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Shows with a mystery!

| Anyone have any shows that center around a mystery they can recommend? I just found out I really like the genre, but I'm not a fan of horror-type stuff.

| I have you seen Hyouka

| paranoia agent
boku no inai machi
subete ga f ni naru
the promised neverland (more psychological but contains mystery)
robotics;notes (kinda)
punch line (ecchi/comedy)

i watched some of these a long time ago so i might be mistaken

| Seconding hyouka. The character design is simple and georgeous at the same time. The cases are different from your typical school detective murder mystery. There are wholesome slice of life moments, but there are also deep and character driven moments.

If you not a fan of scary stuff, then maybe skip Paranoia Agent because it can be veey creepy at times. And also, subete ga f is extremely boring.

| +1 for punch line, that show does not get enough love. I also really like Un-Go as an episodic mystery.

| Hyouka. A thousand times Hyouka.

The camera takes and pacing for The Promised Neverland really picks up a lot from horror, but the story subject itself is more mystery/thriller than horror. Maybe you'll like that?

| mononoke, good ol' show, about japanese folklore mysteries

| How about kindaichi case files series, crime mystery manga?

| >>605269
Mononoke is spooky af

| did mods fuck up

| >>607671 OP asked for mystery, OP got her mystery.

| Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex is more of a crime/political mystery.

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