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Your thoughts on the My Hero situation?

| I personally believe that people tryin to "cancel" MHA are fucking weak if they are going to let a single mistake bring them to some of the actions ov seen.

| I also think it's pretty dumb. It's not like he did it intending to be malicious or hurtful, like I get that for some it brings up terrible memories or seems inappropriate but I feel there's alot of people getting angry on other people's regards, like they just want something to be angry about

| Other people's behalf*

| Wait, the fuck happened?

| >>624785 I have no idea, but I'm guessing that the author of the manga wrote something not PC, like a character was raped or assaulted or something. Thats usually what incites these kinds of moral panicks.

| >>624829 well, I guess in that case it's nothing to worry about, as per usual.

| >>624829
Are you fucking serious

| Given that I haven't really heard about this, maybe its a non-issue?

| >>624993 so, people being mad at nothing again. Colour me surprised.

| I haven't seen anyone trying to cancel (I also don't care enough) but apparently China is banning mha now.

That's understandable considering they also built a "Japan's War Crimes Monument" in relation to the WW2 incident. And I find the whole situation pretty entertaining.

| >>625008
if China bans it it's probably good

| China had already banned it on 0205....
And it's really a very bad behaviour to Chinese people.Cuz it's kind of assultment for us.

| I don't see any problem tbh. I mean, it's a villain character, not a hero. By banning mha all because of this, does it mean China actually is supporting the villain and the whole ww2 war crime stuffs now? I am confused.

| It's really just the feminists of America and Canada who really want it banned. You know goblin Slayer could have been a lot better if it didn't get the backlash from the first episode.

| Sjw are a plague that must be dealt with like jews

| Sjw are a plague that must be dealt with like jews

| China banned the titan manga too because the giants could be looked at in a political key

| >>625439
> titan manga
are you talking about The Eotena Onslaught or an actual manga based on DC Titans

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