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[Radio] Lost at sea

| >At the beginning, there was static

>What seemed like an abandoned radio channel just began catching up a rusty transmission and the painful cough of an old man breaks the silence, followed by the peaceful sound of the ocean waves
"Captain's log, day number.. Argh who knows at this point.."

| >A small tapping on a steel surface could be heard after he's done talking
"Oh, the radio's working.. Piece of crap couldn't have chose to work five hours ago instead!?"
>The tapping became loud bangs, this man was hitting on the radio

| "Can"
"Hear me!??"

| >A transmission bursts through of a female voice with a very thick southern accent.

"Eh? Capt? Is that you?"

| >>590122
"Oh I remember yer voice! Is it you lass? Long time no hear-"
>His voice got cut off with another violent cough

"..I seem to always get in trouble before hearing that weird tone of yours!"

| >>590136

"Yah, its me Capt. Back in the uh... ocean?"

| >>590143
"Never left it! You see, life out here is much better than the stressful city, or so did my ol' pa kept saying.."
>A small whimper came from of the old man's side
"completely unrelated.. Do you happen to know how to safely remove a heavy spear? I don't think this was ever part of my training"

| >>590152

"Uh... a spear...?"

"Well, ah do have some experience with, uh, removin' long pieces of metal from my gut, if that counts."

| >>590165
"Good enough! You see, I've been stuck against the wall by this huge thing for about.. 20 minutes I think"
>Some grunting can be heard as he adjusted himself
"And I'm a liiiittle worried about ripping something important if I move too much"


| "I-err anyone else got an idea??"
>A sharp exhale escaped this man's mouth
"I'm not getting any healthier non younger!"

| (nor*)

| >>590205 >>591650

"Urghh.... well, in mah experience the best thing ya can do is... to cut it off. You'll need to remove the rest later. Got anything sharp?"

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This thread is permanently archived