does danger/a/ like this banner?

| https://share.bannersnack.com/b1jedilj7/

thinking of submitting on banner comp.

What do you guys think?

There's somthing about it that doesn't look that good.

Otherwise i was thinking that people might not want to be called no dignity everytime they see the banner. It's a joke, but maybe doesn'tt feel good ?

| Tbh I don't really like it, idgaf about you saying no dignity, it's just a meh looking banner, the 3x repetition is the real thing thing that kills it though, like you say the same thing and the same image 3 times in a row, maybe throw something else in there instead of repeating.

| 3 different DUWANG and it gets okay imho

| You should remove the borders, have just one josuke on the left and maybe a okuyasu pointing out of the bottom right

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