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I am mad, please stop webtoons

| low quality quick updates.

Prefer monthly quality updates such as eyeshield21 quality mua mua~

all of my favourite is all going to webtoon for some reason....


| realized i now have two bookmark folders, one for manga and the other for webtoons. not as big as the manga folder though. just 4 from like.. 30 plus manga. webtoons seems like its an easy place for english webcomics to be put up instead of hosting their own site. funny enough i also have 7 or 8 bookmarks outside of the folders for webcomics, but those were before i started bookmarking manga. dont see how this is bad, unless they force strict upload schedules on the artists/etc.



| You do realise you can just not read a comic if it's too low quality for you, right?

Unless your argument is webtoon update schedule puts unrealistic expectations on artists and supports an unhealthy regime in which case, I'm with ya let's take them down

| I only read Chinese Manhuas right now.

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This thread is permanently archived