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-_-_J0BS BOARD #4_-_-

| What does this make, Crash 3.0? Anyway most of y'all know the drill- those that don't, better keep up.

>Job Title

Click on the user's post number to reply. Click on their trip code to find all posts by that user.

"Mister Johnson" is just a catch-all name for clients, don't be trying to set up a hit on "Mr. Johnson" unless you wanna get laughed at.

Peace, chummers.

| >Starting out
Description: I need a team of four people to go and rob a small depot in Uptown, lightly guarded, CCTV, but most importantly, containers with loot brought in from Ghana by Aquarius, a small arms corp who's buisness is harming a client of mine. take care of the cameras, and then raid the depot as you wish. Try and do it sneakily yeah? That usually leaves a good impression on the mister johnsons
Pay: whatever you find
Notes: Ill give the go ahead once we got 4

| >>510933
Yeah,Im down

| >>2e63e8 ill take the job -Rabbit

| >Adult Hostess

DESC: Looking for some old school blood bags or, preferably, androids to employ. I've got a new club down in Simulacron-3 and I don't wanna fill the new place up with the "familiar" faces of my other clubs. I can help with the importing, I have some friends in China and Russia with some freighter ships..


| >Delivery...

Description: I'm stuck at home and I can't go out, so I need someone to buy these-
Pay: 5000z plus extra bonus if you get them to me fast! Will pay for dinner and gas too~

>[mgxmas-list.doc] - A long list of various xmas-themed decorations and ugly christmas sweaters. From skimming through them, the total would approximate 5000z.
>[address] - The address. It seems to be a public place.

Happy holidays!

| >>516322
I can do that

| >>516387
Thank you so much for your last minute delivery~ I'll get my "worker" to pick up the packages and pay you properly. Happy holidays!

| >Looking for work
It's been a while, and I worry that my credits have been lost. I'll do most work, as long as the pay is decent
Poster: Jackathon D.

| >>517711
Come help me set up megachristmas decoration at my workshop>[HERE]<
(Here's my discord server in case you wanna do a setting,its kinda dead though: https://discord.gg/pgwnHnR )


| >>2e63e8
I'd be up for it.


| After I get out of where ever I am I'm going to need some creds.
Looking for work but who knows when. . .

| >>522977
What's your skillset? -CN

| >Looking for valuable information
Of any kind, preferably interns LCK ZData or GCity "Unknown/HardToGet" info. Around 1 Exabyte of information. Will get well paid. The work will get done under private servers of mine so you shouldn't get worried about external people getting their asses involved.
Minimum of 70.000z, depending on how valuable it is.

| >Honest Work, Honest Pay

Description: Looking for a few good men to work in manufacturing on the short term. Got a heavy order coming up and we can use the extra hands. Show up and meet your quota, and you're good.

Pay: 3000z/week

Poster: Mr. Johnson

Notes: Muscle replacement augs a plus. Non augged need not apply. Some paperwork to sign. Open a secure line to the attached datalink to apply.

| Agh...funds 'ave been low since da crew fell out...I'll take da job! #526781

| *>>526781

| >>526786 >>526787

Excellent. You start this week. Show up to the location marked on your device... and please, don't bring a tie. They tend to get caught in the heavy machinery. -Mr. Johnson

(You gain 6000z after two weeks of exhausting, but invigorating work, working in a mass production weapon assembly plant of some kind for small arms. When the last crate's loaded onto an unmarked vehicle, departing for parts unknown, your credstick is updated with the funds.)

| (Been awhile since there was some action. Might as well try and dm again)
>Murder investigation
Ive been hired to find out who has been killing some people, there have been some connections to the kills and such but i shant leak them online of Course.
Anyway, i finally got a lead but i figure it would be better to get some help. Anyone up for an investigation?
Pay is negotiable
Dont worry, apparently the client git this sanctioned by GCPD
And only 5 spots for the job

| >>527303 i wouldn't mind helping out, if that's ok.

| >>529042
By all means.
I suppose i should elaborate on what the lead is shouldn't i?

The lead is a survivor of a recent attack, the daughter of the client ,a little girl called moa poor girl

Before anyone asks, i met the family before and she is ok with cooperating.

So the checklist so far is,
Interview moa (1)
Follow lead from interview (2)
Look for more info (3)
More to come most likely
However after step 2 anyone is free to drop out.
Pay can be discussed.

| >>529089 Alright, sounds good to me. As for paymemt, perhaps 1000z, if that isn't too much to ask for. I'm not too picky about payment, seeing that this job is for a good cause. With that out the way, i'm ready to go with the investigation

| I need a job to buy the 15cm model of my waifu

| I want work

| >>523664 >>f558da >>f558da >>f558da >>f558da >>2e63e8 im game

| Help whats the deal..

| >>529089 >>529089 >>529807 ok deets

| >>06fdff >>06fdff >>510933 >>516431 >>details

| >Courier Service Requested
Description: A hermetically sealed package needs to get to a certain location. Under no circumstances is the package to be opened- we will know.

Pay: 30,000z

Poster: Mr. Johnson

Notes: Serious inquiries only.

| >>531315

I'll take this job. -Ibn Firnas

| >>531495

Excellent. The details will be sent through secure line to whatever device you're currently using to access the Matrix. The package will be dropped off at an ubiquitous location. You will have forty eight hours to deliver it- when delivery is confirmed, the pay will be deposited in your Escrow account.

>Mission Start: Instead of a setting thread, this job's success or failure will be decided based on your response to this post.

>Roll a twenty-sided die and write what number you receive.

>Package description: a three by two foot cylindrical canister, cleverly hidden inside a portable barbecue oven.

>Do you follow the directions and not open the container, or do you open the container?

| >>531566


>Ibn Firnas can suppress her curiosity, and does not open the package.

>The portable barbecue oven has made her hungry though.

| >>531620

>You arrive at the location specified unmolested, although a neighbor's dog does bark at you from the comfort of their owner's patio. There's nothing special about this house- well cut lawn and bushes lines its front yard, and a new, still sealed in plastic welcome mat sits in front of the door.

>No one arrives at first when you ring the door bell- then, a tall man in a suit with reddish purple hair arrives from the back, combing his locks as he puts on thick shades. He greets you and opens the BBQ pit to reveal the canister. As he gently picks it up, he checks the outside of the device and then looks you over critically.

>A few minutes pass. He finally smiles, slides down his shades, and winks.

"Keep the BBQ pit," >He says,

"And thanks."

>With that, the man opens the door to the house and steps inside. For a few seconds, you see nothing inside the building- just walls and a concrete floor. The door locks audibly.

>Your phone or other Matrix device pings- the money has transferred over successfully.

| Hello /u/ people.
I'm looking for a lost project of mine.
He may have changed appearance. But just in case.
Oh, format.
>Lost project
Description: Cute boy about four and a half feet to five foot. Long brown hair, blue eyes, unaugged. Could definitely be wearing a skirt or dress if unchanged and a good boy.
Pay: Hmm. I don't know, I'm not good at gauging money. 500 zenny for info? 1000 for him?
Poster: Penthesilea

| >>532564

>>chump change.



| >>532565
Hmm, so that's not a good amount then?
I'll need to find my benefactors for better pay.
Oh i know.
I'll let anyone have a night to have your way with him.
How does that sound?

| >>532566



| >>532567
You know. Use him and his cute small body for your carnal desires. He'll heal so you can rough him up if you enjoy that. If you're willing to wait for me to get my full equipment I could even give him a vagina and tits with enough estro-gn50.
I prefer him his cute shy self though.

| >>532568

excuse me what the fuck -tenno

| >>532568
Profligate you what?

| >>532564
Aren't you the one who owns that tentacle blob?

| >>532605
I own Cancer, their brother experiment. He's the beautiful hunk of flesh.

| >>532568
include the lube in the reward and i'm game

| >>532785
Sure I don't see why not.

| >John Doe.
Description: I want John Doe. Dead or Alive.
Pay: 9,000,000z Alive, 4,500,000z Dead.
Poster: Cain
Notes: You don't have to reply to accept the job, just get him to me.

| >>533973
Knowing him, there will be more than one hands ready to take the task. If I am the one to bring him, keep the money. -Uni

| >>533973

Better get dat 9mill ready chummer, Har har!


| >>533973
I'm game.

| Hahahahahahaha! Hahahaha! Haha!.. Ha~.
This is hillarious.

| yo anyone know where i can get a hummer

>instead of a handle, a grainy image od NeoYUState is posted

| Weapons Contact
Description:I need contacts that can smuggle Bulgarian AK's to me, anything goes, as long as the stuff is top notch.
Pay: 8000z, maybe more
Notes:More contacts, the better, for the same contact, first come, first served basis.

| >>535970
Bulgarian Kalashnikov? I have Russian ones,would that work,or you specifically need the Bulgarian,I can try and get some

| >>536016
Specifically Bulgarian.
Mr Johnson is very particular about this detail.

| >>536066
Can I have the specific models? Or I can hand over any Bulgarian Kalashnikov. If so,does Krinkov also works?

| >>536074
Only requirements are:
Brand new, or barely used.
Made In Bulgaria
All else is irrelevant

| Not even caliber spacific? Alright,good for me I guess

| >>536133
I think I'm on to something here. A contact of mine used to provide me with some Shipka SMG,he tell me he can provide you with some 5.56,7.62 and 5.45 Bulgarian Kalashnikovs variants.

| >>536249
Great, I'll even include an extra.
>You receive 9000z in your account and received a picture of a naked lilim boy.

| (Honestly,I think the pay is a bit too low,one higher quality AK on the market right now is like,200 bucks more than your pay right now,you are aware that 9000z is 900USD right?

| >John Doe, Update.
Description: I want John Doe. Dead or Alive.
Pay: 12,000,000z Alive, 6,000,000z Dead.
Poster: Cain
Notes: You don't have to reply to accept the job, just get him to me.

| >>536384
What thereamong these lot have failed to prove their talents at capturing that simple man? The stakes needn't be raised. You are pushing a broken button, Cain. -Uni

| >>536359
(Yea, but i'm paying you to just tell where to buy them, not actually sell them to me)

| I need a modified, new gen B-Net, that doesn't connect to the HUB servers. Will pay 5000z.
Poster: triandot

| >>536404
I don't think it's Cain at the keyboard. Maybe her account, but not her words.

| >>536619
Oh, I'm well aware of that — I'm not that bad of a friend. -Uni

| >Offering maid services.

Description: My siblings and I are in town on business but no longer have the funds to return home- we are experienced at providing quality care within a rich sphere of services, such as cooking, cleaning, and watching children. If you are in need of a short term maid, we can oblige.

Pay: Negotiable.

Poster: G. Sechsunddreißig

Notes: Please be aware that if you decide to hire us, I request that you hire all of us- we do not represent an agency and prefer to remain together during this difficult time.

| >>537075
Might i ask some questions about your services?

| >>537079


-G. Sechsunddreißig

| >>537084

1, how many sisters

2, do you do house sitting

And 3, how much do you need for tickets out of here?

| >>537085

1) Six.

2) Naturally.

3) I'm afraid that I cannot discuss those figures.

-G. Sechsunddreißig

| >>537090
Ok well.
Im going to be out of town for a while
And my roommate will be under similar circumstances

Thus, i need a house sitter while we're gone
Would you be interested?

I was planning on paying enough for said tickets

| >>537093

That will do- however, I'd hate to impose upon you even a fraction of our summary expenses. For how long will you be away?

-G. Sechsunddreißig

| >>537104
A week or two at max.

| >>537110

Very well. Will 2000 CR be acceptable?

-G. Sechsunddreißig

| >>537115
Yeah ok.
How bout 2500?

| >>537118


You're- quite generous. Very well then. 2500 CR.

-G. Sechsunddreißig

| >>537119
>coords point to a small almost mansion in uptown

Dont worry about security there are some robots around that will take care of that

And food either the ones dyed red refill the fridge every 12 pm
Just ask them if you want anything specific

| >>537129


-G. Sechsunddreißig

| >Hovercraft avionics specialist required
Description: What it says on the tin. One time, one week long contract. I will provide further details when you agree.
Pay: 35,000 nuyen per day of work (contract can be completed in under one week). 25,000 nuyen x twice the number of days left on the contract bonus for finishing the job earlier.
Poster: JoKey
Notes: You will have to sign non-disclosure.

| >Seeking new tonsils.
Description: Without getting too deep into the embarassing details- I was the victim of a botched tonsil job, and can really use new ones.
Pay: Negotiable.
Poster: M. Saracen.
Notes: Yes, yes, I know this should probably belong in the BAZAAR thing, but hear me out alright?

I can't just buy "new" ones. Hell, I can't even buy old ones. What I need is some chummer to get me a new set and then conduct surgery to have them reinstalled.

That's as far as I'm willing to explain. Help a chummer out?

| >Part-Time Help Wanted
Desc: I need two people to fill in some positions at my shop. I need a receptionist and an assistant that's well versed in augs and tech. Pay is negotiable, but should be around 30 zenny the hour. I expect professionalism out of my hires and a clean record, at least on paper.
Poster: Illya Steins
Note: Come at The Castle if you're interested, I'll interview anyone who seems half decent.

| >Acquire and transport.

Description: There's a grainy image here of what appears to be a glowing, upside down triangle. It was clearly taken with an old phone camera.

An unidentified form of technology was discovered casually strolling through Uptown in full public view before vanishing out of sight. Despite telemetry and surveillance data acquired from numerous sources, the device does not match any known technology planetside, nor have any corporations or governments come forth with an explanation nor taken credit for said device.

We have already ruled out illusion, photo manipulation, hologram and drone explanations- device could be a new form of hard light technology.

We wish to acquire this device.

Pay: Negotiable; begins at six digits.

Poster: Mr. Johnson


Device must be undamaged. User/Owner of device a plus, but otherwise disposable.

| >>551023
It's not a device. -CN

| >>551023 Y-yeah, I'm not a device! I'm a sentient being, I'm just from a different planet! Jeez, you guys really do have a thing against outsiders...that makes sense why you can't get any space fuel here...-COM3T

| >>551283
Dont blame on malice, what you can blame on ignorance. -CN

| >>547686
generally if a set of tonsils is removed from someone said tonsils arent that great to begin with....

i gotta say i am still interested though. you just gotta give me a little time.... and maybe a little more info

are you looking for lab grown stuff on scaffolds or just the best shit someone can find while digging thru the pathology lab? my ability to help kinda depends on your answer


| >New Exo Needed

Description: I have this clunker of a lower body exoskeleton that I've hung onto for years, and now it's finally on its last legs (or, well, it isn't... depending on how you look at it). I can't fix it anymore, and I need a new one.

Pay: Negotiable. For a good product, good pay.

Poster: Roy Walker

Notes: I'm looking for something new or as close to new as physically possible. Nothing 'refurbished' that's been cobbled together from parts of other broken exos.

| >>551485
I can Probably get you one.


Will this do?

| >>551491
I don't want to be too picky, but... do you have one or have access to one that's a little less bulky? I just need this to be able to stand for long periods, and to run in the event I really, really needed to. I don't do any heavy lifting or really strenuous activity day to day.


| >>551519
Valer crop aint doing it for you?
Hmmm TaIgaMAX then...
How about this?


Needless to say, they come in separate parts so i can just get you the legs.


| >>551520
... Do I value form over function is the question here, I guess... I'm second guessing myself on the Valer.

How easy is it to put that on?


| >>551528
After talking these options over with a friend of mine, we came to the conclusion that even if it isn't the most streamlined looking, the TaIgaMAX is probably closest to what I need without overdoing it.

How do we proceed from here? What is it going to cost me to have you proxy this, since you'd be 'getting me one'?


| >>551579
Proxy? Dude, im just ordering this off of TaIgaMAX.
Aslo note that most wouldn't be able to get their foot in the door when it comes to this kinda stuff*ba dim tiss*

Also, for price...i dunno buy me lunch?
Soo what 50 zenny?

| >>551614
... Right, if you're ordering it for me, that would make you a proxy... unless that's yet another word that hardly anyone uses anymore.

"Most couldn't get their foot in the door"... How about we meet up before you order anything? Just to make sure we're on the same page here and you can see what it is we're trying to replace.


| >>551676
Where you want to meet then?
Also the foot thing was a joke.
Cuz cuz they're legs.

| >>551677
Oh. I didn't know if you were making some kind of tongue in cheek comment about how wide the frame was, or something.

I didn't have a place in mind, I suppose... I'm just dropping a friend off at home and then splitting for the night. I can come your way, if you like.


| >>551680
No its just that these things are custom order.
That and not much people in GC know about TaIgaMAX yet so im Probably one of the few people in GC that can place an order from them.

Anyway, just tell me where to drop it off.

| >>551681
Ahhhh, I see...

I have stuff sent to my job all the time, so... NSFMC, 2nd floor, Surgical Dept, office 1C. My "office" (actually calling it that is kind of a stretch) is the 3rd on the left.

Our cafeteria is decent, but I get the feeling that you might enjoy one of the nearby cafes a bit more. Maybe I could get you lunch there?


| >>551684
No i mean like just pay me the amount one would pay for lunch

Also, le sent

| >Disruption

Description: This is a multi-stage job, and to be clear, is a run against a certain corp. If you succeed, you'll be doing the city and everyone else here a favor.

If you don't... well... not much will change, honestly.

Pay: 30,000 nuyen mission completion, 15,000 nuyen hazard pay.

Poster: Mr. Johnson

Notes: Details will be sent on mission acceptance. You'll need a full party for this one. Don't even bother contacting us if you don't have at least one Decker.

| >>551722
My team might be interested. -Tower

| >>551734



...Very well.

-Mr. Johnson

| > need someone to cover my delivery shift.

description: im extremely busy today and i need someone to cover my delivery shift today. you will be delivering canned goods to several convenience stores. cant divulge anything else here so please meet me outside the donkey delivery co. building (east garage.)

pay: 5000 nuyen and my eternal gratitude

notes: offer applies today only. be hasty

| > URGENT: Technicians needed, high pay.

Description: Power has been completely lost at the Carmine Memorial Research Lab. Backup generators are starting to fail, and if the power wanes for much longer countless hours of work will be lost. We need someone to come in and fix the backup generators ASAP.

Pay: 65,000z, half immediately and half once the blackout is over.

Notes: All our techs are occupied elsewhere, so bring your own tools.

Poster: Janice Grey

| >Knock Over the Triumph Financial Buildung

Description: Not literally, mind you- but there's plenty of paydata within just waiting to get looted. It's two clicks west of Temple, just inside that nest of drek that used to be called Downtown.

Get in there, haul as many HDD's as you can carry, and get out.

Pay: Split 60/40 take, between all parties. Don't be too greedy.

Poster: Mr. Johnson


Keep in mind that Matrix access is kaput inside Downtown- you'll need to rely solely on intranet systems if you wanna run nothing. Oh, and don't jack into anything.

Trust me.

| >Hovercraft avionics specialist required (update)
Description: What it says on the tin. One time, one week long contract. I will provide further details when you agree.
Pay: 65,000 nuyen per day of work (contract can be completed in under one week). 45,000 nuyen x twice the number of days left on the contract bonus for finishing the job earlier.
Poster: JoKey
Notes: You will have to sign non-disclosure.

| >Hitman for Hire
Description:All you must do is pay them name, then I'll kill them simple. I've had much combat experience so there's no issue
Price: 1,500 nuyen
Poster: Proxy
Notes: •If you desire me to bring them to you No Extra Charge
•If you are interested in something they have on their person or they own No Extra Charge
•Professional body disposal is an extra 200 nuyen

| >Find my backpack.

Description: I had to fly the fuck out of Temple-1 the other day when I found out what was going on in Downtown, and ended up dumping my backpack in one of the gardens because I can run faster without it. I can't easily get back there to pick it up.


Payment: 3-5 drinks on me; a musical performance of your choice if interested.

Notes: I say 'backpack,' but it's closer to a large carrying case. Dimensions are roughly 11.75"x12"x18".

| >>571910
You can play instruments? -CN

| >>571910
Yes. I would think you'd remember this coming up when you were giving me the 5th degree in the bar.

To jog your memory, though-- bass, drums. My box drum is in that backpack. I'm kind of attached to it.


| >>571916
I see, I'll try and search for it when I go in that direction then. -CN

| >>571917
Thanks. Look forward to me getting you absolutely plastered-- the more shit-faced you are,the less I'll have to try at playing decently.


| >>571918
Looking... forward to it? -CN

| > Couriers wanted

Description: What it says on the tin; my courier business is now becoming big enough that there's no way that a single lilim can do it. I need people who are fast and know the city. Generally a safe job but anyone who wants to help out should know how to protect themselves.
Pay: 6000 zen daily, variable work
Poster: Ayanami Fox

| >>d54929 Well you might be interested in this prototype teleportation device, made by the one and only... Me!, Since it's a prototype I'll have one of my workers operate them for you and the best part is.. you don't have to pay since I'm just testing my device and don't worry about it failing since I've tested it before in the lab, I'm just looking to field test it..

| >>573062
Um. I don't think that's what I need but thank you?
- Fox

| >>af227c
Sorry, I was drunk....

| >>516322 I could get you out, I just got a plasma cutter that I can carry around easy. I even have my own axe if things get difficult.

| How do jobless g/u/rls get a job if every job asks for experience?

| >>577157
Have a hobby doing typical job stuff. Freelance. Not too tough.

| >>577157
Lie about having experience and hope for the best, works everytimw. -Big Neil

| >>571910
What's in the bag segfault

| >>577966
Scroll down, omae. I said it's a box drum. Still waiting on this one, if anyone wants to swoop in and snatch the rug out from under Geeky's feet.


| >>578441
My guys said they pry open an "abandoned" case in Temple-1 and found this
>A picture of a box drum
Is this it? If yes, sorry about the case, and whatever else is in there

| >>578444
... Yeah... yeah, that would be it. Interesting that they felt they had to "pry" it open given the thing just fucking unzips at the top.

I'm not too thrilled about the thought of having to bridal carry the drum everywhere, now. That's gonna dock a couple drinks.


| >>578604
You don't need to pay me for this, just come take whenever you are free

| >>578623
How about coming on over to the Caramel Anne? I could meet you there in a little bit.


| Hi!, Im new here in GC (i come from the far and mysterious land of Neo-SF). I was a bartender there, but due to some legal issues with the owner and being my paranoid self i also am suspecting someone was following me because i tried to investigate around what my boss actually has been doing for the 3 years he was on 'vacation'. But anyways i feel like im rambling on too much so, if any bars need a bartender with 8 years experience, im here.


| >Looking for any info on the so called Demiurge
Desc: I dont care where you get it, just fucking get some, even a scrap is okay, if what I think is right, we might be having a huge fucking problem in this city any second now.

Poster: Mr.Johnson

Payment: Depends on the info, willing to part with a lot of money for this

Note: Dont get close to him and under no circumstances should you even try and talk with him, just find info and scram, even secondhand bant is alright.

| >>580646

"We might have a huge fucking problem on our hands."

What else is new? There's a lot of shit going down that's more important than some edgy asshole... Whatever, I'll have Godshawk or someone look around and see what they can find. -Hester

| >>580543
Welcome to GC, buddy. Your personal problems aside, I might just have a job for you if you don't try investigating.. Say, your future employers too much?

| >>581204
Thanks!, It has been kinda hard to get a job lately, but listen, if you're gonna drag me into your troubles or if you seem a little too morally bankrupt i would gladly fuck off (dont worry tho, im not a snitch i mostly do it out of curiosity, plus i had some problems with the law myself). As long as you're not forcing your own children to do drugs so that they could be your meth lab rats or someshit, ill be glad to work for you, just need tge address.


| >>580927
>One edgy asshole
You have no idea what this could mean do you? Trust GC to be so jaded christ.

| >>581309

I could tell you some of the shit I've seen, but even I have trouble believing it sometimes. Like I said- One edgy asshole in a city chock-full of them isn't a big deal. -Hester

| >Looking for Translators!

Need a steady job? Have a conversational understanding of Basic, Gaelian, Nipponese, Asgardian or Rastanese?

Client is paying above-standard rate for anyone who understands, or is willing to learn, one or more of the above "spacer" languages for a soon-to-be-revealed employment bonanza. Flexible hours, benefits, and opportunities for advancement await the smart chummer who ACTS NOW!


From 100z/hr to 6000/hr*


Gerald Fitz, Management Solutions, LLC.


*Visit manage.solutions.matrix.nex for details!

| >>582677
I mean I know basic, and a bit of Gaelian here and there. -CN

| >>582677

What kind of fantasy shit languages are these, and why would one need to translate them? They sound entirely made up...

-Hardly Alive

| >>584766
C'mon dude. You gotta at least recognize Nipponese, where the heck did you come from, offworld?

| >>584768

... is the joke that... Nipponese is *itself* an offworlder language?

Well, kinda. Its actually a generic term for a variety of languages that all sound similar. Same with Gaelian and Asgardian.

Not the Rastanese though. The Rastafarians all speak roughly the same language. Maybe. I think.

| >>584768 >>584777
This...did not clear up anything. And I'm not telling you where I came from, that's also dumb. These names all sound remotely familiar, but they sound more like they came from here, not anywhere else...
-Hardly Alive

| We shouldn't be encouraging them to stick around anyway. Last thing we need is more unemployment from hiring redshirts to fill positions left by laid off chummers.

| Smuggle in rice.
I'll pay 300z per pound of rice!

| >>586206 is rice like, illegal here?, Or some shit?


| >>586246
theres been a rice shortage!! >w< so much rice has been stolen!! rice, where are u!?

| gasp!! i even forgot about redtext in my weepig!! for shame!!

| a typo!? RICE!!!!!! T_T

| I don't know if the rice bubble is over or not but my grandpa asked me to post this here:

"Rice shortages hitting you hard? Suffer no longer! Thanks to my generous investment in several South Carolinian rice farms, I've been able to secure a large shipment to Glitch City, arriving in Westport on the 12th. Look for the ex-US Coast Guard ship. A limit of 20lbs per buyer will be in place to ensure no one hoards half the shipment.

| >>588028 Armed guards will be in place to ensure everything goes smoothly. And if anyone robs our ship and/or my customers regardless, I will personally come to GC and beat the ever-living ____ out of you."

...so. I guess come to the docks tomorrow if you want some rice? I'm not sure where grandpa got the money to do something like this, but to be honest with him it's probably better not to ask.
- SciFox

| Egh, I meant to post this in the buy/sell place... Er, I guess if you wanted to help guard the shipment you might get paid, so that's a job? Sorry for messing up...
- SciFox

| >Looking for a job!
Description: like, seriously, any job will do at this point, I'm desperate (ーー;) I know how to dance but that's pretty much it, please gib job neither me or Facebite ate anything in a week m(__)m
Pay: I swear, I can work for food
Poster: Erika
Notes: I know I said any but now that I think about it, please don't offer me to sell my organs or kill someone ( ;∀;)

| >>c92eb1 I'm hiring lab assistants/test subjects for a new type of prosthetic made from plants, details in this document.
>a 200 page document about terms and agreement that you probably wouldn't read is posted
We'll discuss the pay after you've read and agreed to the terms in document.

| >hiring a courier
Sooo i gotta send some stuff but im rather busy today...

Thus im looking for a courier do send them for me.

Not running anything illegal.
I just need someone to ferry some paperwork for stuff.

Pay is negotiable i just need this done

| >>593161

It's been a slow couple of days. Shoot me a pm and we can figure something out!

- Unit 00

| >>593163
Oh fox its you, good.
Uhh just some paperwork for the moonlighter.
Deliver it to a supplier [XXXX] please?
We're teaching a new recruit how to cook so the supplier needs to get the order forum.
Afterward i need you to deliver a package to the person that sent me those flowers?

Think your willing?

| >>593165

The first part is a cinch. I can be over as soon as I can too!

We'll need to talk about the second part in person

- Unit 00

| >>593168
Although for the latter, i recommend bringing something that can carry a lot.

| >>588122 Still looking for a job? I can always use a dancer in my club down in Simulacron-3.. Salary is negotiable (depending on your augs) and most girls work for tips here anyways. If you're worried about safety, no worries, the walls in the VIP rooms are fitted with one way mirrors. I've got some sentry bots fitted with the latest and greatest cold reading AI behind them, scanning for potential threats.


| >Fast pilot needed

I'm finally coming back to big GC, but I need to leave Neo-Tokyo very quickly and my reg is MIA. Need a good pilot to ferry me back. Have quals, history, and a delta ready — will send coords.

>250kz on touchdown in GC, more if sooner.

| >>596944 Don't know if you're still looking for a pilot since it's been some days, but my grandpa has a pilot buddy. He's currently in Neo San Fran but can get across the Pacific to you fast, especially for that kind of pay.
- SciFox

| > Looking for a programmer

Figured this should go here. I just need someone to code me up a basic AI or program or whatever for a new motorcycle helmet. Nothing fancy; just a HUD for anything I could need while on the road

Price is totally negotiable

- Dusty

| >Augmentation Collection
There've been a lot of new augs pouring onto the scene without the White Knights around to keep things regulated anymore. I need these augs for some important work. Get me them, and meet me in the alley behind The Big Bowl. No questions asked.
At least one of all new Class 3 and 4 augs that you can find.
Payment: 7,000z on a preloaded chip. Extra pay available for hard work.
- Shiro

| >Need someone to "take care of someone"

I won't be throwing names but let's just say there's some vending machine that thinks it's funny to taze people just "cause". I'll send the info to the first applicant I receive, also I prefer a more organic humanoid for this.(Don't like to see metal on metal action personally). You will get a bonus if you bring me Slaroom's fizzed green tea from it as well.

| >>599024
Thanks for the offer — I did make it back. But mind if I keep him on speed-dial? Hehe...

| >>599739
I can help probably

| >>603931 Sorry if this is a late response. I don't think he wants his contact info posted here but I can get in touch with him if you ever need help again.
- SciFox

| >>604985

Thank gods. I almost planned on stealing one instead and I really don’t need more legal troubles.

- Dusty

| >/burg/er run, Attempt #2: Electric /burg/erloo.


Aight i'm getting right tired of rewriting this sphiel so i'ma make it simple. Ya meet up. Ya follow the timetable. We break into the /burg/. We make off with their special, never before seen, ultimate /burg/ branded /burg/er, and no one gets hurt... much.

You DO NOT crash the escape vehicle into the premises.

You DO NOT set fire to the /burg/er joint.

You DO NOT confuse a PET FOOD DELIVERY TRUCK for a /burg/er TRUCK.

You WILL NOT BE PAID unless the job goes off without a hitch, for the love of god.


15,000 nuyen, divided equally among y'all jokers who show up and not frag it all up. Plus some of the /burg/.


Smithy Weston


Word on the street's that /burg/, thanks to the last couple of failures, is now hiring themselves some "troubleshooters" to deal with any hangry chummers. So... keep that in mind.

Accepting this job starts the "Quest for /burg/!" Quest.

| >>608746
Sign me up. -Tower

| >>608746
We are raiding a /burg/? Sign me the fuck up.
-Red 9

| >>608746

Ohoo! Yes yes yes! Sign me, sign me!


| >>608746
You know, it's jobs like these that make you question how desperate you are.

Sign me up. -H0pe

| >>608762 >>608790 >>608803 >>608825

Great, four fresh off the chop shop razorkids...

Y'all better have your balls strapped in fer this.

-Smithy Weston

| >>608746
Living up the party, eh? I have some senses where the place is. Sign me up if I'm not late. -r386

| >>609136

The more the merrier.

-Smithy Weston


Caramel Anne has been looking to expand its business to include caffeine-related drinks. Pay is stable, bonus will be given in busy or hectic days. Any extra talents that can be made use of will also be considered.

An apprenticeship period is not given. You should have the prerequisite experience prepared beforehand.

Poster: Horace

Note: Don't ask why I'm posting this here.

| >Looking for someone
Description: You know the deal, lost someone last night in MD, need help finding him again. Name's Derek Chasers, last seen around the waterfront in Midnight district. clothes he wore at the time were an orange jacket and blue jeans, tall, caucasian, blue eyes, brown short cut hair. pierced ears. got a call and told me to go ahead, never came back.

Reward: 15kz


Notes: I can't help but worry... that call sounded suspicious

| >>617756
I'm up for it.

| >>617762
Oh thank god, anything helps at this point.
If you find anything in midnight that could be related to him, just call my number
>A phone number is posted in your /DM/
I knew we shouldnt of been bar hopping this late into the night...

| >>617765
I'll see what I can find. Keep your friend in your thoughts and prayers, alright?

| >>617196
Are you okay with lilim? Please sir/madam/other, I'm desperate enough to do any work for any pay ;_;

| >>617196

O-Oh, I would like to apply please!


| Looking for someone to run a few tests on, only mildly intrusive.


| >>618241
We are perfectly okay with anyone, provided they can already brew the needed drinks and withstand a conversation or two with the customers (don't worry, our other staff will help you if you are less sociable).

The position is still open! Are you available to be contacted soon? -Horace

| >>618579
Oh thank you thank you thank you so much! My current job is in customer service so I have plenty of interpersonal experience and I downloaded over 2000 coffee and coffee-related recipes and variant recipes last night, and I've been practicing them all day, so I should be able to make whatever drinks you need. I know that might not be the kind of barista experience you're looking for but I'll do anything for a chance to prove myself ;_; ;_;

| >>618604
My boss said you're cute. Word per word there. She said you should meet with her so she can be the best jury of your ability.

Do mind that this is an 'early bird gets the worm' situation. I'll try to make sure you won't get raced by someone else though. -Horace

| >>618614
I'm available for an interview 24/7! Anytime anyplace anyhow works for me!

| >>618617
Would tomorrow be an opportune time for you? I will schedule a meeting after closing. We usually close at around 8 before resuming to a night shift at 9. -Horace

| >>618633
Tomorrow is perfect! Thanks again for setting this up, I'm looking forward to meeting in person :D

| > Need muscle for an upcoming job
Description: Searching a crew for a job coming up. Four slots in total are open
Pay: 40k Zen - 100k Zen divided between anyone hired. This is just an estimate
Poster: Spitzer
Notes: PM your credentials. I want a clean team

| >>624713
I'm interested, hacker by trade. -Tower

| >>624713

Street samurai. Want my CV & recs, too? -Mercedes

| >>671534 level 30 cyber shaman here. am capable of heroic difficulty sustained raid healing. cv & recs available upon request -dog9

| >>624713

Not particularly interested, but isn't 40,000 multiplied by four >>>120,000? -Janeiro

| >>39b4ec they were indicating a probable budget spread prediction split between four people, not multiplying

| >>628127

Oh. -Janeiro

| >>624718 >>626220 >>628029

Well, you lot are better than nothing. Me and my partner will be in touch when we have a place to meet safely. Keep eyes peeled for anything from Dusty.

- Spitzer

| >>631228
Understood. -Tower

| >>631246 >>626220 >>628029

Meet us in the warehouse that I work out of. Don't come armed please, my roommate gets nervous and jumpy. We'll talk from there.

- Dusty

> co-ordinates to a particular warehouse in the Motor District is sent via a proxy line.

| >>633325
Very well -Tower

| >Leaked Transmission

Description: A package have been stolen by thieves, and it is vital to take it back.

Pay: 1,000,000 nuyen bonus

Poster: >>████

Notes: Stay vigilant of ▒▒▒▒. Exercise extreme caution as the shipment is known to be ▒▒▒▒▒▒.

| >>633622
I'm interested, got anymore details to work with? -Tower

| >>633730


Unrecognized directory and command. Keyword: Details. Executing >>>[briefing.dhm]

"So this job is pretty cut and dry. Very much optional tho. Break in, find the designated shipment and break out. Anyways it's recommended to be careful as the thieves seems to belong in a gang and has access to weaponry."

██████ ████████ ████████

| >>633763
Which gang? Where are they? -Tower

| >>633855

Keyword: Where. Executing >>[background.dhm]

"No idea to be honest, the reports only say a "local gang" that didn't know they have their hands on a literal corporate shipment. They are located [here]."

>The address of a building (warehouse?) is shown in the damaged district Chapel-2.

| >>633862
How does the package look? -Tower

| >>633871

>[Several queries received. Naming source as "Question Person"...]
Keyword: Look. Executing

>A video of the "package". Seems to be a small box that can fit inside a typical backpack. Upon closer look...

>The box is wrapped by some metallic sheets, with the exception of one side that is made of glass. Some sort of blue liquid can be found inside, constantly flowing. You have a feeling that "it's" looking at you, even tho it's impossible...

| >>633937
I'm interested, but I want to know how heavily guarded the target shipment is.
-Red 9

| >>635318
>You get the same briefing reply... seems like the "automated system" or the "person" doesn't really know either. The best answer is a "gang", so at least 5? No idea.

| >>635318
>You get the same briefing reply... seems like the "automated system" or the "person" doesn't really know either. The best answer is a "gang", so at least 5? No idea.

| >>635366
They are securing this super important shipment with just 5 thugs? I ain't complaining.
-Red 9

| >>635385
Well more than they stole and dont know what they got into. As it is with most gangs. -Tower

| >Review Writers Needed!~

Description: Um... is this website working? Anyways!

>We need volunteers to come to our establishment and write some reviews to post on our website. Reviews have to cover aspects of business, staff, quality of product, etc...

Pay: Negotiable depends on effort

Poster: Alisa

Note: If you do accept this, please don't try to get lost-

| >>637127
What establishment is it exactly?

| >>637168
It's a bar! Well not a really a bar, but a place where you can get drinks and relax!

| >>637171
Sure I'll check it out then, where is it? -CN

| >>637127
Perfect! I needed something to fill up my credits. This seems good and leisurely.

| >>637192
The Cambria! It's in Glitz District by the way-
>The specific location is sent...
>Of course, the settings thread will be up in a bit.

| >>637127
Kindness is the name of the game with the cambria. A lot of my points to the place goes to its calming and welcoming atmosphere. They even have some free drink nights, so you may get lucky when you go! However, the bartender has a tendency to do magic tricks when serving drinks, so if that is not your speed, keep that in mind before you go. Regardless, if you just want a well mixed drink, this is an excellent option for you. You won't be disappointed. Now if you excuse me, it is time to continue my hacking activities. -CN

| >>640774
...If this 'decking' thing goes south for whatever reason, Geekboy, I see a bright future in establishment criticism for you. -Janeiro

| >>640926
I'll keep it in mind Jan. -CN

| >>640774 Unkind! Don't execute a headstart before me.

The Cambria is rich with its history. Bleeding from its corners are a comfortable reflection of the owner's vision: a cozy and relaxing settlement. I cannot commentate on price, as I have been given drinks during the Free Night, but even if price disappoints, the drinks sure won't — owing to the bartender's handy experience (with life and mixing!) — highly recommended to dive into! -Melina

| >>640937 >>640774

Thanks guys, I really appreciate it! Payment have been wired to your accounts and I'm truly sorry for my disservices! I'll try to control myself better next time!


| >Infiltration Job
Description: I need someone to infiltrate a certain compound in flooded to plant a flashdrive in a specific spot. The compound is guarded by members of a certain flooded scavenger gang. The compound is expected to be patroled by a group of lightly armed scavengers.
Pay: 30k Zenny.
Poster: Impulse.
Note: Do NOT get detected near the compound, get seen planting the flashdrive, or kill any of the scavenger patrols.

| >>643712
I'm interested.

| >>643749
Please PM me your creditials and I will PM you the location and other details.

| >>643829
>You recieve a ping as your next available device feeds you info about your potential hire.

| Done and done.

| >>644310
Great, you're hired.

>You recieve a ping with informations including the location of the compound, detailed floorplans of the target compound, and scavengers' guard shifts.

(Now, do you want to actually act this out? Like try to do the mission.)

| > Need muscle for an upcoming job

Description: Searching a crew for a job coming up. Four slots in total are open. The last assholes never showed up, so if you don't want in, don't bother. Meet at the O-Kitsune Garage if we contact you.

Pay: 40k Zen - 100k Zen divided between anyone hired. This is just an estimate

Poster: Dusty

Notes: Time is a factor, so we're taking anyone who won't kill us at this point.

| >>645713
Any clue as to what the job might be? Nothing specific, just the general idea of it.

| >>645995

We get some info, we net a bounty, we get paid. Should be a simple job, I think.

- Dusty

| >>646172
Sounds like my job. I'm in.

| >>645713
Sign me up.
-Red 9

| >Escort Duty (Professional)

Description: A VIP needs to make it from point A to point B. Details to follow on job acceptance.

Pay: 30,000z (Short distance, bring your own equipment)

Poster: Mr. Johnson

Notes: This is not recreational in nature. Serious inquiries only.

| >>644331
(Acting out would be real fun. I assume you're up for it by the offer. ^^)

| >>646943
(I would be up for it, but I don't think the setting would be allowed here since it's not really public since no outsiders can really intervene with the setting.

| >>646186 >>646179

Come into the O-Kitsune shop in the Motor District around noontime today. We'll get this all planned out. We don't have gear to spare so bring your own, but we don't expect resistance so use your own judgement. Don't try anything funny.

- Dusty


Description: Hiring (4) mercenaries to raid, and destroy a stronghold of the Eagers in order to break the deadlock and allow allied forces to advance. Specific missions details will be given to participants.

Pay: 400k, split evenly

Poster: Daffodil Resistance

Note: Gear will be provided to your needs, however we do not take any responsibilities for any injuries. We utilize neutral zones to safely move, therefore do not cause chaos in those zones.

| >>2311db I'm down
- Prox

| >>652002
The job has been cancelled due to the alliance between us and EAGLE. 10,000 zenny have been delivered to your accounts as a relief fund.]

| >Obtain individual
Description: Dorian Dale. Dead or Alive.
Pay: 125000 nuyen dead. 1,400,000 nuyen alive. 1,600,000 nuyen alive with no limbs missing.
Poster: KiY
Notes: We will retrieve the individual ourselves once you confirm him to be in your posession.

| >>653073 I'll be willing to take this job

| >>653444

Description: Source have detected a wounded and an alien entity within the zone of Glitz District. Help requested.
Pay: █████
Poster: ██████
Notes: This is an automated request. Look for a standing, crumbling building.

>In addition, a video of a certain plant-creature is posted...?

| >>656549
I'll take this. What's in it for me? -r386

| >>656562
>The reply is static. It's an automated request-

| >>656565
Must've misread the automated part. -r386

| >>656549
Oh dear...right in the middle of the shit zone too...
Damnit that girl..

| >>656549
I'll do it. -CN

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