What animes are you g/u/rls watching?

| I'm just curious, currently I'm watching SDF Macross, The Cutey Honey animes and Baki (⌒_⌒;)

| Started keppeki danshi aoyama kun 3 episodes ago

| I'm rewatching the last half of Evangelion. Started at episode 14.

| All the goodies of this season (Kaguya-sama, Tower of God, Kakushigoto, Otome Villainess, Sing Yesterday for me, Glepnir)

Other than that currently rewatching all of Gintama, also Paranoia Agent and El Cazador de la Bruja on the side.

| >>670566 is Glepnir good? I like how the girl there looks, but edgy atmosphere scares me off

| I'm currently wathching BNA. All I could say is that the first episode was pure cringe, but it got better after that.

| >>670578
Pretty good, well better than expected.

It's an interesting enough concept.

| At this point. I'm trying to catch up on animes I put in my backlog like My Hero and Dragon Ball Super. I may caught up with the MHA manga. I do want to see how things are animated.

| Nothing at the moment. I recently watched Made In Abyss and that shit was so good it's unfair.

| Just finished Keppeki danshi Aoyama kun... well it was nice
Now onto more gundam because I put them aside for too long

| I just watched the last episode of Texhnolyze and it is weird... Maybe I'll rewatch Log Horizon 1 right now or tomorrow.

| I hope you enjoy Macross!

I've recently finished all of Panzer World Galient with some friends and loved it

| Rewatching Ergo Proxy

| welcome to the nhk

| Parasyte. I've always liked body horror, so idk how I didn't watch this sooner.

| In the middle of dragon maid.

| >>672594
Kobayashi best girl

| >>672685
Indeed she is.

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