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chinese/english game voiced with japanese is peak weabooism


| This is a statement I agree with, yes

| uuuhhhh sex?

| Only if it is american love. Coca-Cola in green bottled!

| Depends, is it configurable? is it Japanese voices only?

More voice language options is better, only Japanese in a game that's American or Chinese is truly weabooism at it's strongest form

| You're talking bout girls frontline and honkai impact? Japanese voice actors are quite amazing. Or at the very least popular in China. Don't know of any american games with jp voices tho.

| >>595303 those are weeb games, I know 'cause I'm a weeb myself and love them

| >>595303
>american games with jp voices
I've seen a couple VNs..

| https://store.steampowered.com/app/358750/Sunrider_Liberation_Day__Captains_Edition/

the only example I could immediately remember. check out the language section lmao. it doesn't even support japanese interface. that's some dedication to translate their entire script into japanese for the voice acting without even releasing a japanese version.

| >>595307 Dayum, that's pretty weeb, can't argue. I feel like western devs shouldn't really be making japanese vns. I didn't play ddlc for the longest time just because all I saw in it was a western weebcake.
It's fine if chinese make games in japanese tho

| I should probably add a disclosure that I played that game and liked the voice acting quite a lot. If anything, it has a decent if not great production value. Content wise it's not for me to say..

| >>595357
> I feel like western devs shouldn't really be making japanese vns.
Personally I'm ok with weebs being weebs and expressing their weebness in their craft. I would agree in some occasion where they not-so-sublty just want to cash grab from the weebs which aren't known for making good financial decisions.

| i thought OP was talking about frontline i had no idea this was a pattern

| >>595377 I'm not saying it's bad. DDLC is pretty good, tho there's at least one similar japanese vn. Sunrider doesn't have too great of vndb score though. On the other hand, not many games do these days, espesially sol.

| Dat is just following trabd caused by increasing anime lover

| Weebs should take over the western world, everything is better with weebs and anime and moe and oppai and lolis and katanas and mayonnaise and sweets and silver hair and aliens and more moe and more lolis and more oppai and superpowers and plastic models and figures and dakimakuras and pervert games with naked girls and fanservice and fights for the best waifus and waifus themselves

| I play San Andreas with Japanese dub and it is 100000000x better

| >>595501 yea honestly it would be awesome if everyone was futa girls instead of boys/girls like futa girls are just more attractive objectively

| TBH I prefer any dialogue that's even slightly cringe in Japanese, I can't understand the language so instead of it hurting me it just sounds like whatever feeling the dialogue was supposed to evoke, it's sort of interesting to me that we can tell a lot of emotions in speech of languages we don't know

| >>595891
I like listening to a heated argument in Spanish. Don't ask me why, I just do.

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