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Picking favorites

| With the glut of anime being released nowadays, what are some of your favorite shows from the last few seasons that you still like?
Are there any that have dropped off in your list?

| Dr. Stone was good. The Promised Neverland was really good. Kimetsu no Yaiba has great animation and a Mediocre story, but it wears that Mediocrity on its sleeve so I can respect that.

Not a series, but Weathering With You is definitely the best film I've watched this year.

| This just made me realize how long its been since I've watched any new anime. What have I become?

| everything is meh but looking forward to children of the sea

| Beastars is a good breath of fresh air. Try that.

| >>606323 Beastars is fucking amazing, I can vouch for that.

| >>606313
Normie. Congrats.

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This thread is permanently archived