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| Anime of the season/year/decade

| Honestly, why not make it straight up hentai? I know the bulk of the entertainment comes from each character's unique response to the scenarios presented but the ecchi sex scenes kinda cheapen the premise of each scenario. Like, we know that the hyena girl has the pseudo-penis clitoris, but because we don't see it, we don't quite understand the reality of what makes this situation unique to, say, having a girl with a strapon.

| It's a great manga and I wouldn't change anything about it. Go watch hentai and come back to enjoy this

| I think it's better as ecchi honestly, the comedy and characters, their various personalities and their differences are what make it for me. Also, <3 Crim

| >>623891 but a hentai can easily have that too. Look at Rance, especially more so with the older adaptation. It FEELS like an anime while still retaining the crystal clear sex scenes

| I enjoy the sexy curves of the woman the elf likes. I wish I could see such characters in doujinshi more often...

| I love sex.

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This thread is permanently archived