I need a manga that would make me think

| I have been reading a couple manga lately, started with one punch then hero academia, then I stumbled on Berserk. Loved it and finished it (well caught up to it). Then read Goodnight punpun, and fell in love with Inio Asano's work.

Im running out manga to read from these artists so im hunting for more that are similar to them.

Really... any manga recommendation would work, I will look them up



| Eden it's an endless world!

| Mob psycho 100, same author from one punch man

| Dr. Stone and death note are cool too

| I mean you could check other Inio Asano works

| >>671365 already am, not completely finished, but its about to run out soon.

| >>650645 woah... Yeah i would definitely check this one out, thanks for the recommendation

| Death Note is a classic for a reason
There's a whole genre of puzzle/gambling manga like Liar Game
The Promised Neverland is good
Seconding Eden It's An Endless World, and if you enjoy it Ghost in the Shell was an inspiration for it
Master Keaton is like a thoughtful low-stakes Indiana Jones

| Ghost in the shell. The author filled his work with notes about technology, weapons and philosophy. If you're really into hacking, check out the sequel, Man-Machine Interface.
Ushijima the Loan Shark, if you like "realistic" mangas.
To Your Eternity is a (depressing)shonen by the author of A silent voice.

| Punpun, Mob Psycho, I sold my life for 10 000 yen, Dorohedoro, Uzumaki, Gantz

| The Getter Robo Saga changed my life, Getter Robo Go especially hit me really, really hard

| The manga guide to physics

| I am a hero

| Mushiyuyun definetly makes you think. But unless you speak japanese or spanish you cant read it.

| Nickelodeon
Subarashii sekai
Sasurai Emanon
Nijigahara holograph
You are welcome.

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