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Large Rice Shipment Arriving Tomorrow!

| SciFox here... okay, so my grandpa wanted me to post this in the Bazaar thread but I accidentally posted it in the jobs thread, so I decided to just put it here for you guys.
But before I get to his message, I want to clarify something. This was NOT my idea.

| "Rice shortages hitting you hard? Suffer no longer! Thanks to my generous investment in several South Carolinian rice farms, I've been able to secure a large shipment to Glitch City, arriving in Westport on the 12th. Look for the ex-US Coast Guard ship. A limit of 20lbs per buyer will be in place to ensure no one hoards half the shipment.

| Armed guards will be in place to ensure everything goes smoothly. And if anyone robs our ship and/or my customers regardless, I will personally come to GC and beat the ever-living ____ out of you."

| FUCK!!!!!!!

| >>588042 Yeah, if I cussed this would probably be my reaction to most of grandpa's schemes. I'm probably going to be running damage control tomorrow.
- SciFox

| Egh, I just realized something. Grandpa's having my car shipped to me, and it's supposed to get here tomorrow too, so it's probably on that same ship. Really not looking forward to wading through a bunch of rice maniacs...
- SciFox

| You fool! You've DOOMED the shipment from the very start!

| >>588047
I'd fucking kill SciFox for some rice rn

| >>588047 Hey, he SPECIFICALLY ASKED ME to post the ad here.

>>588048 I don't have the rice, grandpa's USCG friends have the rice. And knowing my grandpa, he's probably not lying when he says he'll come find anyone who messes up the shipment, so keep that in mind.
- SciFox

| >>588050
I'm still going to kill you and hope I get rice out of it somehow

| >>588050 >>588048 >>588052


| >>588052 >>588055 Post your usertags, you cowards.
But really, I don't have any rice and at this point I don't want any rice. What I do have is an entire apartment building of people between me and the street, who given the current state of things would most likely be very vigilant if I warned them a crazed rice murderer was on the way.
- SciFox

| Damn, fighting and murdering over rice? This is some classic GC move right here.

Can't we just have peace for a goddamn second?
-Red 9

| >>588057
don't lie to us rice hoarder. you're dead.
- CRM (Crazed Rice Murderer)

| >>588057 >>588059
And this is why usertag does not do shit. People just doesn't use their real name as a tag
-Red 9

Except me

Well, your case is exceptional, you are a trader after all.
-Red 9

| >> I know, I know...

I just hope this doesn't end badly. I'm honestly surprised grandpa managed to arrange something on this scale.
- SciFox

| >>588061 Oops. I meant to quote this post:>>588060

| Alright, the stupid boat is here. It looks like it must be older than grandpa. I have no idea where he got it, and it's probably better I don't ask...
I ain't gonna have ANYTHING to do with this other than getting my own shipment. Then I'm gone.
- SciFox

| >>588283
I'm coming! Hand over that rice!

| Time to eat

| Hey, SciFox want some help to protect the rice?
I'm itching to test my new knives while dishing out justice!

- Illumi Raider

| >>588504 It's a bit late for that, but that's not really your fault. I'm not sure yet what happened but while I was getting my car there were a bunch of gunshots. Some Fishermen were headed towards the dock as I left, so hopefully they have it handled if the ship's crew don't?
I was just going to drive back to my apartment but if you want to investigate I can pick you up and head back. Given how much nonsense happens in this city I probably won't see much on the news.

| >>588508 (The thread where it's going down, if you haven't seen it yet: https://www.dangeru.us/cyb/thread/588262 )

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