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what's better than Kissanime, Manga rock,nhentai, and hentai haven???

| i don't know

| kissanime.ru

| Mangarock died earlier this month

| Mangarock died earlier this month

| Oh my god

Last year I followed a twitter saga of a webcomic artist getting mad at mangarock for pirating their FREE webcomic (dumb move from mangarock). Mangarock had since decided to take down their entire site but it didn't happen until now apparently. Still funny that a small webcomic artist could do that when large publishers fail (or something else happened in the background and it's just a coincidence).

| exhentai is the best aggregate hentai site imo

| chia anime for all your anime needs

| Torrenting

| okokk
if you are downloading just go to nyaa.si or use hakuneko .

if you read online, there is a site I am loyal to which i like the format of and i wonder if anyone else knows?

A while ago it was taken down at it's original hostname and replaced with a spirituality guide or smth which was pretty funny smh. I later found they changed the url to add a letter to the back.

it is similar to mangakakalot format.

| Everything

| 9anime.to, there's everything

| I only torrent because streaming always has questionable quality

| >>935b36

| twist.moe is a good source for 1080p anime, although some lesser known anime is not available it has no ads, popups or anything.

| Hentainexus got all the goodies nhentai can only dream for

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