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(setting)café mer éclatant

| >its a nice and bright afternoon and tucked away in plain sight, behind a busy street a quiet little cafe by the seaside operates wordlessly, the smells of cocoa and various teas and coffees going underappreciated to the many passersby outside
>the few patrons actually there simply stay quiet enjoying the mood and watching the beautiful sight of the sea from out the window

>the waitress are left with little to do as the few orders actually placed have long been satisfied

| >and the kitchen staff and barista are left just as idle

"Man i wish we has something to do..."
>the waitress rubs her eyes, weary from boredom

>then the door chimes ring as you walk in, the faces of the waitress and barista light up as you do
"bonjour et bienvenue à café mer éclatant!"
>she does a curtsey to welcome you inside

| >a boy with brown hair wearing a blue jacket and an...interesting headset walks in
>for some reason he smells like cinnamon
>pleasantly suprised by the french he responds in kind
"ah bonjour
table pour deux s'il vous plaît?"
>he smiles

| >>589899
>the waitress blinks slowly in mild surprise not expecting French
"Oh no he speaks french!
Uhhhh marie what is he saying?"
>the waitress asks the barista
"Hes asking for a table for two.
Waiting on someone mister?"
>the barista asks the boy

"Err...baguette? Uhh right this way"
>she seats the boy at a table for two

| >>589903
"Yeah you could say that"
>he responds while taking a seat
"Ill hold off on ordering until they get here"

| >A lilim girl with teal hair walks in
>She gives a slight wave
"Hello. I'm expecting to meet up with someone here."

| >>590018
"Hey liz over here"
>cass waves from is table

"On second thought ill be needing those menus"

| Ceci n'est pas un café

| >A group of men enters. Oh hey, it's Red. Curiously enough, Impulse isn't here. Rather, two other men are accompanying Red today.
>They are wearing a set of combat gear as usual. All of them have a balaclava and a pair of headset on
>You can also note that their combat gear are more beat up than usual, by which I mean there are some signs of bullet hit on them, plus one of the guys' left arm has a blood-soaked bandage tied around it
"A table for three, please"
>Red politely asks

| "And a vodka, if you have it"
>One of the other men adds, if you've met him before you would be able to guess that it's Ivanov from the heavy Russian accent.

| >>590018 >>590027
>the waitress is smart enough to understand whats going on and tactfully hands over two menus and walks away with a nod
"Tell me when you are ready to order"

>the barista girl on the otherhand eagerly watches the events unfolding with a modicum of excitement
>>590043 >>590045
"AHHH! Y-your injured!"
>the waitress and barista scream as the kitchen staff rush over to see what is happening

| >>590101
"Oh, this? It's just a scratch"
>The guy with the bandaged arm response, which would turn out to be Ziv
"Anyways I will have a beer, and a glass of red wine for Red too"

| >>590027
"Oh hey Cass"
>Liz says as she sits down. She's wearing more casual clothing than you'd ever seen her in: A black top with a denim jacket over it and black jeans
"Seems like I wasn't late for once. How are you, Cass?"
"Thank you."

| >>590270
>he says eyes the menu
"Oh just fine lizzy,i chose not to celebrate in the en-"
>befor finally looking up at liz
"...you look cute in casual wear.."

| > The place looks right? Dusty gave no real info about where to find Cass, but Fox managed to. He walks in and waves to the hostess, but moves past. His footsteps are softer than normal, since he saw the kind of reaction Dusty had with Cass the only time he saw them together. Is he with someone else? Oh, this isn't good

> He walks up to Cass, holding out a bouquet made up of yellow carnations, Snapdragons, orange lilies and petunias.

"Umm... Cass? I have a delivery for you."

| >>590306
"Oh hello there fox?
A flower bouquet?
Yellow carnations...snapdragons...orange lilies and petunias...
Thats a very tasteful way to say "fuck you" in the language of flowers."
>he tilts his head

| >>590309

> Fox somehow goes pale-white. Or at least it really looks like it. He holds out his tablet, shaking the whole time.

"I-i-i d-didn't k-k-know. Gomennesaidesushita. My client had it all s-set up and i just ran it. I-i-i don't know how to make this better??

> Fox keeps the tablet held out, but he bows deeply, doing his best to make himself as defenseless as possible

| >>590312
"Calm yout butt man, you did nothing wrong.">he chuckles,metaphorically releasing as much of an aura of kindness as he can
"Just uh...take those and plant it somewhere...im actually kinda hurt..."
>he shakes his head and brings the thoughts of it away
"Oh yes, gem and i will be visiting the CC later.
Take this"
>he hands over a credstick
"Buy some purple hyacinths, Gladiolus, irises and wrap the in white ivy.
Then give it to the sender"
>he smiles

| >>590314

> Fox takes the credstick and plugs it to his tablet, pushing some things and getting an invoice sent to Cass. He then hands both over, with the bouquet still in hand.

"Umm... futatsuda... I need you to sign for these. And you have to take them from me. I cannot take these back."

> Fox sticks the flowers back at Cass, the lilim sticking to his duties to the end. He turns to Cass's date


"I am so so sorry about this

| >>590318
>he sighs and takes the items
"I understand.."
>then throws them out a window
"Problem solved, just dont tell the sender i did that.."

| >>590319

> Fox takes his tablet back and signs off on the completed delivery. He seems to have returned somewhat back to his normal self.

"Okay! I don't ever disclose package contents or what happens to them after delivery so, your secrecy will be safe with me!"

> There could have been a better choice of words there, but Fox didn't notice.

"Is there anything else with that delivery?? Or anything else i can do for you?"

| >>590326
"No that will be all, thank you"
>he waves goodbye

| >>590327

> Fox gives yet another bow and springs can be heard getting into tension, until Fox realises he's still indoors. There's an odd hissing noise that follows him as he walks calmly as can be outside the cafe, wondering if he'll be able to return sooner than later.

| >>590280
"If you say so. You've only seen me in more formal attire so i thought I would mix it up a bit"
"You don't need to apologize for anything."
>Liz starts taking a look at the menu

| >>590347
"So as i was saying, i didn't celebrate with a party.
Instead, for my birthday im here with you~"
>he smiles
"But nevermind me, how have you been doing?"

| >>the waitress and barista were Completely confused by what just happened, slowly blinking and finally readjusting they continue where they left off with their customers

>a terrified waitress explains to them
"S-sir this is is is a cafe!
W-we ww-we do not provide alchohol"

>>590347 >>590352
>the barista whispers under her breath
"Eeeeek! A birthday date!
Awwww how adorableeeeee!"

>the menu has normal cafe food and coffee

| >>590306
>Ziv just got the realization that alchohols are not served in Cafe

>Red, if he hasn't before, is now facepalming
"My apologies, they don't come to cafe often. We will take a cup of coffee each, black"

"Happy birthday, Cassius"
>Red says as he presents Cass with a G-Shock DW-6900 watch.
"I was provided one of these in the NDSec, but Impulse already gave me a new one, so I'm giving this one to you"

| >>590387
>Congratulations, you have successfully jump scared baguette boi
"Gah! Wha!? J-jesus crist red?!?
Are you ok im grateful for the gift and all but aren't you hurt?!?
Where did you even come from man?!?"

| >>590557
"Well, you would've noticed me if you weren't busy getting all lovey-dovey with this lady over here, Liz is it? Anyways, No, I'm not hurt, Ziv got a slashed a bit in the arm he's fine now"
>Red replies.
"Also, Impulse told me to give you this"
>He says as he takes out a MAC Mle 50 pistol and hand it to Cass. Taking a closer look you can see "Baguette" engraved into the slide

| >>590352
"Happy birthday, Cass"
>Liz says with a smile
"I've been doing well. About the same as I always am. How are you?"
>She looks at the menu again
"I have a gift for you but it isn't here yet."
>She eyes the gun and sees the engraving and laughs
"Perfect fit"
(OOC sidenote: we had an awful storm here last night and only recently got power again. We're without internet currently so who knows when I'll be back for real. But I'll post from a phone when I can)

| >>590768
(Get better liz!
I cant convey much though text but i genuinely hope that it gets better for you!)
"Honestly nothing much.
But i am glad to see you nonetheless"
>he smiles and looks at red

>and sees the gun he us brandishing in broad daylight in a public area
"...haha funny give the Frenchman a French service pistol and engrave baguette in it..
I appreciate it and all...but maybe hand it to me in the moonlighter?
Kinda in public here.">he winces

| >>590839
>Apart from the rifles with smoking barrels everyone in the group has slinged, and all the pistols holstered, this would be the only gun brandishing in broad saylight, yes
>Red laughs
"How you handle this is up to you, my job is just to give it to you"

| >>590861
"Then maybe hand it to me at the moonlighter.
I am unable to handle a gun at the moment, for obvious reasons"
>he chuckles

| >>591206
>Red completely ignores you and push the pistol into your hand, then walks off, saying:
"The gun's not loaded, if that helps the situation"

| >>590839
>Liz slides a small box over the table. It's wrapped in Christmas wrapping paper
"I do have this for you though. Don't mind the wrapping paper. It's all I had"

| >>591366
"Alright then...
>a white snow owl swoops in and takes the gun, then soars off

"O-oh a present...uhh"
>he blushes ever so slightly
"I-im not used to getting these..
Thanks lizzie"
>he then attempts to open it, being as delicate as possible as to not ruin the paper or thread

| >>591782
"No need to thank me. Happy birthday, Cass"
>You open it up and inside is a watch. You press a small button on the side and a hologram of a girl appears
"Hello Cassius"
>The girl says with a wave
"My name is Aurora. I am a personal assistant. I hope that we work well together"
>The hologram girl bows and disappears
"I hope you like it. It took a lot of work to get it to turn out right"
>Liz says with a smile

| >>591891
>upon seeing it he gets even more flustered
"Hold on a second isnt this too expensive!?
A-are you sure you want to give this too me??"
>yep his face is as red as tomato
>well played lizzy
>well played indeed
"A-and what do you mean work!?
>yep his tongue isnt working
>maybe you Frenched him too hard..

| >>591899
"It's not that expensive. I made it for you."
>She pulls a small chip out of her bag and holds it out
"If Aurora isn't your speed you could always use this one"

| >>591917
"Y-you made it for me?!?
T-tha- how- i"
>he inhales deeply in some attempt to calm down
"No liz i love it thanks.">he smiles
"I..just hope it didn't take to much effort on your end
Why? Whats the other one?"

| >>591922
"Yeah. I made it. It's a project I've been working on lately"
>She chuckles a bit
"Well the one in this chip. Is, well, a copy of me. In a sense"

| >>591931
What do you mean by that?"
>he tilts his head

| >>591932
>She points to a small slot on the back of her head, under her hair"
"I put it in here for a little while and it made a copy of me. It's not an exact copy, mind you. It's just enough to be able to function as an assistant of sorts"

| >>591936
>his eyes shimmer blue for a bit
"Hmm thats interesting.
Which one do you want me to use then?"
>he looks down at the menu
"Oh and are you ready to order?"

| >>591937
"That's up to you, honestly"
>She puts the menu down
"And I suppose I'll have whatever you're having"

| >>591938
"Well if possible i would need to make a informed decision first.
Can i see what the copy you is like?"
>she says after gazing back at liz from the menu
"Ehhhh? Aren't you the one who asked for coffee?"
>he laughs
"Come on its my treat!
You gotta get something!"
>and laughs some more
"Personally ill just get the cafe au lait."

| >While all of this is happening Red and his group settle down on a table, waiting for their coffee as well as having a little talk

| >>591983
"C-c-black coffee for the scary people!"
>the waitress nervously exclaims from behind the counter. still Completely terrified of the armored men she shakily delivers the black coffee to their table
"Y-y-your bu-b-bl-black coffee sirs!"
>and sets it in front of them before scurrying away!

| >>591994
>Red says politely

>Meanwhile Ivanov has chug down the whole cup of hot black coffee and immediately burns his mouth. He screams
>Ziv let out a hearty laugh

"And sorry for the mess"
>Red adds, as he facepalms once again

| >>591939
"Sure thing. It may be best to test both out to see which one you like more"
>Liz laughs a bit and sighs
"You're right. I was the one who suggested coffee. So maybe I should get that"
>She puts her hand in the air, signalling for a waitress

| >>592368
>all of that scares her
"P-please enjoy!
>the waitress runs away to serve another table

>she approaches liz and Cassius's table still scared
"Hello can i t-take your order?!?"
>she holds out a notepad and asks

| >>592667
"Alrighty then"
>he hands over the watch back to liz for her to swap

"Oh dear isnt this romantic.
Little birthday date, in a nice and quiet cafe overlooking the seaside all to ourselves~
Almost remindsme of home.."
>he idly muses while staring into the sea before turning back to her and smiling from the bottom of his heart
"Made even better by the cute girl before me~"

"Oh a cafe au lait please.
Pair it with some madeleines if you could"
>he asks

| >>592668
"Oh hi. Could I get a coffee. Lots of cream, lots of sugar. Oh and to eat, I'll take whatever is your favorite item on the menu."
>Liz says with a smile
"Are you doing okay? You seem anxious or frazzled about something."
>Her eyes are glowing a light shade of blue
"Oh you don't need to hand it back to me. It pops out of the side if you press it in."
>She mimes the motion of pressing the card in
"Also I'm not cute. You're cute"

| >>592676
"Oh well then lets see.."
>he presses the watch and swaps out the cards
"..did i do this right..?"

>he then blushes at the words cute
>oh right, he is weak to compliments
"Wh-wha-?! W-wait hold on..."
>and looks away from liz toooootttalllyyy not frazzled exceptthatheis

>he turns his gaze to the waitress
"Y-Yes, something the matter la pucelle?"
>like liz his eyes begin glowing blue

| >>592672 >>592676 >>592678
"Eeekkk they're so cuuuuutttteeeee!!!!"
>the barista silently fawns over their cuteness from behind the counter

>the waitress blushes at the couples concern for her
"Whoa...like a mom and dad...errrr n-no im fine! One regular coffee extra cream extra sugar with one house choice and one cafe au lait and a plate of madeleines! Right?"
>she recounts their order to a fine detail while scribbling it all down
"I'll be back with it in a jiff!"
>she winks

| >>592672
>Ziv overheard all of that and laugh even more
"Aw, aren't they cute"
>He sips some coffee

>Red also sips some of his coffee
"Nothing like a good cup of coffee"

>Ivanov doesn't say anything

| >>592678
"Mmhmm. It's that easy."
"I'm not exactly the motherly type, I think. I just think that everyone deserves compassion if it seems like they need it. I'm glad you're fine though."
>As you read off the order Liz nods with every item.
"Everything sounds right to me."
>She looks back over to Cass.
"What do you think?"

| >>592691
"Thanks again"
>he nods as she walks off
"Intrepid wasn't she...i am told i am like a big brother...but certainly not a father. ">he chuckles

"Alright then..lets see.."
>he presses the button to activate it
>and waits to see what will happen

"Yep that was my order.">he nods

>then he looks away from liz to the sea again
"Nope..your Definitely cuter.."
>he mutters under his breath, although it was clear to hear

| ....(bump)

| >>592934
>A hologram of Liz appears. She says the same thing Aurora did. She's wearing much more formal clothing than you've ever seen Liz wear
"Honestly I don't think anybody could be as beautiful as the ocean. Just think about it. All the life there. It's a staggering amount."

| >>593246
"Awww look at her shes like a little you! Haha! Thats adorable"
>he laughs
"But i think ill just use the aurora.
You put in the effort after all, that alone makes it amazing"
>he smiles before thinking on her words
"...yeah...nothing quite like it"
>he takes in the sight for a moment, inhaling deeply and letting it all in

"Oh that reminds me"
>he hands over a ticket to something
"Heard of that cruise island coming to town?"

| >>593250
"Alright. you can hold onto the chip too in case you'd like a change of pace"
>She looks to the ocean
"i haven't heard anything about it. When is it?"

| >>593314
"Oh apparently some cruise island is coming to town.
Like an entire man made island thats like a cruise.
I hear its coming soon,although arrival proper is TBA"
>his eyes glow for just a second, Probably checking something
"Yep..still unannounced.
Anyway ive actually been there before.
Returning patrons can bring a guest,
Said guests don't need to pay for admission.
Some kinda loyalty system.

S-so i was wondering if you wanted to come with me"
>ne blushes

| >After Red and his pals has enjoyed the coffee they leave the cafe, leaving the payment and some tip on the table

| >>593399
"B-buh-bye bye!"
>the waitress and barista wave them goodbye

| >>593344
"Sounds interesting. Count me in"
>She gives Cass a skeptical look
"So how did it turn out last time? Was it fun?"

| >>593483
"If i had to put it in words...?
Enchanting...like a story book.
Although it was also quite romantic at times. Sometimes it would stand to me as something a Couple would enjoy.

Then again i wouldn't know seeing as i never had a girlfriend"
>he chuckles

| >>593486
"I find that difficult to believe. A good looking guy like you? Never having a girlfriend? Sounds like nonsense"
>She shakes her head and laughs
"You are kidding, right?"

| >>593488
"Honestly i wasn't.
Never not once have i had a girlfriend."
>then it hits him
"Waitwha-? G-good looking?!?"
>ahhh for the fourthish time today liz has successfully made him blush
>at this point its obvious his weakness is compliments

| >>593488 >>593490
"Heyo got your orders!"
>the waitress appears carrying a tray full of deliciousness
"One cafe au lait, one regular coffee with extra cream and sugar!
One set of madeleines and one slice of mocha swiss roll!"
>the places the orders as she lists them down
"Please enjoy to your hearts content!"
>the waitress moves to serve another table

| >>593490
"Yeah, you idiot. You're attractive. How did you not notice this before?"
>She sighs
"Any particular reason why you've never had one or is it coincidence?"
"Fantastic. Thank you very much"
>She gives the waitress a smile

| >>593494
>he inhales deeply, calming himself down
No there is no particular reason.
Guess i just never had the chance.
Why do you ask?"

"Oh thank you"
>he dips a madeleine in the coffee thrn bites in

| >>593499
"Dunno. I just thought someone like you would be fighting girls off left and right"
>She takes a sip of her coffee. Looks down at it and pulls a vial from her bag and pours it in
"This drastically increases the caffeine content without having an effect on the flavor"

| >>593500
"I dont know if i should be flattered or not"
>he just chuckles and takes a sip of his coffee
"I never had such an occasion happen to me so perhaps its just nothing"

>he leans back for a moment thinking
"Hmmm Alright we are already on the subject, and i have to be fair right?
Any questions about yours truly?
Full disclosure"
>and takes another bite of madeleines
"Oh this tastes like home"

| >>593504
"And along came a spider, as it were"
>She takes another sip
"I have a question. What's with your eyes glowing. I've been curious about it."

| >>593514
"Oh that? Those are just augmented reality contacts.
One sec"
>he turns away as to not look gross and takes them off and places them in a contact lense case
"I dont use a phone so i use these instead"
>he places them on the table
"Works in conjunction with the headset i always wear."

>then pulls out a pair of glasses from his jacket and puts them on
"Is this more to your liking?"

| >>593515
"I see. My eyes have that stuff built in so I tend to forget that everyone else doesn't have them"
>She takes a small bite of the mocha Swiss roll
"Oh wow. This is delicious"

| >>593736
"I know right?
This stuff is really good.
Glad we came here of all the options"
>he takes another bite followed by a sip

"The dumb part is i don't even need glasses
These are also just AR"
>he chuckles

"Now then anything else or do we need to find something else to talk about?"

| >>593804
"Actually yeah I have a question. What else do you do other than help at the Moonlighter?"
>She finished off her Swiss roll and takes another sip of coffee

| >>593946
"Oh, im a professo at one of the local academies. Saint miriam i think?
I teach kids, not much else to say"
>he takes another sip
"Mostly just home ec and robotics"
>he leaves one last Madeleine
"Would you like the last one?"

| >>594016
"Interesting. I would have never guessed"
>She finishes off her coffee
"And sure. I'll try the last one. I've never had one of these before."
>She takes a small bite and her eyes suddenly increase in brightness
"This is also delicious. i wonder if they do anything to go"

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