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Weathering with you is low key cyberpunk

| change my mind

| It's either pre-cyberpunk or pre-solarpunk. Well, since the movie's pretty optimistic it'll probably be solarpunk.

| > solarpunk
a what

| What's solarpunk? Never heard of it.

| Solarpunk is kinda like cybperpunk if instead of gloomy metallic neon lights you get solar panels, lots of trees, and strong integration of tech with nature.

It's optimistic af, which is what Weathering With You is all about, isn't it?

| > solar panels
a watt

| >>ab9d37 do u know any other anime/manga with this genre? im kinda intrigued

| Have you seen those dem wires on trailers 40th second? Obviously it's cyberpunk.

| >>595168 it's got a lame name, why keep the punk part if it's all happy-go-lucky?

| >>595475
Because in a time when reality is starting to look like the grim cyberpunk future, a hopeful future *is* punk.

Sorry, g/u/rl, I don't watch enough anime to say. If anyone else got a suggestion, I'd love to know too.

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This thread is permanently archived