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Favorite Anime?

| FLCL is my personal pick but what about the rest of you? I need so good show recommendations, sell me on your fav

| The monogatari series is my personal favorite, funny dialogue and interactions with some more serious stuff later in the seasons.
Highly recommended
>Shinobu is best girl dont @ me

| Monogatari and Yurikuma Arashi.
I also really liked Shigatsu wa kimi no uso (Your lie in april)
Can really choose one out of these 3.

Yes! Shinobu IS best girl!

- Nine

| >>593953 I actually still need to finish Your Lie In April, but from what I have watched I love it, I think it's visually one of the most stunning shows I've seen

| Indecisive between Gurren Lagann with its energy and drive, and JoJo with its style and unique abilities.

| Aw man, I forgot about Nichijou!

| PewDiePie.

| Trigun has to be one of my favorites~~~♡

| >>593954 Poor soul, you're not ready for the emotional rollercoaster

| Humanity has Declined or The Tatami Galaxy, I can't decide which.

| Angel Beats. Music is awesome, story made me cry a few times I think.

| Gurren Lagann and Jojo's are also my picj

| Gintama and Gurren Lagann
Can't pick one of them as the absolute number one

| Definitely JoJo.
But to add some variety:
I got really attached to Chuunibyou. It's a Romance thing
Aside from that, I'm pretty loyal to log horizon. Gurren lagann is also great.

| I'm a scrub when it comes to anime but I enjoyed Dragon Maid a lot. Not only were the characters and relationships pretty fun, ara ara dragon, gay dragon, and smol dragon are all pretty fun for horny purposes in their own ways.

| Space Patrol LuLuCo was great, super fast paced and short. Wish they did a second season, but I can't think of what they would even do.

| >>594146 chuunibyou is a good pick~~~♡

| Eve no Jikan

| Gintama needs more love, it's a guide to life disguised as a shitty comedy

| Aye, the Grisaia Series with Asako is awesome.

| Mushishi

| South park<3

| Gintama, forever, I'm fine with people saying it's a shitty comedy, it is, but it's done right, plus serious arcs are epic, emotional and the animation is perfect. Plus they know the anime limitations and they make fun of them.
Balance between comedy and seriusness, if you only came for one you can skip the other one.
Kill la Kill is my second choice, but later companies are ruining KLK's image with a bad game that only lived for the name.

| Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood (I haven't watched FMA non-B yet!) will always be the gold standard of anime, and storytelling in general, for me.

It's got everything that appeals to me. Massive worldbuilding, fun but well-written characters, a balance of stupid fun and serious heartfelt moments, fantasy politics, overarching plot where all its elements play into each other, oh jeez I could go on and on.

| >>594293
Gintama is my goto show when I don't know what to watch. Maybe the other way around : I watch Gintama unless something slightly interesting goes down. I just can't get enough of it...

The show is like a living being. There's some soul in there that's talking to me. That's like a show that's aware of itself.

| I don't have a favorite per se, but I do remember that DoHS was quite nice, and filled a certain hole in my life at the time

| evangelion, no alternatives.

| >>594368 found the angsty teenager

| sakurasou no pet na kanojo

| I mean I really like JoJo, but if I had to recommend a favorite of mine to, it's HxH. *insert found the shounen fag here*

| Kill la kill.
>>594370 fu eva is great

| Lain or Evangelion

| Lazy Tanaka is the best
10 gay outta 10
Tanaka best husbando
Would take care of
Please send god to send him to me

| Shinsekai Yori

| probably lain

just wish it's easier to understand the first time I watched it

| Panty and Stocking is absolutely amazing one of the best English dub I have ever heard in an anime sad the season 2 will never exist

| >>595209
hmmm sweet traditional song of shodows...

| Loving the variety here. Some older shows too.

Gotta shout out Cowboy Bebop. Came across it because of Toonami, back when anime was a foreign, taboo thing you stayed up late to see.

Cowboy Bebop felt grungey like an old record store. Got me hooked. Best first anime ever

| How about UnGo?

| Fate series, enough said

| >>595447 UnGo is cool but sounds like Unko

| >>9d2b93 Fate is sooo good, especially after Ufotable got it.

Actually is HF out for streaming/ foreigners yet?

| Darling in The FranXX

015 best

| >>595537 02 is best, 015 is bitch

| >>4a9126 02 мусор

| I guess if I picked a favorite, it would have to be a tie between Bokurano (Ours) and Elfen Lied.

| >>595860 nice! Elfen Lied is the shit

| >>595398
Gotta love Cowboy Bebop.
It's what got me to explore jazz.
Spice and Wolf or Monster are also good ones I'd recommend.

| Comedy -> Gintama
Action -> Gintama
Slice of life -> Spice and Wolf
Robots -> Gundam 00
Psychological(?) -> Welcome to NHK
Horror -> Shiki
Shoujo -> lovely complex
Josei -> Honey and Clover
Seinen -> Darker than Black
Anime that uses wrong quantum physics to justify the plot -> Noein

And many more but I'm lazy to post more

| l a i n

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