If you can summon 5 3 inch. Tall Chibi anime characters, who will you summon? And what will you order them to do?

| I'm gonna summon Jin-Woo(solo leveling), Guts(Berserk), Chain Sumeragi(Kekkai Sensen), Yūma Kuga(World Trigger), and Genos(One Punch Man) So that they can protect me from those radioactive 1 feet big cockroaches while I'm taking a bath...

| Can I summon gacha characters as well, or do they need to have an actual anime adaption?

| 5 Excaliburs that will annoy me with their fucking stories and books until I hang myself

| Maybe a neko girl similar to Chocola from Nekopara. She could prepare coffee/breakfast and get rewarded with fatty tuna and headpats ^^

| Felix Argyle. He do magic for me and be generaly cute. Traps are gay when you know they male.

| >>621622 ah nibba u gay

| Umaru Chan so I can fucking kill her

| Probably some Monogatari characters so I can listen to their banter and talk to them whenever I'm bored and lonely.

I'd probably pick Arararagi, Shinobu, Hachikuji, Karen and Tsukihi. All of them from around Nisemonogatari. Mainly because I think the interactions between Koyomi and Shinobu when she's only just starting to interact with him would be very entertaining when paired with the other characters.

[/spoiler] This is probably the saddest post I've ever made. [/spoiler]

| Now it is sadder.

| Imma hang. Bye.

| >>621711 shit, you cant just kill my waifu just like that.

| Chocolata. That maniac will have fun

| Gundam RX-78

| >>622049
This is actually a good idea tho

| >>624052
Thanks. It would definitely cure my loneliness.

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