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(Setting/bar)The Hazy Moonlighter

| >it open mic night and the moonlighter is open for business once again!
>the bar is mostly quiet tonight as it only opened up a few hours ago the only remarkable sounds to be heard are the idle chatter of some of the regulars and the squeaking sound of ol frank cleaning some glasses under the counter 
>above him is a chalk board acting as a menu
>various drinks both traditional and BTC are listed down in pink chalk
>alongside some interesting house mixes and food items

| >on the opposite side of the counter where the Patrons usually sit,a boy wearing a blue vest and interesting headset cleans the counter

>its [XX] o'clock on a Saturday
>the regular crowd shuffles in
>theres an old man sitting right next to him, making love to his tonic and gin

>he says
"son can you play me a memory?
I'm not really sure how it goes
But it's sad and it's sweet and I knew it complete
When I wore a younger man's clothes"

| >a girl with black and white hair goes around cleaning tables
>humming a little tune
"La la la, di da da~
La la, di da da da dum~"

>frank turns to greet you as you walk in
"Hello there and welcome to the moonlighter">he bows

| >Except Frank can't greet the new patrons because said patron is a fully-suited knight who kicks open the door of the bar, and completely ignore Frank.
>He shouts at Frank a couple seconds after he was greeted.
"Peasants, I will have one of the finest ale you have"

>A hooded figure silently follows the knight, you almost didn't notice him, as if something were clouding your vision from specifically seeing him. He, however, doesn't say anything to Frank

| >>586412
>before he kicks the door open, it opens by itself causing the knight to lose balance and fall down on the floor ass first
Uhh hail sir knight, i am lord Cassius of the frankish empire.

Have you come for ale?

It shall be but a moment">cassius calls out
"Please seat yourself"

>cassie is Completely convinced that this is just some act and decides to play along

| >>586417
"What in the name of the savior!"
>The knight shouts as he falls to the ground
>He however stands up pretty quickly, despite the full armor
>As both of the people approach you, you notice a few things
>Both of the newcomers are very tall. They also have a longsword sheathed by their sides. The hooded figure also have a longbow and a quiver of arrows. Under the hooded figure's rustic green cloak is a similarly shaded gambeson.
>If they are indeed actors, they are good...

| >>586417
>The knight greets back at Cassius, which then turns into a bunch of names you don't understand
"Ah, Lord Cassius, what a peculiar name, and Frankish Empire? I have never heard of that! One of the coalitions in the south perhaps? We Northbounders do lack knowledge of them. Well, pardon my rudeness, lord. I'm Sir Anbor of Northbound, and this fellow is Arnir, the Captain of the Rangers of Northbound, and my brother"
>Anbor put his hand on Arnir's shoulder to introduce him

| >>586423
"Oh bother yourself not ranger.
This is a tavern there is no need of formality."
>he hops behind the counter
>frank and the old man are chuckling under their breath although it would be hard to notice
"Come now, you desire ale yes?
Sit down, any preference of brew?"
>and readies a few mugs
"Perhaps you can tell a tale of thy people while your presence graces us"
>he chuckles
"In this strange holy land"

| >>586424
"This land is indeed more peculiar than anything the adventurers have described. About the ale, anything strong will do!"
>Anbor then sits down on one of the stool
"What peculiar seats!"

>Arnir however, take a few
careful steps to behind his brother
"Careful, these design looks weak and fragile"
>He said, his voice barely audible

>Anbor ignored Arnir, instead focusing on trying to start his story
"Now, where should I start?"

| ("Careful steps...brother" is supposed to be red. The red text suddenly stops, fuck)

| >A white haired cat boomer comes trough the door looking around the bar.
>He sees the fully-suited knight and the hooded figure and stops for a moment as if to say something, but then shakes his head and takes a seat.

"Get me...wait a minute you're the kid from the restaurant right? Not that i care, we all have our day jobs, now get me your cheapest drink."
>He says while looking at Cassius.

| >>586441
"Anywhere good sir,
Now then, some porters for the rangers yeah?
Frank can you tend to them?

"Aye aye."
>frank swaps out with cass and slides over some Irish porter ale
"Please enjoy!
Now then, story time i assume?"

"Indeed i am! Mr victor yes?
now then, something cheap eh?

How about a black velvet!"
>he gets to mixing, you cant see much but you Definitely saw some stout

| >>586469
>Arnir take down his half-mask and silently drinks the ale, still standing, one hand on the sword sheath, just in case
>Anbor take off his helmet, which you realize is made of real steel as soon as it roughly hits the counter, making a loud clank sounds. He makes for the ale and greedily drinks it up
"Ah, yes! Of course! Now Me and my brother are from the City of Northbound, you might have heard of the name, our fair city is a part of the great Nordic Kingdom..."

| "Our path to this sacred land had been cut off by the Khanian Nomads last blood moon, so we are tasked to find a new way here. But you see, by some sorcery, maybe since the witches and heretics has taken over the sacred land. One of them mages had kidnapped us and brought us here himself in a blink of an eye! Of course, We fought quite valiantly and escape the claw of their torture machine!"
>He laughs before gobbling up more ale.

| >>586485 >>586488
>you both examin the wonderful ale!
>compared to the presumably medieval ale of northbound that was assuming its like actual medieval ale, a murky, sourish concoction akin to a geuze.
>this is remarkably clear! Even clearer then the best fermentation of the most skilled monk!
>it taste amazing! Yet also quite strong! containing mild notes of roasted grains, chocolate, and toffee.

| >The mouthfeel is thin but not watery. The flavor is mild with none of the harsh or bitter notes of stout.
>although they might not know what stout is
>or porter for that matter
"Huh how lucky! The Stars are with you!">frank also plays along
(Sorry if that makes no sense, effectively medival alcohol was literally garbage at the time, thus modern boozes are like gods own bar stash in comparison if you didn't know

Im kinda a history nerd..)

| >>586469
>He nods.
"Yeah that should do the job."

>He then turns to the two.
"I've heard weirder stories honestly, so what do you think of the city until now err... Mister knight..."

| >>586516
>no it wasn't porter it seems
>it was german black beer
>and something sparkling?
>he gently stirs the mixture twice then slides it over in a Champaign glass
"One black velvet, please enjoy!"

| "-ver and over again until... Are you sure you've never done a night out on your own?"

> A woman promptly enters through the door, waving Frank with a smile. She waits the door for another girl, whose indefinitely shorter, snow white hair promotes a certain kind of difference from the dirty blonde.

"What makes you think I have?"

> The second nods her hello to Frank, and the two make their way to the bar, weary of the Knights.

"A sugar rush, please. Same for her."

| > A lilim courier spots the bar and checks his phone. His roommate hadn't been in a good mood for the last two days and any extra time away from her would be best. Figuring she wouldn't even be in the area, he takes his chance and walks in.

> He enters and walks to the bar slowly, feeling like an outsider. Why are there people in ancient history cosplay? Is this a cosplay bar? Are those even things? He sits down nervously, eyeing the menu

"Umm... bartender?? Excuse me??

| >>586658
"Hellp there and welcome to the moonlighter"
>frank bows
"Right away sir, although i must ask as for regulation if you can show your ID.
If not we can still serve drink, but no karmo."
>frank begins mixing a sugar rush

"Good lad">the old man commets on franks behavior

"Hello there and welcome to the moonlighter">cassie bows

"Wah! Welcome!"
>and gem does a curtsey all the way on the other side of the bar

"What can i get you?"

| >>586519
>He swirls the drink in the glass a bit.

"Black beer ay?... I tend to like those, the coffee flavor reminds me of the... One too many energy drinks I've might have had in my lifetime. Cheers."

>While taking a sip his eyes seems to drift towards gem.

| >>586683

> Fox recognises Gem from her visit to the Capsule Corner. His eyes light up upon seeing her and he waves excitedly to her before turning to the bartender

"Isn't she supposed to be an idol?? That's so cool she works here too!! Tell her i said hi!! Oh, I'm supposed to order.... umm..

> He trails off, slightly embarrassed by his outburst

"Could I get a Cobalt Velvet please? That would be nice after a long week

| >>586695
>the drink taste like a fruity beer in a way although now that its in your mouth, it wwas black beer and Champagne
>and despite how it looks it goes down silky smooth and easily!
>pretty good all things considered

>gem waves hello

"Oh she Definitely is an idol.
Just helping out until frank can find some new staff.

Any, cobalt velvet?
Just a second, do you have an ID?"
>he gets to mixing the drink

| >>586683

"Oh? Of course."

> Both girls get a form of ID to show off,

> Elliott Ruemmond, 22.

> 2BX 'Bonnie', 25.

| >>586704
"Of course then, here you are"
>frank pours the mix in a cosmopolitan glass and slides them over

"...elliott?">cass calls
"Oh well what do you know?
Guess ill be treating you to your drinks tonight!">he chuckles

| >>586702

> Fox jumps to attention and his cred stick pops out of a slot in his left arm. He hands it over to the bartender

"This has my deployment information and mental age, if that's what you mean. It has all my up-to-date specs and mental age even."

> Fox was telling the truth, his mental age being 21, oddly enough. Most Lilim of his model and deployment time in GC were usually mid to late twenties

| >>586708
"Thats perfect thanks"
>he pours the mix in a wobble cognac glass and places it as its not the lind of glass one can slide
"Please enjoy"

"Hallo!">gem peeks fromthe corner of your vision

| >>586709

> Fox smiles wide and starts waving again, turning his attention to Gem

"Hey! I didn't think that I'd see you so soon. Do you know what's going on with these weird cosplay folks here?"

| >>586711
>cass and gem both lean in close so nobody else hears
"Shhhh its an act.."
>they both simultaneously whisper
>then they lean away and continue acting like nothing happens as gem returns to cleaning tables and stuff

| >>586712

> Fox's eyes look blank while he comprehends what they say. He then sort of pushes it out of the way and takes a sip of his drink.

"Oh, sou-ka. Well, at least they seem nice."

> He enjoys his drink, as if there's nothing that could really interrupt his zen

| >>586707

"O-Oh? Well of course!"
> Hearing the voice call, she smiles without looking to Cass. Bonnie of course, smirks and nudges her before drinking her Sugar Rush.

| >>586702
>He nods to gem and finishes his drink... but is suddenly startled by fox.
"Oh that... Umm... Thanks there bud the drink was great, but i gotta see a man about a dog."

>He then quickly goes up to fox and starts pulling something from his jacket.
"You there! The lilim"

| >>586719

> Fox jumps, not expecting anyone to call him out

"Umm! Yes! I'm sorry if I'm disturbing you!! Can I help you??"

> He clearly is not very comfortable with the current situation, but does his best to be helpful

| >>586713
"Please enjoy the drink"
>he begins wiping the counter

>a girl with black and white hair pops up from behind the counter

"Actually wait, you like chocolate right?">cass asks
"Mind testing something for?"

| >>586724

"Hm? Sure?"

> Elliott slides her drinknout ofbthe way, allowing Bonniebto sneak a drink. Her focus is now on Cass.

| >>586722
>He pulls out a business card and hands it to fox.
"I'm Victor Beaufort but you can call me Vic, so the gist of it is that i saw you at that restaurant and noticed your your neck... Your gonna want that checked, there have been quite a few reports of that model malfunctioning recently"

>He sighs
"Sorry if i scared you kid but that might hurt your body and your pocket, and as a professional i can't allow that."

| >>586730
"Oh good, thank you, this one is a first for me so i needed someones option
Just a moment"
>he quickly retrieves something from the back room

>then approaches Elliott and kneels before her
>and produces a bouquet of various flowers
>roses, lillies, irises and camellias
"Would you care to try ohdear iris? these arent flowers, they are chocolates."
>i-if they are chocolates they look *way* to real!
"Im not the best at chocolatiering.
But i hope its good"

| >>586732

> Fox instinctively goes to feel his neck, double checking that all his vents were properly sealed. He gives Vic a concerned look.

"M-m-malfunctioning? My mechanic would have told me that during my last check up?? I'm guessing you're a mechanic too then. I can't remember the last time I had my neck looked at now that I think about it."

> He takes the business card and stows it into his bag.

"Maybe it's because I had to lower its weight so much?? Is that the issue??

| >>586733

"O-Oh, well, I'd l-love to..."
> Elliott stares in shock, turning red as she questions herself... Should she take the flowers? Bonnie tries not to laugh, turning to her drink.

"This is girls night, huh? We need to do this often."

| >>586509
"Of course the savior is with us! Cheers for our great savior!"
>Anbor cheers

>Arnir also cheers, quietly

"This place is strange, if I may say so. Many peculiar things..."
>Anbor answer

| >>586738
>you take a pink cammelia
>it looks so..real!
>the petals the stalk the little leafs on it, you can literally run your fingers through it and it would feel soft and gentle like a normal flower
>and you bite in
>i-its delicious!?
>its sweet with pronounced cocoa, but like a homey sweet, as if your mom made it
>and a firm yet soft jello like mouthfeel
"Do you like it?"
>hes still kneeling, a hopeful smile on his face

| >>586739
"Cheers indeed!"
>frank laughs

>the old man joins as well as some of the other patrons
"Heh, as always huh?"

| >>586737
>Victor gets a little closer and takes a good look at fox's neck.

"Yeah i'm afraid that's the model i was thinking of, the company that makes those had a management change. The smug bastard must be skimping out on quality materials."

"I would appreciate if you came to my shop o fix that, i can make a friendly price. But in either case i was just mad at myself for not pointing it out before, take care."
>He makes his way back to his seat.

| >>586741
> Elliott visibly melts to the taste in her mouth, her enjoyment unexplainable in words.

"C-Cass... It's delicious! How did you make these?"

| >>586749
>upon the feed back he smiles and gets off his knees and hand you the entire bouquet
"I just kept trying until i was satisfied">he chuckles
"Feel free to keep them"
>then returns behind the counter
"Im glad someone enjoyed them."
>it seems that it put him in a really good mood

| >>586743
>Anbor laugh
"Ha! Indeed!"
>Anbor finishes his own drink

>Arnir also finishes his ale
>Arnir takes out some waterskins as he speaks, in almost a whisper
"Can we have these skins filled with these ale, good fellow"

| >>586755
>frank nods
"Just a moment"
>and takes the skins
>he takes them to a tap and pours them full
"Here you go."
>and returns them short after

| >>586750

> Elliott holds the bouquet close, analyzing the flowers closely.

"I wouldn't know why anyone wouldn't! Thank you, Cassius. This truly is kind of you..."

| >>586745

> Fox makes a quick note to himself that he needs to call Angus sooner than later. Maybe it's nothing, but like hell he wants to really find out the hard way.

| >>586757
"Why of Course">he smiles
"Besides you far outmatched the beauty of any bouquet oh iris"
>he chuckles and starts cleaning the counter

| > A leather clad woman enters the bar. She's short enough to be seen as still a child. She carries a cocky look in her eyes however, and a holster at her thighs carries a wicked looking pistol. She seems to be in good spirits and sits down at the bar, oblivious to all that's going on, including the lilim she's sat next to. Her husky voice then calls out.

"Hey! I got promised a free drink here by a maid girl and dickhead. So can I cash that in now? Maybe a big Fringe Weaver?"

| >>586759

> Bonnie whispers to Elliott, before getting met with an elbow to the gut, sending her back to her spot. Elliott then attempts to taka a drink of her Sugar Rush, not realizing it was downed behind her back.

"You're too sweet, Cassius... Could I get another?"

| >>586763
"Oh of Course just a sec"
>4 adelhyde 1 powdered delta and 6 hits of karmo in a Cosmopolitan glass later and bam
>he slides over a sugar rush
"Made it extra big, try not to devour it in a single gulp this time">he jokes
"And thanks for the compliment aheheh.."
>complimenting him so much caused a breach in his composure! he is now blushing slightly

| >>586762
>cass himself seems to be occupied with other patrons
"Hello there and welcome to the moonlighter"
>frank bows

"Whoa its the cool lady!">gem rushes over and says hi
>by the time you get to your seat the fringe weaver is already there
"Please enjoy">frank says as you get seated

| >>586766

> Dusty takes her seat and gets immediately comfortable

"Oh hey! I hoped you'd be here! Nice to see this place looks as cute and cozy as you do. Thanks for the drink."

> She takes a sip before looking at the person next to her, Fox, who is looking more nervous than usual

"H-hey Dusty. I didn't think you'd come into a place like this. It's nice to bump into you not in the garage" >says Fox

> Dusty just takes a long drink and shoots Gem a look that says 'kill me'

| >>586765


> Flushed herself, Elliott notices his breach and begins conversating with Bonnie again, both throwing a few teases back and fourth whilst doing so.

| >>586768
"Uhhmm..">gem reads the look but she dosen't know what to do
>but she nods and smiles "im here for you!"
>the better question would be if she would know at all being the innocent cookies and cream girl she is

>he snaps himself out of it by slapping his cheeks lightly and returns to his duties not wanting to interrupt the girl talk
>it seems you missed an opportunity of sorts

| >>586756
"You've got our appreciation"
>Arnir takes the waterskins and put a few gold coin on the counter

"No, no, Arnir. That's not what the people of sacred land use. I've observed our captors do some trading. They use this"
>Anbor says as he take out a credstick and put it on the counter

| >>586772
"But of Course lord ranger.
Feel free to visit our humble tavern again any time"
>frank the 'humble tavern keep' bows after returning the credstick

| >Bar doors swing open, as John and William walk in.
"...and so we cut 'em loose, only to find him a week later!"
>They both laugh, as they look for a place to sit.
"Elliott, is that you?"
>John spots Elliott.

| >>586775
> She spins around with surprise. Everyone's here, aren't they? She throws her head back in laughter and turns back around to Bonnie.

"What did I tell you?"

"Nothing, Rue."

| >>586776
>John, mildly preplexed by the laughter, walks up confused, William in tow.
"Did I say something, or did you two bet money."

| >>586778

"No money involved, She's just crazy."

> Bonnie takes yet another drink of Elliott's Sugar Rush, leaving them both turning to the two.

"Why hello. Whose this, John?"

| >>586779
"He's William, my mentee. I think you and Elliott already met?"
>He rubs Elliott's head, as if she's still a kid.

| >>586771

> Dusty sighs and turns to her housemate, figuring she might as well

"Hey little kid, I can't believe we managed to find each other in such a large city. At least you're paying so I guess I can get drunk here."

> Fox gives a look as if he's okay with it and Dusty takes a long drink. Fox turns to her better as well.

"Have you found anything yet? It should be hard to find a security job around here, since you don't want to be in the Garage." > Fox said, concerned

| >>586781
"Oh William, sit down i promised you a drink remember?"
>cass calls out

"Welcome sirs">frank bows
"Hey john remember that story about reggie?

"Looks like everyone is here">cassie laughs

| >>586781
> Elliott puffs her cheeks just like a child would do in response. Bonnie shakes her head and sets the drink down.

"Nice to meet you William, I'm Bonnie."

"Are you still okay, William?"

> Elliott looks to him in a normal adult's state, expressing her previous concern at Cauldwell.

| >>586791
"Y-yeah, I'm fine."
>William says as little as possible to not uncover the fact that he went on a date, to John...

"I-its nice to meet you too, Bonnie"
"Cass, Reggie's around?"
>John looks surprised at Cass.

"I'll take that drink now, please."
>William tries to avoid the topic of >>>day.

| >>586792
"Sure, pick your order and sit your butt">he chuckles and readies the mixing tools

(Frank was telling so im assuming you were talking to him instead of cass)

"Aye, that would be me">the old man lets out a hearty laugh
>already one can see how people would like him

"Oh dear the bar is already so lively">cass laughs
"Thanks for coming you two">he smiles at Elliott and William

| >>586794
"You must be the man formerly known as the moonlighter?"
>John holds out a hand to shake.

"I'll have a a special of the day..."
>William only says so because he can't recognise any of the drinks.

| >>586792

"So what brings you here with John?"

> Bonnie begins to take another drink, but gets it swiped by Elliott!

"Is he just pulling you along for the ride, or...?"

| >>586794
"Of course, anytime Cass."

> Elliott responds kindly, now keeping her drink to herself.

| >>586795
"Bwahahaha! Indeed i am!">he bellows out a healthy granpa laugh!
"Names reggie! Pleased to meet you!"
>and shakes johns hand!

"Sure thing one sec">cass begins mixing a drink
"Now for the love of iris i know you might be nervous but sit down man!"
>he laughs

>cass refill Elliotts drink then gives bonnie an equally large one
>"not good to steal you know~" he mouths out and winks

| >>586784

> Dusty snorts at Fox's question
" Gods, you need to spend time with real people more. I already have some attention. Some dude attacked Caldwell and I helped stop him. I even got free stuff and a number. Now that I think about it... Fox! Make a funny face!"

> Dusty pulls out her phone snaps a picture of her and Fox looking silly with the caption of "Miss you! Call me soon" on it. She sends it to William, not knowing Sayuri gave her the wrong number as a joke on the guy

| >>586798

> Upon taking the drink, Bonnie lips 'I know' and... Winks back?! She turns her attention to Elliott and William, taking a >>>big sipp of her Sugar Rush.

| >>586798
"John, pleased to meet you. Now, I'm not much of a drinker, but I hear you know something for passing the time?"
>John gives Reggie a wink.

>William checks his phone... And looks confused. Very confused. But then he looks closer to the background of the photo... She's here?!

| >>586805

"Well hey... What's that?"

> Elliott makes a quick attempt to lean her nosy self over and see what William is looking at!

| >>586803
>he just sighs and chuckles
>"alright then~"

"Ahh that, ohh that brings me back.
Aye i 'ave a bit. Although i dont use it often."
>he laughs

| >>586806
>She sees Dusty and Fox in a cutesy picture.

>John let's out a light chuckle.
"Care to join?"

| >>586808

"Oh hey, that's-"

> Elliott pauses and sits back, glaring at William with a face going from curiosity to...

"William... I thought otherwise!"

> She giggles, Bonnie in a small state of confusion.

| >>586808 >>586809
"Whawhawha heyy let me see!">cass also attempts to sneak a peek

>then a cute girl still in a her mascot outfit walks in

"Aye then lets">reggie seems to be along for what john has planned

| >>586809
>William closes and puts his phone away faster than John will ever be able to draw his gun, as he sees mascot girl walk in.
"No. Y-you saw nothing. N-nothing."
"H-hey Aoi!"

>William waves to get her attention, while John procures 2 left handed cigaretttes, one for Reggie.


| >>586811

"Nothing, we'll have to talk later..."

> Elliott chuckles to herself, starting on her drink once more.

| >>586773
"All of you have been a great company"
>Anbor says, very loudly, and with that he leaves the bar

"We Rangers are not lords, lonely people we are, hunters, but hunters of our enemies, lord Cassius"
>Arnir whispered
"But may your journey be swift, and your cloak warm"
>He follows Anbor out of the bar, although your vision of Arnir seems to fade as soon as he finishes the sentence, as if something is messing with your mind.

| >>586811
"Aue lets dooit"
>he rolls teh blunt
>already one can tell its quality stuff
"Frank, the air filter please, i dont wanna disturb any of the patrons"

"Yes sir">and frank places down a little circular thing
>you know its doing something, but what you cannot tell just yet, although its quite obvious so one can take a guess

>Meanwhile cass is trying not to laugh at what he just saw

"Whoa! William!♡"
>aoi walks over quite excitedly

| >>586799

> Fox looks confused, having his last sip of cocktail. Dusty is usually never so... nice.

"Umm... are you feeling well? You never act this nice, especially when you drink." >Says fox

> Dusty finishes her Fringe Weaver and slams the glass down, letting out a relieved sigh.

"It's just been a weird last few days and Sayuri makes me happy at least. I could have poured something on your head instead, you know?" > Dusty says with a devilish grin

| >Liz stumbles in. Probably from running all the way here
"Oh. Hey. I'm late again. I need to figure out how to be better about this"

| >>586886
"Hey liz!">frank calls out
"The boss is here for a visit today!"

"Uwaaa! Hii miss liiizzzzz!"
>gem rushes over and gives a hug

"Hello there dearest Elizabeth"
>and cass seems to be in a good mood

| >>586888
"Heya Frank. How're you? It'll be interesting to meet the boss."
>She hugs Gem back
"Hi Gem. How've you been?"
>She says with a smile and slight squeeze
She then looks over to Cass and mimes throwing a dart. A red rose rests on his ear
"Hello Cass. Fancy seeing you here"

| >>586893
cass:"Heh nice trick.
I could Probably do something similar but i would need to go outside.
Till then~"
>he snaps his fingers
>all of a sudden there is a rose bouquet in your hand!

Gem:"ive been amazing!">after hugs she returns to her duties

Frank:"yeah get over here">he gestures to the old man
"And meet old reggie"

| >>586896
"Thanks. it's an oldie but a goodie"
>She looks down at the bouquet and takes one out and trims it and puts it in her hair
"How's this?"
>Gem releases her from the hug
"I'm really happy that you're doing well, Gem"
>She does the same motion and a white rose is now resting on her ear
>She walks over to Frank and Reggie
"It's nice too meet you, Reggie. I'm Elizabeth, or Liz for short. I'm a new hire waitress"

| >>586899
"Beautiful as always liz"
>he smiles and starts cleaning some glasses

>gem does a little twirl when she finally notices

"Aye so you must be liz!
Bwahaha! Its a pleasure to have you here lass!"
>he lets out a hearty laugh!
>its just as described
>He has greying black hair and would wear a vest and fedora like ones of those 40s gents
>and despite his apparent old age it seems the youth never left him
>he shakes you hand

| >>586902
"Why thank you Cass. You don't look too bad, yourself"
>She flashes a smile at him and turns back to Reggie
"That I am. it's a pleasure to be working here"
>She says while shaking his hand
"I've never worked at a place as lively as this one. It's honestly a real treat"
>Her eyes are glowing as bright as her smile

| >>586905
"Ahhh thats why i love this little bar!">reggie chuckles

"Cheers to the awesome bar!">some off the regulars call out

Frank:"Wow they are drunk already"


Frank:"you might be too boss..
Anyway get back here, we already got our hands full"
>he gestures

| >>586906
>Liz raises her energy drink in the air for the cheers
>She looks back to Frank.
"Alright, what have you got for me tonight?"

| >>586907
"There are like 8 people at the bar atm...pls help."
>cass seems kinda overwhelmed
"Maybe help out cass"

"Please do..Frank seems pretty full to but im dealing with 5 people here..aheh.."
>yep, he is Definitely overwhelmed
>although it wasn't as clear to the patrons

| >>586910
"Oh, sure thing!"
>She hops the counter and rolls her sleeves up

| >>586918
"Oh everyone this is liz"
>cass introduces

"Cool with that out of the way i should Probably ask.
Do you know this little app called danger/u/ liz?"
>cass chuckles quietly
"I was going to post a little something there later.
So i thought you might be interested"

| >>586871

> Fox does his best to laugh off what she said. Although, there was really no way that she would even want to make a scene here, right?

> Dusty starts to laugh as well. Her laugh is oddly adorable for someone like her.

"Hey, your drink is all done. Let's get some more," >Says dusty, getting out of her seat to be more visible

"Hey! We need another round over here!! Two big drinks, on the double!"

> Fox sinks, wishing Dusty were less loud than she always is.

| >>586924
"Right away!"
>frank immediately slings over a refill of your drinks!
>or slides over a fringe weaver and places a cobalt velvet as the glass for it is un-slide-able
>and on the double as requested!

| >>586921
>Liz gives a timid wave and looks back to Cass
"I've heard of it. it's a place where a bunch of girls go to circlejerk about stupid stuff, right? What would you post?"

| >>586943
"Yep its a weird place.
Buutt there are some nice people on it and its not all circle jerk.
Usually just the one guy nobody ever pays attention to now that i think about it.."
>he shakes his head
"Meh, anyway i just use it for communication."
>he says although one cant help but notice he is dodging the topic

"Stop dodging the question cassie!"
>gem calls out

"Oh pooh, fine..
Its by birthday on the 17th.
Probably going to broadcast invites.
Although im kinda nervous.."

| >>586945
"What's there to be nervous about? Just advertise it and people will show up"
>She puts her hand on her chin
"Are you afraid people will start a ruckus or something?"

| >>586948
"N-No im just not used to celebrating my birthday.
I trust the right people will see it, they have many times before.

I-im just not used to it"
>he blushes a bit
"Never really did as a kid"

>upon revealing this, frank audibly laughs his butt off

| >>586949
"You should do your best to get used to it. You're not a kid anymore and things change. Hell, now that I know I'll be sure to get you a nice gift."
>She gives Cass a light hug

| >>586951
"Yeah thanks. I guess it just needed to hear it
Sorry fo-"
>then she hugs him, causing his face to become only the brightest shade of red
>"contaaaaacccttttt!" error 404 Cassius.exe has ceased functioning

| >>586956
"What? You looked like you could use a hug."
>She squeezes you a bit

| >>586938

> Dusty makes Fox clink their glasses together as a show of good faith to her housemate. The lilim feels more at ease around her in this setting, at least.

"Well, I guess it's not so bad seeing that I've been having more business lately. Maybe this is good." >Says Fox, enjoying his drink

"Exactly, kitty. Now drink up some more so you can get you attention from people other than me or your clients." > Dusty says, eying up the various people in the bar

| >>586841
"I got some ready to go, you want one?"
>John pulls out a joint, and to Reggie:

>William pouts at Elliott, until he hears his name!
"AOI! Y-you're here! Are you here to meet Joh-"
>He sees John offering a smoke to Reggie...
"A-are you here to try the drinks?"

| >>586973
"It won't be so serious."

> Elliott keeps her smile, looking to the newcomer.

"Is that the girl we saved from Cauldwell, William?"

| >>586959
>oddly enough, its suprisingly comfortable to hug him, its warm as if all troubles would melt away and one would be pretty sure that they felt abbs
>he becomes even more flustered as his face shifts even more red and the stuttering becomes worse

| >>586973
>reggie simply gives a hearty chuckle after he takes a hit

"Ahehe of Course im here you dumb dumb! You called me over!"
>she does a light twirl waving her little cape
>quite cute
"Ohhh wait you mean at the moonlighter?
We had a partnership program with a bunch of places!
I had to deliver some stuff.
But im also on my break!">she smiles brightly and she seems particularly energetic
"Whoa! Your one of the people who saved me!
Thank you!">she does a little bow

| >>586962

> Dusty's nose twitches upon smelling smoke, and before anyone can stop her, she has a cigarette lit, as if she was just waiting for a good moment.

> Both her and Fox's faces were looking a little darker. She once again stands up in her seat.

"Hey Cookie girl!! My drink had a crack in it and I had to drink it all to stop the leak!"

> She finishes it while Fox barely is half way through his.

"Dusty, you might need to slow down a little!" > Fox shakes her slightly

| >>587036

"Ah, I thought so... No need to thank me, William did more than I could ever."

> Bonnie glances between Elliott, William and Aoi.
"I assume you three had an adventure?"

| >>587036
>John shrugs, giving a chuckle, before snapping his fingers to light his Joint.

>William bleeds a little from the nose as he is in awe of Aoi's cuteness.
"Uh huh... Yeah, w-where was I?"

| >>587035
"What's wrong Cassie?"
>Liz teases with a smug smile on her face

| >>587052
"Yup yup!
It was you!
And that other cool looking girl that got sat on!
You all looked awesome!"
>she excitedly recalls

"Heheh nice man"
>it wont be long before old reggie gets lightly stoned and starts thinking late night questions
"Is the q or the ueue in queue silent..?"
>too late, he already started

"We were doing this dumdum!"
>aoi leans in and kisses William in the lips

| >>587125
>upon uttering "cassie" he reaches critical mass
"Uhh err umm ahh eee...
>he steals his gut and attempts to counter!
>still incredibly red he leans in close, and kisses liz in the cheek
>and if that wasn't critical mass earlier it is now..

| >>587135
>Liz's face turns bright red as Cass kisses her on the cheek. She then shakes herself out of it and does the same to him and plants a kiss on his cheek
"Oh, no no no Cassie. It's not gonna be that easy to get me flustered. Not this time"
>The look on her face is the the most smug you've ever seen it and her eyes are glowing brighter shade of green than ever

| >>587137
>in response his eyes glow only the deepest shade of blue as she kisses him on the cheek
"Challenge accepted"
>he leans in once again and this time kisses her right in the lips
>..it taste like blueberries and cinnamon...and it was quite warm
>and yet in a double edged sword this only serves to get him even more flustered

| >>587134
>John ponders the question...
"It's the last 'ue' in the word, as it's pronounced 'que'..."
>And sees >>587141.
"OI! Get a room, or get me a drink, please!"


"Wha- !!"
>William eyes are wide open from surprise, as he does not know what to do, so he does the same.
"T-there! N-now we are e-even!"

| >>587141
>Liz's eyes widen with surprise as Cass kisses her on the lips.
>A moment later she decides to embrace it and kisses him back

| >>587143
> Elliott turns in awe and silent laughter, along with Bonnie.

"John, let them be!"

"That's heartwarming."

| >>587143
>reggie just ponders further
"I think its the q right...?

>and upon getting counterd, aoi jut faints
>right into Williams arms

>his eyes glow the deepest blue
>then thier lips part ways
"W-wait...th-that wasn't expected..!"
>at this point he isn't as embarrassed, not because hes over it, but because hes too deep at this point to overthink
>wait no hes still red nevermind

>frank does not seem to mind all

| >>587150
"I didn't expect you to reply the way you did, but here we are."
>She pulls the gum from her mouth
"I believe this is yours"
>She hands Cass's gum back to him with a smirk

| >>587153
>he checks his mouth
"Thats my-"
>in a literal plume of steam his face goes bright red and he actually faints

>frank and gem take a second to process this
Gem:"whoa Cassius fainted"

Frank:"Holy crap!"
>frank laughs
"Well ya got him good love bird.
Now then you also KOed him so mind dealing with his side?"
>frank refers to >>587143
"Hes waiting"

| >>587168
>Liz laughs a bit at Cass fainting
"I certainly didn't expect that."
>Her face lights up a bit. She seems to have an idea
>She puts her face really close to Cass's and starts blowing into it. As she does so a thin sheet of frost starts to form on the surface of his skin
"If he doesn't wake up from this, I dunno what to do. But sure, I'll take care of his side for now"

| >>587150

"That's a keeper, William."

> Bonnie finishes off her drink, looking to Elliott for hers.

"You'd better down that."

| >>587150
>William catches Aoi in the fall, putting her in his seat.
>William takes Elliotts drink, downing it for her.
"S-sorry... I felt like I was going to faint too..."

| >A motorbike pulls up outside, the hum of its engine abruptly cutting out as it comes to a halt. The door swings open, admitting... Well, it's definitely Chisa, but she looks considerably different- Her hair's considerably longer, for one, and she's got a brand new pair of glasses!

>She makes her way to the counter, and puts in her order:
"...one Blue Fairy, please."

| >>587173
>he doesn't wake up
>although the light breath tickled his face a little

"Oh look its chisa, liz can you take this one?">frank asks

"Hiiiii chisa!( ・⩌ ・)ノ"
>gem runs over and glibs hugs

| >>587218

"O-Oh, Gem!" >The android doesn't hesitate to return the hug, a wide grin spreading across her face.
"It's been a while~!"

| >>587173

> Dusty gets back up, still scanning around for Gem to get her attention, doing her best to gauge the mood of the bar.

"Hey, Cutie Maid girl! We're gonna need some help for my little kitty over here! We need some more drinks, and they better be manly too!" > Dusty calls out, hoping her message gets across.

"Dusty, no, it's okay! I think I'll be fine just now, I'm not even finished either." > Says Fox, now dark grey from embarrassment

| >>587216
"Coming right up."
>Liz mixes up a Blue Fairy and slides it over the counter
"There you are."
"Already on it, boss"
>Liz raises her hand up signaling the number 2
"Coming up"
>She mixess up a marsblast and a piledriver and slides them over
"Forvige me if this isn't exactly what you want, I'm just filling in for this one"
>She points to Cass who's still out cold on the floor

| >>587250
> Dusty tracks Liz's finger while Fox silently sits in confusion over the two drinks in his hands. She silently freaks out, realizing that it's that fuckboi from the Alleyway. She gets out of her seat and walks over, bending down to get a closer look.

"You look better on the floor than standing, Cassa-fuckboy. I was almost having a good time too. Don't waste time with this shitbag girls. He's not worth it."

> She finishes by ashing out her cigarette on his shirt. Harsh.

| >>587204

"Damn, he beat me..."

"O-Oh! Of course, Will, of course..."

> Elliott nudges him in play

"I'd've had to catch you, in that situation."

| >>587349
>William simply pouts more.

"I-I'll buy you a new d-drink..."

>Before he waves a bartender over, he notices >>587319, and fails to think before speaks.

"A-aren't you the one who tried to get in to that Oni's p-pants?"

| >>587250

"Grazzi hafna." >Chisa takes the drink, her other arm still hugging Gemini.

| >>587410

> Dusty notices William and laughs. Fox notices this easily and finishes his drink in a single gulp and rushes over with the duo's drinks.

"Hey, D-dusty. Let's not be rude to this guy. He seems nice! >Fox interjects, taking a place next to her.

"I was merely making a friend. YOU clearly dont know many powerful women, so sit back down" > Dusty gets back up and pushes william slightly, readying another cigarette

| >>587487
"I k-know Elliott, who isint a bitch like you."
>He shoulder checks Dusty, with equal force.
"At least you have s-sensible f-friends."

| >>587489

"Hey, Dusty isn't a bitch. She's just, weird compared to other people." > Fox speaks up, handing her Marsblast

> Dusty lights her cigarette and takes a drag, blowing smoke next to William's face

"You just need to learn how to get a stronger backbone." > Dusty grabs her drink and takes a drink, keeping her eyes locked on William's

| >>587419
"Come on sit down!
You look different!
How have you been?"
>she leads you by the hand to the counter

| >>587490
"And y-you just need to learn how to shoot a gun."
>William gives his thumb a lick, and lightly stubs out her cigarete.

| >>587492

"I've been great, thanks~!" >Chisa laughs, allowing Gem to lead her.
"As for the new look, well... I just felt like trying something different. How is it?"

| >>587498
>gem holds her hands together near her face
"You look really pretty chisa!"
>and smiles a smile to melt Everest's snow
"How is miss yukiko and miss maria?"
>it seems gem is happy to be talking to a friend

| >>587494

> Dusty flicks the cigarette back at him, prompting Fox to slink back to his seat to not be in direct range of Dusty's fists.

"You're right, I guess I'm a little rusty. Sounds like you want to volunteer as my next target," > Dusty sneers, taking a long drink from her marsblast

> Fox scans around and tries to shrink himself down to try and not seem associated with Dusty and her more, straightforward, methods.

| >>587506
>William manages to intercept it in mid air, flicking it away, while John begins to heckle both of them.

"I bet you don't have the balls, you don't even fly colours!"

"William, you can't say much eather, yours haven't dropped!"

>John says, taking another toke of the Joint.

"Come on Reggie, join in, live a little."

| >>587503

>Chisa's cheeks turn pink- a natural reaction, but one she exaggerates slightly; she's taken Gemini's comment about how cute she looks when she's blushing to heart.

"Thanks! And, they're doing fine. Haven't had much time or reason to get out of the house, though."

| >>587513

> Dusty turns her head slightly to the voice that started roasting her, taking another drink.

"Hey, half of the best bounty hunter pair in the Border Zones doesn't need colors. Unless you count tattoos, which you wont get to see tonight" > She gives a small wink with her words before turning back to William

"Do you really have that much of a deathwish? Or do I have to call the little baby a cab home??"

> She reaches up and pinches his cheek, harder than necessary

| >>587519
"What, where you so bad you split up? No wonder you're just a half!"

>John keeps heckling her, as William retaliates... By pinching hard the first thing he can get to, her nipples.

"Go a-ahead and c-call it for y-yourself!"

| >>587521

> Upon such a thing happening to her, Dusty instinctively punches William with all her strength. A powerful strikes just underneath his rib with a satisfying wham. She can't even hold back her anger full as she hits.

"Don't you ever fucking try that ever again."

| >>587523
>As William feels the force, and the pain of the punch, his fingers clamp down, and as he is blown back by it, he manages to hold on for a second before flying bcak, giving them a good tug. He ends up on the floor, knocked out.

"Well I'll be left un-surprised, William lost in a fist fight. From the suckerpuncher."
>John gets up, Joint still in his mouth, he walks over to William, checking if he's breathing. Lucky, he's still alive. Somehow.

| >>587525

> Dusty's eyes look like they're glowing red from rage. She doesn't react to anything John says.

"Are you looking for one too? Or do you at least have the sense to agree to a fight?

> Fox, meanwhile, walks over to Dusty and grabs her by the shoulder, looking ghost white

"Hey, I thought you promised that you wouldn't hurt people whenever I'm around." > Fox says feebly

"He started it." > Dusty replies.

| >>587528
"Hey now. If you're gonna fight, take it outside."
>Liz says leaning over the counter
"If you fight in here, you'll make a mess, and I really don't feel like cleaning up another mess tonight"

| >>587532
"There's not much blood. Yet."
>John giggles...

"See, listen to the nice kid, he's afraid you're gonna punch out his kind."

>He keeps laughing at Dusty and his jokes.

| >>587562

> Fox looks at John and feels relieved that someone is talking sense

“I’m not a kid, but yeah. Thank you tanin, please, can I make this okay somehow to apologise on her behalf?” > Fox holds out his card, doing his best to keep politeness up

“Just turn him over on his side in case he throws up. I have no idea where I hit, but it was significantly softer than I imagined,” > Said Dusty. She cracks her knuckles as if to emphasises the softness

| >As this is happening two armed man enter the bar, well it's Red and Impulse, so nothing new. Both has their weapons kept away, either slinged over their shoulder or holstered by their side. Although this time they both are wearing half-masks instead of balaclava and there's no helmet or cap on their head, so you can say that's different. Other than that they are using their usual combat gear.

| >They make their way to the nearest vacant seat. Paying little attention to the knocked out man on the floor
"I will take a gut punch"
>Impulse ordered

"One Ragnarok for me, thanks"
>Red followed

| >>587597
"Looks like someone has just come from wetwork."
>John notices the two, and picks up William over the shoulder, putting him down at a chair.

| >>587659
>Impulse hears John
"If it isn't my man John"
>He laughs

>Red notice John hauling William's body
"Something happened to him?"

>Oh yeah I forgot, they still have their Comtacs on.

| >>587600
"Sure thing. Coming right up"
>Liz mixes up their drinks and slides them forward

| >>587597

> Fox notices the two armed looking guys and immediately goes back to his seat, afraid. Dusty follows right behind him, shooting a dirty look at William, even though he can't even see it.

"Dusty, why does this always happen to you?" > Fox asks, sipping his piledriver

"Don't ask questions I don't have answers too. Just be glad I didn't also deck that dude who kept saying shit at me." > Dusty responds, finishing her drink, finally.

| >>587516
>she smiles and her eyes glow black and white!
>thats new!
"Ohh right!
Do you wanna trade numbers?
I always forget to ask!"
>and one of her bracelets emits a little holo-screen
"Thank you miss reya for the gift"
>she says to nobody in particular
"I never could get around to doing this kinda stuff"

| >>587689
>and finally cassie wakes up
what did i miss...?
Dreamed that i frenched with liz.."
>he asks in a groggy haze
"Wah..!shirts a mess.."

"Cuz you did genius">frank informs

"Huh..guess i got an early birthday gift heheh..ugghh..">he blushes again, but only slightly this time

| >>587711
>Liz looks back and see's Cass waking up
"About time you woke up. In the time you were out, I got pregnant 3 times and I had to raise them all on my own. They're college graduates now too. Oh yeah and you're the father"
>She rests her head on her hand and stares at him

| >>587710

"Oh, yeah, absolutely! I was gonna ask you at the party, but it slipped my mind." >Chisa smiles, making a note to ask Gemini about the flashing eyes thing once this is done. She reaches out to touch the bracelet...

| >>587689
"Thank you, Miss"
>Impulse says as he pulls down his half-mask and take a sip

"Impulse, look who's here"
>Red says as he gesture towards the now conscious Cassius before take the Ragnarok from Liz

"Ah, Cassius, I thought you weren't here. How did you end up on the floor?"
>Impulse laugh

| (before he takes*
I just wake up, so my grammar might be fucked)

| >>587761
>the screen displays her number!
"Party..this again...at kahns scar right?
We already saw the invitation!"

>cassie gets up and dusts his vest off
"Well given that its with you i wouldn't mind."
>wait wha-?!
>then he dusts off his butt

"Pulse">he says to red
"Red">he says to pulse
"You both should Probably take of those helmets The things must be making it hard to see.
Like that purple haired girl over that that seems to have a crush on you"
>he points

| >>587817
(They did not have a helmet on)
"You still haven't answered my question. How did you end up fainting on the floor"
>Impulse says, taking another sip
"Something with this lady over here maybe?"
>He gesture towards Liz

| >>587817

>Chisa pulls out her phone, tapping at it briefly before giving Gemini a call so she can see her number. Curiously, there's already a name attached to that number- 'Chisa Sandansky'.

| >Right outside the bar, the unnamed scotsman is waiting for someone, leaning on the wall. He's wearing the same kilt he wore during the outbreak, and a black t-shirt with the unreadable logo of an old heavy metal band. His long hair are tied in a messy ponytail.
>Seeing Anbor and the other leaving the bar, he sighs.
"Well, th' mad lass is goin tae be disappointed. Feck it, those lads could have at least waited fur us".
>He comments, seeing the knights getting out of the bar.

| >Some kid in a driving cap runs up the sidewalk. He looks at his phone to check the time, and almost trips on something in the moment he's distracted. Looking up, he finds that he's at his destination. He sees the Scotsman, but not the person he had actually talked to during the last clown incident, the one who invited him here.

| >>587992
(Well, shit, I thought this celebration setting is going to be a whole another setting or another bar after this, because you said you were busy, so I used this one for a bunch of exposition monologue. My bad.)

| >>587962
>gem taps the holo-screen and answers
"Yayy i have your number now!"
>and smiles brightly

>shortly after, out of nowhere, a pure white snow owl swoops in through the door
>and perches on her head
"Wah! G-gamma!?

| >>587992 >>588032

>Shortly after the other two arrive, a shorter girl in a black zip-up hoodie, black jean-shorts and black combat boots walks up to the group, before taking off her hood to reveal the half-red, half-black hair they last saw at the clownpocalypse. Her cybernetic legs motioned her forward, as her eyes glow in the night.

"The boys and girl back in town!"

>She gave a cheesy smile and a peace sign, looking around curiously.

"What is this place? I've never been here."

| >>588216 >>587992 >>588032
>when you all walk in the staff behind the counter bow
"Hello and welcome to the moonlighter!"

>although it seems the bar is a bit too packed
>like really full,
>***really full***
>it would be rather difficult to find a seat at the bar

>conversely there are still some booths available

| >>588109

"...Gamma?" >Chisa raises a brow, contemplating whether it'd be a good idea to try and pet the owl.

"...can I pet them?"

| >>588335
"Yupyup! Cassie's pet owl!
Gamma! Get offa meee"
>gem excitedly exclaims before ordering the bird of pray off

>and off it flies, right into chisas open arms should they be open

>its feathers are as white as snow, also its Completely adorable and fluffy
>like a marshmallow

"Awww hes saying hello!"
>she pets the owl

| >>588345

>Chisa laughs, setting her drink on the table and gently hugging the owl.

"...looks like he likes me!" >A gloved hand rises to pet the owl like Gemini has done.

| >>588347
"I likes everything!"

>the owl emits a comfortable cooo as you hug it and pet it
>yes, truly adorable

>the only contender for it in sight at the moment would be the certain cookies and cream girl
"Whoa, biker gloves"

| >>588349

"...hey, it's kinda cold out." >With one hand still petting Gamma, Chisa takes off her glove and reaches out to pet Gemini as well.

| >>588357
>{%/// bond threshold passed}
>gem accepts the pats as the owl gently flies off, it ***knows***
>her head is quite warm and her hair is angelicly smooth and silky

| >>588361

"...Your hair feels nice." >Chisa takes off her other glove, setting them both down on the table now that she's got a free hand. The note she'd put down earlier resurfaces.

"By the way, when you asked to trade numbers... Your eyes flashed. Is it okay if I ask what's up with that?"

| >>588378
"Oh that wa cassie's birthday gift!
Something about augmented reality contact lenses!
I dunno what it means though but i can use this bracelet without looking at it!
..or something!"
>they glow black and white again
"Now im googling pictures of garlic bread!"

| >>588221
>The scotsman looks around the place, then turns around to the counter.
"Hey thaur, good evenin' to ye! Braw place youse're runnin' here, eh? Bonnie crowded though. Weel, that's th' sign of a guid an' healthy business, isnae it?"
>>588216 >>588032
"Me neither, mad lass, it's me first time here too"
>He takes another look around, and notices one of the empty booths
"Let's tak' a sit, lads. So, say, whit dae youse want tae drink? It's on me tonight, I told ye lest time."

| Ooc can someone plz explain how settings work, sry im new here

-(do i sign my name here like in a job thread or that bazaar thingy?, I honestly dont know.)

| >>588382

"I see, I see~" >Chisa chuckles, nodding- She's never had need of any kind of AR technology, given that she's an android, but she can understand the appeal of it.

"I don't really need to bother with contact lenses, since, well, I'm a robot. It's built in, along with a whole buncha other tricks- like this!" >She winks, and a small holographic heart floats away from her closed eye.

| (Impulse and Red is forgotten, *Cries in 5.56*)

| >>588398
(Settings are in-person threads. You play as a character from the third person ("He" or "She" instead of "I" or "Me"), and you write all of your words in quotation marks, like "I demand a refund!" and all of your actions in red text >using the right arrow symbol, like:

>He slammed his hand on the bar in anger as he said:
"I demand a refund!"

And in setting threads you don't sign your name, because you're not posting online, you're actually in person.

Hope that helps! :)


"kfc meat caves"


| > After finishing both of their drinks, Fox and Dusty give each other a weird looking handshake, ending in a loud metallic crash from Fox's right arm getting hit a little too hard and making it glow a bit, somehow??

> Dusty leaves 500z in front of where they both sat, taking her own leave first. Fox bows and waves goodbye to Gem before launching off to a new courier gig

| >A big figure enters the bar in a wide stride, showing off a suit of metal power armor filled with cogs and mechanical devices, a mask with three lines of glowing red neon cover their face.
"Yo fellas! I came by to play"
>Says the crusader Falschen as he sits down at the counter, the bench almost crushing under his sheer weight

| >A loud blast is heard in the distance. A figure slams into the concrete outside. Did it finally stick the landing? It has to shift it's arm to get it's balance back.

>It pushes the door open with the mechanism on it's right arm. It's armor looks nice and shiny. It looks around the joint, never having the names of the people it killed clowns with. But the Big Scotsman gave it away.
"Sorry I'm late!"
>A strange slightly garbled feminine voice exclaims from the armor.

| >>588405
>she seems impressed!

>while her eyes are blowing, so does cassies
>it seems they are messaging eachother perhaps
>gem nods and gamma swoops down and drops a small bag in her hands
"Would you like to try a cookie?"
>she opens it up revealing some chocolate chip cookies!
"I tried baking some earlier!"

>they wave goodbye

>>588556 >>588587
"W-welcome to the moonlighter..!"
>Frank bows
"Please tell me those armors are disabled or something.."

| >>588592
"I'm always active baby"
>Falschen says with an exaggerated thumbs up motion

| >>588594
"B-but you wont accidentally blow anything up right?!?"
>quite *frank*ly (ba dum tiss)
>Frank seems quite nervous at the sight of power armored individuals walking into the bar

| >>588592
>The figure presses a button or two on it's arm and the sound of pressurized air squealing out is quietly heard from the giant pile bunker arm.
"That's not going to go off now, and I have self control."
>Now a more masculine voice, but still somewhat feminine. The figure mimics Falschen's thumbs up. Then goes to sit down with the Scotsman and crew.

| >>588598
"Alrighty then"
>the bar counter itself is literally so full its visible that one of the tender is having a hard time handling it all

>it would Probably be best to sit at a table or booth
>said booths also look quite comfy, the cushioning and laminated wood giving it a rustic feel

| "The moonlighter getting crowded tonight, eh?"
>Impulse looks around him

>Red agrees before sipping from his glass

| >>588598
"Hey Bunker! How's it goin' fella"
>Falschen waves down the other power suited person with a yell
"C'mon down don't be a stranger, sit right on here eh?"
>He's in a good mood

| >>588611
>The figure turns and looks at Falschen.
>A genderless voice sounds perplexed.
"Who are you..?"
>The figure tilts it's head a bit, lost.

| >>588592

"Sure, I don't mind." >Chisa reaches for the bag, grateful for the distraction- the presence of so many power-armored figures discomfits and, to a lesser extent, annoys her. She tries not to let it show, but the wary glances she throws toward the counter are pretty hard to miss.

| >>588701
>upon opening the bag you are embraced with the aroma of home baked cookies as small bits of crumb powder gets released into the air
>should you reach in there is a modest sum of chocolate chips!

| >Liz zones back in from whatever planet her mind was on and looks at Cass
"Oh right. I was kinda out of it for a sec. What did i miss?"

| >>588738
"You made a joke about having kids with him,
then he said he wouldn't mind it">frank informed

"H-hey shut it frank!"
>cass blushes slightly as frank keks

| >>588739
"Oh right, yeah."
>She looks back over to Cass
"You know I can't have kids, yeah?"

| >>588741
"Well yeah.
But nevermind that, i ran out of tease 30 minutes ago."
>he shakes his head
>then a snow white owl swoops down and perches on his head
"..hello gamma
I guess this is my day now"
>he shrugs and chuckles, just accepting it

| >>588745
"Seems like a normal day, honestly"
>She pulls an energy drink from her bag and begins drinking it
"Insanity seems to be the norm"

| >>588755
"Yeah thats fair.
I suppose im just tired.">he yawns

>the owl drops down
>and places a little ornate box if was holding in its talons
"Oh right those finally cool.
thank you gamma"
>he feeds is a strip of jerky from underneath the counter and it flies off somewhere

"Want some macarons?"
>he opens up the box to reveal some brown and white macarons
"I made milk, and coffee"

| >>588757
"Sure. Would you like to try my energy drink?"
>She holds it out"

| >SVTVN takes a seat at the bar between the group of clown-killers, now almost complete.

"Alright! We got the Scotsman, the nerd, and the badass armored guy! And of course me, but y'know, goes without saying~"

>She smiles, and turns around to take a selfie of the group.

"We're missing the two superheros, the knight and his brother, but the heroes are probably off doing hero shit and I think those two already came and left, sadly, so I think we're all here now!"

| "I'm going for a picture. If anything, it'll be a good promo for the movie."

>She flips the camera off with her other hand while rolling her eyes back into her head and sticking her tongue out in a funny pose, before taking a picture of the Clownpocalypse Four (a name she totally just came up with in her head at this very moment and TOTALLY hasn't been rehearsing for days).

"I'm sure its a good picture. Now, LET'S GET WASTED!"

>She waves to the bartender.


| >>588689
"y'aint? Damn got the wrong person then, I'm going insane I feel like"
>Falschen squints under his mask before shrugging
"Well then miss stranger, how about we retry that? I'm Falschen and I kinda thought you were a friend of mine for a second there, my bad eh?"

| >>588775
"Sure thing. Coming right up."
>Liz mixes up a Gut Punch and slides it over the counter

| >>588710

"...not gonna lie, I'm actually pretty flattered that you're sharing these with me~" >Chisa takes a cookie, biting into it without hesitation.

| >>588775
>The scotsman laughs loudly, and smiles for the camera.
"Oh, lass, we're gonnae git sae damn tanked up we'll barely remember th' whole feckin night, mark me words!"
>He turns to the counter, and shouts his order right after SVTVN.
"Tender, fetch me a dooble whisky, will ye? Mind, no ice."
>What a totally, *totally surprising*, order.
"ARMOR LAD! Or lass, I didnae pure got what ye are, but welcome back wit us, braw seein' ye in a more talkatife muid tonecht!"

| >>588780
"Bide, ye're that falschen lad, arenae ye?"
>He waves, gesturing him to come closer
"Now, if ye're makin' acquaintances wit our friend haur, why dornt ye share a drink wit us, eh? Tonecht it's on me, so dinna fash yerself, lad"
>He turns to the counter a second time.
"Git thes maun a whisky too, tender!"

| >>588812
"Sure thing. Coming right up"
>Liz gets the drinks made up and slides them over the counter
"Here you are. One big whiskey, no ice, and one more with. Enjoy"

| >>588769
"Honestly if it was any other day i would decline.
But im damn near going to pass out again and i already met your lips so-
Yes,thank you">he chuckles takes a single sip
>then returns it and waits for you to pick a macaron

| >>588790
>she giggles
"Of Course, your my friend after all!"
>they are Definitely amateurish although the shape is uniform and the texture is crunchy on the outside while soft and chewy on the inside showing she had help
>the homemade chocochip goodness is pretty good all things considered

| "I bet you can't take more than three drinks before blacking out"
>Impulse taunts Red

"Oh, we'll see"
>Red gobbles up the rest of his drink, slams his glass onto the table and shouts
"Another Ragnarok, for me please!"

| >>588854
>As you take a drink you start to feel a light tingling on your lips. The drink is very bitter with a just a bit of sweetness. You immediately feel very awake.

"Of course. Coming right up"
>Liz mixed the drink and slides it across the counter
"Here you are. Enjoy"

| >>588893
>his eyes go wide
>all that just froma sip?!?
"Wow..ok uhh all of a sudden im awake..
Is it the caffeine or is it because i get to see your beautiful visage?"
>he chuckles
"Oh wow ok i really am awake, even managed to tease..
How much caffeine is in that?"

"You know i can serve something that can knock a dude out if you want"
>cass offers
"Would certainly be stronger that whatever you ordered"

| >>588895
"Well, I'm trying to NOT get knocked out here, Mister"
>Red down another drink in one go
"Another Ragnarok please!"

| >>588895
"Besides, that would be counter intuitive. I'm trying to proves that he sucks against alchohol"
>Impulse added

| >>588780
>The figure laughs a bit.
"I'm just pulling your leg, Falschen, of course it's me."
>The voice changer was turned off for that sentence, but to anyone besides Falschen, they wouldn't know that was Bunker's real voice.
"Right! A but easier to talk when not waist deep in bodies."
>Bunker sits at the booth and cracks their helmet open enough to show their mouth.
"Bartender, make me up a piledriver that'll really burn."

| >>588932 >>588934
"Fine fine, rather boring of you though."
>he says disappointed
"It is because you dont want pulse to film you insulting yourself for 30 minutes again?"

"Yes sir, flaming piledriver!"
>the boy in blue mixes 6 bronson extract 6 flanergide
>and 8 karmo into a shaker and serves it in a classic glass
>then lights it on fire?!?
>and slides it over
"Please enjoy.
We have stronger drinks if you wish.
And the boss finally delivered all the special beers"

| >>588956
>Impulse chuckles

"Oh, goddamnit"
>Red plays around with his glass, waiting for a new drink

| >>588969
>cass finishes and slides over the drink

"Hey are you talking about that stupid video!?"
>one of the other patrons calls out from a table

"Yeah why!?">cass responds

"Play it on the tv again! Its hilarious!"

>cass gives no response but a thumbs up and he presses some things on a tablet
>then the TV over the bar begins playing the video of red insulting himself
>and the bars patrons erupt into laughter
"Hahaahah! Man that never gets old!"
>ome comments

| >>588895
"There's a lot of caffeine in it. Probably enough to cause serious harm if your body can't process it. I'm sure you'll be fine though."
>She finishes the rest of her drink and puts the can back into her bag

| >>588990
"That...explains it yeah"
>he is still waiting for you to take a macaron
"What about you frankie boy?"

"Sure why not"
>frank then takes one and as expected, cassie's cooking is nice
>but frank makes no comment instead simply staying silent and nodding in approval

| >>588785
>SVTVN takes the Gut Punch and holds it up in the air.

"THIS, my friends, is a toast to clown killing, new friends and joyous mayhem!"

>She then chugs it quickly in one long gulp, setting the empty cup down and wiping her mouth.

"Ah, thank-*BURP*-AH, excuse me, thank you bartender, I'll take another one when you get a sec."

>She laughed a little to herself and looked triumphant, as she then glanced over to the TV at the clip shown.

| >>588998
"Well let's hope that you don't die"
>Liz says with a light chuckle
"At least if you start to I should be able to keep you from dying"
>She flashes her medical license

"Alright. One more Gut Punch coming right up"
>She gets it moved and slides it across the counter
"Here you are. Enjoy"

| >>589003
"You have a medical license?
Heh well would ya look at that,
I can fix you and you can fix me."
>he pulls out an ID for a robotics professor at one of the universities
"Who would have thought?"
>he laughs
"But i mean its not the first time i had large sums of caffeine."
>he yawns again
"So where did you get that?
Also why?"

| >>589006
"I do. It's kinda a hobby of mine. I get the qualifications and do the education and stuff to get licenses"
>She pulls out her pilot's license, private investigator's license and a license to practice law
"I don't know when i started, but I've been doing it for a while now"
>She pulls another energy drink can out from her bag and gestures for Cass to take it
"As for this, I make them myself. Here. Take this can"
>She takes a macaron and takes a bite
"Not bad"

| >>588977
>The patron is cureently laughing at a blank screen, because a footage of Red roasting himself doesn't actually exist. Because it's actually Impulse that roasted himself yet for some reason (Which I'm convinced is either just Morphine high on positivity juice or too lazy to actually check on the thread)cass still tries to open the non-existant footage

| >>589008
"Wow...colour me impressed!
Next your going to day you also know how to fight"
>he chuckles then takes the drink
"Ah Merci"
>and takes a swig

>the video play is in fact that of impulse roasting himself and the patron is laughing at it
>you were half right, as morph meant to say "pulse insulting" and was half ded sleepy at the time
>they continue to laugh

| >The door slams open, and a tall women in dark green military uniform with notable red edging enters the bar; she glances sharply at the interiors, walks over to the counter and takes a seat, putting her cap aside.
"Hey, bartender! Surprise me with your strongest drink, and hope it doesn't taste like piss."

| >>589172
"Yes ma'am, on a scale of 1 to ten to i wish for death, how strong of a drink do you want"
>the bartender in blue readies some ingredients

| >>589173
"I am sincerely convinced that 'your stongest drink' describes it pretty clear."
>Her expression changes for a moment, but then soothens up as she reaches out for the pendant of silver cross and a bright red stone encased in a silver rim.
"Make it the latter. I've just got myself out of a terrible place and need something to let go of the memories of it."

| >>589174
"Alright then"
>he begin mixing, it is difficult yo see what he is making though from behind the counter
>and after a moment he pours something into a beer mug, fills it with ice
>and lights it on fire?!?!
"I hope you don't have any cold sores, this may or may not have some snake venom in it"
>and slides it over
>an ice white drink, frigid to the touch yet blazing alight rests before you

| "You know what's fun about it? Our adversaries have tried to poison me four times. The first one drove me almost to the grave. The more they repeated it the less consequences i have suffered."
>She looked at the drink with a smile, apparently pleased and satisfied, as the treatment could not have been better that what she got.
"So I think I can boast of immunity to poison. To a certain degree."

| >>589183
"No i said snake venom, not poison.
There is a difference, poison kills you if you bite it, venom kills you if it bite you.
It wont do any damage unless it enters your bloodstream somehow."
>he explains
"Thus, itll numb your tongue, but not kill you,poison immunity wont help against venom, cuz its two different things"
>he then coughs
"Sorry sorry, i just need to explain that a lot when i serve that.
Your name and id please?"

| >>589171
"It's not that impressive."
>She takes a bit of the macaron
"I do actually know how to fight. My original design was a secret military test model"
>She extends her left arm and something that looks vaguely like a rifle rises from the back of her forearm
"But ultimately I'm just a test model so others like me never went into production"
>The gun recedes back into Liz's arm
"Buuuut. I don't let that have any effect on who I am or how I am."
>She finishes the macaron

| "You don't get to meet snakes in the north-west too often. Unless you tend to wander around unpopulated places, and i haven't been doing that at all. Big stars on the uniform naturally prohibit any kind of cheating on the service."
>She grins briefly, running her hands over her uniform pockets.
"What, do i not look adult enough to you? I'm Elizabeth Prower."
>She hands over the ID she'd pulled off one of the pockets.
"It was actually interesting to know that there's a difference."

| >>589191
>the macaron is light soft and smooth, on texture yet milky sweet and ever so slightly creamy, just as a good macaron should be
"As always you never fail to impress lizzy">he sighs and chuckles
"I honestly shouldn't even be suprised.

Besides, of Course it wouldn't affect who you are, your Elizabeth A Singer."
>he smiles
"And you are perfect the way you are"

| >>589192
"Whoa, two Elizabeths.
No you certainly look fine, pretty even.
Just protocol, you know how it is hahah.
Only once then never again, dont worry.
That and you know"
>he gestures to the old man and mouths out "boss is here"

"Now then, thats frank, shes liz, and im Cassius"

| >gem seems to want to do something...

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