Is the Fate franchise worth getting into?

| A friend showed me bits of redline and i liked it. I was surprised at Okita being like that, all I remembered from her is the moe. I don't know a thing about fate atm.

| How TF are people supposed to get into Fate? There are just so many shows and game it's confusing to me

| No

| The Fate series is a containment trap. Avoid at all costs.

| consider not selling your soul to it at least

| If you want to read the VNs? Go ahead those are duable. But if you want to join the cumbrain gang then play fgo. Action game i only play with fate stable on is extella and it suck. also a part of cumbrain gangs. Why tf ppl still playing fate? Sex sale i guess? don't get me wrong i use fate doujin all the time. too much old man libido build up over skimpy cloth anime girls with historical name hella cool fuck i don't know what i'm typing anymore sry i just hate the cumbrain commu :)

| Fate is ok. but fgo is not. fgo suck. except for doujins >>670378

| remember when Fate was niche even among weebs and vn enthusiasts and mugen players.

Kinda wondering if it should have Fate/Stayed that way.

| Play original game, it's great. Then watch zero. FGO is a bit late to get into rn. I don't know what's wrong with these people hating on fgo. It's one of the fairer gacha-games on the market and the plot was getting good last time I played.

On the other hand it doesn't have any natsu-verse atmosphere and just does it's own thing with cameo servants. I can see how that's not something the die hard fate fan would like.

| Here's my take: It depends on how much time you are willing to dish out to get into the franchise.

If you have a lot of time:
Original visual novel > Fate UBW by Ufotable > Fate/Zero. Stop on Fate/Zero because it just go downhill from there.

If you have little time, I'd suggest go watch the Fate/Zero anime by Ufotable. It is prequel for the original fate and generally the best entry of the series. Top tier visuals, great characters, dark story, less moe and genderbend bullshit.

| If you like it, move on to Fate/UBW anime also by Ufotable. This way you can skip the long winded Visual Novels and still get the lore. The anime looks as great (if not better) as Fate/Zero, it just has more shounen plot armor/asspull things and highschool.

If you've watch both of them, then you can decide where else to go depending on what you like about fate.

| If you want more girls and endless grind, go play FGO or Fate/Extella. If you want more loli moe lesbian action, then go watch Illya Stuff.

| Play the both stay night and hollow ataraxia and read/watch zero. The anime adaptation's focus more on the action scenes than the actual story so you will get just a bare bones plot for them. I can also recommend strange fake if you want more material but for the love of god don't touch fgo.
If you classify weebs as people that watch anime maybe it was niche at some point but the VN has been incredibly popular since it's release.

| >>670891
I also enjoyed requiem but it might as well be something else since its concept is vastly different.

| watch fate zero and then stop

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