2020 was totally fine until funimation cancelled interspecies reviewers

| Facts from our lord Nuxanor

| Wait what when did it get cancelled?

| >>669236 got canceled by funimation, crunchyroll and 2 tv channels on japan and my anime list was invalidating all the votes for best anime

| Wait, you mean as in cancelling the series or just its release outside japan? And why the fuck?

| >>669278 it doesnt have an official place to watch in the us, and they cancelled it's release in the us, cuz it doesnt meet their "stendarts"

| Too much ecchi

| Damn yall Americans a bunch of pussies
Cant tolerate 2d tits but can tolerate police brutality lmfao

| >>669356 yep, and the worst part is that since its not in america its also not in south america, damn politics ruining and censoring our shows

| I think there are other places where you can find it, no?

| Just pirate it lmao

| >>669408 thats what I do

| That's what everyone with no access to streaming services does if he doesn't feel bad about money not going to studio that produced anime.

| Isn't it like almost hentai?

| >>669472 I wish it was hentai. The closest thing I can get is that one where they have a guy with legendary hairstyle screw a animal girl in each episode.

I especially liked the squid girl...

| >>669488 tiaplate the salamander is my fav succugirl

| meh, monster girls

full furry or gtfo cowards

| (im joking i like both)

| Imagine how much better the year would be if we were in the timelone where it wasn't cancelled.

| >>669577 >>669578

| >>669902 we have already discovered how to make cat girls

| Lmao this is real

| "Was that the inciting incident of this playthrough?"

| >>669914 can you make me a cat girl

| >>670489 no, they are seen as "unetical" by felow scientists

| >>670519 we're too afraid to create a superior species which will result in new age racism

| >>670544 this is why everyone should watch ishuzoku reviewers, its in the opening "doesn't matter the species we are all friends"

| >>670519
That's code for 'pay someone in China, SE Asia or South America to do it, but don't go alone'

| Just for checking

| >>670631 as a south american, we dont have the tech for that, sadlly

| Monsters girls irl are a must for nowadays

| Can't really argue against facts

| Fucking religious dogma canceling our cartoon shows.

| >>672788 it wasnt religions it was funimations standarts and their agenda against sexualization of woman on a cartoon about people reviewing monster prostitutes

| Fucking Christians having standards against sexualization. It ruins our Sunday morning cartoons.

| >>672795 not just christians, feminazis too, cuz they are afraid of the male gaze

| >>672805
No it was the "standarts" that cancelled it. Them "standarts" even killed Frankensteins monster and now they came for our cartoons!

| >>672820 whats you point here dude? Are you here to disagree with everyone? Your sarcasm levels are getting kinda high

| >>672822
America still has a very religious view on sex and this is a contributing factor to them censoring cartoons.

| >>672824 do you even watch anime, christians dont lay a hand on anime since 2010, its mostly those companies and their political agendas trying to change eastern midia to folow the "western values" wich shifted alot in the current years with more pandering, sensitivity and forced changes on politics

| >>672832
American values about sex has always been very influenced by religion and still is today. These values doesn't pop out of nowhere.

| >>672835 not saying they came out of nowhere jusy saying that they are not comming from just 1 side lol

| The world is vast and puritans can be found anywhere, let us all be degenrates and fluff to anim girls

| >>672837
Can't. Christian values ruined it.

| >>672838 you dont have to folow said values

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