I need manga recommendations

| I'm lazy to search for manga myself, so you g/u/rls reccomend me stuff! I really don't want ro read ongoings, and I like lighthearted drama really much

| Horimiya and Kaichou wa Maid-sama.

| Gal & Dino is one that comes to mind. It's still on going, but its pretty fun

| Atsumare! Fushigi Kenkyuubu is pretty good. There's alot of chapters translated as well, which is a bonus.

| Katekin
Fujiyama-San Wa Shishunki

Ongoing but have lots of releases:
Sekitou Elegy
3-gatsu no Lion
Ao no Flag

| >>670754
Lol Gal and Dino was pretty funny. Thanks for letting me know it exists!

| Dungeon Meshi and Gokushufudou:Way of the Household Husband are ongoing but they're pretty fun.

| >>670902 i second dungeon meshi, super fun and has pretty interesting and new concept, surving in a dungeon and eating monsters, with a funny cooking jokes

| I'll always recommend Claymore

| >>755666 I just opened up my list of manga that I'm reading and I wanted to add on to this. Negative hero and the demon lord is pretty wholesome. It's time for "interrogation" princess! and Melt away! Mizore-chan are both fun ones. If you want something with a bit of romance in it try Undine of the Desert world. I'll be honest, some of these take a while to update which is why I decided add some more. Might add more tomorrow if I can find more stuff with the genres you want.

| >>755666 Oh yeah lemme add one more thing before I probably knock out for tonight. I have a meh taste and I'm willing to read anything. So just a heads up for when I accidentally recommend weird shit.

| Happy sugar life

| "Dead Dead Demon's Dededede Destruction", is a manga im reading, its still going but its easy to catch up. The art is amazing and the story is funny and sad sometimes. Totally would want to check it out on youtube or the internet

| The World God only Knows

tldr synopsis : g*mer uses his g*ming skills to make girls fall in love and clear their hearts of bad spirits

| >>755666 Alright here's my last one. Try Witch Hat Atelier. The art is really pretty and from what I remember it reminded me of little witch academia a bit. Unfortunately new chapters take a while to come out.

| Vinland Saga

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