it out
"Ohh...i look horrible dont i?"
>and she looks hurt
"I-its ok...i know i dont look all that good...no need to be considerate.."
>then crouches down and covers herself

"Ohoh yes"
>the moment she said desert Cassius simply smiled
>then got too it, in a flash hes already at work, apron and hairnet donned and all

| >on one hand he does everything incredibly fast
>preparing coffee and lady fingers as well as anything else not already prepped
>yet although he gets to the steps at incredible time they are all executed as good as a professional, slowly and methodically
>no fancy "speed of light knife work" bull crap like in those anime
>every movement is crisp and precise yet no less passionate as its clear for all to see not only is he putting his heart in it
>but he is also enjoying it!

| >>593715

"No, no!" >Chisa regains her voice, reaching out to hug Gem.

"You're gorgeous, Gem!" >The android doesn't really know how, but she does her best to make it absolutely certain she's being sincere.

>Kirika and the girl in the chef hat watch Cassius go. A girl, Kirika's age, in pink armor skates in, sliding up to the small blonde and gently wrapping her arms around her neck.
"...he's fast, Kiri-chan..."

| >>593738
"No im not...not at all.."
>she starts rocking back and fourth, mumbling some sort of song to comfort herself.
"da dee dum dee daa..."
>then she abruptly stands up and lightly slaps herself on the cheeks
"No im not! If she says i look nice then i look nice!
Thanks chisa!"
>and then she kisses her in the lips

| >cassie's in such a focus that he starts humming a pleasant tone, fully absorbed in his work
>placing the fingers, layering with cream each step done so lovingly so, steadily and gently with each movement
>all of a sudden everyone feels some sort of comforting warmth?
>as if all their troubles will fade away underneath big brothers watch

| >>593711
>Aikawa's pissing and moaning are interrupted by Oenone calling out to her, and at first she experiences a sensation of minor panic-- she doesn't immediately place the voice to be her friend's. Being recognized has been... problematic for her recently, and hearing her name drop from the lips of a serial killer in public has been enough to make her think twice before going out.

"Hi, Lucy!!"

>Roy seems to harbor no such reservations, however. He gives a friendly wave.


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