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Ok this is bullshit

| Funimation gets a show US only
Why the fuck can't crunchyroll get the show for the rest of the world anyway and simply block US access?
country exclusivity for anime is bullshit

| I thought funi and cr partnered a couple years ago or something

| >>594789 then some other company bought funimation and broke up the partnership

| It is bullshit. That's why I encourage you to pirate anime if you're not American (or Japanese).

| >>594864
i mean, i'll buy the blu rays, but i'm not giving cr my money.

| Region-locked licensing is bullshit. The entire exclusive licensing thing is bullshit. Just let any legit streaming service who wants to stream it stream it, dangit!

| >>594805 well that's fucked up
>>594976 exclusivity is oligopoly and it's bad

| >>594920 By all means. They don't sell blu-ray (or any) anime in my country, so I didn't consider the option.

| >>595016
I import all my blu rays. The cost is sometimes fucking huge but it's not something I do often...

| Really, unless you live in a first-world country, there's probably no means to buy anything official anime-related, neither anime itself on Blu-Rays nor official merch. Piracy is truly the only way out.

| >>595096 true. Anime is so badly distributed. If only there was a service like cr that didn't suck

| I pay for crunchyroll because it's the least shitty one available in my country(seriously even the pirate sites are worse than crunchyroll in my language and I'm too lazy to read English subs)

| >>594773 just pirate it then. Or pirate AND donate to people responsible for the product.

| What is so special about bullshit? Doesn't horseshit contain more uses than bull?

| >>595152 exactly, bullshit is pointless and bad

| is this a specific anime we're talking about

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This thread is permanently archived