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Manga Rock alternatives

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| Manga rock is gone!?!?!?!?!
2019 sucks, so many good services being shut down...

| MangaZone is pretty good.

| Manga Rock stole from people

| >>594363 I don't mind if it is legal. All I want as a consumer is to view ALL manga in one place.

| mangakakalot

| >>594371
> I don't mind if it is legal.
Uhhh, is there a typo here or you did just say stealing is legal

| Also: mangadex and mangastream for the closest sources to the scanlators' releases (therefore supreme image quality)

| >>594529 I meant legal alternatives to MangaRock, sorry

| >>594363
>Oh noes! How dare mangarock steal already stolen content!!!

It's not like fan translators owns the manga they illegaly ripped and shared in the first place.

| Ye you could buy what you consume.

| test

| manga rock is still around, just off official app stores. is it really illegal though?

| Do you guys heard about MR Comics ?

| >>594624
Most people are pissed because they make money from fan translator who do it for free but whatever

| >>594708
It probably violate some international copyright treaty if you want to get technical. If it's "illegal" someone would have sued them, or should. The only way it's "legal" is because the site was hosted somewhere the publishers can't touch them (iirc it was Vietnam)

| INTERPOL OPEN UP you've read some manga you haven't bought

| MangaPlus is the Shonen Jump official website and it's legal and free(but it only has the lincensed mangas in that magazine)

| >>594801
The problem is not the audience, it's the ripping

| mangadex.org is a good alternative

| Mangakaklot.com or manganelo.com or if you like manhua wuxiaworld.site

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