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I've grown so lazy that I don't skip openings anymore

| Not even shitty ones

| Damn son, that's a new low

| I skip ops because spoilers ;_; or i close my eyes if the tune's dope

| I never skip openings because I want to experience the entirety of my anime. Plus I actually have a fucking attention span unlike you zoomer cucks.

| Why would you skip openings? They are a part of the experience. Sing along.

| I am a simple gurl, I see bump of chicken OP/ED, I skip.

| When I'm at home I watch the openings, but when I'm at work I skip through them so I can have more time to watch on break.

| >>595693
zoom zoom

| The op is something you listen to but don't watch until ep 8 so you don't get spoiled. Also, just fucking click 1:30 after op. Wtf

| >>5dbd1a
Unless you're watching Future Diary, in which case, if you see it once, you can basically flat out say what the plot is.

| Compressed web anime has shitty audio quality anyway. Skip the op and listen to the song on youtube

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This thread is permanently archived